Sunday, December 29, 2013

Love Spells & Your Sphere of Availability

Lately I have been asked on more than one occasion about the Love Spell on my site that more or less binds you to the one you choose, forever. This seems to scare a number of folks and it should because what you are doing is limiting the amount of people you interact with romantically-sexually to just one at the cost of your freedom and ability to go beyond those limitations.

You need to understand that you are making an oath - a pledge, a sworn statement, a promise to the Spirits of Love who are mentioned in the spell that you want this one person and you will be faithful to them. Perod. No wiggle room allowed. Thus if s/he cheats on you, you had better NOT cheat on them for revenge else the Spirits will take issue with your cheating and punish you severely.

Now while this IS a powerful spell, realize there are caveats. One of the biggest ones is ‘you must find a suitable partner who is within your sphere of availability’. Did you get that? Do you understand what that implies? First off a suitable partner is one who is into you and what you do. Secondly, your sphere of availability is limited by many factors such as:

a. age - sorry folks if you’re not in the age range of the person you’re attracted to’s age limitations, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Thus if you’re a young whippersnapper and you have the hots for a 30+ y/o lass, and she’s really not interested in anyone under the age of 30, go find someone else. If you’re an old fart who likes the young girls around 20 y/o, and they want guys more their age, you’re fooling yourself and you are stupid for doing so.

b. background - this covers where you come from, who is your family background, your medical history, credit history and etc. Let’s face facts: if you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, unless the gal you pine for has a thing for bad boys, it’s doubtful she’s going to be interested. If he’s a big star and you’re a person with no credits to your name, the chances are slim to none of his romantic interest. Or let's say you have the hots for some actor or rock star. Good luck, so do a LOT of others. You think a mere spell is going to pull that one in for you? Doubtful. Try meeting him/her once, maybe at a backstage signing and see if there's any sparks. May cost you a few hundred bucks to meet your dreamboat but you'll quickly see you are one of many to them.

c. finances - okay money talks, bullshit walks, right? Money  cannot buy you happiness however it can allow you to throw lavish parties where you can invite a whole lot of the people you’re interested in; purchase nice clothes so you look good and looks are important; get you a nice home in the suburbs where lovely women like to build a nest; and so on. If you’re struggling to make it, some folks may take notice and give you kudos but for long term relationships, it’s doubtful you’ll attract the gorgeous little thing you find adorably cute to go out with you especially when there are guys making a lot more than you are who are available.

d. attitude - whether you believe it or not, your personal attitude will either draw people to you or push them away. The ideal is to draw them to you thus you may need to change your outlook on life and do a mental make over. You can’t succeed in life by being a Sour Sam all the time. Thus if your nature is geared towards the negative side of life, you’re going to have to hunt to find the perfect fit for your melancholy mindset.

e. physical appearance - yes it IS a major factor. Some women spend thousands of dollars every year getting hair, nails, facials and then shopping for clothes that fit and allow them to look their best. You waltz around in torn jeans, old tee shirts & rarely comb your hair and you want a 10? Yeah think again bub. Sure there are some gals who love the mussed up look but they also like six pack abs and drop dead looks on the guys who can dress like that and get away with it. If you’re over weight and you want a really pretty girl, you should consider joining a gym and working out and eating better. ‘Lose the weight to get a date’ ought to be your mantra.

f. health - sorry but this is important. Some men & women are not interested in someone they may have to take care of in a few years for the rest of their lives. Yeah I know many do it because it’s love and guys like New Gingrich have abandoned their spouses lying sick in the hospital room so they can further their careers, their fun & their sexual opportunities. Is that lame? Yup it is but that’s how many folks are. They’re selfish and you need to find out how your potential S/O feels about health before you go tossing your interest into the spell.

Unfortunately we live in a world where people have unrealistic expectations. They assume Magic will fix everything for them. Unh-unh. Sorry. It does not happen that way. Love is fickle, it is often fleeting and it can be painful.

I often tell my students that reality is a combination of three things: Fate, Luck & Free Will. Now many of you say that there is no such things as fate or luck but you’re talking out your ass. You’re living in a world of scientific equations and you expect one day to figure it all out - you just have to find the right equation. Good luck. You’re about as hopeless as those Ceremonial MagicKians are who are trying to find the lost, sacred, most powerful Magic word and it doesn't exist.

Using the love spell as a backdrop, let’s look at how fate, luck & free will enter into the picture, okay? It’s simple:

Fate says your love spell to find the right mate will work. 

Luck will bring you X amount of suitable partners. 

Free Will allows you to choose one of those partners.

Fate is the things in life that ARE going to happen to you without your approval whether you like them or not. For instance, it may be that you’re going to marry-divorce-remarry more than once.

Luck is simply the randomness that manifests things in your life like suitable partners. True out of 10 potential suitors there may be only one who is ideally suited to you but that does not mean they are the only one. One of the other 9 may be willing to change enough to suit you.

Free Will is simply your personal choice in the situation. Out of the 10 choices for a potential mate, you choose one. Simple enough.

That’s how it goes.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Love Spells - the Truth!

It is about time someone finally educated you ladies and lads out there on what what love spells are and actually do and do NOT do. I have finally had my fill of people wanting a love spell done but then they want everything to be hunky dory and permanent. Um, sorry sister but it’s time you woke up and smelled some coffee.

We live in a modern society where there are literealy more people in one state than there were in all of Europe during the Middle Ages. Today the opportunity to find a lasting love is as close as the Internet connection and this causes a lot of trouble. Further today we have a vast arrary of media at our disposal that gives us plenty to look at.

What many of you ladies (& some lads) want is you want a ‘permanent bend over’ spell. You think you want a love spell but when I ask you what that entails, I hear, “I want him to love me and only me for all time and eternity!” Wow! Not much of a choice in that is there? Yet most of you gals have very little understanding in what a love spell actually is let alone how it works.

Love magic involves a ‘drawing towards’ type of spell. You are looking to find a man (or woman) who will be passionate, romantic, enthralled and filled with you. Do you know why this is? Because you watch too much damn TV! You read those dime store smut novels called Harlequin Romance stories and you think that is what love is.

A love spell will draw a person to you. If you don’t have a particular person in mind, the magic will work to find someone suitable because everyone wants someone compatible. However, Ms. I-Know-What-I-Want thinks she has to have Mr. Handsome Hunk so she requests him. Okay so the spell is worked and yeah he meets you and maybe is enthralled with you enough to sleep with you. You’re a woman after all and he is a man.

The problem does not end there. Ms. I-Know feels he is right for her so she decides to grab a book on Witchcraft or Sorcery and buys the items necessary for the spell. She works it and nada. Instead of giving up, Ms. I-Know decides to seek out someone with some firepower as an Occult practitioner to help her out. (At least she knows her limitations!)

When Pete the Practitioner does his JuJu and the handsome hunk Ms. I-Know wants drops by, it’s just for a booty call. Ms. I-Know gets indignant and a fight ensures. (Sound familiar?) Mr. Handsome Hunk walks away merrily to meet one of his other squeezes and moves on down the road. Later when Ms. I-Know realizes what she has done, she goes in search of the practitioner and bitches Pete the Practitioner out. “You said you could make him love me! He only came over to have sex! I’m not some sort of tramp!” (And etc.) Ms. I-Know’s rant is so expletive laden it could peel paint off the walls.

