Monday, February 6, 2017

Social Media Occult Groups - What to Watch Out For

Ever join an online metaphysical discussion group? To see what goes on in such a place even if your desire is not to stay or partake in discussion? You're right, the majority of these occult groups are scary places. Why? For the most part they tend to be created not by scholars or more experienced practitioners rather rank novices end up making such groups in the hopes to maybe corral a few skilled mages into their group in the hopes free information can be disseminated. It's an old tactic and I know dozens of worthwhile practitioners who have also been roped into joining such groups including yours truly by a novice hoping they will learn something valuable.

No this isn’t one of those diatribes against getting hijacked into one of these groups without your permission which none of us can stand nor are appreciative of rather this is more about the quality of these groups and the information they provide versus the time you’re wasting there. True it is annoying to get hijacked into these groups when you never gave anyone permission to add you without asking and of course the key to there is to unsubscribe from them a.s.a.p. then delete the noodnik who took it upon themselves to add you to their group without your permission. Eventually you reach a point of zero since it comes down to the fact such people become scarce on your friends list. Being hijacked like that is just rude not to mention obnoxious.

No I’m talking about stepping into one to see what sorts of info is being shared and *shudders* by whom. It seems every lunatic with a keyboard hangs out in these groups to witness the sheer silliness which passes for “information” these days. During this past POTUS election, there was much ado about ‘fact checking’ from the Left, the Right and even others who had no vested interest other than to say, “Get it right if you’re going to say it!” So why can we not expect the same of our metaphysical groups? Hmm? In the past I have been and still am a member of lots of metaphysical and occult groups as well as guitar groups in social media sites and here are some of my observations for you to be aware of...

1. Groups Tend To Be Set Up and Run By Novices - folks who barely understand the nuances between altar, Hoodoo, ritual, cemetery, Wicca, circle, pyramid, quartz, and so on from one another. In fact they’re hoping to meet someone who can educate them for free. Will you be their free instructor? Do you have the time? The inclination? The wherewithal?

2. Novices Barely Know Anything YET They’ve Been Practicing the Occult the Longest! - funny thing when I began to practice Witchery, a serious change in my life like this took hold of me and it meant a lot to my life's history. So much so that I right then and there logged it down in a notebook. Thus I can remember exactly when and where I dedicated my life to the Old Gods YET even McWiccans out there who claim to have been at this 20+ years have no clue what date s/he started to practice. Really? Wow. So your conversion to Wicca or Paganism really meant a lot to you then I guess, hunh? Do you know when you got your driver’s license? When you graduated HS? Got married? Had your first born child? Yet you cannot remember the exact date you started practicing. Right. Sure. How about you’re yet another wannabe pretending to be something you’re not? Sounds more reasonable.

What about the token Know-It-All's in the group? Such as the one who tells everyone he's been at it for X number of years YET he has never heard of things anyone with his amount of experience SHOULD know such as variations of Witchery and traditions (including ones which aren't Wiccan based), it's medieval history, use of herbs, roots, Moon phases and so on? Beware you're most likely dealing with a book learned neo-Pagan. They are a dime a dozen so be cognizant of their limited amount of knowledge and wisdom on occult topics even when they claim lengthy time periods of practice.

3. Intelligent, Well Researched Posts Belittled By Fools - if you decide to hang around and observe a group, you notice who takes time to research a topic and post it to the group. Only to have some McWiccan or Ceremonial Wannabe reply with some nonsense like, “That’s how you do it; I’m Kemetic (or insert any tradition/path here) and we do it differently”. Really? You win a No-Prize for your efforts “Mr/Ms Kemetic” because no one cares. Posting such a foolish reply makes you look like a dunce. Better to keep your mouth shut and let folks believe you are one instead of opening it and proving their suspicions are correct about you, right? 

Now IF you were to continue your sentence, “...I’m Kemetic and we do it differently such as doing X this way by starting....” where you are sharing your knowledge and experience then that’s terrific because in fact that’s what such groups were meant for - to compare notes with one another. However when you don’t share the experience and knowledge part, you look like a fool who is just grandstanding with nothing more to add. I’ve seen this time and time again over the years - even in my own groups going all the way back to the late 90's when I ran my own Yahoo Groups. Thus beware of these sorts of people.

4. Spamholes! - Hey, I love Lon DuQuette, his writings and his videos however let’s face it, the man is a spam asshole or a spamhole. He joins every occult group on FB NOT to share in any discussions - that would be beneath his high holiness - but rather to SPAM every group on his list en mass so that everyone knows all about his latest book, latest coffee shop appearance where he’ll be singing one of his lame folk songs he thinks we care about or some such thing. Now yes I’m picking on Lon because he’s HORRIBLE at the whole spam game as is Jason Newcomb who does the same bloody thing and is another spamhole. "Buy my canvas magic circles!" lol This isn't much different than ol' Koetting and his "living god" spam he likes his minions to go around and spam groups with. 

So some of these groups are created for the sole purpose of promoting the owner's spam. Okay at least that's an honest approach because you know it's spam city going in and there won't be any surprises. The downside? Few to none of these folks doing this ever took any professional marketing training so they know jack and shit about marketing, advertising let alone selling in such groups. Thus these groups tend to be little more than spam-pits where you find little useful information outside of spam. 

Other places are smaller groups run by marketing wizard wannabes whose wish is to do good and again no concept nor knowledge of how to deal with spam properly thus they end up allowing too much spam and their groups fall prey to being little more than just a spam-pit. All they would have to do is make a hard rule that IF you wish to be allowed to spam, you MUST make regular contributions to group discussions. This is what I have had to do and thus far it has worked remarkably well for many years now.

Let me finish this by saying as a marketing rep myself, I am not against anyone doing marketing for their metaphysical business or to peddle their wares & services. Again there is NOTHING WRONG WITH IT - when done properly. Therein lies the rub. Thus if you wish to become well off, then put down the occult books and study marketing and advertising for a change and not just one or two books either. Delve into the subjects. Eat them up. There is much to be learned. Because if you're going to do something, then do it right the first time.

5. Allowing All Topics Open For Discussion! - here’s how you know you’re in the presence of rank amateurs! When these wannabes allow any and all topics to be discussed - OR they rule out something say “spell requests” (some call it spell begging) and avoid it completely or like some Pagan groups create a sub-group where this sort of thing is hashed out regularly. Still what do they allow? Oy vey. All sorts of ~HOT~ topics from Karma (Ugh! More preaching?) and 3 Fold Rule (hasn't this dead horse decayed yet?) debates to current politics in the news (another useless topic for an occult group). African religions (always a fire starter!), animal and blood sacrifices (nooo that NEVER starts a flame war!) Aleister Crowley - it seems this old pedophile’s life is the only thing some people have to talk about these days. Then we have the whole "Magic = Psychology" weirdos and their goofy Jungian paradigm included in this where people take it on themselves to run around informing everyone Magic is nothing more than what’s going on in your noggin. Always a great fight starter. Living God disciples and their master, Koetting, who few practitiners have much use for these days yet allow this drivel and make it interesting for the arguments to crop up.

