Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Prejudices of the Old Guard

For years I’ve listened to and observed otherwise rational occultists debate one another over the effectiveness of varying systems of metaphysical practices in the occult field. Often these so-called “practitioners” (and I use that term loosely) argue over things such as authenticity or who originated the practice itself. These armchair theorists waste a lot of breath debating such trivialities in their long winded dissertations with one another.

However is it the system or methodology that we really need to focus on or is it the practitioner himself? By that I mean when speaking of the effectiveness of results that are sought from a system, should we continue to have great expectations from a practice such as Enochian or does the effectiveness boil down to the practitioner? I say the system is not the key but merely a map for the practitioner to follow.

Another way of looking at this is via fitness plans. As all of you well know, there are a gazillion and one fitness experts out there each with their own methodology, beliefs and opinions about diet and exercise. Each claims they can help you and surprisingly most can so long as you as follow the regimen with common sense. Now presuming you have that last bit covered and their plan does not require you to do nor consume anything hazardous to your health, you should be able to shed weight and become healthier, right? So is it really the fitness plan that matters or is it the individual?

In the world of the occult, we often seem to give a pass to the so-called practitioners. Why do you think we do that? Think about it for a moment. It really does not make a whole lot of sense to argue that Thelema is better than Aurum Solis, BOTA, SOL, Golden Dawn and other lodge systems is it? What makes one system more acceptable than another? Philosophy? Iconography? Liturgy? Ritual drama? These are all things that are inconsequential and are moot simply because they are aesthetically pleasing to the individual. They do not make the system sound, powerful or accurate in any sense of the word.

So what really comprises a system? It’s people. It’s the same thing that makes an organization who they are or a church, synagogue or temple what it is. You can’t merely point to the philosophy and say, “This is what this group si all about” because that is not the case since the group is comprised of many individuals seeking their own goals form direct experience from interaction with the system. This is why it’s silly to harp on modern or new age systems since there are people using them and getting results from it.

Lately I’ve seen self-absorbed ceremonial magicKians making fun of more modern systems like New Avatar Power, the Necronomicon, Magic of the New Ishtar Power, and other modern grimoire systems yet these self-deluded fools believe it is the system that itself wherein lies the power when it is the individual. Of course we’re not talking living traditions as found in the African Religious Systems (ARS) rather the non-living systems of American and Euro-centric occult practice such as Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magic, Sorcery, Conjure, Cunning Man, and others.

In a living tradition, like Haitian Vodu for instance, you have ancient spirits who are alive and interact with the system’s adherents on a constant basis. Whereas with a non-living system like say ceremonial magic, the practices are often centered around the adherent’s ego and spirits are rarely interacted with unless in rare circumstances or unless you have undergone a ritual to obtain a familiar spirit or your Holy Guardian Angel (which is not the norm).

Modern occult systems more often than not merely coalesce practices into needed chunks of information that allow a person to utilize the information and process it with minimal restrictions thus allowing more freedom for application. Often it is these looser restrictions which bite at the heart of the old guard who jealously snark at the system for its lack of cohesion for stringent rules and protocols of older systems and ages in the past. Therein lies the rub.

I surmise that much of the snobbishness and downright rudeness to practitioners of modern grimoires and systems is due to the desire to remove the complexity which the old guard truly treasures for no other reason than it makes them feel superior to say, “Hey, I went, built a forge and make my own sword” which is all well and good but is it really necessary today? No it’s not but just like in the Society for Creative Anachronism, if you buy your costume/armor instead of making it yourself, your prestige is lessened by several degrees regardless of how nice the armor or costume is. Same mentality with CM’s and their tools.

Every practitioner will blatantly admit that the tools are just that tools to use, and the practitioner themselves are the real repository of magic. The tools are thought to be extensions of the practitioner by the time you are finished constructing, dedicating and consecrating them to your work and yes the grimoires call for the tools so they are not ‘props’ as the ones who believe Magic = Psychology maintain. The notion is that you should also be able to go buck naked out into the woods alone, without any tools and perform successful magic. So there we have a stalemate where the old guard meets the modern practitioner.

The modern grimoires have merely condensed or pared down their systems to use minimal amount of tools to allow the practitioner greater freedom with more flexibility. After all spirits are quite flexible (well most of the them are anyway) so it stands to reason that a system should be as well. This flexibility allows for a person to take a system with them on the road without having to pack and answer why there’s a dagger in their briefcase and a sword in their suitcase to airline security.

If you work a system and fully immerse yourself in said system, which of course includes adopting any philosophies necessary to make the system work, you should be able to get results from using that system’s magic. I know this is why I did not get much in the way of results with my early CM practices myself because I did not fully immerse myself in the system nor adopt the system’s philosophies. I was trying to use the magic from the system without getting IN to the system and that simply won’t work especially with older systems like lodge style ceremonial magicK.