Hollywood is to blame here, folks, not Pete the Practitioner. Why? Well Hollywood has a wonderful way of mis-interpreting the Occult, Witchcraft & yes even Vodu as far more than what it is. In fact, a spell is shown to always work, always be ultimately powerful, and always permanent. That’s a fairytale folks. You rea that? A fairetale!

Pete the Practitoner DID his job. He cast the love spell and yeah Mr. Handsome Hunk dropped by. Pete’s job is over. It is YOU as a woman whose job it is to make any man find a reasont o love you especially permanently if you truly want a long lasting relationship.

Love = Sex

For many of you, love equals sex. Don’t’ believe me? Why do you call screwing ‘love making’? Hello? That’s not making love, that’s getting animalistic and screwing aka having sex! It’s your own damned fault because all of you as a society have mislabled things to the point it’s all screwed up and you get all honked off because he drops by to ‘make love’. But you want to get to know him better and well baby, Mr. Handsome Hunk ain’t interested in nesting with you. You see women nest which is to say you like to find a home, build a home and reproduce. Mr. Handsome Hunk is in the prime of his life and he likes variety. Tying himself down to you just ain’t in the plans, baby.

You see, most men already know that the way to a woman’s sexual parts is through her heart. Tell her stuff she wants to hear, treat her nice and “Abracadabra, Alakazam!” she’s yours. Yes much easier than not. Most women are dying for the romance, love and affection they see on TV or in the movies or read about in dime store paperbacks.

“But Moloch, he said such nice things to me!” yeah and you wrapped your legs around him, didn’t you? Of course you did. You thought by giving yourself to him, you’d be able to keep him. LoL Lied like hell, didn’t he? OH yes it hurts and hurts badly. *shrugs* I can’t speak for all men but I have watched many a player and watched many men be played as well.

It is YOUR JOB as a woman to find out what it is he likes, how he likes to be treated and then decide if you want to be with him BEFORE you open your legs to him! Hello? Some men know what they want in a woman and a relationship and if you quickly open yourself to him, guess what? He figures you’ll do it for any guy who talks nice to you so he relegates you to ‘needy’ and ‘trampy’ and moves on.

Why Men Wander

Men wander or ‘cheat’ on their S/O’s usually due to the fact most women are untrained when it comes to sex. Having been a free spirit myself since my divorce, I have been amazed at how so few women know much about sex. The vast majority think just spreading your legs is all a man wants. Guess again.

Men like a little mystery. We enjoy a wide variety of sex from role playing to kinky fetishes to trying new things and lots in between. I am amazed also at how little imagination most women have when it comes to sex. Tell a woman you want her to wear something special to the bedroom and you get the deer in the headlights stare, “My husband never asked for any of that!” Well sweetie, I ain’t your damned ex-husband!

“He wants to have sex with what? Where?” your girlfriends ask. Well really is it right discussing your personal sex life let alone what Mr. Handsome Hunk wants with your g/f’s, sisters or mothers? No it’s not right but a LOT of you do that. I have dumped women for discussing our sex life. To me that is a breach of trust. I do not discuss my sex life with my buddies or brothers let alone Dad. Yeesh. Loose lips sink ships. Okay girls? Keep your trap shut and you may be able to keep Mr. Handsome Hunk.

IF your man wants a BJ or anal penetration or he wants to suck your toes (or vice-versa) or anything out of the ordinary, then you need to make a firm decision as to whether or not you want to have this man as your partner. Why? Because let’s say your man likes to wear your panties just in the bedroom. If that disgusts you, guess what? He’ll find someone who will allow him to do that. Hello?

Maybe he wants to role play you as his babysitter and he’s a little boy. If you can’t do that then all right but realize the likelihood of him wandering is high. He will find a woman who will give him what it is he wants. If he likes BJ’s but you find them repulsive and even if you decide to go ahead and give him one, he will know it’s not your thing and most likely will wander to find someone who loves to do it.

Women do not like to think they’re bad at sex. I’ve met women who do not know how to moan, whimper, breathe heavy, pant or anything of a sexual nature. Again it goes back to the fact they are untrained and think they know all they need to know. Ever wonder why some men chase hookers? It’s because hookers have done it all, seen it all and are highly experienced. Nothing fazes them. I know this because I used to do Sorcery work for some hookers when I lived in Florida. Nah they didn’t pay me that way but gave me cold hard cash. I did JuJu to protect them AND to draw in customers to them. But they know a lot about sex. A woman could learn a lot from a hooker just by friending her.

So Where Is Love?

When you think of a love spell as seen on TV, what you are seeing is:

1. Drawing Towards spell
2. Bend Over spell
3. Never Ending spell

Number 3 does not exist except in fantasy novels, movies & TV shows. There is no such thing as a ‘permanent spell’. None.  Period. A love spell in the modern sense is comprised of numbers 1 & 2. It is not a one shot thing either. It requires first to draw the person you desire towards you THEN to perform a Bend Over spell which in effect is a lot like a Commanding or Compelling. Yes we are talking about bending his will to want to be with you.

With all that said, you CAN tie a man up to be just yours but realize a couple of things first:

1. He won’t wander but if he had a penchant to wander before, he will become listless over time and possibly become boring.

2. He may become violent because he wants to wander & play but is unable to do so because he is tied down to you. Thus he may take is aggression out on you.

3. Tying a man up and keeping him tied is going to require a LOT of work and it is a paint in the behind. When you stop, the spell is broken and he will be free to wander yet again.

Now bringing him to you often is a large hurdle in and of itself. Lots of you gals want a guy that some other woman has already claimed or one who has devoted himself to a particular female. In that case, you need a Break Up spell done first which reauires you to formally declare you wish to invade this man’s life and destroy it so that you can have him all to yourself. So in effect, you are a home wrecker on top of a selfish child. (Know anyone like this?)

Once you get him to come to you, then you must figure out what it is he wants and give it to him. That means you better know his turn ons, turn offs, desires, dreams, goals and wishes and they better not be just those about sex. It is said, “Men marry their mothers and Women marry their fathers” and to some extent this is true. If your father was a stand up guy, you’ll want a man who is also a stand up guy. Was your father protective? Spoke clean and not vulgar? Was he a professional, semi-skilled or general laborer? You as a woamn need to find out what his mother was like. It is her personality that will attract Mr. Handsome Hunk to you in the most positive manner. However you need to realize that if Mr. Handsome Hunk may know things about his mother that you won’t know so you’ll be guessing unless you know his mother and have spent time with her.

It is also said “Before you can love another, you must first love yourself” and that’s not to say you need to be arrogant and in love with yourself like some egotistical model but rather have a high self-esteem and like yourself enough to care about yourself in appearance, mental faculties and reasoning. Doubt me? Look at women you know who have the ideal mates already landed. What do they have you don’t?

