Thursday, February 22, 2018

Subject to Interpretation? You Be the Judge

In an online occult forum, someone asked whether spirits in the Goetia were considered to be speaking literal or figuratively especially where their powers were concerned. I have my own thoughts on this subject and decided it was time I spoke up and gave my nickel’s worth instead of just letting everyone else say their piece while I was quiet.

Example: Asmodeus/Asmoday

“The Thirty-second Spirit is Asmoday, or Asmodai. He is a Great King, Strong, and Powerful. He appeareth with Three Heads, whereof the first is like a Bull, the second like a Man, and the third like a Ram; he hath also the tail of a Serpent, and from his mouth issue Flames of Fire. His Feet are webbed like those of a Goose. He sitteth upon an Infernal Dragon, and beareth in his hand a Lance with a Banner. He is first and choicest under the Power of AMAYMON, he goeth before all other. When the Exorcist hath a mind to call him, let it be abroad, and let him stand on his feet all the time of action, with his Cap or Headdress off; for if it be on, AMAYMON will deceive him and call all his actions to be bewrayed. But as soon as the Exorcist seeth Asmoday in the shape aforesaid, he shall call him by his Name, saying: “Art thou Asmoday?” and he will not deny it, and by-and-by he will bow down unto the ground. He giveth the Ring of Virtues; he teacheth the Arts of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and all handicrafts absolutely. He giveth true and full answers unto thy demands. He maketh one Invincible. He showeth the place where Treasures lie, and guardeth it. He, amongst the Legions of AMAYMON governeth 72 Legions of Spirits Inferior. His Seal is this which thou must wear as a Lamen upon thy breast, etc.”

Dealing With Asmoday

First realize that Asmodeus, Asmodai or Asmoday has a couple of other names not found in the Goetia. Chammadai or Sydonai are other names for Asmoday. I’ve even seen His name spelled Chasmadai or Chasmodai before. While I have not summoned the spirit using these names I am willing to bet He would submit to Them as well.

Thus far we know Asmoday is first under Amaymon, who is a ruler of the East. We also see that it is not a good idea to wear any sort of head covering and always standing while summoning this spirit lest Amaymon deceive the karcist (re: summoner). Notice too that it states when you have mind to summon him, “let it be abroad” which implies this is not a spirit to summon into your home or on your property as you should be abroad or not home. However IF you do as the grimoire suggests, it seems Asmoday will bow down to the ground before you especially if you ask Him if He is Asmoday.

What You Can Get From Asmoday? Plenty!

This spirit is loaded for bear as they say and He offers the Karcist a lot for the effort and time. Here is what the book says you get:

1) He gives the Ring of Virtues - this is rather an unknown I’m sorry to say. I neglected to ask this spirit about this when I summoned Him the first couple of times. I was on a quest for something else and didn’t bother to ask about any ring of virtues. In Wier’s “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum”, this ring is referred to as the “Ring of Venues”. Colin de Plancy states that Asmoday “gives rings influenced by astronomical bodies”. Thus most likely this has more to do with Asmoday teaching you how to make rings according to medieval astrology wherein the virtue & power of a planetary body or fixed star can be coalesced into a stone then set into a ring. This makes far more sense because as we will see, Asmoday is a teacher.

2) He teaches the Arts of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry - He is fond of teaching the sciences. While I cannot state my mathematical skills are exemplary, they are far better than when I was in college struggling to make it. His version of teaching seems to be as you study the material seems to come to you easier and easier. My understanding of earth sciences has truly grown under this spirit’s tutelage. This is ideal for anyone who wishes to amp up their science knowledge.

3) He teaches all handicrafts absolutely - handicraft is a term first used in 1523 according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary the definition for this archaic term are:

1a: manual skill; b: an occupation requiring skill with the hands;
2: the articles fashioned by those engaged in handicraft

thus the idea is any skill where you work with your hands from basket weaving to sewing to brick laying to welding because they’re all ones where you work with your hands. Thus the idea of handy-crafts.

4) He gives true and full answers to thy demands - “Ask me a question, any question!” like the old mentalists used to shout to audiences. Here the spirit is saying He will be honest and give full answers to your questions.

5) He makes one Invincible - this one has vexed many practitioners for quite some time. Some seem to think this is a misprint and instead of invincible the scribe really meant ‘invisible’ but I tend to think Asmoday can make you invincible though not bulletproof. There are many ways of viewing invincibility such as an icon or martyr who died for a cause and whose memory lives on. Is he speaking purely of physical invincibility? Or figuratively? I tend to think it’s more in the magical combat arena. The spirit will help you overcome things that hold you back, educate you and even help you with magical rings so why not confer magical invincibility? With the idea being you can weather the onslaught of some mean practitioner’s spells or curses slung at you with the help of Asmoday’s invincibility.

6) He shows the place where treasures lie and what guards it - sometimes the dead guard the treasure they hoarded and died with. Once you know what guards a treasure and what the treasure is, then you can determine if the treasure is worth your time to procure via magic spells to shoo off the guardian spirit. Another meaning for treasures are the ones that lie deep within each of us. Those untapped powers, talents and abilities we all have that we do nothing to uncover until someone like Asmoday comes along and says, “Hey look what you can do here!” Knowing skills and talents can seriously amp up your financial standing in the business community. I mean perhaps you have a penchant for foreign languages? Why not tap into that and use into help you make some money? Or maybe you have a talent for other things that the spirit can help you uncover?

You get the idea yet? Things are not always cut and dried with spirits let alone the scribe who cobbled together the 72 names and seals to become the most popular grimoire of all time, the Goetia. With the 72 listed, we have to go hunting for Them in other places in medieval history to find more about Them such as alternate names, alternate seals and even clarification on things the spirit offers or can do for the karcist.

In Summary

Spirits can do many things both inside as well as outside of us. They can work on our psyches to calm fear and emotions or stir up our courage make us invincible or show us talents we may possess or where we can find a hidden money stash. Honestly don’t try the latter unless you live in a place like Louisiana where people buried their money in the past especially pirates who would hide out there in the bayous. What’s the point of treasure hunting if there’s no hidden/buried treasure in your neighborhood?