Modern systems like Chaos MagicK and modern grimoires like those previously mentioned, are pared down and devoid of philosophies and dogma. Instead they offer you simpler methodologies that you can adpt to your own personal philosophies and integrate into your busy lifestyle. Further they work which is something else that the old guard is not thrilled with as well. Prejudice is often based on the desire to see others fail and when a Novice picks up a modern grimoire with no training whatsoever, performs a working based on the material and gets the desired results, the old guard seethes with jealous and often ridicules these successes as delusions, coincidences and downright lies. The denial is particularly nasty but necessary for the old guard to maintain their sense of superiority and prejudice.

When pressed to at least TRY one of the new grimoire systems, invariably the old guard will defer claiming they don’t put stock into such ‘new age crap’ yet almost every one of these snobs started out practicing a new age system, i.e. lodge style ceremonial magic such as Golden Dawn, Thelema or even Wicca. These systems most definitely ARE new age themselves and it’s as if the old guard has forgotten and forgiven themselves for their own foolishness for following the idiot Crowley and his blithering cohorts. Yet to anyone else who practices anything that isn’t pre-1800's in origin, it just can’t be real or useful so yes throw the baby out along with its bathwater. Infant not desired.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wiccan Myths Exposed

Yes there are some myths that Wiccans adhere to that are wholly unnecessary. In fact, there tends to be a growing number of younger Wiccans who are eschewing these myths in favor of being able to have more freedom and less judgment in their lives. Let's examine these myths in detail.

Myth Number One: Karma

Karma to me is a dead horse that everyone beats with a stick. Why? Because it has no place in western society, that's why. It is an eastern philosophy taught from an early age and thus is a cultural belief that is bred into its eastern populations. It was discovered by Helena P. Blavatsky when she visited Tibet in the late 1800's. She was so enamored with the Tibetans that she felt she needed to spread the 'gospel of Karma' to the west. Thus she polluted western occultism with this eastern belief.

Golden Dawn members, aka lodge magickians, jumped onto Blavatsky's notions and karma like white on rice. Many of these Golden Dawn members went on to preach karma like a sermon. Occultists being fools who tend to follow the latest fad bought into this silly line of thinking bell book and candle. After all there simply must be something that equalizes the bad and the good in this life.

When the occult revival of the 1960's came about, all of a sudden, we began seeing Witches coming to the forefront in fictional story, cinema and film. For some odd reason, everyday Witches got their panties in a wad over a Hollywood film by Roman Polanski called Rosemary's Baby which had Satanists referring to themselves as Witches and as a result American Witches were having mild myocardial infarctions over this film and the resulting commentaries a few born-again preachers were giving in the news media about it.

Thus a few Wiccan book authors banded together and called themselves the American Council of Witches in the mid-1970's and they drafted some rules for Wiccans - because Witch was too sensitive a term for the Xian born-again community so they had to find a suitable alternative word to use. These rules are wholly arbitrary as they were drafted by a few authors and the head of the sheeple book publisher, LL-ewe-LLYN's Carl Weschke. Literally these rules mean nothing. You are not bound to them unless you want to be.

Like karma, you are not bound to it unless you choose to be. There is no karma if you choose not to believe in it. Do you believe in the Xian heaven and hell? No? Why not? Because you're Wiccan? Well Xians say that doesn't matter and that you are going to burn in hell regardless. But you don't believe in Xianity anymore right? So it doesn't matter to you. Okay then WHY do you want to believe in karma? It's the same thing - reward or punishment - at least the way the Wiccans preach it, it is.

Myth Number Two: Three Fold Return Rule

Here's one that is wholly made up by none other than the guy who brought Gardnerian Witchcraft to America, Ray Buckland. He admittedly invented this rule in the late 1960's for a magazine article. The notion that whatever it is you do or send out comes back to you three fold. It's utter rubbish. Ray made it all up. Yet thousands of Wiccans believe this garbage and preach it as if it too is some sort of Wiccan gospel. Pfffft.

Wiccans are always complaining about the born-agains who proselytize about their beliefs yet what do Wiccans do about karma and 3 fold rules? Preach them especially whenever they hear any hint of a curse escaping the lips of another Wiccan. We call this the Pot calling the Kettle black. You do not get to point fingers at one group and yet complain in the same breath when another group points their finger at you for similar things.

There is no three fold rule. First off a law is something immutable like gravity or thermodynamics, not karma or 3 fold return. Those latter things are wholly arbitrary because they are BELIEFS. Hello? How many times must you be told they are beliefs before it sinks in through your thick cranium? I know this is cognitive dissonance for most of you because you've been brainwashed to believe this hogwash as gospel truth, however you need to be told the real truth for once.

