Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Uncrossing As A Prelude to Spiritual and Medical Healing

Healing is a term that's often tossed around by everyone these days with good reason since it costs an arm and a leg to get actualy healing assistance from the professional medical community. Typically if you don't have insurance, you are S-C-R-E-W-E-D and go without medical help. Many folks try to get help from Welfare or at the least a free clinic but due to government cut backs, those 'free' clinics are rare these days. So really is it any wonder people run off to alternative therapies no matter how crazy, weird or strange they are? Even the Amish community spends exhorbitant amounts of money on Cancer centers or they travel to Mexico or Canada seeking things like Essiac or the Hoxley herbal formula.

Like it or not, our society and primarily the medical and insurance communities have created this need for alternative therapy themselves through the ridiculous costs of medical treatment and supplies. $16 USD for a bandage that would cost you less than one dollar at a pharmacy? Seriously? Yet these same greedy pricks have the unmitigated nerve to force people to seek out alternative treatments and then do their damnedest to ridicule, oppose and even utilize violence to eradicate those alternative therapies.

One thing I can tell you that I found that actually works is Radionics. I've experimented using Radionics on a LOT of test subjects over the years including myself. One case involved a client who being diabetic had an ulcer on their foot and it got infected with staph and a couple of other nasty things. They had to go into the hospital for a five week stay with intravenous antibiotics being pumped into them. They then had a podiatrist surgically remove the ulcer and some of the bone in the foot where the infection had spread. I used my own home brewed Radionic instrument to work on the individual. The patient's physician said it would take approximately 24-36 mos to heal since the subject is diabetic. The wound healed in less than 11 weeks. And I did nothing else other than use Radionics on the person.

Okay that's not entirely accurate that I only used Radionics because I also performed an Uncrossing ritual on the subject ahead of time to remove whatever was causing all of this crap to be removed from them. As a Sorcerer, I cannot give that ritual more credence and praise as the BEST thing anyone can and should do on a regular, consistent basis.

Think of Uncrossing as pre-ritual preparation. You know how CM's suggest taking a pre-ritual bath to remove the muck & mire and purify oneself prior to summoning a Spirit? Well think of the Uncrossing ritual as far more in depth than merely washign the surface. The Uncrossing rite goes to the deepest parts of the soul to dredge up the mire of psychic filth that we tend to accumulate over our lifetime. What is this muck you ask? Prejudices, reservations, worries, doubts, fears, annoyances, irritations all rolled into a miasma of darkness that lies in the bottom of our core being. We often don't think about this simply because we have accustomed ourselves to ignoring it so it lies there and accumulates this sort of negative stuff like a septic tank does sludge.

Like a septic tank, eventually the psychic sludge that is within us needs to be pumped out and removed. Banishment procedures are not enough alone. That is because banishment rites touch on the surface of day to day trials and tribulations but those things that affect us in such a negative fashion accumulates and residue sticks with us. This residue must be purged from us from time to time to allow our personal healing to take effect. If you simply think you can banish this stuff then you're oh so wrong. This residue is at your being's root core and the memories are stuck deep inside you. These memories come in loud and clear with full visual imagery in crystal clear colors and perfect reception. In fact they stay with us as loops or tapes that we occasionally torture ourselves with in the form of regrets.

Uncrossing is not something that comes overnight. In fact, it may take several applications of this ritual to remove all of the negative miasma that floats around in your core being. Why? Well like losing weight you simply cannot lose 20 # overnight because it took you a long time to accumulate that weight thus it will take you as long if not longer to remove it in a healthy manner.

Many people think of Uncrossing as banishment and that is only partly right. Uncrossing is a poly ritual that has three specific components to it:

1. Banishment
2. Healing
3. Protection

When you remove or omit anyone of these three components, it is no longer an Uncrossing ritual. 

An Uncrossing ritual is NOT the same as a Jinx Removing ritual even though I have heard Hoodoo's say they are one and the same thing. This is yet another example of how dangerous a little knowledge is. Jinx Removing is about removing bad luck or a jinx, i.e. a minor curse, that someone may have put on you to cause you temporary problems. Whereas an Uncrossing encompasses so much more than just removal of bad luck. In fact, the Uncrossing addresses ALL that negatively affects a person, not just their luck. The majority of problems that Uncrossing affects is concerned with self-imposed guilt, doubts, worries, fears and the like. Of course not everything collected by the soul was put there by the victim because what authority figures said to the victim as a child or anything someone says that is even off color can have a negative impact on one's self-esteem, confidence, faith and belief in themselves.

Thus if you wish to amplify your chances of success with either Metaphysical or professional medical healing, you really should consider performing an Uncrossing on yourself or the victim. Yes you can perform an Uncrossing rite on someone else whether they are a loved, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, boss or whoever. No you do not need their permission because you are not doing anything that could negatively affect them. At worst your ritual will help them by removing veils that block their sight or vision from what is really going on. This will help them to see things in a better light and more clearly thus allowing themselves to make decisions that will have impact on their lives. In a way it is no different than if you were to take the person aside and through careful questioning you could lead them to see things as they truly are.

Oftentimes such direct counseling does not work because the individual would consider you to be 'meddling' in their affairs where their business is not your business. With the Uncrossing ritual you can remove the veils that obscure their vision to allow them to see things as they are and not through the layers of filters they have applied. Thus you an perform an Uncrossing on someone even at a distance to assist them.

I'm often asked, "Are there negative side effects to Uncrossings?" and the answer is yes. What happens is that an Uncrossing goes deep to the core root of the victim and begins to act like Dawn dish washing liquid in how it separates the grease which in turn can be rinsed away. Uncrossing rituals have deep impact and often their effects will be felt for weeks afterwards as lots of thoughts and things that were buried (not truly) by the victim surface so they can be dealt with. Often this includes emotional vampires who prey upon others and these people eventually fall by the wayside (rinsed away).

Before you can banish something you must first bring it to the surface and deal with it. This is where Uncrossing can really help by purging the muck from deep within and then you apply the healing to the core being and finally add several layers of protection to keep the affliction from returning.

Depending on how deep the crossed condition plaguing the victim is will affect how often the Uncrossing must be performed on the individual. The longest series of Uncrossing rituals I've worked with are 21 days. Then I let things sit for a week and start another 21 day Uncrossing period. Some things may take several months of this to be truly purged. Yes this is not a panacea of overnight success although many minor things may be purged overnight from the individual such as a jinx or dealing with unlucky situation at work.

You may also be pleasantly surprised that the more often you Uncross, the healthier you'll feel. No it will not guarantee you never get sick but I have seen how seldom I get a cold, the flu or sore throat. And as the Jews are wont to say about chicken soup, "It can't hurt!"