Self-esteem issues an be repaired with some counseling and dedication. A little confidence goes a long way with most men. But realize we as men have far more things on our minds than just sex. Yeah sure some guys live for their penis and hey, that’s their right to do so. Some want to add another notch on their bedpost. Some want to find someone compatible and settle down. I’ve seen these latter guys go through hell trying to find a suitable partner. Lots of women out there but so many fixated on six pack abs & how much is in your bank account that it’s about as sickening as the men focused on pornography models.

The Real Key

My advice is when you meet a man, resist the urge & temptation to have sex until you KNOW he is the one. He’s interested in you? Really? Good then make him earn your respect and your affections. Secondly, learn all you can about sex. There are sex instructional videos (not pornography) that can teach you new ideas and how to handle old style requests from BJ’s to anal penetration.

Anyone offering to do love spells cheap and trying to tell you they’re permanent are full of shit and you should grab your wallet and run like hell the other direction! Fast! A love spell should at best spark the interest of the target who the spell is aimed at.

Realize the best thing to do is to learn how to please him sexually. Ever see a gorgeous hunk with a not-so attractive woman? That’s because she knows what she’s doing in the bedroom and can deliver. It’s not all about the vagina, ladies. That vagina is designed to give birth and built to take a baby’s new born head. Some men like it tight so the anal penetration is more their style or oral pleasure. And spitting is akin to saying, “you’re not good enough for me!” thus it may be prudent to find a man who fits your ideals and your life.

Sex in our society is so taboo that it is more often than not banned from polite conversation. Ever wonder why? Because the Bible says it is! There's your problem right there. Maybe it would be worth your time & effort to focus on telling a man how to give you an orgasm and for you to learn from him how he likes to have an orgasm. Make his eyes roll up inside his skull and you'll know you've hit home. After that he'll judge you based on how you treat him.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Cauldron Calling the Nganga Black

Please explain to me how publishing a book on secrets of the esoteric arts and clandestine groups is doing anything to keep such groups and practices out of the hands of fools? For instance many McWiccans complain about Sorcery or ‘dark magic’ being published yet they put out their watered down milk slop in books, on websites & in social networking. If Magic is so damned powerful and dangerous why publish it at all?
Likewise I find it foolish for a McWiccan to complain about Joe Sixpack's decision to use sorcery to help himself out of a tough situation because of karma, ethics & lack of responsibility and yet the McWiccans feel it's fine to publish spells and occult knowledge (regardless of how basic it is) without any such fears. Isn't that the cauldron calling the nganga black?
Time was if you wanted to learn magic, you had to find a reputable group or someone knowledgeable on the subject and be taught first hand. Then later books were printed and you could learn by study and personal practice. Now we have the Internet with gleaming websites filled with esoteric fluff that’s contradictory to other websites or books or traditions that makes little to no sense.

“But Moloch, it’s all just magic and magic is what the person does with it, right?” 

What the McWiccan & some of the Ceremonial Wannabe crowd doesn't understand is that you can give them powerful phrases, secret words of power and even put dangerous substances into their hands like Cemetery Powder and if they don’t know what the hell they’re doing they can (most likely) end up with nothing happening or can it go awry in a very bad way. Of course they may get lucky and hit on all eight cylinders but it’s rare to stumble to make the connections enough to work out the way you intended it to be. That’s just pure dumb luck.
What it takes to work magic is far more than just will; it takes talent. The problem is everyone is at a different level of talent than each other and as an author when I speak about using X + Y to get Z I am presuming you have the nerve, the knowledge, the strength and the raw talent to make it work. It also helps to know what could go wrong and prepare in case it does go wrong.

“But Moloch, if I just follow the instructions shouldn't it work because it’s magic?” 

         No. If such were the case then every book out there with any sort of spell, ceremony or ritual would be a potential time bomb waiting for some hapless soul to stumble on it and blow themselves up with it. Many in the Hoodoo crowd buy into this thinking all they need to do is add these ingredients to the red flannel charm bag, spit in it and presto-changeo! Magic! Right!! You keep believing that nonsense, cupcake!
Most ‘magicK’ presented out there on the web is little more than psychological trickery especially the way its presented and discussed. The Chaos MagicKians all think real magicK is all about the subconscious and implanting seeds into it. While that may be true within the context of their paradigm, you cannot plant seeds in your garden and expect fruit to grow in someone else’s garden. It just does not work that way.
Sorcery is about affecting not only your internal world but the greater world around you and outside of your direct personal influence where psychology is left holding the door. A sorcerer plants seeds in his garden when he wishes to reap what he’s sown and he’ll plant seeds in the garden of whoever it is he wishes to cause a harvest for. It’s that simple.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Uncrossing As A Prelude to Spiritual and Medical Healing

Healing is a term that's often tossed around by everyone these days with good reason since it costs an arm and a leg to get actualy healing assistance from the professional medical community. Typically if you don't have insurance, you are S-C-R-E-W-E-D and go without medical help. Many folks try to get help from Welfare or at the least a free clinic but due to government cut backs, those 'free' clinics are rare these days. So really is it any wonder people run off to alternative therapies no matter how crazy, weird or strange they are? Even the Amish community spends exhorbitant amounts of money on Cancer centers or they travel to Mexico or Canada seeking things like Essiac or the Hoxley herbal formula.

Like it or not, our society and primarily the medical and insurance communities have created this need for alternative therapy themselves through the ridiculous costs of medical treatment and supplies. $16 USD for a bandage that would cost you less than one dollar at a pharmacy? Seriously? Yet these same greedy pricks have the unmitigated nerve to force people to seek out alternative treatments and then do their damnedest to ridicule, oppose and even utilize violence to eradicate those alternative therapies.

One thing I can tell you that I found that actually works is Radionics. I've experimented using Radionics on a LOT of test subjects over the years including myself. One case involved a client who being diabetic had an ulcer on their foot and it got infected with staph and a couple of other nasty things. They had to go into the hospital for a five week stay with intravenous antibiotics being pumped into them. They then had a podiatrist surgically remove the ulcer and some of the bone in the foot where the infection had spread. I used my own home brewed Radionic instrument to work on the individual. The patient's physician said it would take approximately 24-36 mos to heal since the subject is diabetic. The wound healed in less than 11 weeks. And I did nothing else other than use Radionics on the person.

Okay that's not entirely accurate that I only used Radionics because I also performed an Uncrossing ritual on the subject ahead of time to remove whatever was causing all of this crap to be removed from them. As a Sorcerer, I cannot give that ritual more credence and praise as the BEST thing anyone can and should do on a regular, consistent basis.

Think of Uncrossing as pre-ritual preparation. You know how CM's suggest taking a pre-ritual bath to remove the muck & mire and purify oneself prior to summoning a Spirit? Well think of the Uncrossing ritual as far more in depth than merely washign the surface. The Uncrossing rite goes to the deepest parts of the soul to dredge up the mire of psychic filth that we tend to accumulate over our lifetime. What is this muck you ask? Prejudices, reservations, worries, doubts, fears, annoyances, irritations all rolled into a miasma of darkness that lies in the bottom of our core being. We often don't think about this simply because we have accustomed ourselves to ignoring it so it lies there and accumulates this sort of negative stuff like a septic tank does sludge.