What about the whole Herbal/Medical advice? Highly illegal YET McWiccans and wannabe physicians abound in the Pagan community who know jack shit about real science, diet, physiology, biology, chemistry - not one of them a legal physician BUUUUT they know enough from studying Cunningham, Beryl and a few online herbal websites that makes them feel they’re qualified to dole out medical advice with herbs. (Especially IF they have passed some sort of home study course in herbs! *cough, cough*) Just be careful allowing this advice to go through your group because if Mary McWiccan gives medical advice on YOUR group with YOUR permission and something negatively happens to the person taking her advice... like say they die as a result? Guess what? You’re also responsible and can be hauled into court of law in front of a judge to answer for allowing this to be shared in your group. Doubt me? Ask any defense lawyer.

6. Blind Leading the Blind - while an occult group’s purpose is to foster communication between its members, very often this is not the case. Typically you see one woman take front and center stage with, “I’m Josie, here’s a photo of my altar of pussycats. I just love pussycats. I have 3 dozen of them around me. lol I’m often troubled by money woes trying to pay for their food and health costs but I’d never give up even one of my pussycats. I’ve been a Wiccan for over 30 years. I’m a very powerful witch so feel free to ask me anything!”

Obviously I invented Josie however she is typical of dozens of posts I’ve seen in Pagan and neo-Pagan occult FB groups I’ve been in under pseudonyms. Funny too because IF Josie really IS a powerful witch, then WHY does she have such money woes? If she has such issues, also it begs the question WHY is she trying to lead Novices as well? Yet this is a perfect example of daily life in a typical FB group. So Josie really isn’t as powerful as she thinks she believes herself to be. Especially later when we see a few months down the road that Josie is asking people to help her take in her pussycats because she has to vacate her home due to eviction for non-payment of her mortgage. NO, this is NOT a slam at all! Rather it is an observation only and an all too common trope that happens in these groups. Should Josie be teaching novices if she cannot attend to her own personal issues? And yes those are enormous issues to deal with not tiny issues we all deal with on a daily basis.

Sort of like those who really don’t know nor understand Divination nor what it’s about, how to use it, when to employ it and so forth. They just read the little white booklet that comes with their Tarot pack, memorize the cards and that’s it. No there’s a whole lot more to it than just that. IF you just started learning Tarot, you should NOT be answering novice questions about Divination. Hello genius? Because you may lead someone to a false sense of security or give them the wrong info. Those who try to do this are the Blind leading the Blind. That’s what Josie is.

7. Posting Personal Drama - it’s an occult discussion group, not your private therapy group. You want it to be successful? Then cease and desist with the personal drama and apply your metaphysical know-how to your own personal woes. Hello? Oh, certainly an occasional anecdote is all right because sometimes it’s nice to decompress and get an opinion from someone else. However, some folks make groups just so they can use them as their personal form of group therapy. *smh* Yet the members never seem to notice this nonsense and so each day the little Goth princess has to post more of her personal drama from home about her husband, employer, neighbor, whoever and it gets old fast AND what’s worse, it is never ending. From a so-called "spiritual leader". YET none of the group members ever bother to take notice.

8. Posting Memes - rarely is anything more useless than posting something as inane as a meme especially in an occult group. Memes are often made specifically for opinions to spread an opinion about a particular political belief or stance. The other part of memes is to be funny. While at times humor is useful for groups, most of these memes can be seen in your regular feed on your wall. Save them for these places but if you must, then go ahead and post them to your group. Just realize you’re not doing your group any favors as a result of posting them to your group. What's wrong with posting something original of your own making?

9. Posting Free PDF’s/Books - sure everyone loves a free book yet truth is the vast majority of these shared to most groups are already shared ad infinitum on other groups so what’s the point? What makes your group special? Nothing. You’re just another parrot parroting other parrots. Try refusing to allow them for once and make everyone who wants free pdf's go hunt for them or join another open Pagan group that has them all. Do you have any idea how many groups out there have free pdf’s of all of Crowley’s crappy books? Seriously. A LOT of them do. It’s almost laughable. Reminds me of Jehovah’s Witnesses the way Thelemites and Crowleyites run around uploading them to every occult group's Files section. Choose to be different. Stand alone if you must but do so. 

10. Taking/Ripping Off/Stealing Material From Websites, Books as well as Other Groups and Refusing To Give Due Credit! - big time foul here folks. Don’t do this. You may think you’re making your group cooler, hipper and smarter but you’re not. Best thing to do is to NOT do this and force yourself to write - regardless of how bad your writing is. The more you do it the better at it you will get. Okay? Bear that in mind. Do not rip off another group, website or writer to make your group better like so many do. Be original. Be unique.

Some things I have seen in online occult groups and have worked to avoid myself however you can as well to make your own occult group spiffier, tidier and more enchanting than the usual drivel that passes for occultism out there. Do not allow yourselves to get caught up in the miasma that is what others believe you should have for the occult when you know better. It’s your group. Make it unique, fun and a place others will talk about. :)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why I Post So Many Money Related Workings Online

“Moloch, you never post anything other than money/prosperity rites for people to read about. Why?”

First that is a (somewhat) true statement, because the majority of the workings online I have posted have been money oriented and there are good solid reasons for that. Before I go into those reasons, allow me to address a couple of things first.

Realize that posting rituals for others to read is a very personal thing to open up about. The vast majority of practitioners never do such a thing. Some make you join their ‘inner’ group/order to read such things while others make you actually purchase them. I have chosen NOT to do such a thing and just be blatantly open and honest about some of the things I feel comfortable about and if I don’t feel comfy about it, well you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

For years when I first joined the world wide web, I scoured the Net looking for reports like these from other occult practitioners. Most of the time what I found were results from guys like Ben Rowe about Thelemic rites which I did not practice nor gave a care about. Or I found those old goofy "tHeE kAoS magicKians" who would post these silly, sappy nonsense rituals that made no sense and were really just them screwing around not doing much magically. But to find something serious from a Wiccan, a non-lodge ceremonial magician, a Hoodoo practitioner - hell even a practicing Catholic talking about prayer would have been nice but no such website articles or essays could be found.

I began to join groups of practitioners like Yahoo Groups and discovered there WERE some folks in there who talked about their metaphysical exploits. Under various and sundry pseudonyms, I was a member of numerous occult groups from African religions to Wicca to ceremonial magic (CM’s for short) to Norse magic and even some that were scholarly and talked about historical associations of magic and culture. My goal? To read what other exploits others were going through or had done that were similar to mine.

In truth I found very little and what I did find? Mostly folks talking about getting a job, finding a treasure at a yard sale or getting one over on their neighbor or bosses but death magic? Love? Necromancy? Uh no. No one was sharing that info. No one. Not even the Paleros or Houngans who were online. So if They don’t share such, pray tell why should I?