Be open minded about interpretation as to what grimoires state. Gods for the love of Mike, do NOT become like a born-again xian who states, “The Bible said it, I believe it, that settles it!” and yes there are those who work grimoires with that exact mindset! Do you really want to be known as a “Fundamentalist Magician?” Things are not cut and dried especially today where there are few exceptions to the black and white viewpoint because most of us live in varying shades of gray so knowing we live in more modern times where things are far more complex than they were 500 years ago, don’t expect spirits to be like that either.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Love Is More Than Texting & Social Media Posts

There seems to be some form of miscommunication today with Millennials and those who are of the instant messaging persuasion to think that sorcery/magic and spirits are geared towards this silly notion of love via texting & social media.

You’re way off from the mark if this is what you believe because this is not how spirits work - at least classical spirits or the ones I tend to work with and I’d say 80% of the karcists out there who engage in spirit summoning work. You need to understand we’re not summoning spirits to get your desired one to click a “Like” on your profile because there’s no intimacy there. Spirits don’t get it mainly because most adults don’t get it. 

When you hide behind your phone, and let’s call it exactly what it is folks, you’re hiding because you have issues that you have never decided to deal with, you want a spirit to make say Janessa Fleure LIKE your profile. For real??? When did you bump your head? That’s NOT her falling in love with you, lunkhead, because real love involved intimacy. Hello? And if you’re too thick headed or too scared to get off your bum to go tell her what a marvelous woman she is, well you deserve to lose her to someone who will do exactly that!

Relationships are more than texting one another or posting memes, photos & other erroneous errata on one’s public profile. Yeah, sure, we all like to post goofy, silly and inane nonsense from time to time just to be ourselves however when you want to get serious, you may start off chatting with Janessa telling her how pretty she is and all manner of things that you like about her. Fine. However listen up: one day you WILL have to make a stand and go meet her, IN PERSON, spend time with her and try to build something real instead of that artificial world you want to live in. Copy that? if not, re-read that last sentence again until you do get it because it is important.

That artificial world is safe, sure, and it is also lonely. There’s no one to reach out and hug you when you’ve had a bad day; no one to listen to how your crummy boss chewed you out for one of his own glaring errors; no one to hug back and tell her she the prettiest girl (guy/etc insert here) you ever met; because real intimacy is predicated upon spending actual time together - like people did in school. You ate lunch together, talked, shared life issues, laughed about favorite TV shows, cried about things that made you feel sad, and all of that. HOW can you justify hiring a practitioner to “get me X” when you fail to get off your lazy ass and go hang out with X??? “Oh no! X didn’t like my latest post!” ugh.... grow up and become an adult. If you are an adult, then stop mentally acting like a fool because you’re wasting your time and money. Social media is a smorgasbord for the mentally insane and for you to put all of your eggs in that basket says quite a bit about your own mentality. Get real. Get intimate. Get human. If you can't talk then how about learning to talk to others? That's what you supposed to learn in school so if you failed to learn that, guess whose fault that is? Perhaps instead of enchanting to get X you'd be better served to ask the spirits to bring you a real personality - one that includes the ability to communicate without a phone in your hands? 

Do you have any idea who many people come to me wanting their version of X who they have never met in person? Only chatted with on the Net? Sure I’ve done my fair share of chatting back in the day and made some great friends and had a few gals I’d have loved to have been with buuuuut 1,000 + miles away? Pfffft that’s not realistic for either of us. So think about these things if it’s NOT realistic for either you to move to where THEY are nor for them to pack up and move to where YOU are, guess what? It’s probably not a real love relationship either. Period. You’re wasting your time. Go find someone locally you can hang with and see on a regular basis not someone who lives across your province or in another.

Now IF you have met this person and you know them, have hung out with them, hugged them even slept with them (though the last one is not a requirement) then yeah that is a real chance of a success. But this nonsense of trying to coax Janessa because she's on your social media friends list means jack and squat to the spirits. They want to know if They do JuJu for you, that you're gonna get up off your dead bum and go hang with the person NOT wait for X to Like your posts. Ugh so silly but this happens more often than any of you realize.

Either you’re serious about a love relationship OR you’re just farting around pretending and no one, human or spirit, wants to waste their time with anyone whose pretending. Count on that!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Celebrities, Rumors and Truths

Though it fails me to remember who wrote it, there was an article back in the late 80's when athletes were being crucified for their blatant sexual stupidity by over stepping their bounds for taking chances with women. Sometimes these were women they were dating, other times they were merely fans of the athlete who thought the women would enjoy a roll in the hay with them. All of a sudden people began crucifying these neanderthals for their decisions forgetting that first off they’re athletes - bears of very little brain (but much muscle). 

People were incensed and rightly so about how these guys were taking advantage of women with their star status and using it to their advantage. The article’s author, who I believe it was a woman, stated in effect, “we are also to blame for this for putting these athletes up on a pedestal thinking they can do no wrong” and they clearly showed the world they most definitely would if given the chance.

So pray tell WHY do we flip out when actors and musicians are found out to be like these athletes? After all they’re just following in the footsteps of politicians and evangelists who use their power to summon women, enthrall them with silver tongued words, then molest them. It is the same thing just a different profession.

I don’t care if someone graduated from an Ivy League university or from a state sponsored community college, if the opportunity to be a scumbag is there, and he believes he can get away with it, he’s going to do it especially if s/he has some sort of celebrity clout behind them. Sad but true.

As a kid I also recall hearing my aunts talk about how when they go out to clubs, they would get their own drinks refusing to let just anyone get them their drink. When I asked my aunt Diane why, she said, “Because some asshole can put a rufie in it or god forbid something maybe worse!” which she then explained the whole date rape thing to me. I was 9 y/o at the time and this was 1973 so the fear of predators and guys who prey upon women was real even back then.

We even find this Pedestal mentality in the occult/spiritual community. It’s amazing how people react to you when you write a few books thinking great and amazing things just pop out of your head or fly out of your bum. It’s as if these folks forget that all celebrities are first and foremost people regardless of whether they’re musicians, actors, athletes, authors, sculptors and so forth, everyone of them is someone who was born a person. People are jumbled bags of emotions and subject to making poor decisions - just like you! The key is to bear in mind your celebrity is a person even if s/he seems super-human (or supra-human) they still eat, defecate, bleed, urinate and everything else - just like you do!