Like a septic tank, eventually the psychic sludge that is within us needs to be pumped out and removed. Banishment procedures are not enough alone. That is because banishment rites touch on the surface of day to day trials and tribulations but those things that affect us in such a negative fashion accumulates and residue sticks with us. This residue must be purged from us from time to time to allow our personal healing to take effect. If you simply think you can banish this stuff then you're oh so wrong. This residue is at your being's root core and the memories are stuck deep inside you. These memories come in loud and clear with full visual imagery in crystal clear colors and perfect reception. In fact they stay with us as loops or tapes that we occasionally torture ourselves with in the form of regrets.

Uncrossing is not something that comes overnight. In fact, it may take several applications of this ritual to remove all of the negative miasma that floats around in your core being. Why? Well like losing weight you simply cannot lose 20 # overnight because it took you a long time to accumulate that weight thus it will take you as long if not longer to remove it in a healthy manner.

Many people think of Uncrossing as banishment and that is only partly right. Uncrossing is a poly ritual that has three specific components to it:

1. Banishment
2. Healing
3. Protection

When you remove or omit anyone of these three components, it is no longer an Uncrossing ritual. 

An Uncrossing ritual is NOT the same as a Jinx Removing ritual even though I have heard Hoodoo's say they are one and the same thing. This is yet another example of how dangerous a little knowledge is. Jinx Removing is about removing bad luck or a jinx, i.e. a minor curse, that someone may have put on you to cause you temporary problems. Whereas an Uncrossing encompasses so much more than just removal of bad luck. In fact, the Uncrossing addresses ALL that negatively affects a person, not just their luck. The majority of problems that Uncrossing affects is concerned with self-imposed guilt, doubts, worries, fears and the like. Of course not everything collected by the soul was put there by the victim because what authority figures said to the victim as a child or anything someone says that is even off color can have a negative impact on one's self-esteem, confidence, faith and belief in themselves.

Thus if you wish to amplify your chances of success with either Metaphysical or professional medical healing, you really should consider performing an Uncrossing on yourself or the victim. Yes you can perform an Uncrossing rite on someone else whether they are a loved, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, boss or whoever. No you do not need their permission because you are not doing anything that could negatively affect them. At worst your ritual will help them by removing veils that block their sight or vision from what is really going on. This will help them to see things in a better light and more clearly thus allowing themselves to make decisions that will have impact on their lives. In a way it is no different than if you were to take the person aside and through careful questioning you could lead them to see things as they truly are.

Oftentimes such direct counseling does not work because the individual would consider you to be 'meddling' in their affairs where their business is not your business. With the Uncrossing ritual you can remove the veils that obscure their vision to allow them to see things as they are and not through the layers of filters they have applied. Thus you an perform an Uncrossing on someone even at a distance to assist them.

I'm often asked, "Are there negative side effects to Uncrossings?" and the answer is yes. What happens is that an Uncrossing goes deep to the core root of the victim and begins to act like Dawn dish washing liquid in how it separates the grease which in turn can be rinsed away. Uncrossing rituals have deep impact and often their effects will be felt for weeks afterwards as lots of thoughts and things that were buried (not truly) by the victim surface so they can be dealt with. Often this includes emotional vampires who prey upon others and these people eventually fall by the wayside (rinsed away).

Before you can banish something you must first bring it to the surface and deal with it. This is where Uncrossing can really help by purging the muck from deep within and then you apply the healing to the core being and finally add several layers of protection to keep the affliction from returning.

Depending on how deep the crossed condition plaguing the victim is will affect how often the Uncrossing must be performed on the individual. The longest series of Uncrossing rituals I've worked with are 21 days. Then I let things sit for a week and start another 21 day Uncrossing period. Some things may take several months of this to be truly purged. Yes this is not a panacea of overnight success although many minor things may be purged overnight from the individual such as a jinx or dealing with unlucky situation at work.

You may also be pleasantly surprised that the more often you Uncross, the healthier you'll feel. No it will not guarantee you never get sick but I have seen how seldom I get a cold, the flu or sore throat. And as the Jews are wont to say about chicken soup, "It can't hurt!"

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Wise & the Ignorant

It is an odd thing in today's modern times to run into someone who is unable to read let alone write their own name and still claim to practice the Occult. How can you help others if you cannot help yourself? Would you go to a physician who lived in a hovel with a dirt floor, no windows or electric and ask him to perform surgery on you? Provided you have other choices & options that is. WHY would you choose to go to 'him'? He can't afford the basics in life so what does that tell you?

No, you do not have to have a Ph.D to study & practice the Occult but if you're illiterate (well you wouldn't be reading THIS!) unless you have loads of common sense I see no reason why anyone should come to you period.

A practitioner needs to know how to communicate other than just by phone or in person. S/He needs to be able to write things down as well as compose simple sentences and instructions. Why? Writing down what you are going to ask for and what you are going to say prior to performing Sorcery is a tremendous help because it allows your mind to think more clearly.

When someone implores the Spirits by saying, "Help me find a job" and then someone tells you that the local Taco Bell is hiring, "But I don't want to work at Taco Bell or any fast food joint!" whose fault is that? The Spirit's? No! It is YOUR fault for not being specific enough. Thus you write down what it is you are asking for and then look at the request from a different perspective and see if the request can be taken out of context or viewed differently.

When you are more specific such as, "Bring to me a job in the financial field where I can assist people who need loans for their homes that offers a comfortable living wage, paid medical benefits and career advancement and I want it to be within a fifteen minute commute from my home", you are spelling out precisely what it is you desire unlike "Bring me a job" or even a "Bring me a financial job" which is also too vague.

Can you see how knowing how to formulate your thoughts is far superior to the ignorant and illiterate? In fact, it is better to write down your request on a piece of paper and read it to the Spirits so you do not get confused or distracted during your rite. Do you trust people to count back money to you who are ignorant & illiterate? I sure as hell don't! Nor do I take advice from people less successful than myself. I've known people who are too thickheaded to seek professional help and go to some schmuck they know from a bar because he 'tried' it one time.

The likelihood of you rubbing shoulders with a successful investment specialist at a corner bar is slim. If the person is successful, they typically don't have time to sit in bars. They're off making money and getting served drinks at a pool or the beach. Sure you find all sorts of has-beens at bars & dives who have opinions. In sales we'd refer to those as 'Lounge Lizards' who waste their time drinking instead of educating themselves to be better at their craft.

Hoodoo is typically the Occult practice of the ignorant and superstitious. Most of the folks who practiced it back in the day were illiterate and highly superstitious. "You need to tear paper and not cut it so you can use it in Hoodoo"... really? Who is the moron that believes that shit. What, scissors too high tech for you? Or my personal favorite, "You need to use a paper or wooden match to light things with in Hoodoo"... pure horse shit. A lighter works just fine. Why? Spirits don't give a damn about matches or whether you cut/tear your paper. Hello???