Well when it comes to doing not-nice things to someone’s eternal soul or murdering them with JuJu? I'm NOT about to teach any of you how to kill anyone with JuJu or Spirits. Screw. That. Not gonna happen! You wanna learn that sort of thing? Then you are gonna have to do what I did - study harder and make mistakes on your own. Or you can go apprentice to a Houngan or perhaps a Palero but no way am I going to part with the info that cost me dearly to learn. Perhaps if you shell out some big $$$$ my way I may be persuaded to teach you this but none of you are interested in paying me to learn that sort of dark matter so you can forget it.

Now I do have rites where I summoned a spirit for healing and a lot of you CM types are always kvetching about the so-called NEW AGE and healing is something New Agers talk about incessantly. Thus I figured you folks didn't want to hear any more of that "new age" stuff. However if you don’t mind hearing about healing I can post more on that subject. I just do not get a lot of ill or sick people coming to me.

I have rituals where I summoned a spirit to punish someone and the results of those usually make folks squeamish. The last time I shared one of those, I caught hell for it. Spirits are not always kind to folks who do bad things and when they seek punishment it can be quite nasty to hear about. It’s one of those subjects that some want to read about whereas others don’t like to. *shrugs*

There are the so-called Love rituals which I've done plenty of for clients for and we all know how ceremonial mopheads and McWiccans have a cow over that one thus I usually leave those out so as not to hear the same tired arguments about free will and such that come with sharing those. So tell me, what's left to share? Not a whole lot I’m afraid. 

When it comes to spirit evocations you get some things like...

Rhetoric? Meh. I'm confident as is to persuade others because I spent years working in the fields of collections then personal selling. Not sure what asking a spirit to help me with rhetoric would entail but I’m certain it’d be unnecessary for moi.

Mathematics? AS IF I'm going back to school for anything where that's needed. (Believe me if I did, I would). Nor am I into Pythagorean Magic where math is needed but in all it’s a great idea to know that spirits can help with this subject. Where were these guys when I was struggling in HS? LoL

Astronomy? No thanks. Neil de Grasse Tyson does a much better job and he teaches far more than just 5 planets, the sun and our moon. :) It’s kinda hard to live in a modern society where there are more than 7 known planets and you want to learn about just those 7 planetary bodies. Meh. Next. 

Handicrafts? Nah. lol Sorry Asmoday but I'll take a class at the local craft store instead. Not that you can’t teach or inspire in this one but hell, I’d rather not go through the trouble of summoning a heavy duty spirit for learning handicrafts unless I was self-employed making handicraft items and sat in a stall at the market all day.

I've thought about leveling DC, Moscow, and a few other major cities around the world with The 72 but to what end? WW3? Just one enormous headache and besides Chuck Cosimano is doing his best to fuck over the world as it is in that regard with radionics. Not to mention with our new Federal administration leaders about to take office, I’m quite certain any one of those yahoos are quite capable of firing off nukes over petty nonsense so why bother summoning Raum when the orange skinned moron and his white headed side-kick (who looks like he hits on 19 y/o’s) will do the job for you?

So what’s left to talk about? Money. Money is left. Besides which money is one of the easiest ways to see if your JuJu is actually working with "tangible" results. It is more difficult to determine if your stuff is working when you're trying to influence someone via love or something else until the last final decision is made to be with you or cave in to your decision.

In addition, not everyone is against money or the making of and having it because not all of everyone is a pirate, thief or wannabe anarchist sitting around snorting coke listening to old punk rock music. Some people out there are also really hurting bad in this economy so teaching them how to make $$$ with JuJu and spirits is NOT A BAD THING - regardless of what you may want to believe. I realize many of you are anarchists at heart. Okay so be it. Be anarchists. Eschew money. Then quit your bitching about how much things cost. Hello genius? It’s that simple.

And really, many of you living in foreign lands outside the US should be thankful for the situations you're in because brother, there are a LOT of folks out there who are in a world of financial turmoil and most of it is not their fault. Corporations and businesses close all the time and folks go without work sometimes for weeks even trying to get minimum wage jobs which they often get turned down for because managers of those places refuse to hire them for being “over qualified” or knowing that once the applicant finds a better job, s/he’ll leave. So before you go kvetching and telling others money is the root of all evil, make certain they and their children have food in their bellies, a roof over their head, heat, running water and other basics of living.

So you get what you got from me. You are always welcome to post your own rituals of summoning. Tell us what you summoned Surgat, Lucifuge, Asmoday, Amaymon and the rest of the crew for and don't wuss out like a coward CM and refuse tell us WHY with that "it's personal" crap either. Spill it. I mean if y'all are gonna take me to task over what I post, then by the gods, you better be willing to put up or shut your yap about what I post.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

7 Positive Ideas for 2017 Instead of Resolution Making

Some Ideas for 2017

2016... *whew* what a helluva year regardless of what anyone says. I cannot complain as it wasn’t all that bad to me personally however it wasn’t fantastic meaning I didn’t get laid, nor had any whirlwind romance in my life, no fancy dances or parties to attend, and my life was pretty normal (re: droll). LoL

Others however are bemoaning everything from their general bad luck throughout the year to their worst fears come realized as tRUMP takes the POTUS. We’ve lost a lot of good celebrities this year and many we grew up with from musicians to artists to actors to poets and authors. These folks have helped to shape our thoughts, ideas and even creativity so seeing icons like David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Morely Safer and Arnold Palmer tends to make us feel longing and remorse for our youth.

I’ve noticed but it seems that even numbered years are hard on folks - at least on social media. It seems they seem to take Mercury Retrogrades far more seriously, with celestial events and even world news even more critically. There is much fear mongering that goes on in social media and it is disturbing. For 8 years we heard the GOP sympathizers habitually bitch and complain about “that negro in the white house” (to say it politely) yet now that the orange skinned reality TV freak has won his seat, there is going to be at least 4 years of the same on him from the other side of the fence.

Yes it has occurred to me to close my FB account. Like you, I don’t need the hassles of negativity from people day in and day out bombarding me with their nonsense because it tends to take a toll on me just as I know the same thing does to you as well. I may do just that however at this time I’m keeping my options open. Why? It is useful for my website for interaction and my Guild of Sorcery group is doing well.

How to Make Things Better

Typically around this time of year, we start seeing the whole “My New Year’s Resolutions Are...” posts which we all know are horse shit because rare is the person who sticks with those things and follows through on them. So instead of making useless and otherwise WORTHLESS promises to yourself aka resolutions, try something new and worthwhile for a change....

1. Choose a new system of divination - so you’ve been performing Tarot forever and well you’re good at it. But you’ve been wanting to try your hand at some other system perhaps the I Ching? Runes? Astrology? Or perhaps Geomancy? Make a pledge and start studying and divining.

2. Create a new magical persona - let’s say you’ve used Moloch for years and now you want a change. Perhaps your magical moniker has garnered too much (unwanted) attention? Try creating a newer one. Find something worthwhile that has meaning and depth for you not something that just sounds cool which is all too common. Maybe make a magical motto and use the letters of the motto to create a name like members of the GD did back in the day.