I’m not suggesting you be rude to celebrities when you meet them as some are, but rather maybe make that pedestal within arm’s reach instead of setting it so high that you can’t reach it any longer. They all started out somewhere and EVEN IF they started off from a home with a silver spoon in their mouth, that doesn’t automatically mean they’re bad from the beginning. There are good people from all walks of life. Remember, there have been many good popes, kings, nobles, rulers, politicians and others who were good leaders who actually cared about their constituents. Even self-absorbed kings cared for their serfs and peasants for without them, they had no country, no tax base and no kingdom over which to rule. Not everyone was a Nero.

And remember to evaluate every “claim” of malfeasance or misconduct rigidly because you do not know whether or not what someone from the woodwork is saying is true or not. Remember not every kid who claimed to have been molested by Michael Jackson was! One or more dropped their case and it had nothing to do with being paid off. Sometimes police find nothing to substantiate a plaintiff’s claim against a celebrity. The other issue is when police are trying to prove such and such happened to X 30+ years ago and there is no evidence other than X's testimony. 

Some of you may be quick to jump on such person’s side automatically but I hesitate. Why? Well there are all sorts of people out there who are mentally unstable who see things in their mind that never really happened nor happened the way they claim it did.

Remember a someone once wrote, “There’s 3 kinds of truth: yours, mine and the real truth” and the sad fact is the real truth may be far different from what the plaintiff is claiming. How often do we know we’re hearing the real truth anymore? Even in courts of law? Testimonies can be purchased, people lie, lawyers omit evidence, stretch half-truths, polish lies and innocent people are railroaded sometimes for their entire lives behind bars. YET we’re supposed to automatically believe Ms. X who claims Joe Celebrity did this to her decades ago. Really? Whatever happened to the statute of limitations? Hmmm?

However people are quick to believe hearsay, half-truths, gossip, unsubstantiated rumors, whispers behind hands, scandalous claims, and so on without any evidence proving the assertions whatsoever! Why? Because people WANT to believe everyone else is a crook while they themselves are spotless and never do any wrong. Horse shit. You’ve erred somewhere in your life - you just refuse to recall it because you buried it deep.

The danger here, good pagan folk, is that just a few hundred years past, we had a bunch of school girls who went about claiming a village was full of evil witches and 20 innocent people died as a result of the townsfolk believing their rumors, gossip and hearsay! Oh you’ve forgotten about that? Well I haven’t. That was all based on lies, deceit, hearsay, rumor, gossip and so on. The same swill all of you LOVE to revel in on a daily basis. Remember this well: the finger which points to another and spreads falsity, gossip and rumor which you wholly believe can just as easily turn and point at you!

It may be time to re-evaluate your love of your chosen celebrities and especially anyone you set high on a pedestal before you find out something they may have done in their youth. Because your options are limited to either throwing them away all together or forgive them for their youthful folly and move on. You don’t have much else you can do and a person does need some heroes to enjoy. No one is without faults. If you look hard enough you will find them. But is that what you’re looking to a hero for?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bustin' Yet Another Useless Metaphysical Platitude

“Everything you need to know, is already inside you!”

Are you into useless platitudes that do nothing for you but give you a false sense of security and relief if but for a moment in time? Yes I am about to step away from the herd here and to grill yet another stereotypical metaphysical platitude that is both useless and has no basis in fact.

“But Moloch, WHY are you bothering to step on people’s ‘good feelings’?” 

Well there are thousands of hopeful folks out there who believe this smelly tripe as having real value when in fact it has none. How you ask? Allow me to continue...

The sentence itself is pure foolishness. Everything you need to know is already inside you? Really? So you did not need an adult to show you how to wipe your own bum, tie your own shoes, use eating utensils, bathe, dress, use manners and so on? Really? Have you never seen documentaries about children who grew up in the wild without parents? Ever see how animalistic they degenerated? These unfortunate souls acted more like base animals and reacted frightened to their harsh world around them. When observed, they never truly act or react except out of survival instinct. Their thoughts are hunt, feed, flight or fight. That’s pretty much it. 

Everything you know you have taken for granted that you have LEARNED somewhere, from someone. You were just so used to be in a learning environments as a youth that you forgot all about these learning experiences. Same thing goes for when your parental units took time to teach you to do complex things from tying your shoe laces to riding a bicycle to using appliances or power tools to eventually driving a vehicle.

You simply did not just learn these things on your own. Sure you may have picked up a power drill and began to drill some holes. Okay but was your first hole accurate? Straight? Smooth? No rough spots? Or did someone show you how to use the tool properly to get the most benefit from it? Did you read the instructions? Did you read a booklet on using one? Did you watch a video? All of those examples require someone with experience to have taken the time to make them so that you could learn from.

Behavior is also learned. Love is not universal as it too has to be taught and learned as much as hate. Feelings may be universal but they’re not processed and without someone to help you process and understand them, they can be confusing and conflicting within someone who does not know how to communicate. Imagine being a blind, deaf and mute from birth all alone in your own world THEN tell me everything you need to know is already within you. We are not born with the knowledge, memories, or skills we need to make it in this complex world so we have to be taught that information.

Knowledge, wisdom, personal hygiene, behavior, social skills, customs & taboos - everything you now know had to be taught to you in some manner. Because you just didn’t miraculously know all of this somehow out of the blue inside your head as that is not how it works. We have to learn, process and understand knowledge before we can make use of this new knowledge for ourselves.

It’s utter rubbish people. You do NOT know everything you need inside of you to resolve your life because you have much to learn even now! Much more. 

This platitude is an injunction against learning and is really a rallying shout from the Lost Boys club ala Peter Pan rather than some metaphysical worldview. Because when you sit down and analyze it for what it is, you see it to be just plain silly then you have to ask yourself why would you want to use it? Because it’s not helpful in any way nor does it contribute to your greater good. If you must adopt a platitude, why not adopt one that will contribute to your greater good? Ancestors know there are plenty of them out there to adopt.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Getting A Handle On Anarchy For Change: Invoking Eris

Recently I got into it with some self-proclaimed anarchist who had to invoke the typical “herd mentality” at the rest of society YET this dude does nothing but sit online (on social media no less) kvetching and bickering about the state of society, governments and the rest of the world. When I asked, “So what have you little anarchists done for the cause lately?” he gets a bee in his bonnet and uses an old line, “You hide behind a fake picture and keyboard” *yawn* Wow. This is supposed to be the BEST comeback from one of the brightest in the anarchist collective? If so, is it any wonder the anarchy collective is all but dead today?

