Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Miracle of New Avatar Power

When asked which grimoire a budding Sorcerer should learn and use, more often than not people will point to the Goetia, the first book of the Lemegeton. The reason for this is twofold:

First there is a LOT of material (most of it absolute garbage) written on the Goetia and how to use it. Much of it is contradictory with some groups advocating worshiping the Demons listed in there to oddball temples using their pseudo-Masonic material as a background for the workings.

Second, most lodge magicKians believe it is the most practical of the Medieval grimoires. This too is inaccurate and a misnomer. Frankly, the Clavicles of Solomon tend to be more practical with the seals being made for all things under the nature of the planets. If you want to know how to use the planets in a practical sense, check out Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy" which you can read online free at the Twilight Grotto website.

The truth is that these Medieval grimoires offer some help for those who spend hours upon hours of study and if your heart is definitely focused on working with them, then get a copy of Aaron Leitch's "Secrets of the Magical Grimoires" and read through that before you attempt to work the grimoires let alone trying to follow instructions from some website where the owenr may (or most likely) may not know what s/he is talking about.

In the last forty years, there has come to light a few modern grimiores that are pared down (but never watered down) versions of grimoires listing spirits and how to work with them. These books are NOT complicated compared to the Medieval grimoires. Now many people will look at the two and say, "Well obviously the Medieval ones are real because they're old and also because they're complex" which is utter rubbish. So age and complexity is proof that something works in Sorcery? For real?

As a practitioner since 1987, I can tell you that I have worked with grimoires old and new, ancient and modern, complex and simple. And the end result has been? They all work if you know how to make them work.

Enter a little known grimoire from the 1970's that I was first turned onto by my friend Ray at a psychic study group back in the 1980's in Dunedin, FL. My teacher, Ron Parshley, had a copy in his vast library of books and he loaned it to me to study. This book was fascinating because it listed spirits such as Nitika who could give you wealth or Elubatel who could help with success or Gadiel to protect you from evil or Kadriel to help you uncover secret knowledge and so forth.

To give you a better understanding of what 'The Miracle of New Avatar Power' (or NAP for short) can do for you, we should discuss some of the things people have told me about their use of it as well as how I've come to where I have with using it as well...

Right after I got involved in the Occult in the late months of 1987, my brother told me about an old friend of ours named 'Jay' who performed a chant from some book and got money. It seems Jay found a book on the occult, chanted the chant for money then later that week, a city police officer rear ended Jay's car. Jay got $500 in damages (and this was the mid-1970's!) I had my brother call Jay, and we spoke on the phone. Jay told me it was some book like 'The Voltar Powers' and he had trouble remembering it since it had been about fifteen years since he'd read it. He told me he no longer had it because he got rid of it right after all this went down with the cop. When I asked Jay why, he said 'it scared him' presumably it had more to do with the fact that it actually worked and like many, if something is found to actually work, FEAR is the automatic response.

I searched the used bookstores far and wide for a copy of 'The Voltarr Powers' but none such existed. Later, when I met Ray at a psychic study group in Dunedin, FL, he told me about a book of practical magic that involved summoning spirits and it was called 'The Miracle of the New Avatar Power'. At the time, the only book I could find that was even close to this was Al G. Manning's "Miracle of the New Ishtar Power' which had a similar title to NAP so I also thought that Ray had the title mixed up as well (like Jay had) because Ray told me he no longer had a copy of it. I obtained a copy of Manning's book and thought I had found THE book Jay told me about. So I investigated Manning's book right, left, upside, downside forward and backward.

To my delight, Manning's book worked very well though the spirits in there were personal creations aka Thralls that Manning had made and named them after ancient Sumerian and Egyptian deities such as Ra, Bast, Osiris, Thoth, Isis, Nergal, Marduk and of course, Ishtar. Manning's book is a fully, self-contained system that works. I will write more on it later but for now, suffice to say I was delighted later to discover that NAP actually existed and when I spoke with Jay recently, he confirmed that NAP was indeed the book he had found and used.

My first copy of NAP came from a friend of mine and he sent me a bound photocopy of it to experiment with. I was pleased to note that the system is rather simplistic yet not exactly aura based like many of the 70's occult manuals were from the Parker Publishing group. Most of these books were about priming your chakras and channeling that energy into X. Some actually worked with the planets and a few with the Four Elements but most seemed to go along with the seven chakra system of magical development.

I worked with NAP for quite some time, experimenting with the exercises and listing of spirits with their chants. My results were quite fascinating. I discovered that it was best to use several of the spirits together such as to bring me monetary success, I'd invoke Nitika and Elubatel and then ask them to work together in harmony to bring X amount of money to me. Usually such bounties of cash came in the way of new leads in sales or more often than not, referrals from my existing customer base. Once in a while, I'd get a request to help someone magically and they'd give me a nice donation for my efforts.

Here is the NAP ritual that you are supposed to complete (at least once) and as you can plainly see it is a relaxation exercise.

Quietly read the words aloud, listening to what you are saying. Read slowly and carefully, pausing between sentences, and stopping for about three seconds wherever you find three periods (...) in the text. It should take you a full four minutes to read the words aloud from beginning to end.