3. Try a new system of JuJu - okay so you started out in Thelema and for the past 20 years it’s worked out all right thus far but perhaps you’ve been chomping at the bit to try something more mundane? Maybe you want to find out what Hoodoo candle workings have that Thelema doesn’t offer so give it a whirl. Investigate. Perhaps you’re more inclined to try something from a book you saw at a botanica? Go ahead. No one needs to know but you and your Secret Chiefs. They can keep it secret but can you? ;)

4. Build a new work table - well some of you still call this an altar. Go ahead and build one with legs so you can stand or sit if you feel like it. Put a glass with beveled edges that lays over the top so you can lay talismans underneath if you want. Paint it cool colors with seals, sigils and glyphs that have meaning for your system fo magic.

5. Begin a relationship with your ancestors - so you’ve heard about this online in various groups and heard folks like me talk about it yet you’re skeptical. Well the only way you’re going to know whether or not it is worthwhile is to simply DO IT. Period. There’s no other way around it. Thus I suggest reading the essay I wrote in the book, Ritual Offerings (Nephelim Press) by Aaron Leitch OR you can go to my website and scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the button that says Ritual Offerings which is the entire article I posted to my website back in October with Aaron’s blessing of course.

6. Take up a new aspect of magic such herbalism, potion formulating, or dare I say alchemy? - delve into working with herbs, roots, plants, flora and fauna that grows around where you live and find out what is available to you, what it is, how it was used in ancient times and how you can use it today. You may learn some modern medicinal uses and you may also learn quite a bit about its magical makeup as well. Learn to harvest the plant, prepare the parts you harvested and store for later use. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge you’ll attain doing this.

Perhaps you want more of a challenge than the above?

7. How about choosing someone who is less fortunate than you are and making them your hobby by doing JuJu to help them heal and prosper? - this is a noble idea that few will bother to give credence to however the dividends are well worthwhile. Maybe you know a person: someone elderly, a sick child, a neighbor, co-worker who is ill, friend or family member who has it rough and needs serious help. Open up your repertoire of spells/rituals and get to work on them. Do everything within your power to heal them of their maladies and then work on prospering and raising them up out of where they are. Just something to think about instead of yourself all the time.

There you go, seven simple yet worthwhile ideas for you to ponder and consider implementing for your own new year’s resolution so that you won’t break it but rather see it through to the end. I bid you good speed and much luck in your endeavors.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Images and Iconography

Exodus 20:4 “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

Have you ever wondered why the Xian god of the Old Testament included this dictum into the original Ten Commandments? Have you ever really thought about this for a moment? Most people when they read the above verse only view it as images pertaining to gods and goddesses because in verse 3 it is written, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” and in verse 5 it states, “Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;”.

However, the above verse when examined alone is a very strong stance against any form of image production in the ancient world. He’s stating unequivocally to not make “any graven image” i.e. statues, totems “or any likeness” (interesting choice of words here) because “any likeness” covers any sort of imagery be they painted on papyrus, stone work, or cloth. The verse goes on to say “of anything” which pretty much covers everyone and every thing there is but ancient man didn’t quite know what all could be captured in images so it was stated as “in heaven above, or that in the earth beneath , or that is in the water under the earth” and that was as much as the ancient Hebrew who came up with this law could conceive. Most likely a Levite as they were the lawgivers in their day.

So okay yes let’s put this all into perspective and ask WHY is this such a huge thing with cranky ol’ YHVH that he has to have it put into the holiest of words to the old Hebrews. What is it about images that make this so special and sacred?

Images Capture Souls

Some have said that ancient man believed that images capture a man’s soul and this was a deadly thing that only witches and sorcerers dealt in. We do know that there are some religious sects and societies today who are against having their photographs taken for an old time superstition that the camera will capture and thus steal their soul. Conseuently if we have these people believing this today, it stands to reason that in simpler times, ancient man believed such superstitions as well.

To capture someone's soul was considered to be evil and sorcery of the darkest kind. Of course it took a special practitioner who had been taught and trained specifically how to do this. There are however hints in old manuals and references that this sort of thing could be done if one was skilled enough. For instance there are tales from Haiti and Africa about capturing a man’s shadow, i.e. an image double of himself, with which you could then in effect kill him the man by stabbing his shadow if you were there to strike the shadow at the right moment. In some accounts of this tale, the sorcerer needs to speak a lengthy incantation just prior to stabbing the shadow and the stabbing is done by shoving a dagger into the shadow down into the dirt thus transfer the energy of death directly from the individual to the elementals of earth itself to receive and claim their prize.

In other accounts, the sorcerer needs a bucket or pail of water with him and he follows his victim preferably from mid-to-late day when the Sun’s rays will cause the victim’s shadow to elongate enough so that the sorcerer can more easily stab the victim’s shadow. An incantation must still be uttered but the pail of water must be set so that the victim’s shadow lays across it, then at the end of the incantation, the sorcerer stabs the water with his blade thus killing the shadow which presumably kills the shadow's owner or the victim. In all likelihood this is to leak the life from the shadow body into the pail. In some accounts the water is kept and used to make the victim a slave in the afterlife while in other accounts the water is scattered so the victim’s soul is shattered.

We also know that ancient man believed that their gods resided in images or would come down into images such as statues and live in them. Others believed that cloth and papyrus images provided a more portable method of carrying one’s deities and spirits with them which you could set up and interact with albeit this was a much later development as ancient man first used stone and then later other materials for their gods and spirits.

So really today is it any different when we have folklore that states to use a photo of the target of our spell? I don’t believe we’re off the mark as much as people think. Ancient man would have been quite at home with our use of portable imagery in the use of photographs and drawings today. Yes it may have rattled his sensibilities but once he was over that setback, he would have embraced our form.


Ever go any into those old Catholic cathedrals? I’ve not been in one yet but I’ve been in a large local Catholic church and one of the first things you tend to notice are the icons, i.e. statues of Jesus the Christ and his mother Mary. They’re all over. And depending on the church, there can be lots of statues of not just those two but other saints from the Catholic pantheon’s hierarchy.

Often these statues or sculptures as they are often referred too, are beautiful and made of delicate materials like porcelain or sometimes more durable materials like marble. Sometimes they’re made of metal, ivory (Greeks used ivory a lot), wood, Terracotta, clay or sometimes a particular technique such as Repouss√© sculpture which is metal beaten into shape using a hammer and puncheon. But why sculpture? “In the widest sense of the term, sculpture is the art of representing in bodily form men, animals, and other objects in stone, bronze, ivory, clay and similar materials, whether the objects represented actually exist in nature or are the creation of the imagination of the artist.” (

Images Are Powerful

This whole line of thinking brings us back to the point of why bother with this whole concept to begin with. Why do Muslims freak out if representations of Allah appear? Why aren’t Christians freaking out over images of Jesus the Christ and Jews not freaking out over early paintings of Yahweh creating the world?

Images are powerful. They have far more power than words themselves do. If you can capture the essence of a moment in time in an image, it can say far more than volumes written about that moment. This is why images are so valuable: because people will see the image and come to their own conclusions about what the image represents as well as how it affects themselves. Ancient wise men recognized this fact and it scared them because you cannot have a group of people, a society, all thinking in the same manner if some of them are off doing their own thing and thinking for themselves. You have to bring them all onto the same page including their beliefs.

