Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Social Practitioner

Can an over-abundance of opinion be detrimental to the future of a Genuine Practitioner[1]? Yes especially if the opinion is unsupported by fact(s) which is all too often the case in our digital world. We are social creatures by habit who thrive on social interaction thanks to the conditioning such institutions as school, work, church/synagogue/mosque, shopping malls, town halls as well as parades, sports games, eateries, recreational parks and other spots of social interaction have been created around for us to interact.

In the past for the GP, the only way to interact with others of a like mind was to seek them at either regional gatherings or book stores who catered to our metaphysical whims. Today however we can simply log on to a plethora of social media websites and forums and discuss our concerns or ask questions pertaining to our particular interests regardless what those are.

However when you put forth your valid question(s) to others out there on the web, especially social media sites and forums, are you really doing yourself any favors? Opinion is what you are going to get regardless of what you asked for. If you ask for information about a particular grimoire on virtually any site, almost always the question will arise will be, “Why? Why do you need this?”

'Why' is a challenge question and you are being challenged by someone or a group of others to stand your ground to support your reason for wanting information on said grimoire (or subject) - even when those questioning you have zero information on the subject to offer in return! So for all of the headache you may be going through to validate your request for the information, you most likely will not end up with the  information you seek from those who are challenging you.

This is an all too common occurrence in social situations and it is one of the reasons many groups now ban what they deem ‘spell begging’ or ‘practical how-to’ information requests because of the ridiculous amount of noise these types of requests generate on a list and the moderators are correct in doing so.

Opinions Are Like Assholes & Everyone Has One...

Everyone seems to have an opinion these days about something even if it is unsupported by fact and this alone does not stop them from sharing it with others. I still get people asking me my opinion about Enochian MagicK even though I have never practiced that discipline let alone studied it & have to continually explain to people what I know about Enochian can be engraved on the head of a pin in Sanskrit. That is because I know next to nothing about the subject thus I am the last person who should be asked about it. However I DO know others who have never read a single book on the subject who feel qualified to talk on the subject for hours. Go figure eh?

More power to them.

Social Proof Is NOT Valid Proof

An example of social proof, i.e. proof that is presented by Joe & Mary Sixpack online who claim to know about X yet admit they have never practiced nor performed X is simply an “opinion” and it is NOT even an informed opinion which itself is sometimes helpful, especially if they offer no solid evidence to back up their claim(s).

You will run into this quite often on forums and social media sites and it can be very detrimental to your practices IF you take these opinions as fact rather than as opinion. I am not saying Rod the Bod the long time practicing CM cannot have something worthwhile to give as valid opinion mind you however if Rod the Bod only has opinion then take what he offers with an enormous lump of salt. Especially IF Rod the Bod has never practiced what you asked about say Necromancy or Ancestor Work. Even if his comments are constructive, take it with a grain of salt if it comes out Rod the Bod does not practice Ancestor Work nor Necromancy regardless of how long he has been a practicing CM. His opinion on the subject is just that - opinion. Nothing more.

Seek & Ye Shall Find

What you seek is a GP in the subject you have interest in. If it is Ancestor Work/Necromancy, then seek out someone known to be either an expert in that subject OR at the least someone you trust who is working in that field and ask them for their opinion. If your interest is in Enochian MagicK again seek an active practitioner of that field, not someone who merely read a few websites or a couple of books on the subject. Ask around about who is considered an expert on the subject you have interest in and you will find a person's name or two. What did the good Rabbi say? "Seek and ye shall find; ask and it shall be given unto you."

Do Not Merely Dive In Head First

In fact it is never a good idea to simply chime into a group or forum asking your question openly like that anyway. Why? First off you look like a rank Novice who just crawled out of a cave with a beginner’s book in hand dying to learn anything. Secondly you should click on the person in the list whose name you trust as the most intelligent and ask them your question. Typically this will get you a far better answer as well as a more honest and faithful answer because if they do not know the  answer then most likely they will tell you point you to someone who will know the answer to your query. Finally you will both save time and face by forgoing the open questioning and going straight to someone whom you feel knows the answer to your question rather than just asking away hoping anyone can help.

Breaker, Breaker!