Today anarchy is little more than a joke because what it entails is a bunch of old fucks sitting around listening to old school punk rock reminiscing about their days of concerts and spray painting the anarchy symbol on walls (as if that ever did anything other than spread vandalism.) Instead of spreading the word, what do jokers like this do? Bitch, whine and complain back then - as much as they do today.

Just how many of them are active in their local politics? When queried? None. I have yet to meet any of these anarchists who will admit they are actively involved in their local political climates trying to change anything be it even their local animal cruelty laws. No they’d rather sit and bitch and pass around poorly made and misspelled memes on social media to “raise awareness”. Well folks, raising awareness is what the Xians have been doing about Jesus the Christ for the past 2,000 years. Hello? Pray tell WHY do Pagans and so-called anarchists continue to waste their bloody time ‘raising awareness’? Just how many people have never heard of your cause?

So When Are You Going To Do Something Productive?

Therein lies the rub. The biggest issue tends to be people and their personal level of comfort. Most folks don’t like their comfort zones to be interfered with and that includes having to get off their duffs to go out and get the morning paper let alone pass out flyers, knock doors, or (horrors) talk to people about the sorry state of things their political climate is in. Anarchists love to talk and these days they talk less and pas around memes far more. I see little success in any of this because a meme may say a lot but it cannot answer back, nor answer specific questions people may have. Getting involved is far more important yet most people don’t want to do that - “Let someone else do that shit, I can’t be bothered!”

Here's an Idea: Start Locally!

WHY on the God’s green earth does everyone mistakenly believe all change must come from the top down? WHERE does it say that in the laws? Nowhere. Truth is change begins locally and works its way UP instead. You are far less likely to be able to affect any major decision your Congressman or the POTUS makes however you will have a far greater impact on you local city council, mayor, county commissioners, township trustees and school board - IF you get involved instead of worrying about which Congressman is blowing which lobbyist.

I get that anarchists really want fair treatment - which is what we all want - but sitting around kvetching about not receiving it, is not helping anyone. So what to do? Get involved with your local school board first because these are the folks who are influencing the minds of your children, nieces, nephews, the kid who delivers your papers, the girls who sell you cookies in January, and so forth. The local school boards are the people who are trying to lower standards so kids move on to the next grade without trying or graduate high school and be ignorant of the Constitution, US History, and other important studies. They’re also the ones who say that cursive writing is no longer important so they’ve phased it out. They’ve also gotten rid of recess, lunch-recess, art & music classes and other useful learning tools. But hey, the extra curricular sports programs are in effect! Perhaps its time to begin to badger your school board or start a grass roots campaign to get your local school board to re-institute some of the missing things you know kids need to be healthy, smart and blow off that excess energy from lunch & snacks.

Real Anarchists Don’t Cry

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a couple of really cool anarchists in my life and these folks were not only folks who believed in the anarchy philosophy but they understood that since they could not make lemonade, they did the next best thing. They got involved in local politics to be watchdogs. Each one joined a different party and blended in. They worked their way in to the inner core to find out what was really going on then did their best to expose the hypocrisy and false pretenses the party was espousing to the world. That’s not selling out, that’s highly intelligent and wickely clever.

One of them got beat up for doing this by some of his party members once they realized what he was about. He’s lucky they didn’t kill him but he knew enough to head out into the hills and hide out long term. That’s an anarchist! Stick it to you and bug out.

“But Moloch, I’m Handicapped &/or Home Bound”

Understood and do not let that deter you one iota. You can get involved and stick it to the man from the privacy of your own home. I use this when I have time and share it with others who feel the need to do so but the idea is to cause calamity among the men (& women) in political power who make decisions of their own accord that are in conflict with what their constituents desire.

Enter Eris, Goddess of Chaos... 

Use the symbol of Chaos, the 8 pointed star, and draw it over the printed image of your political victim. Then a few drops of Lucifer oil should be sufficient to smear over the photo. Now you make an invocation to the Goddess Eris, the Mistress of Chaos, and say, “Oh Eris, I beseech you to introduce Thy mighty gift of chaos to Congressman ___’s political life! Bring the blessings of chaos, turmoil, strife, cacophony and all that comes with Thy unholy chaos to this political power so that he learns his power is naught compared to Thine!”

Now imagine the skies over the US Capitol building are growing cloudy, gray and dark. It looks very nasty as if there is a huge storm brewing. Then out of nowhere a tornado of unimaginable size comes whirling down out of the dark clouds assaulting the Capitol building. As it does so the tornado begins to shrink and as it melts into the Capitol’s dome. Then the tornado is moving inside until it finds the office of the Congressman you’ve sent it to and it envelops him tearing at him, entering his mind to shreds, making him a gibbering mess. His very words are nonsense, silly or unintelligible. Hold this image for a while then speak the holy words, “Ah-shur-ah El-bye-ee Tzah-toe-dah-kah” and you’re finished.

Repeat this ceremony at least three more times for it to have a permanent, lasting effect. 

You Don’t Have To Wish

To be involved you can be direct, indirect or as involved as you wish to be. However doing nothing but passing around anarchy themed memes is a joke itself and about as useful as Xians holding up John 3:16 placards at sport’s games. Whereas you can do something locally with your politicians and school boards (remember most politicians get their start on school boards) as well as keep an eye on them from day one and keep accurate tallies on who they are, what they say, believe and turn that over to the public. It’s entirely up to you.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Differences Between Magicians & Sorcerers

The Differences Between Magicians & Sorcerers
by Brother MOLOCH 969
© 2017
All Rights Reserved

Ever since I came out and began calling myself a sorcerer way back in 1990, I have had to take time and ‘esplain (to borrow Ricky Ricardo’s term) the answer to this question on multitudes of occasions both public and private. I think it’s high time I take time and definitively answer it so that I can point to it when someone asks it of me. So here we are. I hope this helps to answer and elucidate some things as to why there is a difference between what a MagicKian is and what a Sorcerer is. You may not agree since your mileage will most likely vary but that’s your opinion. I’m a sorcerer and I define who I am, not you. I define what magickians are by what they themselves have said both public and private at gatherings, in groups and conferences as well as at times in print.