If you have this nebulous idea or concept of what GOD is, you can more easily control how someone thinks by shaping their thoughts of what GOD is through words and preaching. This is what the early prophets did. They went around like modern day evangelists not only preaching what they felt was the words of GOD but also spoke what they believed to be HIS interpretation of the code, i.e. rules and laws, were and how one should live by them. You cannot rule a people let alone unify the group if you cannot get them to be all of the same mind. Unification equals power and these ancient wise men knew this.

Images were kept out of middle eastern religion of Judaism but when they ran into the pagans of Europe who had been using imagery to depict their heathen gods for centuries, it was not easy to get these people to give up their ancient ways either. Thus sculptures and iconography came about in early churches and cathedrals which drew the converted pagans closer to Christendom. Further Europeans didn’t stop with just iconography in their churches, because they also created images representing their kingdoms which eventually made its way onto their portable banners and shields. Thus a soldier was constantly reminded he was out fighting for his king and country not merely to be a brute in a war and steal from the fallen.

Some of these standards began to use mythical images of monsters such as dragons and griffons due to their legendary value as fierce warriors against their enemies in the battle. Some chose lions, bears and other mighty animals of the forest in the hopes the standard would become the official image of the king it represented out on the field of battle. Because that wasn’t some grunt warrior who stabbed you, that was the king whose banner bore the dragon who stabbed you.

We even see today the fierce protests over our own nation’s flag burning's where people get visibly upset when someone tramples on or burns an American flag. The outcry is often heard far and wide across the media. We even have strict laws as to how we are to treat our flag, a “symbol” of our nation, and incarceration as well as heavy fines are imposed if you are found guilty in some locales of mistreating or abusing this symbol.

Statues or sculptures or our own modern wise men like Martin Luther King, Jr. can often be used to contemplate the thoughts of a wise man. Some have said they've stared into the eyes of statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. It makes you wonder how he would have dealt with our modern day-to-day problems from his simpler yet wise perspective. others have looked into the statues of great chiefs of the American Indians and saw the pride, power and majesty of men who lived simply, and in harmony with nature rather than fought to withstand against the elements as we do today.

Amp Up Your Practices

So now you’re wondering, “Okay Moloch, this sounds great and all but how can I use this to my benefit?” If you’re new to the occult, it’s time you found someone to work with and more importantly found an image of that spirit or deity to use as well. Imagery was very important to the ancients - enough that some cultures used it all the time while others forbid it completely. That simple fact alone should spur you to want to use image magic far more than you currently do.

First acquire an image of your patron. (There are a LOT of deities out there so find one to work with if you haven’t already and for the sake of this article I’m presuming you already have). Now let’s say for instance you’ve chosen some spirit that is known such as the Mayan deity "Kukulkan" but imagery for him is scant. Not to worry because even imagery found on temple walls will work fine.

Kukulcan Wall Carving

So what you do is you find a suitable image of your chosen patron and print it off. For instance if you are unable to find any statuary of Kukulcan, then use the one above, a temple carving. Just print it off and put it into a picture frame. Set this on your shrine where you will interact with deity or spirits. You have an image to focus your mind on when talking with or praying to your patron, Kukulcan. Some folks say that statues are far more powerful as icons than paper, cloth or other 2D mediums. Of course if you are knowledgeable and know how to prepare statues properly, they can become repositories of power for spirits. Sadly I am not at liberty to divulge how to do this but suffice to say it is not as simple as some make it out to be.

Prayer is the strongest medium used to make these images come alive. This is because it needs to be used in tandem with the icon itself be that icon a sculpture or a painting. The idea of a painting or drawing a deity or spirit is also interesting in that it too can act as a repository of power by the sheer act of using it as a doorway to contact with the spirit.

By placing the paper image into a photo frame, you’re setting it off from the mundane world. Now you should regularly interact with your beloved image. Focus your attention on it as you pray. Talk to the spirit, pour your heart out to the God all the while as you realize the image is NOT the God but merely a cosmic telephone. When you think of it in this manner, it’s not such a big deal to talk to a icon, is it?

Kukulcan Sculpture for $189 USD
Some statues or sculptures are horridly expensive to the average person’s budget. This one of Kukulcan is, as of this writing, $189.00 USD + shipping that I found on Google shopping. Not everyone can afford not has the room for large sculptures or statues of their cherished and beloved patron deities. Thus the concept of 2D imagery works well.

However if you take the time to do the research, which I have, you can often find a Catholic saint associated with your pagan deity. In Kukulcan’s case, He being Mayan is associated with the Aztec Quetzacoatl or the feathered serpent who is associated with Thomas the Aspostle called Didymus or the Doubter aka Doubting Thomas. Thus you can use an image of Thomas the Apostle and any statuary of him as well to use for Kukulcan.

St. Thomas the Apostle statue for under $30 USD

St. Thomas the Doubter
And before you go running off on those anti-Catholic tantrums because you’re Pagan or occult, stuff it for once. This is not church worship here. You are merely borrowing iconography that has been duly associated with your pagan deity of choice thus that Catholic saint is FREE and CLEAR to use as you see fit!


Before you’re sculpture is ready for use, you need to wash it down with some regular water and a damp sponge. This is merely to get the dust and grime off of it. Then you carefully towel it dry with a soft cloth or soft paper towel. How take either some store bought Holy oil that you may have purchased from a botanica or perhaps if you’re daring and want to give your iconography some real oomph, try some of my own Kabala oil on it. Rub it into the icon as you pray aloud to the spirit it represents. In this example, we’re using Kukulcan so we may say something like,

“Mighty spirit, Kukulcan! Waxaklahun Ubah Kan! Great feathered serpent who makes the winds blow and the seas froth; Kucumatz, hear me you who helped raise our people to build cities and develop rituals; Quetzacoatl of Venus, you who helped use to learn, to create, to craft; I call upon you to bless and instill in this simple icon a simple mote of your divine power so that I may interact with you and receiving your wisdom and divine blessings.”

Now you pray. Close your eyes and simply pray. Just relax your body and allow your mind to fixate upon your deity until you are in a zone where you have lost all awareness of the world. Your mind is just plugged in because you are imagining yourself before your deity talking to It. Hold the icon in your hands or if it is too big, hold your hands loosely around it as you pray.

At first Kukulcan may show Himself as a man, perhaps a priest wearing a ceremonial dress while standing on the top of his flat pyramid in Chichen Itza. Over time and through continued prayer, He may show you more of Himself and His glory. Often spirits start off humble when showing themselves to prospective new followers and with dedication as well as perseverance the spirit will take things further.

This is how you bond with the spirit. You spend time praying to and interacting with it. The more you do this, the stronger your bond becomes. It is just like when you interact with your ancestors in that you don’t just recite a rote passage to them but you also pour your heart out to them and tell them what it is that afflicts, frightens, or confronts you.