I have said it many times, "Magicians take an already complex subject and add even more complexity to it" and it is the same for Wicca, Satanists, Hoodoo, Qabala and so on. While complexity itself is unnecessary, you do not want the pendulum to swing fully to the opposite side of pure ignorance. We live in a modern day and age, not the late 1800's. We drive cars that travel faster than 25 mph and do not use horse & buggy (except for Amish and some Mennonite sects) to get from point A to point B. Would you want to hire an Amish craftsman who doesn't even own a horse? Why would you want to ask a practitioner who is illiterate, superstitious and doesn't even have the wherewithal to get a driver's license and their own transportation?

Those who cannot nor will not help themselves are not someone who you want to put your faith and trust into.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review - Secret Journey To Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel

Many of you know I am involved in M.U.F.O.N. (Mutual UFO Netork) an organization dedicated to investigating the mysteries and phenomena related to UFO’s as well as their sightings by eye witnesses. For the record I have never been abducted nor had any sort of close encounter other than seeing some unusual lights moving quickly in odds directions across the night skies and changing course too rapidly for typical airplane traffic.

Before any of you start making glib comments, remember that we do not know everything about the Universe regardless of how much we delve into Spirits, the Aether & other esoteric pursuits. No I am not hinting that UFO’s are connected directly nor indirectly to the Occult although there are a number of folks who think they are interconnected. I just find it funny that folks who believe in talking with Demons & Angels have such a hard time believing there are no other races or species of life out there in the universe.

Recently a friend of mine turned me onto a book written by a man based on a compilation files from an internet website. This website was started when an anonymous individual allegedly began to disseminate “top secret” information concerning a program from the 1960's about the US government meeting with a group of aliens by the name of Ebens who lived on a planet called Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli system.

The concept was that the Ebens were here to collect several dead bodies of Ebens that had crashed in Roswell and one Eben who had survived but had died just before the momentous occasion of the meeting in 1965. The Ebens wanted to take a team of humans to their home planet of Serpo and leave one living Eben with the US government for a period of ten earth years. (Sound familiar yet? If not it will in a moment.)

The Ebens came back in 1966 and collected 12 highly trained US government officials who had been white-washed (their pasts completely erased) along with 40 tons of equipment. The individuals were 10 men & 2 women. There were 2 physicians, 2 linguists, 2 pilots, 2 scientists, a team leader & 3 others. The equipment ranged from 3 jeeps, fuel, food, med kits, med tent, different types of clothing & shoes, walkie-talkies, and other items that the 12 would need on Serpo.

We aren’t given a true play-by-play since according to Anonymous the majority of documents are still classified Top Secret but some info was leaked out to tell us about the Ebens, their society & beliefs and a little about their technology.  The team leader’s diary pages were leaked and either the man was a bit thick headed with spelling & writing or it was made to appear so. 

According to Anonymous, the trip from Earth to Serpo took 10 months at 40 times the speed of light. Yeah I know Einstein & all that but it used to be believed by scientists that we’d die if our automobiles ever went faster than 35 mph. Perhaps there are scientific and physical laws that we have yet to discover that will allow us to travel through space faster than the speed of light.

Supposedly the team lost 1 pilot (or co-pilot) en route to Serpo and no autopsy was ever performed. Rather the Ebens harvested the organs from the man’s body which seemed to piss off the earth team leader to no end. It also seems as if the earth crew were sick most of the trip due to problems with the way in which the Eben’s craft propelled itself through space.

The Ebens plant of Serpo has two suns and it seems there is no true night time as we have here on earth. Further our time pieces did not help the team much to gauge or measure time and the Ebens used some sort of community sun dial as their time piece. Where the Ebens landed & dropped off the earth crew was at Serpo’s equator where there was practically no shade and the radiation levels were horridly high.

The book goes on to discuss the Ebens to some extent such as their alien lifestyle (nothing like the movies or TV shows) and it seems the Ebens are at war with some other species they themselves genetically created. The Ebens seem to be broken up into a hierarchy simlar to our way of life here on earth with officials who run things, workers and military to patrol. At times it seems as if the earth crew went out of their way to test the Eben’s patience (not surprising) but no international incidents occurred.

After several years, the earth crew relocated to the northern part of the Eben world which was somewhat like Montana and a lot more temperate. The earth crew claim they saw an aggressive creature resembling an armadillo but the Eben guide repelled the armadillo like creature using some sort of sonic wave device. The earth team also shot & killed some sort of water serpent that was far larger than any water snake here on earth which the Eben guide told them it was quite poisonous.

After 12 years, 4 earth crew members died while on Serpo, 2 crew members elected to remain on Serpo and the remaining 5 crew returned to earth in 1978 and gave their diaries and cassette recordings to US government officials as well as being debriefed. Anonymous claims the debriefing and information made up a 3,000 page report. 

The author offers no smoking gun. Without any true hard core evidence, it is difficult for anyone to truly believe we’ve sent people to another planet. What does the author, Len Kasten put forth as proof? Conjecture, files from an anonymous source and a single photograph of ONE of Eben’s suns setting over the horizon. Supposedly there are 11 other declassified photographs Anonymous has but refused to turn over.

If this sounds like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” you’d be right. In fact, Kasten brings up that movie & Spielberg numerous times in the book and at some point claims that Spielberg “may have had leaked information” (in the 1970's no less!) about the Eben visitation.

The author takes the first couple of chapters of the book to discuss WW2 and the Nazis work involving their flying disc, how they got it, and so on. He discusses some sort of secret Nazi base in the Antarctic under a mile of ice. He even mentions it as ‘Kadath’ referring to Lovecraft and how this is where the Nazis went not South America.

Of course Roswell gets rehashed (yet again) and there are lots of inferences (as usual) that are unsupported by anything other than conjecture & opinion. This is what makes the subject matter a real bummer. When you can have real, tangible evidence, it’s an easier belief to put all your faith into. The author also has a penchant to include photographs of people who are well known such as Kennedy & Reagan however he does include photos of other figures important to the book’s early story such as Karl Hoshaufer, Admiral Byrd & Nazi general Hans Kammler.

One of the things I dislike about UFOlogists is their penchant to include other weird phenomena as if only alien races have the know-how to do advanced things. The pyramids is one. It’s a slap in the face to say ancient humans did not have any concept of how to build such formidable structures even though engineering along with ramps, block & tackle along with crane lifts were known back then. Next is the famous Coral Castle in Florida which was built by a single man who just HAD to have alien help. Again block & tackle. Then we get Bigfoot, psychic abilities and so forth. There is no phenomena on earth that could happen naturally without alien intervention. Right. Sure.

Overall I found the book to be entertaining and it was difficult to put down but as to swaying my belief that our government sent men & women to an alien planet in a distant solar system across our galaxy? I’m not convinced and I am open to more information. Provide me with a smoking gun and I’m a true believer.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Master Book of Prayer - Using Xian Prayers When You're Not Xian

Most Hoodoo booklets are incomplete because they do not teach you what you need to know to get your own JuJu to work. They suggest an oil & a candle & that's it. Ugh. Might as well say, “There is the car but you’re gonna need to fuel it up” while it’s sitting without a drop of gas in the tank. Lovely. The so-called "Hoodoo experts" out there who feel all you need to use is just a Psalm when doing any Sorcery. Well I'm here to tell you that they don't know what they're talking about.