I liken the openly asking questions to a group or forum to how people would just jump in to conversations back in the 1970's when the Citizens Band (CB) radio fad began to get big. You could be enjoying yourself chatting with someone and some yahoo would have to jump in with “Breaker, breaker!” and by etiquette you were forced and had to let them join in regardless of the situation. This ruined many conversations and often I would simply be listening to a couple of folks having a terrific chat about some interesting topic on a non-trucker used channel an inevitably in about 60 seconds or less, some yahoo would come wallowing in like a walrus to screw up the conversation.

That is what it seems like when I see many of these otherwise open questions to a group or forum - especially ones that the vast majority do no need to know about nor have the knowledge let alone skill to answer. For instance I have seen people asking questions about Ngangas - a traditional Palo tool - on both CM & Wiccan lists - and the result was often sad and sometimes hysterical. The questioners should have simply asked their questions privately to the Paleros off list and they would have gotten a far better response rather than a bunch of ceremonial morons or McWiccans asking “What do you need this information for? What do you plan on doing with it?” and “blah-blah-blah”. Leave it to white folks to be judge, jury & executioner before they know all the facts.

Suggestions To Reduce Your Stress

- Limit how many groups & forums you are a member of since joining more of these organizations is not going to get you better information rather more noise.

- IF you feel you must do your research online like a Millennial, then be smart about it and stop openly asking questions on lists & forums. Learn to focus and target like a hunter.

- Instead watch lists & forums for a while to see who knows what about which subjects because some folks are experts at some things while they are deficient in others. No one is an expert at everything. No one.

- Unsupported opinion is detrimental to your progress because you are going to hear a lot of negative input about what you want to learn from people who have never practiced or have “heard” from another practitioner that what you want to know is somehow bad for you much like Vegans are on about meat.

- Seek out GP’s (Genuine Practitioners) on the subject(s) you have interest in. You need more than mere scholars in the field. For example there are a lot of scholars who know a great deal about the PMG however there is a growing number of practitioners who actually practice the Greek Magical Papyri and these are the folks you need to talk with about the nuts & bolts of what works and what does not concerning that subject, not the scholars.



1. Genuine Practitioner (GP) as opposed to a Hobbyist Practitioner or one who merely dabbles to say “win back the love of their life”.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Turning of the Wheel... Again

Missing Journals

Another year has passed. Thirty-two years since I first began my work in the occult. It is difficult to know what all has transpired over the years without checking my journals and sadly a number of those have either been stolen or (more likely) got lost in moves from various locations when I was relocating during my college days in Florida then the BIG MOVE back to Ohio. Which sucks because I had one particular notebook filled with all sorts of spirit seals I received from the Four Elemental spirits way back in the beginning. It was sort of like a mini-army of spirits to call upon for various minor magical desires and things.

Most of these spirits were just for one specific task given to me by their Masters who usually had multiple abilities and I learned who their Masters were by talking to the Four Elemental rulers. Today many work with the Four Elemental Kings ala from the Medieval period which is fine but at the time I had not heard about Those folks so I plodded along with Gob, Nicksa, Djinn and Paralda like many did in the late eighties. Once I learned how to make a magic mirror, and how to enchant it, the work became much easier, especially after I discovered I no longer needed a “seer” as Kraig suggested. And really my only seer at the time, Dave, while eager to the work, was a family man, had a full time job, with a home to care for and the logistics of where he lived from me put a serious dent into our working together. Not only that, our first evocation together scared the living hell out of him and rightly so. Thus I learned to work on my own.

I Know, I Know...

This past year I have been working diligently on my new book, the replacement for Pragmatic Magics. It is going to be a wholly different grimoire, content & design, title... everything. Oh I may have a couple of things from the old book in there but this new book will be a real 101 Sorcery Manual that takes Joe or Mary Sixpack and gives them what they need to advance pass the Novice or beginner stage towards the Initiate phase. I plan on having a Book II in the series which will cover spirits, grimoires, personal grimoires, summonings, techniques and what not which should take the individual well on from the Initiate stage towards the Adept stage. Obviously these stages cannot be obtained merely by reading alone as there is a LOT of personal work which must be done by the reader. Part of me wants to turn this into a weekly or bi-weekly course instead where I can monitor each student’s progress, recommend they do certain exercises and such. The only problem with this idea is everyone is already committed to 80+/hour a week life that typically they cannot find another minute to squeeze in.