It’s How We Think

The problem with answering this question is the average human mind is lazy because wants to lump things together for ease of understanding much like say folks would lump condiments together as a group even though no two condiments taste alike. Does relish taste anything like mustard? Do either of those taste like Sriracha or ketchup? How about mayonnaise? No of course they don’t taste alike YET we lump them together under the banner of condiments for ease of remembering. Unfortunately this habit of lumping things together tends to cause muddled thinking and mental laziness in our own thought processes because we become accustomed to the quick and easy way of learning which is discover, make a quick judgment then file it away in one of our mental file drawers. Thus when it comes to the practice of the occult, folks often think magician as the archetype practitioner because we’ve become lazy thinking this is the defacto inspiration for the practitioner.

Some could just as easily argue that the term “wizard” is the defacto archetype for the male practitioner, all thanks to fantasy writers and folklore stories about these men such as the Myrddyn aka Merlin or the Welsh bardic-wizard Taliesin. Then we have Gandalf thanks to Tolkien whose archetype has set the bar for wizard very high on the list not to mention the unsinkable Harry Potter who in recent years has become a staple in our modern society as a wizardly archetype albeit a young, struggling and oft inept version. Others have even gone so far as to compare Harry’s mentor, Dumbledore to LoTR’s Gandalf to show similarities of both character as well as contrast methodology between them. In essence while the term magician MAY be more accurate for an actual practitioner the whole genre is not excluded from license to borrow, appropriate or outright steal ideas from let alone use the pronouns wizard, mage, sorcerer and other euphemistic terms used for the murky world of the occult. 

In praxis one could say there’s very little that differentiate’s a sorcerer from a magician today. Frankly magician is a term that never really jelled with me mainly because here we have people running around misspelling the old term magic as “Magick” to differentiate it from so-called stage magic (actually known as the practice of either Legerdemain or Prestidigitation) and yet they wish to call themselves what? “Magician” Isn’t that bloody brilliant? A derivative of the very word they wish to make clear from its original spelling by re-framing it by re-spelling it. It’s like, “I’m not a thief! I’m a crook, but not a thief!” One would think these people would think a little more and talk a little less about such concepts yet the opposite is true.

Renaissance Magicians

Magicians in the old sense were students of numerous disciplines. Upon reading about the lives of such magicians as John Dee, Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Ficino Bruno, William Lilly and other magicians of the medieval and Renaissance periods, it’s easy to see how involved in their work these practitioners became. This is not the same sort of magician as the new age fable invented by the likes of Crowley, Mathers and other lodge styled neo-Masonic play actors of the late Victorian era who were simply bored and looking to while away their time. The medieval magicians believed in what they were doing and knew they had to do X to gain Y and belief played little if any part at all in it. The medieval era magicians were well grounded in their world view and they saw things from a perspective modern practitioners would not necessarily agree with. For instance, Agrippa was a magician because as he clearly pointed out, he practiced magic. He dabbled in the arts and sciences but he did not run off dabbling in other culture’s magical disciplines (that we’re aware of) nor did he ever state that was something wise to do. Magic to him it was a sacred art that had to be followed by strict rules of astrological timing. He also was a student of various non-occult disciplines such as mathematics, alchemy and often the arts with drawing, painting and sometimes music being part of his interests. You need to stop and think what the magician like Dee or Agrippa was: the proverbial Renaissance Man - well educated, sophisticated and trained in logic, rhetoric and grammar.

Sorcerers of old on the other hand were not always of this caliber. They first started out as alchemists because in France, the term sorcerer meant ‘poisoner’ much like how the term witch became associated with it even though we know King James I created that blind for we know the original Hebrew term was ‘chasaph’ which meant poisoner not witch. The sorcerer was typically engaged in trying to distill alchemical gold from base metals and always on the hunt for the elusive Philosopher’s Stone. They would not stop at anything to obtain it including murdering people or sacrificing children if the need arose. The sorcerer wasn’t usually as well educated as the magician was and his goals weren’t as lofty either. Sorcerers were more interested in dealing with issues here on earth rather than worrying about god or some nebulous heaven in the sky.

Post-Modern Magicians ARE New Age

Today magicians have become so mainstream and new age that they feel everything is theirs to comment on. In fact I find it amusing how many self-styled ceremonial magicKians will openly loathe anything remotely connected to the new age YET many of these same individuals practice charging their Chakra centers via the Middle Pillar. You can call them power centers or whatever you will, those are still Chakras ripped off from eastern religions brought over by Blavatsky’s Theosophical society (yet another New Age movement) which ceremonial magicKians go nuts for. Another thing these CM’s do that is purely new age is Reiki and yet numerous CM’s talk about being Reiki masters and what not. Reiki they claim is very old and while that may be in the Orient, it is relatively new here in the west so those who decry everything new age are often guilty of their own interests by default. The next time some pompous windbag of a CM starts his/her nonsense about “new age”, put them in their place quickly.

The Mind: To Be or Not To Be?

MagicKians have often stated, in print I might add, ”a true magician need only his mind to work magic.” This is where we part company because while the mind is a powerful component in sorcery, it is not how things get done. Spirits are a part of the equation and a sorcerer has use for a familiar spirit to get things done. A familiar spirit is acquired by the sorcerer for assistance in all of their personal and professional occult works. That is one of the steps to being a powerful sorcerer.

The magicKian is one who believes psychology is at the heart of all magicK whereas the sorcerer knows that is bollocks. While psychology is a useful tool that has some application, it is not nor should ever be any sort of substitute for actual magical practice and thought. Why? Psychology is man’s feeble attempt to map out the human mind’s patterns of repeated thought which is nigh impossible. Numerous studies have shown no matter how many times you take the same people or groups of similar people, you’re not going to get the exact same patterns of thought. This is because people come from a wide variety of backgrounds, training, education and experiences all of which influence their choices. Since you cannot replicate the results of a Psychological experiment exactly like you can mathematics, physics or chemistry, it is not considered to be a real science but rather a pseudo-science and thus relegated to the halls of quackery and deceit. 

What About Spirits?