Real JuJu requires more than concentration or to simply take someone's underwear & bury it in a cemetery. Those old tricks are quaint but you rarely can get other people's dirty underwear these days. (Pray tell HOW are you going to get the underwear of a judge who will preside over a court case you're involved in???)

Sorcery requires verbalization - you have to instruct the forces of Sorcery as to what it is you desire. Do you expect real Spirits to read your mind? A couple may be able to do that but not all of them can and those that ‘can’ aren’t always 100% accurate at it.

Christian Prayers

Yes, yes, yes these ARE Xian prayers in The Master Book of Prayer (MBoP for short) booklet and you need to remember that many of them have older, pagan origins. Why else would the ancient church fathers use them for their own purposes? Maybe because they work? 

Many of you are on a quest to get to older source material hoping to find Sorcery that actually works without all of the New Age community’s nonsense. Bah. If you want simplicity, then use the prayers in the Master Book of Prayer.

I first experimented with using Xian prayers back in 1987 when I got my first Wiccan candle burning book. My first candle spell was a spell of prosperity. I used the Psalm instead of the Pagan invocation as listed. Why? Well I was raised in a very religious family whose beliefs ran from Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, Open Bible, Roman Catholic, and so on (a real Heinz 57 varieties lemme tell you!) I didn't understand Paganism all that well with that first spell however the spell worked quite well so I was very pleased with it.

Again, too many of you reading this are so wrapped up in being opposed to Xianity that you would throw out the baby with the bath water! Hey, that's your prerogative! But a number of you have also written to me to say, "Gee Moloch, I have X going on & what I've done thus far didn't do squat for me! So what do I do?"

With some of you I've had to explain WHY Xian prayers work & that's because they're based on OLDER pagan rites & prayers. Don't think that the church merely took land from pagans to build their cathedrals over. Hell they stole myths, legends, rituals & invocations which they changed to suit their own needs needs & interests.

The church elders also left out the correct use of these prayers & invocations so the laity would be unable to use them for themselves! BUT with this prayer book, you can learn to use these prayers with awesome effect. Pagan, Wiccan, McWiccan or not, you should get a copy of this booklet to use in your practices - that is IF you want serious results & not just simple make believe.

The MBoP is a rare booklet in that it gives you a tremendous secret about correctly using Xian prayers and it also tells you the various names of power to use when making your prayer. This is something Hoodoo booklets & authors do not bother with. Why? Because they're ignorant of this aspect. They are simply parrots parroting other parrots who parroted yet more parroting form older parrots. It never ends.

To those of you reading this who are Christian, when I type & use the X in place of 'Christ' e.g.Xian, that is not a slap in the face nor removing the Christ form the term. It is a form of short hand used by the old church in the early centuries. The X is a Greek shorthand which means Christ so it's okay to use either "Christian" or "Xian" without any disrespect to the Christ. Just FYI.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Don't Need African Religious Systems To Be Powerful

I have been trying to wrap my head around this constant obsession that everyone seems to have for African religions lately. It seems to me that more & more people every day are wanting to delve into them but the ATR's are  communities and you do not simply ‘delve’ into it - you are invited to join.

Many of those who delve don’t understand African religions are a complex, myriad system of beliefs and they do not all share the same opinions & beliefs let alone philosophy. Within the ARS (African Religious Systems), you find clusters of folks who tend to live in a community in a given geographic area whereas most Wiccans or Ceremonial MagicKians do not live that closely.

Somewhere along the line, folks practicing beliefs such as Wicca, Ceremonial MagicK, Druidry or whatever, got it in their head that to be powerful they need to go and join a ARS. “But Moloch, that’s what you did!” um no it isn’t. I was called a long time ago and refused to listen to the LWA. I felt I thqt I didn’t have to do that and fought it for as long as I could. Why? First off I did not have the financial wherewithal to do so; second, I was distrusting of the vast majority of ARS fakes out there; finally I was quite content with the system of my own constructing and the results I was getting from it.

Middle class whites have this misguided notion that their magic is limp and useless and thus they need to go and join an ARS to become powerful. There’s your mistake: you don’t see the forest for the trees. Power lies right in front of you and all you have to do is reach out and take it. Are ARS practices any different than white folk’s magic? Culturally yes; in practice, some; in theory, no. 

To give you an example, a Sorcerer may have a friend who wants to be healed but this friend lives in England and the Sorcerer lives in Florida. Now the Sorcerer can work with a photograph of his friend & if he has the magical oomph necessary he should be able to affect his friend. In a practice such as Palo however, magic is not usually performed at a distant like that. Rather the client is expected to visit the Palero in person for work to be done.

This does not imply that one is greater than the other although you will NEVER find any ARS folks who will admit that as all of them are proud (sometimes bordering on arrogant) people who believe their JuJu is stronger than anyone else's. That's to be expected in any line of Magic regardless of what it is. If you’re a well versed, well taught Witch who has some chops, you should be proud to be who you are as well. Remember my philosophy: “Humility is for those with nothing to brag about” so if your confidence is high, be happy & proud of who you are and let the losers hang their heads.

Now I want to discuss INITIATION. First off one does NOT practice any ARS without being duly initiated. This does not mean you cannot petition say Erzulie Freda for help with a love interest because you can always ask. Is that any different than asking Aphrodite for help with the same situation? No. There’s a slight chance that the Spirit will answer your request - let’s say it’s a 10 percent chance. However if you’re initiated into Vodu, Erzulie Freda may still deny you your wish (the reasons for that are as many & varied as to why Magic often fails) and suffice to say though since you’re initiated your chances of getting Freda to work are bumped up to 50 percent or more (depending on other factors). It is reasonable to presume that if you petition Aphrodite, She will answer your request with a low percentage as well because you are NOT initiated into Her mysteries. But let’s say you have been duly initiated into some Greek mystery cult that still follows the old ways of the Greeks. Then your chances are much higher that Aphrodite will answer your request. There is never going to be a 100 percent chance since the Spirits always reserve the right to say no even if they somehow owe you a favor.

Is initiation only valid in the ARS? No! Even Wiccan groups can give out valid initiations however the older the group tends to be, the more stability they have and the likelier their initiations will be strong. This means that if you join Coven Wannabe who just formed last Sunday night after their first study group, their initiations won’t be as effective (if at all) since they have not gotten anyone in their group who has any sort of lineage behind them. You’re starting out fresh which is NOT a bad thing but it will take your group time to get some serious Magical oomph behind it. How much time? The Mercurial Intelligence Tiriel told me it usually takes about a decade - 10 years - for a group to create enough energy & will to become a true force whose initiations have validity & impact. That is unless they have a member who was duly initiated prior to the group and have been at it for some time and s/he oversees/does the initiating.