2D Images Will Work

For those of you who are obstinate and refuse to work with any sort of Catholic imagery, then just work with images of Kukulcan on his stone wall, 3D bas reliefs and even his temple is a worthwhile symbol worthwhile enough to interact with the spirit. Remember photographs are thought to capture impressions of psychic residue for wont of a better term. Any one of the following images of Kukulcan would work out well should you need to use something other than a 3D sculpture.

The key with 2D images is that you could dab a bit of Holy or Kabala oil on the edges and center OR you could use some of my own 7 Mighty Men cologne which is perfect for this sort of application! This is because 7 Mighty Men was created by 7 Vodu Barons and this formula gives life to things. Here you put the 7MM into a spray bottle and spray the image before you put it into a photo frame. Then you will offer the photo to the Four Cardinal directions (E, W, N, S - in that order) and present it with the invocation given above or something like it. Then hold the image in the frame and like you were instructed with the sculpture above, close your eyes and pray to the spirit. Spray the image for 21 days with the 7MM and the image becomes a living repository for the deity.

That is essentially how you can really amp up your spiritual practices with images and iconography. From there, it’s a simple matter of researching what your deity/spirit liked as far as foods and drinks, games and entertainment, and so forth. Your deity shrine can become a real place of power if you spend time at it and work with the spirits. This is a method that has worked well for me and others over the years and you should spend time seeing what you can do to fire up your own spirit shrine.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Three Issues

It’s a wild and wacky world we live in and even more of a unique yet mysterious universe that world is set into as well. I mention this because in our day-to-day hustle and bustle of trying to live our lives, these simple facts are all too often forgotten if not outright ignored. It’s time we took a harder look at this screwed up situation we live in and make some hard decisions.

Issue One: Do we drop psychology all together out of our praxis? 

The short answer is, can we? I honestly don’t see how we can. Unfortunately though I also don’t see the reason to cling to the psychological model as a way to validate occult and mystical experiences because then you’re trying to push logic onto a personal experience that is filled with emotional highs & lows as well as images that come from outside of you being impressed upon your psyche, then trying to make sense of it via logic is almost useless.

Seers and shamen of old would often visit the Underworld to seek out new information or to visit spirits and then later sit by fires meditating as they allowed these experiences to sort themselves out. These practitioners didn’t have the rigorous psychological training some feel is necessary to be effective at this sort of magic yet they managed quite well for thousands of years without it.

Personal gnosis is not something that can be objectified by a panel of so-called experts in a lab. Sure, this has been done by numerous researchers in an attempt to quantify the human experience but clinical analysis does not a mystical vision make. When you dissect such personal gnosis, all you’re going to get is a researchers clinical findings, not any great mystical revelations. As I’ve often said in the past about psychology and magic, if you truly believe that psychology is all that and a bag of chips where magic is concerned, then why are you wasting time fiddling around with mumbo-jumbo when you could get a PhD in Psychology and become your own adept? Or get a medical degree with it in Psychiatry allowing you to prescribe drugs and thus become your own shaman?

Psychology does have its uses but we need to maintain limitations on its employ in the occult lest we run the risk of trying to jam logic in where logic surely fails. That is the ultimate failure of the Psychological Model in that Psychology pretends to be a science, which it really isn’t, and thus it purports to rely on logic since all sciences rely on strict adherence to logic. However some utility of this system can be made IF we limit its influence and restrict the urge to clinically objectify and analyze everything we personally experience.

Issue Two: Does Historical Methods of Sorcery Outweigh Modern Procedures?

I have mixed feelings about the current fad of the PGM and other pre-modern occult methods. Why? Well other than being fads and yes they are because if history has shown us anything in the occult world it is that seekers, mystics and magicians are constantly seeking that which is new, odd, strange and unique regardless of when it was created (or discovered) or from whence it came.

Half the time many of these fads simply aren’t given to just being from the western society alone. Ceremonial MagicKians for instance were quick to pick up on the New Age fad of Theosophy and embraced that with open arms. Then the next fad for them became giving up ceremonial magic all together and going off to study & practice Buddhism. In more recent years, CM’s have been embracing various New Age ideas into their fold such as “karma”, chakra balancing (CM’s refer to it as the Middle Pillar), Reiki and lately Feng Shui.

So why are CM’s allowed a free pass on adding New Age material to their practices and yet every other path that tries such a thing gets badgered by these two-faced ceremonial creeps? Let’s face it, Crowley all but ripped off Buddhism for his lectures on Yoga and he even wrapped his head in a turban for crying out loud. Seriously, would any of you attend a lecture by an English guy wearing a robe and a turban talking on Yoga? Yet Crowley gets a free pass because he was a British asshole.

“But Moloch, the material in the PGM works!” I know and so does material form a plethora of other sources as well or have you forgotten? Besides, it’s not the material that makes a spell work - it’s the practitioner. Let’s put it this way, anyone who has been duly initiated by a legitimate priesthood into an actual “living religion” will be able to get ANY spell to work for them. If they cannot then they either are not duly initiated, were not initiated by legitimate priests or they have somehow honked off the spirits of their living religion - which has become an all too common theme especially among the African religions.

For example anyone who claims to be initiated into any of the African religions and yet tells you they find grimoire magic fascinating is a BS artist. Why? People don’t study a complex system to learn it merely out of intellectual curiosity and those that claim they do obviously do not have enough work to keep themselves busy in the first place. That guy who is studying the grimoire spirits must not be getting his own prenda or nganga spirit to work for him thus he’s seeking power elsewhere. Power is not sought merely out of boredom by initiated practitioners, it is sought when one has had it removed elsewhere.

What people have done by glomming onto every fad that comes along from Chakras, Reiki, Vodu, Hoodoo, Feng Shui, and now the PGM, is show that they have very little power of their own and are desperate to find power wherever they can. There are loads of spellbooks out there from various cultures many with old, authentic spells dating back hundreds of years. Most folks have mental blocks about using these spells to begin with and if they would remove these blocks, the magic should work for them. Therein lies the real answer: remove the mental blocks.
Thus a person with no mental blocks should be able to get any method of magic to work be it old or new.

What about validity? Now that we are uncovering older works on magic and digging into the practices of these long dead magicians, do we simply dismiss ALL post-modern magic as useless? Why would anyone do that? What just because it was used in Thrace 3,000 years ago? So was making weapons out of bronze and guess what? Those bronze weapons wouldn’t do squat against today’s steel weapons. If modern manufacturers wanted to, they could make swords, shields, armor plating and more that would demolish the armies of ancient Greece with superior weaponry alone. Let’s not forget our modern warriors who are trained in combat systems from around the world would devastate those ancient Greeks or Romans in hand-to-hand. It would be an outright slaughter and it would be amusing to watch.

Yet there are procedures and prayers from ancient times that the spirits like. No question about it. The PGM offers many examples of these invocations, prayers and rites. That’s great and it’s the sort of material that needs to be brought out and used. It doesn’t, however, invalidate anything that is in use today. Period. When I have written in the positive for the PGM in the past, it was to give everyone an equal shot at discovering a useful book to add to their repertoire only. Not to run around like a born-again knocking on doors saying, “Have you read the new word JuJu?”