Wiccan authors are some of the strangest people out there. They write a book and pretend to teach you 'secrets' and magic yet these chapters are the smallest in their books and their largest book chapters are the ones on Karma and Ethics which happen to forewarn you about using magic. So this begs the question: If magic is so bloody dangerous, WHY teach it to you to begin with? Why bother with all the warnings and just not teach it? Oh that's right, no one would want to read your crummy books filed with invented Wiccan history (i.e. how it's an ancient religion of goddess worship) and ponderous chapters on your boring theories of Jungian psychology, karma and ethics.

Lemme finish this by saying that at one time, the African Religious Systems (ARS) of Vodu, Santeria, Palo and so forth never had any qualms about using curses or hexes to punish someone deserving of punishment. This the priest did not do willy nilly but rather he would contact the saints, petition the saint and explain why he felt the victim deserved to be punished, paid the saint and then let the saint decide if the punishment was deserved. Sometimes the saint would punish the victim but not as severely as the priest hoped for but that was the judgment of the saint and it was final.

Today the ARS is filling with many new age types clamoring to learn how to tap into real power. Many of these are Wiccans, Ceremonial Magickians, Chaos Magickians, Hoodoos and so on, all of whom are bringing their versions of karma with them into the ARS and polluting the various systems with it. I've been noticing a growing number of people claiming to be Paleros talking about karma or Mambos worrying about harming someone's karma. Karma is fictitious! It is merely a BELIEF and has no place in the ARS period but it is gaining a food hold because of all these lunatic McWiccans and Ceremonial Morons bringing that eastern crap with them into the African belief systems.

Where you see a HUGE amount of karma talk is among the New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA) Voodoo community. But I can't blame the NOLA folks too harshly as they fad collectors latching onto just about anything they can. They adopt things from Yoruban practices which has no place in Fon (Vodu) practices. So if they would pollute their practices with Yoruban crap, then it stands to reason they'd do the same with new age McWiccan tripe like karma and 3 fold rules. Bleah.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

WHY Would I Want To Work With My Ancestors Anyway?

A lot of troubles people today have in their lives can be directly traced to their non-relationship with their ancestors. Often when I ask someone, “Do you ever pray to your ancestors?” Most of the time, these sad individuals give me the most horrible attitudes with replies such as, “Oh no, Moloch, I can’t stand my family! They’ve never loved me, they’ve always done X and Y and Z and I do not want anything to do with them especially now that they’re dead!” Wow...

Yet these same people who seek my assistance out for help in their lives, often blame black magic and curses cast by others whom they cannot prove but they just ‘suspect’ ___ with nary a shred of proof. Sometimes these seekers are actual magical practitioners who seem to be able to get some spells to succeed but like for every step forward they take, they take two step backwards. So what’s the real problem here concerning one’s ancestors? Sometimes it just one simple thing, pride while other times it’s a sense of dread and loathing.

Look, no family is perfect. None. Some families appear better on the outside but when you get to know folks who are part of that family often you find chinks in the armor that are downright scary. Parents who have totalitarian attitudes or are heavy handed with the belt when it comes to discipline. Sometimes there’s sexual abuse even by blood parents, uncles, aunts and even siblings that can go on for years if left un-spoken.

However even if your family flat out SUCKED (and many simply do!) they are not the only ancestors you are acknowledging. Did you get that? Allow me to repeat it because it is vitally important that you understand this: when you salute your ancestors, you are not merely acknowledging your deceased family’s line but all of the ancestors going back to the beginning of humanity. Now let that sink in for a moment because it is imperative you make this connection.

What Can My Ancestors Do For Me Anyhow?

Ah now we come to the real reason you’re here, the old “What’s in it for me?” or W.I.I.F.M. This is a poor attitude to harbor where spiritual matters are concerned but oddly enough, more people seem to have WIIFM as they progress forward in their life. Time was folks took matters on faith and simply did what a priest told them to, even a Pagan one, but today it’s a different climate and everyone wants to know how they can benefit from doing something for nothing.

First off let’s ask, “Why should your ancestors give a damn about you?” (How’s that for a turnabout?) In truth they care about you in the way a parent cares about their own children. Do you have kids? Do you care about them? Now do you REALLY care about them or do you just tolerate them until you can kick them out the door when they turn 18? Be honest about it because it matters.

The vast majority of the dead and ancestors care about the living because they see us as their children - we are their descendants - even the ones who weren’t able to have kids because they still care about us. Why? They want to see humanity travel on into the future in positive ways rather than continue on the destructive paths so many are already on. Is that really too much to ask? I do not think it is. After all, wouldn't we all like to think that our kids and their kids are going to grow up to eventually revolutionize and change the world?

As a practitioner, you should want to no more upset the ancestors as you would any group of spirits be they demons, angels, djinns or whatever they are. The ancestors are closest to us because they are directly related to us whereas all other spirits are not and when they have no vested interest, then their work can always have that bit of suspect bit about it. When you begin to summon your ancestors, however, rest assured they will most definitely be in attendance.