This is why when I was first initiated into coven Astra Australis back in 1989, our group had Ron Parshley who had a lineage tracing back to Alex & Maxine Sanders in the mid-1960's. Our Alexandrian Witchcraft coven had some serious oomph behind it because of Ron’s lineage. And, mind you, I had known Ron for at least a year plus before he deigned to initiate me. Thus when our HP & HPS (Ron was an elder) and the rest of the coven initiated me, I felt a real surge of power hit me. It was like a jolt from an electrical cable that sent shivers down my spine. I knew I had something then. The reason it worked so well was because Ron had initiated them and bestowed upon them the mantle of HP & HPS.

Am I saying you cannot work Magic without initiation? Not at all. Initiation merely strengthens your JuJu that you already possess however what initiation really does however is give you some Spiritual Authority in the Spirit world. It can also allow you to operate as group leader.

Frankly why bother with the ARS? It’s expensive to be initiated, there are so many new things you have to memorize usually in a foreign language - in fact you typically can’t join either a Palo or Santeria ile unless you speak Spanish and often can’t join a Haitian Vodu Societe unless you speak Creole or at least French. That’s just the way they roll so why bitch about it?

Seriously, if you adopt a pantheon of Gods and work with those Gods alone for a year, you've built up some good will with them. Now work with them several years and you're on your way to getting things done. Work with them for at least a decade and you will build up a goodly amount of JuJu with Them as well as Their good will towards you. Look for a pantheon or family of Gods or Spirits who have the following:

  • a patron of War
  • a patron of Love
  • a patron who is Righteous and deeply Spiritual 
  • a patron of Death
  • someone related to the Crossroads
  • a patron who is Physically Handicapped
  • a patron of Healing
  • a Metal Worker
  • a Diviner

You have just about everything you can possibly need in those, right there. Doesn't matter whether they're called 'Gods', 'Saints', LWA', Orisha, 'Nkisi' or what-have-you, they're like Ragu, "it's in there". But the fact is the average Joe does NOT want to do the work and spend the time to develop the relationship. It takes sweat, tears & effort to make this happen to the point the Spirits will bestow upon you real power. But to get you must be first willing to give. Got that? It's a truism regardless of whether you're working with Spirits or humans. Giving of yourself always gets you good will.

While you cannot self-initiate, you CAN formally dedicate yourself to the Spirits from the pantheon to which they belong. That in & of itself should be something you do NOT do lightly. These are not mere archetypes here folks, but living Spirits who will take offense if you should decide to abandon Them at some later point. Do I make myself clear? Many Magical Morons do this on a regular basis, “Oh I want to dedicate myself to the Celtic Gods!” then later on s/he watches some special about ancient Egypt and then it’s, “Ooooh I think I’ll start working with the Egyptian Gods instead!” Then slowly his/her life begins to turn to shit with all sorts of hindrances, pain & anger sent their way.

I know about that because years and years ago after I first got involved in Witchcraft, I made that very same mistake. Ugh. The ass kicking I got I well deserved. A dedication is a PROMISE, all right? You are in effect telling the Spirits, Gods or whoever is listening that you will always be there for them. Period. So beware what you promise, what you say & what you tell Them you will do for Them because They ARE listening and will hold you to that promise!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Expanded Edition of Pragmatic Magics

I've decided to re-release Pragmatic Magics with it cleaned up, new art & professionally done illustrations as well as some new material being added primarily in the area of Spirit Work.

Suffice to say when I wrote PM back in 1993, I had been working with Spirits for only four years at that time and did not feel confident enough to release my recommendations as to how to work with Non-Physical Entities (NPE) in a book I was releasing to the general populace.

What will be presented in PM's expanded edition is how I work with Spirits rather than any sort of argument as to why I do so versus how anyone else does it. For all intents & purposes, PM is a grimoire or my version of how I work with Sorcery instead of some sort of academic finding. People who read my works tend to be more interested in finding answers for their own problems than worrying about academic or historical accuracy.

With that said however I am not foolish enough to say that the subjects of history & academic discussion regarding Spirits are without merit. In fact, these subjects are important for practitioners to study if for nothing more than as a way to help themselves wrap their minds around a truly abstract field as Spirits.

What I will be focusing on in the Spirit Work section of PM will be how to work with some Spirits who won't try to eat your soul so that you can potentially work with them in a meaningful manner and develop a bond so that you can have some assistance when the chips are down.

Here is the (tentative) revised cover for the new edition of Pragmatic Magics.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Palo Rant

The other day, I was listening to Candelo Kimbisa’s March 11th program of Candelo’s Corner (on KDCL Internet Radio) where Candelo was really honked off and on a terrific rant. While on vacation he said he wanted to check out some of the Net’s other Occult talk shows and one of them was by a bunch of uneducated types who were making all sorts of wild, goofy claims about Palo that simply are not true. I think Palo is experiencing what the rest of us in the Occult have or are still experiencing which is people talking out of their proverbial ass on subjects they know next to nothing about. 

According to the broadcast, some of the people on the misinformed talk show panel were targeting Palo with downright stupid assertions about how it is a black eye of Santeria and other ridiculous claims. I guess someone on that show made the claim that Palo is actually from Brazil. LoL Only someone who is truly ill educated would make that sort of mistake! Is not this the norm in the Occult? Wannabes who get airplay or a book are automatically relegated to being an authority simply because they’re on the air or have a book out with a sheeple publisher. Ugh!

When you’re passionate about something you truly love, you tend to be protective of it as well as ready to fight for it at the drop of a hat. Candelo has been involved in Palo for decades and has devoted a large portion of his life to Palo thus it really upsets him when ill-informed folks say nasty & wholly untrue things about his chosen Spiritual system. Would you expect someone like Laurie Cabot to stand by and allow some ignorant fluffy bunnies call Witchcraft, “Satanic, Evil and full of perverse people”? And yet we have people out there who don’t know their own ass from a hole in the ground telling others what Palo, Witchcraft, Vdou, Hoodoo and other systems are. That’s like an auto mechanic trying to explain aeronautical engineering without any training.

Another topic Candelo was truly irate over was the plethora of so-called ‘Spirit Pots’ being sold on line by amateurs to the unwary. What’s happening here is the Nganga of Palo is being fraudulently and poorly copied by folks who are neither involved in Palo let alone the ATR. These wannabe pots are simply black cast iron cauldrons with some dirt, 21 Palo sticks and Gods know what else. I think he said there was someone in South America who had photos of one on a site and the guy had a ‘rubber snake’ in the pot. I get the symbolism but this sort of thing is not the same

At best such Spirit Pots are dangerous to screw around with. You have no idea what the Palero has to go through to receive his Nganga from his Tata. It is far more involved than you can imagine and a Nganga is not made over night. The process takes quite a bit of time to construct and then the Spirit has to agree to live in the microcosmic world of the Nganga that the Tata has made.

What’s happening is someone wants to get in on the Spirit trade by trying to make and sell a copy of a sacred Spiritual item like a Nganga or Prenda. All you’re getting is some dirt, sticks and a cast iron cauldron that does nothing. Is this any different than the haunted jewelry sold on eBay. People who read a book and then decide they’re going to do a ritual over a ring and presto-chango! the ring is enchanted with a Spirit. LoL Not so easy Mandrake, it doesn’t work like that. 