* "I am beginning the New Avatar Power Ritual. I call on the Inner Planes to witness. I state my purpose thus: ANKAR YOD HAY VAW HAY. I begin to wind down, to let go and be rid of all the tensions of my body. To let my muscles relax, unwind and let go. The tensions are beginning to drain from my body. Soon, a gradual heaviness will start to weigh down my thighs, my arms, my hands, my feet, my legs, my body. My muscles unwind and let go. All my muscles are relaxing, unwinding and relaxing. Very soon I shall feel the unwinding, the letting go. Unwinding and letting go. Unwinding, letting go. Unwinding, letting go. Deeper and deeper... letting go... unwinding and letting go. The tensions drain from my muscles and they will soon become loose, letting go, relaxing and unwinding. Noises round abut me will drift into the background. I shall feel the relaxing, the letting go, the unwinding. Breathing easily and deeply. Easily and deeply. Unwinding and letting go... drifting into the peace and serenity of complete relaxation. And as my body unwinds and relaxes, so I enter the peace and quiet, where only these words have meaning, and nothing else disturbs me. Letting go... unwinding... letting go...unwinding... relax... relax...let go...let go...let go...relax...relax...relax...let go...let go...let go. I call on Thee, Mighty Arzel, who stands in the East, to assiste me in this and all my ventures. I know now that my New Avatar Power is flooding to the surface. * I now close my eyes gently."

Now sit quietly for about two minutes, letting your mind wander as it will, and then open your eyes.

From this point in the Ritual you always begin to perform a spell or other piece of magical working. For easy reference, think of the point where you open your eyes again as "Point A" in the Ritual. I shall be referring to Point A later in this book.

The instructions will say: "Carry out the New Avatar Power Ritual to Point A" and this tells you that you should prepare for the Ritual and say or listen to the words as explained from the initial instructions up to this point.

Also, for the sake of simplicity, from now on I will refer to the New Avatar Power by its initials-NAP. Wherever y ou find "NAP" in the text, you will understand that this refers to New Avatar Power.

Notes On The NAP Ritual

1. If you own a tape recorder, you can make a tape of the above Ritual words, between the asterisks, from * to * After recording the words, let the tape run silently for a further 10 minutes, so that when you replay the tape, the Ritual words are followed by 10 minutes of silence.

Then instead of reading the words to yourself each day, you can start the tape recording speaking to you as you sit in the dim. In that event, you can dispense with the reading lamp shining over your shoulder, and you can listen to the whole of this part of the Ritual with your eyes closed. You will, however, need the lamp later for reading spells.

When the tape reaches the Words of Power "ANKAR YOD HAY VAW HAY" (which, like all other Words of Power in this book, is pronounced exactly as it is spelled), say the Words aloud, and near the ned of the tape, begin sayign th words aloud from "I call on Thee..." through to Point A of the Ritual.

2. You should carry out the Ritual daily for best results; 15 minutes is the maximum you need for the Ritual and the magical workings that follow it. Try to make yourslef a present of that daily quarter-hour -- it will be the most stupendously valuable present you have ever given yourself. If your day is really packed tight with things to do, set your alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier, so that your first action of the day is to carry out your New Avatar Power Ritual and a magical working.

Thus begins the work to perform before you begin to work with NAP. After this there are a couple of other simple, easy rites you're supposed to use. These are:

1. Central Pillar Ritual
2. New Avatar Power Circular Ritual
3. New Avatar Fountain Ritual

When you read the Central Pillar Ritual, you quickly discover it is the old Middle Pillar Ritual of the Golden Dawn (or at least the late Israel Regardie). The power circular ritual is nothing more than swirlign the energy from Malkuth to Kether & back down again or from your feet to the top of your head & back down again. Finally the Fountain Ritual is about bringing that energy from your Malkuth shooting up through your body out of the top of your head like a water fountain. The idea here is to learn to channel energy throughout your body & then get it active by moving it around.

After this, then you can use the various incantations such as the following for Nitika:

"In the Power of the Names EH-HEH-YEH, YEH-HO-VO-EL-OH-HEEM, and YEH-HO-VO-AH-VAY-DAH-AHS I place this Invocation with Thee, NEE-TEE-KAH, Genius of Wealth. Know that I require and command Thee to bring me gold. Thou has dominion over wealth and Thou shalt bring this very instant to shape the future such that money shall come to me, enough and to spare, by the powers of these Words and Invocation. Be Thou ruled by me in the Names SHAH-DYE-ELL-KYE and AH-DOE-NYE-HA-AH-RETZ. So mote it be."

[I have taken the liberty of giving you the phonetic pronunciations of the names]

Once you have spoken the incantation aloud, you simply tell the Spirit what it is you desire. I often repeat these incantations three times and vibrate the names as Israel Regardie suggested you do. This seemed to impact the ritual in a much stronger way thus I stuck to what works.

To dismiss, I'd simply thank the Spirit in a normal, everyday language sort of way & offer to give them a candle, some food & drink at a specified later time. (Unpaid Spirits can cause all sorts of havoc in your life and yes many of the Spirits will NOT say anything about payment)

Next blod I'll discuss more about this modern grimoire.