Okay on a practical level, your ancestors can do virtually anything  you ask them to do. What does that mean? A lot! No seriously, my ancestors have helped me in ways I never imagined. You know how sometimes those situations arise where you haven’t even asked for any magical help and yet your desire came anyway? That was the ancestors.

Typically what they do is to smooth out the (figurative) road we travel in life by filling in some of the rougher holes and helping to steer us around the pitfalls and snares that at first seemed unavoidable but in the end we managed to avoid a bullet so to speak. That’s the ancestors. Most of the time their work is behind the scenes in subtle ways. You know that little voice in the back of your head that forewarns you about not getting in that cab which later was involved in an accident? That’s the ancestors.

The stronger your bond to your ancestors, the stronger their influence will be in your life. No this does not mean that your aunt Aggie’s will be nosing into your life in the afterlife like she did in life. Rather what it does means is that they will take more interest in wanting to assist you in both your sorcery and protecting your personal interests as well as your overall well being. So you should want to create an extra strong bond with them and maintain it indefinitely.

These Horror Stories Are Real

A lot of people have really horrid lives out there. So many of us live rather normal, drab, routine even everday lives with problems that we see as insurmountable we cannot fathom anything worse even though many go through worse than hell.

One does not have to look any further than pop culture fiction to see tv shows and movies where seemingly everyday people are portrayed as monsters. To us we’re glad it’s just a movie or tv show because in that 22 or 44 minutes of story time, the show took our imagination to a level of horror and then decompressed it by allowing the good guys to come in, capture the bad guy and save the day. In real life however, this almost never happens. The horrors portrayed in fictional families is never anywhere near the level of cruelty found in real life because network censors refuse to allow such to be shown on televison.

Since hanging out my shingle to practice sorcery to the general public in 2000, I have heard some personal accounts of human cruelty committed upon one another that have disturbed me to the point they’ve caused me no few sleepless nights. I had a young lady I counseled whose own biological father repeatedly raped her as a child beginning at the age of eight while her mother was at work. As a father myself when I first heard this woman recount this horrid time of her youth to me, I couldn’t help but cry for her. It staggered my mind. Revulsion? Anger? Frustration? Yes I felt all this and more just from hearing this. Or the man whose own biological uncle repeatedly raped him in his own bed while his parents sat downstairs watching television totally oblivious to the horror that was happening to their only son upstairs in bed.

Perhaps now you can see why so many people are hesitant or even antagonistic to working with their ancestors. Remember however, the worst is never what you hear, rather it’s what becomes uncovered later that is the worse.

The First Ancestors

The concept of the ancestors is greater in scope and scale than merely one’s biological family. We’re talking the entirety of human kind going back to our first genetic roots of consciousness. Back when Eve, the primate who many archaeologists believe is the mother of modern human kind first stood upright millions of years ago in Africa. That Eve begat our earliest ancestors, according to modern archaeologists, is significant and from her we have our earliest stirrings in human evolution. Just realize that the ancestors is not only about biology but also about human kind as a whole as well.

Further, there are ancestors in your family line that you never knew about nor known. Some of them were willing participants along the way having married from one tribe to another along the way in time while others were not so willing perhaps having been kidnaped or impregnated against their will.  However it happened, your family history is far deeper and more complex than what goes back to your parent’s parents genetics.

But I Was Adopted!

Beyond this, we also have the fact that a portion of our population have grown up with no parents. A number of these people were adopted into existing families. What this does is create not just one set of ancestors but now two sets of ancestors in the sense of one are biological who are related via blood and the other are related through adoption.

Reconcile and Exclude

I know I have not walked in your shoes and have no right to urge you to reconcile with your biological family’s ancestors, however as I’ve pointed, there are a couple of good, solid reasons WHY you should consider making peace with your ancestors. First is that not everyone in your family's ancestry did you harm. Even if say your parents and siblings were all shitheads, that doesn't mean their parents and their parents and so on as well as the plethora of uncles, aunts and cousins all did you wrong or wished you ill. Thus blaming your entire biological family for the sins of one or a few is not even close to fair.

The second reason you want to reconcile with them is you will have them at your back and when you’re wanting to practice a dangerous art like sorcery, it is necessary to have all of the precautions in place that you can. The world of the occult is not wholly safe and anyone who says otherwise is a lunatic. There are legitimate perils that need to be avoided and ones ancestors can assist in this.

Another reason is that your ancestors are not composed entirely of just your immediate family because you have far more family members in your family’s line than you will ever fully realize. There may be half-siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, step-parents and so on who care about and love you. Give them a chance to help you become more and realize your dreams and aspirations. Open yourself to the possibilities that your family is much larger than that small genetic code that simply follows your mother and father's DNA code.

Further you have all of the ancestors of humanity on your side and they count as well towards your well being. Isn’t it time you give them a chance as well? Still here’s a little secret: if someone in your biological ancestry was hateful to you, then nothing says you have to honor them in death. You can choose to omit them from your ancestral shrine if that is your wish and no one else has the right to tell you otherwise. It is your shrine to use to interact with your ancestors so do so at your discretion. 