Psychology also states spirits do not exist and are only figments of our fertile imagination and this is the attitude of your typical ceremonial magicKian. Personally I find this hysterical especially in the light of the fact you have grown adults running around in costume pretending to do specific body movements while chanting so-called barbarous names of summoning. If common sense truly prevailed, then is it not prudent to ask why one should bother with magicK at all? Why not instead go off to university, get a Ph.D in Psychology and be your own adept if you believe in that Psychological rubbish? Or if you’re of the mind, get in med school as well and learn to be your own shaman by becoming a Psychiatrist because you can prescribe your own drugs.

Sorcerers on the other hand know spirits exist as real, independent entities who live apart from ourselves. The universe is full of Them and They can be found in the most unlikely of places from the stars in the heavens to the forests to the burial graves of our deceased to the complex symbols and corporate entities that exist in business. Spirits can be mustered to help aid our work, cajoled when They don’t want to do anything or bribed to step up to the plate when all else fails. Some are related to us such as the ancestors while others are saints left here by some mysterious universal spirit that helped form our universe then promptly left it. I spoke earlier of the familiar spirit which is both a friend and a tool the sorcerer relies on for use with their work. The familiar spirit can be obtained in many ways and in numerous forms however it is something most sorcerers will have because the spirit or helper will assist the sorcerer in their occult work as well as the rest of their life’s areas. 

Props VS Sacred Tools

Another thing is while the mind is a powerful tool, our hands still like to play with toys so as sorcerers we give toys to them to play with. These are NOT props. You see the MagicKian believes tools are ‘props’ and nothing more thanks to his psychological training. Yet go to their home, grab a tool from their altar, toss it across the room and watch them get madder than all hell! I did that once and this CM got livid with me. I said, “Gee John, what’s wrong? You said these were nothing more than props so what’s the big issue?” By all rights, this Thelemite should not have come unglued over that yet he did. It was merely a ‘prop’ after all. Nothing more. Just wood, glue and paint. I didn’t break it either just tossed it over onto his cushy sofa. 

To a sorcerer however tools are just that, tools, not props and we respect our tools much like a mechanic reverently takes care of his Mac and Snap On tool sets because they assist him in making his daily bread & butter. So too are tools sacred to a sorcerer because we acquire them by either making or purchasing a tool, then dedicating, naming, blessing, and finally consecrating the tool to our work. We do this to the Four Corners to show the universe we have a new tool to use in our repertoire of tactics and procedures. We also ask the spirits to be a part of this procedure and we know They will. Sometimes we ask the spirits to put one of Their own into our tool to give it life and make it powerful thus creating a relic of power which can then be passed on to others for their work at a later time.


The vast majority of magicKians, especially the lodge variety today, tend to work with the Hebrew Qabala. They have this belief that this old Jewish folklore is somehow the key to godhood. It’s their belief so I’m not knocking it because everyone is entitled to have their own spiritual beliefs. I may knock procedures, (especially by those who tend to point fingers and make fun of others) but I’m not interested in knocking how you or anyone approaches the divine since it’s your personal choice how you interact with divinity. Others disagree with that even though they forget this sentiment is what has caused most major wars in the past eras - people insisting other’s way of approaching divinity is incorrect then wanting to change them.

MagicKians love the Hebrew Qabala. They literally spend hours poring over holy texts with their Gematria trying to discern numerological identifications between words, phrases as well as passages, hoping to find something to glean that helps them make sense of the universe. They also love the Tree of Life Glyph and will spend hours meditating and climbing the Tree (or as they refer to it as ‘Pathworking’) by using guided meditations with select symbols embedded in the meditations in the hopes they may be able to unlock powers in themselves or maybe remove blockages that impede their progress. The Tree of Life Glyph is very important to them because it is a complex symbol that has deep meaning on ten levels of consciousness and what they refer to as four worlds of being.

Sorcerers on the other hand typically do not bother with the Hebrew Qabala often finding it either too restrictive or overly complex. Some may be interested in occult systems from the Middle East however it is not the norm as sorcerers have no structure nor hierarchy in which to say, “This is our legacy” like their lodge counterparts have. In fact some of us have found our own sort of QBL (if you will) in Norse cosmology among the great World Tree of Yggsdrasil and its nine worlds which offers a more defined history of myth and legend from which to do our own guided meditations. Norse pantheons include gods, goddesses, elves, dwarves, giants, trolls, witches, goblins, kobolds, wights and other beings that are both colorful and useful for use with the sorcerer’s work. Whereas the magicKian who works with Hebrew Qabala is stuck with just celestials (re: angels) and their counterparts cthonic spirits (re: demons/daemons). Woo. Big deal. You get an either or scenario. Good guys or their fallen bad boys. Meh. Obviously it’s a personal choice but you get the idea.

Logic VS Emotion

MagicKians are often fond of their education and in our modern society, there is nothing wrong with being well educated. In fact, it is pretty much a must these days due to the fucked up job market we have since almost all labor jobs have been shipped overseas so corporations can rip off third world nations by paying their workers for a single day less than what a single American worker made in an hour. This has forced many in our nation to rethink returning to school and seeking more knowledge to give them a chance in the faltering job market.

But you see education alone does not a powerful magicKian make. If such were the case, then all one would need is an advanced degree in education to compete in magicK. The magicKian gets themselves involved in long winded and verbose speeches written by late Victorian era occultists who believed long passages were the key to making magic happen. Obviously they thought you could bore the universe to death to get what you wanted. Their verbosity is from the fact the originators of the late 1800's lodges used Freemasonry and its rites as a sort of template in which to create their lodge rituals. If you have never read a Freemasonry book, do so because not only is it elucidating you will discover where these long winded rites of lodges like Thelema, Aurum Solis and the Golden Dawn originated from. 

Sorcerers are less fixated on logic and more so on emotion because we know emotion fuels our spells and rituals. Logic doesn’t do squat for powering sorcery but we know it too is a tool and has its place in the grand scheme of things. One does not pull out just any emotion and try to use that when dealing with say a judge and jury or else that could land you in hot water. Rather a sorcerer uses common sense and uses the right emotion for the job. We also tend to see education as important but is it necessary to get our sorceries to work? Again, no. Education or knowledge has its place and time and when conducting your ritual or spell you employ emotion as well as your familiar spirit. If a sorcerer uses a passage for ritual, s/he will invest themselves in that passage as heavily as possible meaning the emotion flows strongly to amp up the words the sorcerer is saying. This is what is giving fuel to the sorcery not just the words themselves.

