Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Master Book of Prayer - Using Xian Prayers When You're Not Xian

Most Hoodoo booklets are incomplete because they do not teach you what you need to know to get your own JuJu to work. They suggest an oil & a candle & that's it. Ugh. Might as well say, “There is the car but you’re gonna need to fuel it up” while it’s sitting without a drop of gas in the tank. Lovely. The so-called "Hoodoo experts" out there who feel all you need to use is just a Psalm when doing any Sorcery. Well I'm here to tell you that they don't know what they're talking about.

Real JuJu requires more than concentration or to simply take someone's underwear & bury it in a cemetery. Those old tricks are quaint but you rarely can get other people's dirty underwear these days. (Pray tell HOW are you going to get the underwear of a judge who will preside over a court case you're involved in???)

Sorcery requires verbalization - you have to instruct the forces of Sorcery as to what it is you desire. Do you expect real Spirits to read your mind? A couple may be able to do that but not all of them can and those that ‘can’ aren’t always 100% accurate at it.

Christian Prayers

Yes, yes, yes these ARE Xian prayers in The Master Book of Prayer (MBoP for short) booklet and you need to remember that many of them have older, pagan origins. Why else would the ancient church fathers use them for their own purposes? Maybe because they work? 

Many of you are on a quest to get to older source material hoping to find Sorcery that actually works without all of the New Age community’s nonsense. Bah. If you want simplicity, then use the prayers in the Master Book of Prayer.

I first experimented with using Xian prayers back in 1987 when I got my first Wiccan candle burning book. My first candle spell was a spell of prosperity. I used the Psalm instead of the Pagan invocation as listed. Why? Well I was raised in a very religious family whose beliefs ran from Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, Open Bible, Roman Catholic, and so on (a real Heinz 57 varieties lemme tell you!) I didn't understand Paganism all that well with that first spell however the spell worked quite well so I was very pleased with it.

Again, too many of you reading this are so wrapped up in being opposed to Xianity that you would throw out the baby with the bath water! Hey, that's your prerogative! But a number of you have also written to me to say, "Gee Moloch, I have X going on & what I've done thus far didn't do squat for me! So what do I do?"

With some of you I've had to explain WHY Xian prayers work & that's because they're based on OLDER pagan rites & prayers. Don't think that the church merely took land from pagans to build their cathedrals over. Hell they stole myths, legends, rituals & invocations which they changed to suit their own needs needs & interests.

The church elders also left out the correct use of these prayers & invocations so the laity would be unable to use them for themselves! BUT with this prayer book, you can learn to use these prayers with awesome effect. Pagan, Wiccan, McWiccan or not, you should get a copy of this booklet to use in your practices - that is IF you want serious results & not just simple make believe.

The MBoP is a rare booklet in that it gives you a tremendous secret about correctly using Xian prayers and it also tells you the various names of power to use when making your prayer. This is something Hoodoo booklets & authors do not bother with. Why? Because they're ignorant of this aspect. They are simply parrots parroting other parrots who parroted yet more parroting form older parrots. It never ends.

To those of you reading this who are Christian, when I type & use the X in place of 'Christ' e.g.Xian, that is not a slap in the face nor removing the Christ form the term. It is a form of short hand used by the old church in the early centuries. The X is a Greek shorthand which means Christ so it's okay to use either "Christian" or "Xian" without any disrespect to the Christ. Just FYI.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Don't Need African Religious Systems To Be Powerful

I have been trying to wrap my head around this constant obsession that everyone seems to have for African religions lately. It seems to me that more & more people every day are wanting to delve into them but the ATR's are  communities and you do not simply ‘delve’ into it - you are invited to join.

Many of those who delve don’t understand African religions are a complex, myriad system of beliefs and they do not all share the same opinions & beliefs let alone philosophy. Within the ARS (African Religious Systems), you find clusters of folks who tend to live in a community in a given geographic area whereas most Wiccans or Ceremonial MagicKians do not live that closely.

Somewhere along the line, folks practicing beliefs such as Wicca, Ceremonial MagicK, Druidry or whatever, got it in their head that to be powerful they need to go and join a ARS. “But Moloch, that’s what you did!” um no it isn’t. I was called a long time ago and refused to listen to the LWA. I felt I thqt I didn’t have to do that and fought it for as long as I could. Why? First off I did not have the financial wherewithal to do so; second, I was distrusting of the vast majority of ARS fakes out there; finally I was quite content with the system of my own constructing and the results I was getting from it.

Middle class whites have this misguided notion that their magic is limp and useless and thus they need to go and join an ARS to become powerful. There’s your mistake: you don’t see the forest for the trees. Power lies right in front of you and all you have to do is reach out and take it. Are ARS practices any different than white folk’s magic? Culturally yes; in practice, some; in theory, no. 

To give you an example, a Sorcerer may have a friend who wants to be healed but this friend lives in England and the Sorcerer lives in Florida. Now the Sorcerer can work with a photograph of his friend & if he has the magical oomph necessary he should be able to affect his friend. In a practice such as Palo however, magic is not usually performed at a distant like that. Rather the client is expected to visit the Palero in person for work to be done.