When I work with my family ancestors, I have a litany of names I like recite. You too can do the same thing and say if you have an uncle Jim who was a scumbag you want no part of, then omit Jim's name entirely. If it pleases you, when you first set up your ancestral shrine, you can mention the fact that uncle Jim is not welcome at your family shrine. For some folks, this small act gives them a sense of justice that allows them to work with their biological ancestors without impediment.

So the really big question comes in as will you ask your ancestors to come into your home and be welcome at your shrine?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Initiation Collectors

Today I read Denise Alvarado's wall on FecesBook and this is what she had to say: “I think I've been grilled and basted. But this is my thought. Why do people feel the need to be initiated into several different religions? I mean, it seems there are folks who just collect initiations like others collect degrees or fuzzy bears. Not my personal cup of tea to jump into every ATR and get initiated. Why would I want to do that? I have no desire whatsoever to do so. The initiations, or what we call rites of passage, I went through in the Native way is enough for me. My baptism as a child was not my choice but it is what it is and set me on a specific path. I have a lot to learn about Ifa and a very patient, and very good, Godfather. I don't need any more than that and I do not want any more than that. I take my time. I don't jump into things frivolously without understanding the cosmology of the tradition and whether it fits for me. I don't feel better than or less than others with more or less initiations. I also do not discuss the particulars of my religion beyond a certain point publicly. That is because it is personal and nobody's business. They are called mysteries for a reason. And just because we are on the internet or because I am a public figure, does not mean I forfeit the right to privacy.”

I've often wondered the same thing myself, Denise but I've come to the conclusion that there are some reasons why:

1. Monetary Motivation: initiates are told they must have these further initiations by the priests of their House or Ile because, more often than not, this reason is motivated by greed of the priesthood rather than by the need of the initiate. If the House system is powerful, one should not have to go and collect initiations into other systems to be effective.

2. Political Motivation: where some priests feel the need where they must have more of their spiritual children involved, all doing the same things the priest themselves claim to practice as a show of solidarity and strength against any outside influences.

3a. Initiate Insecurities: these are people who for whatever reason feel they need to know more even though they never scratch the surface of what they've been taught thus far. Many feel the need to have as many spears locked and loaded just in case shit hits the fan at some point in their lives. This is merely plain ol’ paranoia and fear at work.

3b. Initiate Insecurities: then there are those who are ego driven to know more than anyone else. The ARS has more than its fair share of these types running around pretending to know more than everyone else. Further they label themselves experts and they join societies in the hopes this will make them appear more informed. Usually these are little more than academics who want to impress others with all of the knowledge they've accumulated even though said knowledge is from a priest which may or may not be accurate.

4a. Incomplete Training: there are people whose teachers die off before their training is complete thus they never get the full benefit of what they should know. Thus many of these folks join other traditions in an attempt to learn something to brace those parts of their learning with supports even though much of this material is foreign and does not fit as a square peg into a round hole. 

4b. Incomplete Training: sometimes initiates are thrown out of their ile or house for whatever reason and their spiritual parents refuse to teach them further. Again we have incomplete training so the initiate must try to find other sources to fill in much needed gaps.

For years I wondered why do so many African Religious Systems (because NONE of them are ‘traditional’ by any stretch) join Hermetic and Solomonic magic groups wanting to learn to summon spirits. By rights they should already know how to summon spirits but the bulk of them join anyway saying they’re just wanting to see how Western magic operates. Don’t you believe it!

Truth is these people join these groups because they have missed something in their training, are on the outs with their spiritual parents or have discovered that their initiation is bogus and doesn't work. Some things were withheld by their teachers and never taught to the initiate so when the teacher passes on without that knowledge Little Johnny Palero is shit out of luck unless he goes to a new palero to learn or try to find something different to replace what his palero was supposed to teach him.

I used to know a guy who was initiated into de Regla Ocha, NOLA Voodoo, Ifa, Palo, Wicca, Druidry and he studied Hoodoo and Cunning lore. Then he came to me wanting me to teach him Sorcery. I asked why and he said he felt the pull of the spirits to do so. Obviously he never questioned the reason for this because when I asked him to explain further, he couldn't and kept insisting the spirits told him to do it. He’s full of crap because when I ask my spirits for reasons, They give it to me. I turned him down and sent him away because my spirits said he was full of shit.

People like this boil down to one thing: they believe the grass is greener on the other side. None of them stick with what they've learned and work it in an attempt to learn more and take it further. Instead they prefer to pretend to want to learn it all which is wholly impossible.

I spent two decades researching, creating and developing my own system of sorcery. I got results with it and even helped numerous clients with it. Then I eventually found Jean and my Vodu house through a friend’s referral. I came to the ARS differently than what most initiates do. I resisted joining for fifteen years telling the spirits “When you bring me a teacher who’s worthy, I’ll go and learn but not until then”.