Initiatory systems are important because initiation itself 
changes you and your life. They’re also important because it separates the wheat from the chaff where priestly caste is concerned. One should not call oneself a Priest/ess of any Magical religion unless has gone through the proper training and received the go ahead from their teacher.

One of the big important points of initiatory systems is that you have a guide/teacher right there for you who should allow you to grow and make mistakes and do their best to keep your heinie out of any serious trouble. You have support in the form of Spirit Guardians who have been with the House for many generations as well as folks who have been there, done that before and made the same mistakes who can and will walk you through it.

This is not to say that non-initiatory systems aren’t supported or watched over but rather that Palo, Vodu, Santeria and other neo-African traditions have a much longer history and lineage that can be traced. There are some Witches claiming lineage going back to the 1800's but it’s very difficult to know if any of these claims are true or not.

Initiatory systems like Palo have a dollar cost factor involved and it’s not simply to make money but rather to pay the costs for the assistance of the Palero/a’s needed as well as for the drummers, dancers, food, rental space for the ritual, liquors used and so on. Neo-African systems such as Palo have Spirits that require money to be made for services rendered because the Spirit Itself wants to be able to buy Its own food, liquor and whatever else It wants. You don’t find this in Wicca, CM and other new age neo-religions.

Remember something folks, when Gerald Gardner was bringing out his Witchcraft to the world, Palo was already out and going strong. In fact, all of the African diasporic traditions were going full tilt in countries like Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Belize, Trinidad and so on. Even American Hoodoo is older than Wicca - IF we go by Gardnerian time tables of when Ray Buckland brought that belief system over to the US from England.

Like any belief system, the ATR (African Traditional Religions), has its pro’s and cons as well as its good and bad folks. You simply cannot look at one Palero who may be a bastard and use him as your poster boy for why Palo is bad. Doing that is no different than when born-again Xians do the exact same thing to Wiccans.

Want to have your own Nganga? Go talk to a bona fide Palero. Want to work with Spirits without being initiated? Go practice Goetia Sorcery.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Opinions Are Not Gospel

Well I’ve again stepped on someone’s toes and pissed them off. While I do not go out of my way to intentionally do that, it happens from time to time. It’s what happens when you’re outspoken. At times I’m willing to make a stand whereas most tend to sit idly by and let things fall where they may.

So then is the real problem about ego or is it passion? Probably with me, a little of both. When you’re passionate about something you tend to spend more time, money and effort at it than you do at much else. If you have no passion, then your JuJu sucks.

You like to stay alone & do the lone ranger thing? Good for you! Hermits have always been either held in fascination OR fear by others. It’s a choice that unnerves folks because as humans we’re social animals by nature. We like to hang with others of a like mind and discuss and do things that interest us. 

Ever been at a coffee shop around a bunch of nerdy intellectuals who you had SOME common interest with? One may want to discuss Kafka or Stein and the conversation actually gets interesting but when you bring up Metaphysics or the Occult, you can hear the crickets chirp. So you feel alone and just figure no one else likes what you’re so esoterically interested in.

I’m not out to hurt (let alone bully anyone) hell I’ve suffered bullying for years as a kid and a couple of times as an adult. Ever been bullied by an intellectual? It’s NOT funny like they make it appear on TV and you’re just supposed to sit there and take it especially if s/he is your ‘friend’ or acquaintance.

My problem is I’m too damn open when someone asks me my opinion. But people take opinion as if it’s gospel. Um it’s NOT folks! Hello? It’s O-P-I-N-I-O-N. If I don’t like the way something is and I’m asked about it, I’ll say so. Oh my that automatically makes me a jerk. Well you’ll have that because it’s just an opinion and more often it’s an opinion based on the limited parameters either the question or situation demands.

I had a friend and co-worker ask me about his Scion when he got one of the first of them. It was turd brown. No really it WAS turd brown color. Ugly damn thing. A turd brown box rolling down the road. Now this guy was a part time stand up comedian at comedy clubs and he took offense to what I said! LoL I had a ball with it and got him later to admit the color was turdish looking.

And then there’s times when I will say what I like about something and what I don’t like. Funny how when you say something you don’t like that too can piss people off. Excuse me? Opinion here! This doesn’t mean I think it’s bad ALL the time but man people are bitchy when it comes to something they did. Some practitioners love tearing into someone else’s book and tearing it apart.

Even if I can’t stand a book because the author didn’t explain some things fully or what have you, I DO TRY to find something GOOD to say about it even if it’s just the pretty cover. If I can’t do so without being truly jaded, then I won’t write the review and try not to mention the book or author to others. If asked about it, I’ll simply say I’m not a fan and leave it at that.

Do I get pissed off at bad reviews about my own books? ONLY IF they’re taking pot shots at me and not what’s presented in the book. I’ve had a couple of folks point out some things in reviews that made me think about the revisions so it could be made easier to understand. My book, Pragmatic Magics has been around since 1994 when there were only books published by individuals through vanity presses or they had to be accepted by sheeple publishers who were (& still) putting out pablum on the market.

Odd thing is when I sold my books from home, I rarely got anything negative from folks. Usually the emails were about clarifications (again which I noted for future revisions) or to tell me about how something worked for them. I’ve had that occasional email of “Hey Moloch I did X and nothing happened” and sometimes through process of elimination, you discover WHY Joe Wannabe didn’t get what he asked for. So you try to help him by suggesting some things to help him get past the block.

It’s all you can do. For the longest time I did not sell anything on my site other than books and eventually people wanted the formulas I recommended or they wanted a Spirit Familiar or a Thrall so I opened shop to help and make some money. Today I like helping folks as best I can. I’m still outspoken - some say obnoxiously so - but that’s okay many like me just the way I am. I don’t pretend to like you then stab you in the back; if I don’t like you, you’ll know it.

You don’t see me trying to ride a wave of media & festivals like so many do. Been there, done that in the beginning. That’s for people who like to camp out and deal with lots of smelly types who dislike bathing. Plus it’s difficult to hold a conversation with someone when they’re on an acid trip or buzzing on some substance while you’re clear headed. GODS that’s a pain! They ask a serious question, you try to answer them and they just nod their head and ask you about stuff you’ve already answered before! Arrgh.

Nor do you see me trying to study a topic for a year and then write a book on it. Really? A year? Yes a ton of people do just that. It’s stupid but they do it anyway. I wrote PM in 1993, six years after I’d been involved in the world of Sorcery. My ex will tell you I lived, ate and breathed the Occult. We didn’t have kids who needed to be at soccer practice; we weren‘t all that interested in sports; we didn’t do much drinking/partying so my wife and I never went to many parties; just did our own thing.

There are people out there who got involved in Vodu and after a brief time wrote books on it. Some folks did the same with Enochian Magic; others the same with Evocations and so on. That gets old. You can be a good writer and know very little about a subject to pull off a full length book. But the vast amount of that is surface knowledge and they have nothing deeper than what’s on the surface.

In my opinion, Sorcery and other forms of Occultism takes several, long years of practical study and work to get good at. Your ego better be prepared to be assaulted by the Spirits who will enjoy throwing doubts in your path.