One final point I’d like to make is that I have not included Chaos Magickians in this who refer to themselves as sorcerers or what they do as sorcery simply because they’re paradigm shifters and they do not care what they believe so long as it is a means to an end. You cannot define someone who refuses to define themselves. Thus the ‘chaos’ label is appropriate. Most of these folks are well meaning and decent folks however it is difficult to make heads or tails of what they do when everything is boiled to merely a sigil. How does one do that? You cannot. Chaos is a perfect moniker for them. I don’t consider them sorcerers in the classic sense. If anything they’re more like Prestidigitators who are involved in sleight of mind with embedding their sigils and commands into their subconscious mind. It’s a useful technique but it’s not in and of itself sorcery rather merely a technique or procedure than has its limitations and uses.

In Summary

It’s easy to see there are some very major differences between what a magicKian and what a sorcerer are. The two are not mutually exclusive yet they are not one and the same. MagicKians have spent a long time defining who they are and why they are. Sorcerers on the other hand have spent their time just doing what they know they need to do and left the definitions alone.

Now obviously there will be some of you who will read this and say, “Bullshit Moloch, I’m a magician not a ‘magicKian’ and I do everything the sorcerer does!” and to that I say you’re defining yourself incorrectly so you should spend some time contemplating who you are and where you’re going as well as why. Sorcery is an art as opposed to a science which is something else these magicKians all claim their practice is yet magicK cannot be a science because the results can never be exactly replicated precisely like the results you find in math, physics or chemistry. Argue what you will but science is KING and you blathering on to the contrary only makes you look like an imbecile. Best to keep it to yourself.

Like condiments, a magician/magicKian is similar to but NOT the same as a sorcerer for the very reasons I listed above. I came to a lot of my own conclusions about sorcery/sorcerers by studying history as well as discussing this with various spirits including the Mercurial Intelligence Tiriel. Let me state that while there are some out there who would mock you for labeling yourselves ‘sorcerer’, these same noodniks have obviously forgotten how easily they are also mocked by society when they tell someone in academia they practice the occult or better yet, Witchcraft. Because witches were at one time merely figures of folklore and superstition and now they’re as common as the neighbor across the street. Be who you wish to be and do not allow some ignorant, bigoted ceremonial moron to belittle you or make you feel insecure about what you wish to practice or study. Just hold your head high, march forward and realize there will be others who will adopt the label of sorcerer.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lying Abut the Truth

“Children and fools always speak the truth. The deduction is plain: adults and wise persons never speak it” ~ Mark Twain, "On the Decay of the Art of Lying"

Isn’t it amazing how we, as a race of advanced beings, able to think and reason, are almost always avoiding the literal truth? It actually boggles the mind if you take a moment and really think about it. Because in all fairness, why would any rational or sane individual want to believe in a lie? Yet many cling to the lies that are told to us not only by politicians but also by marketing companies, friends, family and even authority figures like teachers.

Why would you want to go around believing in a lie? “Of course I would not!” you rationally reason to yourself yet in fact, there are dozens of lies that you believe in that you yourself may find useful. I first encountered this strange phenomena when studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming around two decades ago when I read Dr. Richard Bandler & John Grinder’s Frogs Into Princes. On page 18, a transcript from one of their NLP seminars goes like: “Everything we're going to tell you here is lie. All generalizations are lies. Since we have no claim on truth or accuracy, we will be lying consistently through this seminar. There are only two differences between us and other teachers: One is that we announce at the beginning of our seminars that everything we say will be a lie, and other teachers do not. Most of them believe their lies. They don't realize that they are made up. The other difference is that most of our lies will work out really well if you act as if they are true.”

This struck home and it got my attention. It kind of fit in with the old Chaos MagicK theory of “fake it til you make it” attitude or “lie to yourself until your JuJu is strong enough” - which is NOT unusual since I have seen affirmations from spiritual workers deep in the heart of Africa who would tell themselves, “My magic is strong, I am powerful, my magic will succeed!” which is a lie since there is no way to determine whether or not your magic will or will not work. However it has been found that using affirmations like that for a time prior to performing magic by putting yourself into a trance state, can actually have a strong effect on your magic and make it work instead of it not working.

Then there are the useful lies sales people tell themselves daily as they use their own affirmations to “pump themselves up” before going in to make a sale. This is no different than what the young African magic practitioner will use prior to performing his JuJu. There is a multi-million dollar industry of books, CD’s & DVD’s devoted to this very subject for the Marketing world and people think nothing of it. Yet in the end, when you analyze it all, it’s just useful lies.

The Drama of Lies

Yet why is lying looked down on in our human society? Everyone gets up in arms when someone lies to them. “Joe lied to me! He was out last night instead of working!” However if Joe told her where he really was, she’d probably blow a fuse like none other because as Jack Nicholson’s character said, “You can’t handle the truth!” which is often true when you stop and observe people in their natural habitat.

Next time pay attention to someone else’s fight. It almost always starts over a lie somewhere. So pay attention. Who lied? Why? Where did the lie come into play? Would the liar have been better off telling the truth? Would the individual hearing the lie have been better off hearing the truth instead of the lie? In my past experience, I would have to say from paying attention to other’s fights, seven out of ten times, the lie was useful because the maturity level of the person hearing the lie was not enough to deal with being told the stark truth.

People are simply not trained nor taught how to deal with emotional difficulties in our society. Isn’t that screwed up? Seriously! Here we are, an advanced hominid species who can think and reason, we can fly to the Moon and back safely, we can cure many diseases, we have harnessed nuclear power, explored many places of our own planet and YET we lack the training to deal with emotional difficulties. This is mainly because our parents lack these skills since most of us has Joe & Mary Sixpack factory workers who were simply under-educated (as opposed to not-educated) and whose own parents never taught them how to deal with their own emotional difficulties.

Further along this point, public schools do a poor job of teaching children how to deal with their emotional difficulties believing that it is not their place to do so - and sadly parents support this stance as well. This boggles my mind since one would think the idea is to have a happy, well adjusted society with kids who won’t require years of therapy to deal with their emotional hangups all thanks to the lack of training they never received in their youth.