Issue Three: Where Does Personal Balance Come In?

If you are working with your ancestors, and you have a good relationship with a patron/s deity/ies or at least a working familiar spirit, then you pretty much have everything you need to be able to get your JuJu to be effective and that’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Or are you a romantic who feels s/he can’t do JuJu unless you perform X at Y under the influences of G & Q while H transits your natal chart at the hour of B on the day of C? Because only then can you contact the Holy Intelligence of Z to answer your question. Right. You’re living with way too many restrictions on your JuJu, amigo. Most of which are self-imposed.

You are the type of person who needs to go find indigenous people and ritually take peyote or drink Ayahuasca because you are in dire need to open up and have a good unblocking by way of purgation through vomiting and defecating yourself. You’re stoppered up big time! You’ve allowed yourself to buy into so many rules of magical conduct that it is amazing you can function at all. However if you do decide to go and try these methods, then seek out qualified shaman to work with so they can administer the mushrooms or Ayahuasca to you properly. Don’t try this yourself at home kids.

Balance is found when you are capable of realizing you need to utilize psychology but only in limited form and you must restrict all temptation to psychoanalyze every experience you have. Sometimes it is best to jot down the experience to the best of your ability then forget about it. Let your mind sort things out on its own. Don’t seek a psychic, magician or sorcerer to make sense of it, rather just let things gestate and pay attention to your dreams, visions and meditation experiences.

We also need to realize that while there is gold to be found in old materials however that’s not a reason to forsake quality time with your working spirits. You still need to commune with your ancestors and any patrons or familiars you may have on a regular basis. You should also be ready for any information they impart to you and jot it down. Material given to you by a spirit usually trumps material found in old books. I say usually but that’s for another essay.

You need to synthesize what is useful to your practices and what is not. Do not let others tell you what should be and what shouldn’t be. I get this a lot, “Moloch, so and so claims I should do blank; should I?” and I am of the mind that if you have to ask me or someone else to validate the question, then NO should be the answer. Your own doubt alone should be enough that you pass on their judgment for now - at least until you gain further knowledge and wisdom. In fact I often tell the individual they need to pray or meditate on it and wait for a sign of either yes or no. It’s not wise to run around asking others to make your decisions for you. “When in doubt, sweat it out” and by sweat I mean put some effort into your decision. Indigenous people often used sweat lodges for seeking answers so try a steam sauna. However you do it, the choice is ultimately going to be yours alone so buck up cupcake and make your own decision.

Monday, October 17, 2016

How often do you get to watch a TV sitcom where there's no laugh track? Rare right? Well this show, The Almighty Johnsons is such a show. The premise is about four brothers who live in New Zealand along with their "cousin" Olaf and all of them are reincarnations of Norse gods. The pilot starts off with the youngest brother's 21st birthday which is when the so-called 'god stuff' happens. What occurs is the individual is imbued with a god force and a random power(s). The youngest brother is Odin, the all father whose powers aren't apparent yet and since he is the youngest, no one takes his words seriously (other than perhaps cousin Olaf) whose job it is to find the love of his life, Frigga, and marry her which will do something to give all of them back their full god-hood status.

The oldest brother Mike is the god Ullr who in this world happens to be master of games and can never lose - even guessing games or rock-paper-scissors and he is a master hunter who always finds what he is hunting for. Then Tyson is the god Hod who happens to have a power to freeze things. Then there's Anders who is the god Bragi whose power of poetry can sway minds. Incidentally, cousin Olaf is actually the boy's grandfather who is the god Baldur and he is reborn every morning thus he ages extremely slowly. Olaf's power is that he is the family mystic seer or oracle and he does this by surfing and imbibing illegal substances.

Along the way in this show, you discover that the boys grew up in a village called "Norsewood" and lived at the corner of Odin and Viking streets. Their father was a mean mortal drunk and spousal abuser whose god is Njord whose power is he can calm any rough seas or ocean and if you're angry at him he has the ability to calm you down as well. The boy's mother is Freyja, a goddess of prosperity who amasses a half billion dollar empire for her boys and is banished to spend the rest of her mortal life as a tree.

The situations are funny and no this is NOT accurate according to the Norse sagas or myths because it is a TV show first and second these gods are incarnated into human bodies once their human host reaches the age of 21. Same with the goddesses and handmaidens of the gods. Ingrid is a goddess who is also an oracle is somewhat like grandpa Olaf but often much wiser in her own right. You also run into situations where there's a male god trapped in a female host but typically everyone gives Odin his due respect at least in word only if not action. Thor/Derek seems to the only exception since he willingly submits himself to 'Lord Odin' at every opportunity which is humorous in itself if not for the situations this often comes into play.

Idunna plays a major role in the show for a brief time as she is the giver of the apples of life which fits in with mythology. Thor often gets himself into trouble via his quick temper and desire to kill giants (yes there are some giants involved as well as dwarves and hopefully someday some trolls). Thor's hammer, Mjolnir is shown as a regular carpenter's hammer and it is accurate to kill bunny rabbits when he hauls off and angrily hurls it into the woods. He once hurls it at his gay neighbors and the hammer sticks in the boy's home until Odin removes it. Then the gay couple tell Odin that Thor can have it back IF he wears his wife's wedding gown to their wedding and apologizes for his behavior. [This is a play on the Norse myth where Loki stole Thor's hammer and it wound up in the possession of a giant who demanded to marry Freyja for Thor to get it back. Thor went undercover and wore Freyja's wedding dress with the concealing face veil and when the giant gave him his hammer thinking he was giving it to Freyja instead, Thor pulled back his concealing veil and slew the giant dead.]

Loki and Hella are involved though not heavily. Hel is there briefly for a while. Loki tends to hang around as he is a reoccurring menace to the brothers and his powers are fully developed since he is a god of fire. There are also a cult of hyper-religious god hunters who wish to rid the world of these "demons" as it were and the boys have to find an equitable way to stop them without outright killing them. Typically, humans are not allowed to know about any of the god's personas - except Zeb who happens to be Axl's childhood friend.

We also discover that there are other living gods around as well in New Zealand such as the Maori who desire Frigg to be their consort goddess. I find the show highly entertaining and fun to watch as each of these characters struggles to come to grips with their god, powers and their place in human society.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Spiritists VS Ufologists: The Great Debate Rages

Here’s something to ponder: why is there such a huge disparity between the UFO and Occult communities? Both are paranormal happenings because they’re un-explainable as of now. Oh sure each has its own groups who vehemently argue for their truth and validity and yet for some whacked out reason which I’m unable to fathom, neither side can come together.

On one hand you have little green or gray people, depending on which UFO expert you’re listening to. On the other, you have historical treatises claiming angels and demons going far back as ancient Sumer. The biggest hurdles each side has yet to provide is absolute proof of either and well atheists scoff at it all - but then atheists are nothing but egotistical pricks who just enjoy shitting on other people’s beliefs because they’re fed up hearing about them.