Most people in the ARS come to it first THEN they discover other systems of occultism. I did mine the opposite and really had little need to go and learn. Do not get me wrong, I am GLAD I did because I have grown by light years in my spirit work and my own sorcerous practices. So with me, the ARS open some new doors that were closed to me although it did not open all of the doors for me as I had opened a great many on my own prior to joining.

I have no desire to join Ocha, Palo, Ifa, Kimbanda, Macumba or any derivation thereof. I have enough on my plate with Fon and all of the technical details to learn. Have I been approached by Yorubans and Fon prior to Jean? Absolutely. However I am highly critical of who I team up with. Even when I was in school, I never wanted to work on join projects with popular kids, rather I wanted the nerds and brains as I knew I’d learn more from them as they’d coach me to better grades.

The ARS, just like lodge-CM and Wicca, is rife with popularity parades. “Let’s go see what we can learn from Manbo K!” or “I bet Palero J can teach us something new!” People often are impressed with polished smiles, status and other silly nonsense even when Manbo K and Palero J suck at getting results for their clients. Oh sure they may be able to initiate but there’s no money in initiation because the real money to be made is in workings for clients.

And a LOT of these suck-ass ARS priests are horrible at getting results for their clients so they don’t get much work and instead sit around on the Net reviewing websites and practitioners based on their limited knowledge. These people are ‘sexual intellectuals’ aka “fucking know-it-alls” who like to pontificate on who is real and who is fake. Self-styled experts who draw crowds not unlike the old snake oil salesmen by simply running their mouth about others. In other words, the blind leading the blind.

A successful Houngan/Palero/Santero/Babalawo won’t sit around on the Net all day let alone FecesBook doling out their decrees and pronouncements as if these came down from on high. What they really are is pathetic and it’s a poor attempt to make themselves look important while they spew character defamations against other practitioners and still get lousy results for their clients.

Overall, if you’re doing something right, you may want to stick with what is working for you rather than running round knocking what someone else does. Take what you've been initiated with and mine it for all of the gold you can get before you go off and invest in another mine.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Dirty World of Truth

Did you ever notice how powerful sometimes a single word is? No I'm not talking about the power of yes, please or thank you rather the power of the word 'truth'. It is an amazing word in that it can be used to create an illusion of belief followed by sheeple or used as a stinger missile to punch th rough the illusion to begin with. Yet the word is often invoked and bandied about because to me it no longer has any worthwhile substance.

For example ever since I began my first forays into the murky occult world back in ‘87, I began noticing how people invoke the word 'truth' or its alternative 'true' into sentences. I never realized before how often many born again preachers invoke its use in a given sermon and then how often such sermons are used on a regular basis. The word has such power for most people because they are often seekers looking for something real and meaningful in their lives and very often they see and experience much falsity, lies and deceit that when the word 'truth' is evoked, the seekers expectations of belief begin to manifest.

Then there are those involved in the various magical religions and metaphysical disciplines who have taken a cue from those straw hat preachers and began to use it in their own sermons, editorials, lectures and communications. These mystics have come to invoke the power of the word 'truth' or 'true' in an attempt to prove that what they are saying has more or greater validity simply by its use. "The true origins of the Qabala are here today in....", "The real truth behind the Ouija board is that...." or my favorite “So and so doesn’t speak the truth because I know blah-blah-blah...” and these are just a few examples of how metaphysical people invoke truth.

Then you have the new age marketers. (Ugh!) 

"The true method of spirit contact revealed!"
"The true formula of elixir of life for the first time!"
"Find the true path for your inward journey here!"
"Learn to speak words of true power!"
and etcetera ad nauseam.

Sadly wherever there is a buck to be made, truth will always be subjective to the dollar sign. A perfect example is to look at the court system. Attorneys argue and twist facts, details and accounts in the name of truth and justice. Pffft. The court is supposed to be the bastion where truth is holy, right? How often has justice been blind in the name of truth? Exactly my point.

Frankly I hate the word and it's bastard cousin 'true'. Not that I am all for lying, far from it, however the words are used wrongly so often and in such careless regard that it no longer holds any power for me and my sensibilities. When someone say, "This is the truth!" I sarcastically say, "Yeah? Yours and everyone else's bub!" I say that because truth is subjective. There is no infinite 'truth' any more than there is any sort of karma. It's all a bade up pile of horse shit.

Now in some day to day living there are cases of truth such as who hit whom first in a fight or auto accident. However while a judge may decide who is responsible, s/he knows as a judge that there are always mitigating circumstances leading up to such a thing. For instance in a fight there is always a disagreement to begin with followed by words, then hard feelings, then self-righteous anger and finally the clashing of fisticuffs. We may say, “Well Joe threw the first punch!” and unless someone else says that Tom goaded Joe into doing so, it may appear as if Joe is a bully. Often among witnesses, an attorney and a judge must try to weed out the BS from what caused the clash to start with and how it progressed. Not doing so can cause the guilty to walk away free even when both parties are rightfully guilty.