Lies In the Business World

It’s a weird phenomena, but if you lie to your boss and its found out, you’re terminated on the spot YET it is all right for your supervisor and upper level managers at your company to outright lie to you since they own/manage the corporation. Seriously? Who made this rule? Why should this be so? Does this not show that business people are flat out liars in commerce since they cannot be honest with their own people? Would you want to do business with a two-faced corporation who lies to their workers yet puts on a face of honesty and truth to the rest of the world?

Unfortunately, the memory of the average person is amazingly short all thanks to television and of course the internet. People are bombarded with multiple lies on a daily basis and these lies have become so pervasive in our society that we have come to expect them rather than reject them. Time was consumers would be aghast if a large corporation like Fox News service was found out to be lying to its own employees over some issue and yet trying to bill itself to the world as honest and fair. However Fox didn’t lie to its own people, they lied outright to their viewers and in court stated they didn’t have to tell the truth. Eventually in February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States. Imagine your great-grandparents and the folks of their day hearing that one!

Enron was a company who went bankrupt yet up to the very moment they came out to say they were broke, they continually sent their own employees emails urging them to buy Enron stock. This folks was a lie of evil that goes beyond anything in business I’ve found in years. It’s bad enough to be bilked out of money by a competitor or be ripped off but to have money ‘stolen’ by your own employer?? Unthinkable!

Yet what happened when these corporate lies came to the surface? Little to nothing! In fact, people argued FOR the perpetrators as if they were the good guys instead of wanting to drag them out to the hill with pitchforks and torches as they should have. I was flabbergasted when I heard talk shows during the early 2000's because of the sheer stupidity of my species just astounded me. The most absurd arguments for the CEO and vice presidents of Enron's actions were spoken by people from all walks of life including folks who SHOULD know better such as highly educated individuals. No I'm not talking about the lawyers since as everyone knows all lawyers lie and you cannot trust a word they say any more than a used car salesman's word. Yet the media ate up these lies and regurgitated them over and over for the ignorant populace to consume.

Big Lies in Politics

We’ve had enormous lies in politics over the decades since I’ve been alive and paying attention to the political current. Nixon lied about Marijuana so he could put his fist down on the black & hippie communities; Reagan lied about his Trickle Down Economics as being good for the economy which economists all referred to as “Voodoo Economics” because they knew it was BS and useless for everyone but the wealthy in our society; Bush Sr lied about signing a bill on new taxes when he said, “Read my lips” which cost him his re-election; Clinton lied to the public about having sex with Monica Lewinsky on camera; shorty Bush Jr lied about weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq; even Obama was not immune from controversy where lies were told to the public at times during his Presidency.

This is only a small accounting of our Presidents in recent history and does NOT take into consideration all of the 535 members of Congress let alone our individual state governments which comprise of governors, state representatives and senators as well as local mayors, city council members or county commissioners and township trustees. When you think about it, politics is mind boggling to say the least yet it seems to be the cesspool of lies, deceit and evil so why anyone of good moral character who would want to get entangled in that mess should require some therapy because if elected, at the end of their term, they will not be the same person as when they started due to all of the lies they have heard and told themselves.

Truth Is Subjective To It’s Own Dominant Paradigm

For years I have stated that the above and have had numerous individuals argue with me that truth is never subjective because as they say, “Truth is empirical!” Really?? Where? Even scientists lie through their damn teeth. Archaeologists lie about historical facts to please or placate Creationist believers and religious extremists. Chemists lie about the severity of chemicals on both the human body and the environment all for the sake of the corporation’s bottom line profit margins. Engineers will lie by overstating the effectiveness of their corporation’s products or its ability to last. Even in academia, there are liars hiding in the wings who will stab one another in the back to get ahead all because they covet some nebulous prize. There are also the many scientists who outright lie in court because they are ‘paid’ by defense or prosecution for their time but in all fairness, they’re paid for their opinion to support the position they’re paid to support, not to be truthful.

In essence, truth is subjective to what you choose to believe because right or wrong, you make a choice to believe what is true or what is a lie. If what you believe is a lie, then that is your truth, right or wrong. So long as this subjective truth does not harm you nor anyone else, I see little harm in believing it. However when you go out on social media telling folks things like they need to "drink 8 glasses of water a day to flush out toxins", that is a lie because there is no medical reason for doing so. Yet people will argue they need to be hydrated even though that is because they have been conditioned by the media to believe they need it even though they are not working any sort of heavy job where they are losing lots of body fluids. True that perhaps SOME of the populations workers may need to consume more liquids because I worked in a rubber plant where in the summer it could get temperatures well past 100 deg F and one of my jobs in maintenance was to stock and fill the Gatorade dispensers for the workers. However the average person sitting in an air conditioned home or office is not losing that sort of body fluid nor is the average person outside playing a sport according to actual sports physicians however the multi-billion dollar sports industry would have you believe otherwise.

In Summary

Our human world is loaded with lies and stark truth that no one wants to hear yet everyone runs around saying, “I’d rather hear the dark truth than a white lie”... really? Horse shit. That's the call of an insecure individual seeking attention who also was never taught emotional security or how to process their emotions properly because folks who can process their emotions properly do not worry about lies because they just deal with such rationally when these things arise and more importantly they do not lose their shit over them. Typically this type of insecure individual also has not taken the time to learn the world is full of lies, half-truths (re: lies), damn lies, and outright horse shit OR they're hiding in a Pollyanna like world to insulate their psyche's from potential harm and thus when a real lie hits them, it subjects them to severe mental trauma. 

Truth is often subjective because only in math is truth truly empirical - that is UNTIL you discover even friggin' mathematicians play around with “imaginary numbers” to make advanced calculations work. (“Say what, Moloch?”) Indeed yes they use the concept of imaginary numbers (i.e. lies). LoL So even math has its share of lies that work out, eh? Crazy world we live in folks.

Go and try to be good to someone and if you think they are unable to emotionally handle the truth, do them a favor and lie to them. It’s not a sin and frankly you’re doing them a favor regardless of what idiot platitude they spout. Because truth is most people prefer to believe a lie than the truth. Advertisers know this as a fact of life. Learn it. Believe it. It is what it is.