Still you have two very large communities who refuse to give an inch and claim their point of view is absolute, steadfast and it works. Let’s start off with Occultism, shall we?

The Occult

The work of the occult is well documented and it goes back to ancient mankind when people first began to stand erect and realized death was imminent. Their first rituals were most likely funerary as there have been burial sites found within caves going back thousands of years. Further, cave paintings from thousands of years in the past show us how ancient man viewed religion, community, myth, magic and other such things.

In historic times, humans began to create detailed histories of the gods & spirits they either worshiped or worked with. Of course we don’t have full details on much from this time period but we have a little bit left. Modern scholars have done a splendid job of piecing together these ancient beliefs and even some of how they may have practiced their beliefs back then. We get some of this from studying modern aborigine cultures who have been as untouched as the world will allow.

In more recent times, the New Age and some Hollywood films as well as a few celebrities have helped certain metaphysical practices and beliefs to re-emerge such as Spiritism, Spiritualism, Kabbala, Possessions & Exorcisms, and so on, all of which have come back into the public’s notice. There are real scholars studying the occult and often you’ll find linguists, anthropologists, archaeologists, sociologists and of course historians of kinds.

Many of these folks claim to study the occult for its intrinsic offerings of history - what people often turned to when times got tough since there were no hospitals, clinics or labs with relatively few physicians who for the most part would do things like rub fresh dog shit in your cataract eye to help you to be able to see. Others however study the occult arts for the hidden knowledge and power it offers to those who seek with a purpose.


While the concept of UFO’s is nothing new to the world, the term itself actually is. It was coined in the mid-20th century as a catch all phrase for anything seen in the sky that could not be recognizable but was still flying thus the “Unidentified” part of the Flying Object. UFO’s have been mentioned in the ancient past in many and various cultures. Some modern scholars have actually visited these cultural settings and looked into them to see what myths have grown up around them.

Since the 1940's, however there has been an inordinate amount of data uncovered concerning UFO’s from sightings and photographs both amateur and professional. Government’s around the world have acknowledged the UFO phenomena is real and yet the USA is the only country leading the fight to claim it is a hoax or bogus. Yet Canada, Britain, France, Germany and many other countries have operations manuals on dealing with crashed UFO sites. If UFO’s are fake, then why bother to put out such a manual?

Educated scholars, often scientists, have delved into the UFO phenomenon at first to try and debunk it only to embrace it as something far more than they first believed. We’re talking highly educated professional scientists here folks, not wannabes sitting in their parent’s basement talking on Skype or IRC.

More recently, there are a growing number of folks who claim to pray to Aliens and UFO’s. Not these folks worship these beings but that they claim the UFO Aliens give them mental commands (not unlike spirits do to Occultists) and sometimes give them advance warning of catastrophes (again not unlike spirits do Occultists). I’ve even heard of some UFO folks, like the late Ted Owens who was capable of summoning UFO phenomena whenever it pleased him. Ted was also said to be able to command the weather and cause lightning strikes when he wanted.

So Why the Disparity?

Ego. Everyone wants to be right about what it is they put their own stock into and these same noodniks want to be able to point the finger at someone else and laugh even though their own pov is absurd to an atheist as is the other side’s. Yet you cannot get most UFOlogists and Occultists together in the same room to hear each other out or discuss anything.

You also have the old “My god’s dick is bigger than your Alien which has no dick” nonsense. Times may change but the dick waving nonsense never does whether it’s a god, angel, demon or alien from Alpha Centauri. It doesn’t matter. Same old, same old. The really humorous thing is neither side is convincing in and of itself because very often you have to go, study and immerse yourself in the phenomenon then work with it until you (hopefully) get a manifestation of the spirit or alien’s presence. Of course some folks are just lucky to either get abducted or summon a spirit on the first try.

So WHY Doesn’t Science Dive Into Either?

This is the BIG question by the atheist community. “IF spirits and aliens actually existed, then WHY doesn’t science spend 100% of its time making contact to learn more?” Well genius, allow me to answer that with a rational, one-word answer: abuse.

If a serious scientific researcher even REMOTELY admits to having an interest in either subject (perish forbid both!) then that scientific researcher’s career and livelihood can be negatively affected for the rest of their life. It’s career suicide to openly admit you have an interest in UFO’s or the Occult. Just ask any scientific researcher today. They’ll get laughed out of the scientific community and lose whatever meager funding they may have. That’s difficult thing to deal with just for your hobby or interest.

Just any scientists who went in search of Atlantis, Big Foot, Ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster, and so on, if you have any interest in any sort of paranormal activity, chances are if it gets out, your career as well as your personal reputation among other scientists is ruined. Why? Because no one will take you seriously since the entire American scientific community has an enormous butt plug up its ass.

For years we were told that Troy was a myth and that the likes of Homer, Herodotus, Virgil and others of their ilk were just pulling our leg. That is UNTIL archaeologists actually FOUND Troy. Then everything changed the snide smirks from history professors stopped and they began to take heed. Troy was lost for thousands of years until it was eventually found. Is it possible Atlantis will be found? Perhaps. Then perhaps it alsreay has been and we just don’t know it was because it was misidentified possibly because the scholars refused to believe it COULD actually be the real Atlantis.

We do know that UFO crash sites exist. Why? Well there have been documented sites all over the world and the military of the countries where these crashes occurred have gone immediately in, cordoned off the area, in fact quarantined it in most cases, done a thorough job of cleanup and left the area stripped of any possible remaining evidence whatsoever. Often we hear, “It was a meteor!” or “A weather balloon!” and when was the last time the military gave two shits about quarantine a 5 mile radius for either a meteor or a weather balloon? Seriously? This is what’s known as a “snow job” folks and you’re too thick headed to know the truth of what’s going on.

UFO’s aren’t some sort of ‘fad’ nonsense. They have been reported being sighted for thousands of years. The issue is every one wants to pooh-pooh the sightings as foolish or nonsense because they didn’t see it. Some today do not believe Osama bin Laden is really dead because no one but a select few actually saw his body supposedly after his death. Others swear Oswald did not act alone and had help from the Grassy Knoll. I don’t know. I’m not into world wide conspiracies myself as it would take far too much commitment and brute force to keep such things quiet.

However I have seen UFO’s in the sky doing things I can’t explain and it wasn’t some helicopter or plane. “Well possibly it’s some new technology the military is working on, Moloch?” Very possibly but where did that sort of technology come from and why is it not being used in regular aircraft? With all of the crashes around the world, WHY is our American government the only ones who consistently refuse to acknowledge UFO’s & aliens exist yet most of the rest of the world does? Why are we the only ones who have aircraft with this sort of technology in the first place and where did it come from? The design, the way it moves and operates is not of this earth.


Paranormal experts are still working to gather proof for both subjects. Many thousands of hours of videos have ghosts and spirit like images on them which many claim is proof of the afterlife or at least ghosts. Others have thousands of hours of UFO’s flying through the air, hovering, zooming out of sight, some even allegedly making crop circles, and so on. Yet there is far too little we know for either subject to make any definitive claims about either. The quest is real and it continues. Keep an open mind.