I even catch myself using the damn word in some of my writings and it disgusts me. It's a word that has been shat on for centuries and tarnished to the point where excrement has more use to me than truth because with excrement at least I can use it on a garden. I've found the term to be so repulsive that I often find it in my writings and look for synonyms or other words that fit the general idea of my point so that I can toss the truth word out the door.

Years ago I used to say and still believe that "Truth is subjective to one's dominant paradigm" meaning that you will find truth in what you believe to be true. There we go with that other word again, 'believe' or 'belief'. There's a scary word as well and truth to me is the scariest. Look at how politicians manipulate millions with their version of the truth. My late friend and mentor Ron Parshley used to say "There are three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth." The problem is seldom is the truth so easily discovered let alone in plain sight. It’s always buried under layers of nonsense, foolishness and neglect. I would venture to say that the truth is tarnished by whatever the angle is of whover holds it. Your truth may not be my truth and thus it can be subjective for what you find to be true even when it may not hold true for others.

There are very few empirical truths out there when compared to the myriad of situations where truth is invoked. Science often claims they have empirical truth and in chemistry and physics, perhaps but then there are matters where such truth does not always jive like quantum physics or possibly the nature of black holes where physics as we know it now may not hold true 100% of the time. We don't know everything as there is always more and more discovery so I give science a free pass because the bulk of scientists realize that what we know today as scientific truth may change tomorrow when we discover something that just doesn't run true to something previously believed to be truth.

In the end, I actually detest the word. Using it in this article rankles my sensibilities because I realize my own little universe does not hold the truth of the world in my hands and I have to trust (which is another scary word) myself to deal with things that are right, accurate and just but not truth. The best way to determine what you find is true or not for you is to simply experiment. Thessalonians 5:21 “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” is a worthwhile piece of advice that I have tried to cling to since I first head it years ago. Proof requires work and it's not something to be overlooked unless you want someone else to determine your truth for you.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Second Favorite Line

In the past, I've gone off ranting about love spells and the people who get frantic over them. The worst are not the McWiccans whom you would think tend to be the ones who complain most about them in their chat groups and forums. Rather it tends to be the clients themselves.

My favorite line from these lovelorn souls is, "But I love..." then insert him or her into the sentence. There's always that but in there as if that is some magical word of power that automatically blows away the dust and debris of bad judgment. "I know he treats me and my kids badly but I love him". Oy! Enough to make you vomit, isn't it? Sort of like that meme where it says, "Have you ever just wanted to grab someone and shake them for being so stupid?" Indeed.

The next great line I love seeing is, "And I know s/he loves me too!" Really now??? If so why aren't they right there in your arms, genius? If love conquers all then where is this bastion of your soul? And when did you become the great Kreskin with mind reading powers? Because that's one huge ass-u-mption you are making.

I've had people involved in arranged marriages tell me their former love interest "loves them" and I'm astounded, as always, that these people just know beyond a reasonable doubt that would convince a jury of their peers in a court of law. I'm psychi and mediumistic but total mind reading? Whoa brother, that's way beyond my pay scale. 

My suggestion is to get out of your own head for a while because you think the world revolves around your way of thinking and it does not. You need to rethink who you are, where you wish to go and make a new plan. If Joe or Mary doesn't want to go along with you for the ride, then find someone else who does. Hello? This is not rocket science kiddies. There are a LOT of single people out there looking for real love, compassion, relationships and so on but a lot of you just want to screw. Yes I said it, you just want to satiate your animal lusts even though you talk a good bunch about family, relationships and plenty of blah-blah-blah. Get real!

The best thing to do is move on with your life and find someone NEW. Pray tell why is that so bloomin' hard? It isn't yet you make it harder than it needs to be. Just stop playing games and be real with one another for a change and you will find what it is you are looking for.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

There Are Better Heroes to Idolize

I’m no fan of Aleister Crowley. In truth, I never really cared for the man and as for his followers? Well they’re a mixed lot with some being downright worshiping the old bastard and hanging on to his every word as if it were some prophecy and other end of the spectrum with devotees who enjoy his system but are not so enamored with the man himself. Why my distaste? I have a few reasons.

First off he pissed away his family’s fortune. When so many people out there bust their asses trying to just survive and he is handed a free pass and shits all over it, that shows a real lack of wisdom. Oh but he’s such a great and wise man you say. Pfffft. Right. A wise man would not have done what he did regardless of how they felt about the family’s business interests. He was set for life and just squandered it on having a good time. Yeah that’s something to admire. Not much different than rappers today, eh?