This does not imply that one is greater than the other although you will NEVER find any ARS folks who will admit that as all of them are proud (sometimes bordering on arrogant) people who believe their JuJu is stronger than anyone else's. That's to be expected in any line of Magic regardless of what it is. If you’re a well versed, well taught Witch who has some chops, you should be proud to be who you are as well. Remember my philosophy: “Humility is for those with nothing to brag about” so if your confidence is high, be happy & proud of who you are and let the losers hang their heads.

Now I want to discuss INITIATION. First off one does NOT practice any ARS without being duly initiated. This does not mean you cannot petition say Erzulie Freda for help with a love interest because you can always ask. Is that any different than asking Aphrodite for help with the same situation? No. There’s a slight chance that the Spirit will answer your request - let’s say it’s a 10 percent chance. However if you’re initiated into Vodu, Erzulie Freda may still deny you your wish (the reasons for that are as many & varied as to why Magic often fails) and suffice to say though since you’re initiated your chances of getting Freda to work are bumped up to 50 percent or more (depending on other factors). It is reasonable to presume that if you petition Aphrodite, She will answer your request with a low percentage as well because you are NOT initiated into Her mysteries. But let’s say you have been duly initiated into some Greek mystery cult that still follows the old ways of the Greeks. Then your chances are much higher that Aphrodite will answer your request. There is never going to be a 100 percent chance since the Spirits always reserve the right to say no even if they somehow owe you a favor.

Is initiation only valid in the ARS? No! Even Wiccan groups can give out valid initiations however the older the group tends to be, the more stability they have and the likelier their initiations will be strong. This means that if you join Coven Wannabe who just formed last Sunday night after their first study group, their initiations won’t be as effective (if at all) since they have not gotten anyone in their group who has any sort of lineage behind them. You’re starting out fresh which is NOT a bad thing but it will take your group time to get some serious Magical oomph behind it. How much time? The Mercurial Intelligence Tiriel told me it usually takes about a decade - 10 years - for a group to create enough energy & will to become a true force whose initiations have validity & impact. That is unless they have a member who was duly initiated prior to the group and have been at it for some time and s/he oversees/does the initiating.

This is why when I was first initiated into coven Astra Australis back in 1989, our group had Ron Parshley who had a lineage tracing back to Alex & Maxine Sanders in the mid-1960's. Our Alexandrian Witchcraft coven had some serious oomph behind it because of Ron’s lineage. And, mind you, I had known Ron for at least a year plus before he deigned to initiate me. Thus when our HP & HPS (Ron was an elder) and the rest of the coven initiated me, I felt a real surge of power hit me. It was like a jolt from an electrical cable that sent shivers down my spine. I knew I had something then. The reason it worked so well was because Ron had initiated them and bestowed upon them the mantle of HP & HPS.

Am I saying you cannot work Magic without initiation? Not at all. Initiation merely strengthens your JuJu that you already possess however what initiation really does however is give you some Spiritual Authority in the Spirit world. It can also allow you to operate as group leader.

Frankly why bother with the ARS? It’s expensive to be initiated, there are so many new things you have to memorize usually in a foreign language - in fact you typically can’t join either a Palo or Santeria ile unless you speak Spanish and often can’t join a Haitian Vodu Societe unless you speak Creole or at least French. That’s just the way they roll so why bitch about it?

Seriously, if you adopt a pantheon of Gods and work with those Gods alone for a year, you've built up some good will with them. Now work with them several years and you're on your way to getting things done. Work with them for at least a decade and you will build up a goodly amount of JuJu with Them as well as Their good will towards you. Look for a pantheon or family of Gods or Spirits who have the following:

  • a patron of War
  • a patron of Love
  • a patron who is Righteous and deeply Spiritual 
  • a patron of Death
  • someone related to the Crossroads
  • a patron who is Physically Handicapped
  • a patron of Healing
  • a Metal Worker
  • a Diviner

You have just about everything you can possibly need in those, right there. Doesn't matter whether they're called 'Gods', 'Saints', LWA', Orisha, 'Nkisi' or what-have-you, they're like Ragu, "it's in there". But the fact is the average Joe does NOT want to do the work and spend the time to develop the relationship. It takes sweat, tears & effort to make this happen to the point the Spirits will bestow upon you real power. But to get you must be first willing to give. Got that? It's a truism regardless of whether you're working with Spirits or humans. Giving of yourself always gets you good will.

While you cannot self-initiate, you CAN formally dedicate yourself to the Spirits from the pantheon to which they belong. That in & of itself should be something you do NOT do lightly. These are not mere archetypes here folks, but living Spirits who will take offense if you should decide to abandon Them at some later point. Do I make myself clear? Many Magical Morons do this on a regular basis, “Oh I want to dedicate myself to the Celtic Gods!” then later on s/he watches some special about ancient Egypt and then it’s, “Ooooh I think I’ll start working with the Egyptian Gods instead!” Then slowly his/her life begins to turn to shit with all sorts of hindrances, pain & anger sent their way.

I know about that because years and years ago after I first got involved in Witchcraft, I made that very same mistake. Ugh. The ass kicking I got I well deserved. A dedication is a PROMISE, all right? You are in effect telling the Spirits, Gods or whoever is listening that you will always be there for them. Period. So beware what you promise, what you say & what you tell Them you will do for Them because They ARE listening and will hold you to that promise!