Secondly, he received “new age” teachings via channeled information, i.e. his Liber Al or the book of the law. This pseudo-Egyptian garbage may turn on a few CM’s but as for me, I find it pathetic when compared to real magical Egyptian scholarship. To learn Crowley’s system, you’re forced to study his silly channeled book. Everything he writes thereafter is based on that book. It’s like he’s an early version of Ramtha or Lazaris.

Third, did he ever really have any sort of real magical prowess other than writing? Who did he heal? His curse against Mathers did squat as well as summoning the various spirits of the 72 while at war with McGregor Mathers. His Magick In Theory And Practice is a joke compared to some of the things I’ve actually seen real practitioners do and I’m not talking about flipping a bloody light switch!

Walking through a crowded restaurant, all decked out in ritual garb and holding a wand while concentrating that he was invisible? Really? If this story is true, it’s enough proof that he was little more than a kook. Funny how CM’s will argue in favor of this story yet sneer at other fringe occultism like Radionics or Remote Viewing.

Okay so you get the idea I don’t care for the man. I think he was more of a joker than actual player. There’s just not enough evidence to convince me he was the real deal. And frankly I do not get all of the hero worship modern practitioners bestow on the lunatic. For real? As if there were never anyone else in history that’s worthy of admiration other than this British blowhard?

There was Trimethius who taught Agrippa and of course Agrippa himself, both of whom made major contributions to magic and occult philosophy. Then we have Dr. John Dee who was a major figure in the court of Queen Elizabeth I. His career was quite the ride and aside from wife swapping with his partner Edward Kelly, I see little reason to dislike the man.

There were Ficino, Bruno and Lilly all of whom had staunch and colorful careers in the occult. While Francis Barret may have plagiarized Agrippa, he did teach students and thereby helped to spread magic around. Then there’s Eliphas Levi, the man Crowley claimed he was the reincarnated form of. Many folks revere his books quite well.

Moving onward there are other occultists of note such as Gerard Encausse, the man who gave us some amazing Qabala material as well as in-depth Tarot material. Then there’s Mouni Sadhu whose book on Tarot is a must read and study as he too delves deep into the mysteries using the Tarot as the focus. While I’ve met a few over the years who idolized S. L. MacGregor Mathers, it always seems that he had far more detractors than supporters and that’s a shame. He was brilliant.

Dion Fortune is another brilliant occultist even though she went crazy. Hey, mental illness is not something that you an simply wish away and I highly doubt she wanted it taking her mind in the first place, y’know? Her book on the Mystical Qabala is a must read as well. Then there’s William B. Butler who was a student of Fortune’s who wrote some good material and was a good role model.

What’s wrong with idolizing William G. Gray? His Sangraal system is quite good without excessive complexity or the insistent religion like Thelema has. Gray’s book, Ladder of Lights is a classic on Qabala and I’ve recommend it to students for over 20 years. Or how about John Whiteside Parsons, the famous rocket scientist who allegedly helped write Gerald Gardner’s rituals and supposedly - according to urban legend - caused the Roswel crash via his desert Babylon working? At least he helped give us the space program.

Gareth Knight is another worthwhile practitioner whose writings have spurred the imagination of many modern occultists especially those who have strong interest in the Arthurian legends. Or you could admire Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and the achievements she’s made over the years with her writings. Some feel Donald Tyson deserves a statue as well for his in-depth contributions to ceremonial magic. The recently late Don Kraig is another interesting character that is worth emulating and admiring.

And finally you have the late Israel Regardie. He was the secretary to old Crowley himself at least for a time. Regardie gave us the inner workings of the Golden Dawn and its complete system. Regardie contributed much more than just Golden Dawn books only as his Garden of Pomegranates and his book on the Geromancy divination system were superb. Also many consider his The Nature of True Healing to be an all time classic as well as his The Tree of Life.

It just makes no sense to me to idolize an otherwise disreputable man as Crowley was. I am willing to wager if he were alive today he’d be doing the whole Ramtha thing and raking in big money. LAM would be right up there with Lazaris and Ramtha in services and cash flow. He supposedly was to be the herald of a new age where he was to give magic to everyone yet he wrote about it in such a way that the average person is befuddled by his obtuse remarks and references.

I find nothing in Crowley redeeming nor worthwhile. When you’ve witnessed a living spirit like a LWA on a horse and instantaneously healing someone, the guys like Crowley become little more than a joke with their psycho-babble and excuses. They remind me of the modern priests who claim Jesus & his Apostles performed miracles but no one today from any of the churches can replicate those miracles.

The only redeeming quality I can find in reading Crowley is the comradery of other Crowleyites who worship the man. Like Scientologists who idolized Hubbard, if you idolize what they idolize, you’re with the IN crowd and thereby you’re “cool”, hip, smart, wise and neato. *eye roll* Personally I don’t give two shits about being with the IN crowd. Fuck ‘em. Just a bunch of poseurs pretending to be someone they’re not is all. I’d rather stand alone than bend over for the eleventh degree rite just to sit with them. Bah.