Education Cost

And truth be told, I do not want a horde of folks to have to constantly pay attention to. I prefer just a handful because that’s enough to try and keep tabs on. There are far too many out there wanting to teach for practically nothing so let them go learn from those teachers. I know my occult education was not inexpensive as I have spent sometimes ungodly sums over the years from live teachers to learn what they know not to mention the enormous costs of courses I’ve taken, festival lectures as well as occult shop lectures attended for $$$. Usually anything for free can be found in a book or online somewhere.

I have seen some jerks talk smack about my first book Pragmatic Magics as if it is something ‘common’ because by this time it is found everywhere and much of the content has been pulled, rehashed, sometimes sanitized then republished. Still these nits never bothered to look at the date of publishing for PM. I wrote it in 1993 and it came out a year later in 1994. PM was a culmination of a LOT of my personal  experimentation back then. From the time I left the radical McWiccan community in Tampa Bay who shunned me for my Goetia investigations, until I began writing PM, it was some of my best material I had to offer at that time. Like Brujo Nego often likes to say about his own Voodoo Sorcery Grimoire which came out a couple of years afterwards, “I have moved on passed that material!” LoL He gets heated about that when people ask him questions about it because he feels most of the material is self-explanatory. Typically I agree.

WHY is Brother Moloch Always ANGRY?

LoL There was a time I was beginning feel this way. I have some astrological houses and planets that are challenging in this area so that doesn’t help and being born into a hot headed clan of German-Irish people doesn’t make it any easier. What really helped me cool off in a big way was simply letting go of social media. Frankly I have convinced myself that what others believe in/practice is of no consequence regardless of how bizarre or even idiotic it sounds especially when they try to lead others astray. If you’re foolish enough to believe what someone tells you online just because s/he’s got a shiny website or FB page then more’s the pity on you.

Wisdom I Have Hard Learned Over the Years...

1. People WILL ‘Believe’ What Is In Print Regardless of Whether It Is True or False. Even the so-called educated fall prey to this phenomenon and this is why numerous companies & individuals make use of this horrid tactic. Educated people may THINK they do not succumb to such shenanigans however marketing research can prove otherwise. Print media is still king because it can be re-read, shared and circulated indefinitely while television & radio advertising have finite lives.

2. Groups & Forums Are NO LONGER Places for Learning. Typically these days sites like these are run by egotists who revel in mandating their rules, forming their cliques and much like social media, if you do not stop in daily, then you’re not part of the clique. “But Moloch, I learn so much from these places!” you tell me. Really? My “best” years of learning were when I was alone, without the Net, stumbling along by myself, making notes, trying out various ideas, and tinkering with things to see what was what.

Today what happens is someone gets a book or two, barely reads through it, joins a forum and begins asking questions only to hear a half dozen different opinions on how s/he should proceed. Yeah that’s fucking helpful to a beginner! Sadly no one on any forums has the nerve, gall or intestinal fortitude to take the beginner under their wing and guide them through what s/he needs to know because, “Hey! I’m a big shot and I’m too busy pontificating on this forum!”

Stay away from forums and groups. Read, study and dissect your books, spells & rituals. Experiment. Burn your fingers. You’ll learn a helluva lot more than you will from a bunch of egotistical wannabes who “pretend” to know what they’re talking about. You can tell them apart because they have to speak up on virtually every thread even when you know they cannot possibly know everything. Those are the jokers to watch out for. They comment on just about EVERY thread. Stay far away from those clowns - moderators, admins or not.

Also, forums/groups are notorious places where snobs will derail conversations (threads) and tear down others who are unable to be present and confront the accusations made against them.

3. Not All Systems of Magic/K Work for Everyone. I spent 10 years of my life practicing Qabala MagicK back in the 90's and discovered that was a useless pile of goat feces. To me anyways. Why? Because what everyone uses as Qabala today I could NOT get to do one practical thing for me. Nada. Oh yes I hear plenty of folks CLAIM they get all sorts of benefits from, such as the Golden Dawn’s version of the LBRP, the Middle Pillar, and every other ritual that lodge organization offers but I got diddly squat for my 10 years of effort trying various methods and techniques.

QBL VS Kabala Magic

I scoffed for years at QBL Magic and if you were to bring it up I would look at you as if you were some sort of lunatic that was until Jean came along and taught me his version which surprise, surprise, actually works! But then Jean pronounces many of the Hebrew syllables differently, with different inflections, sometimes wholly different word pronunciations and etc. His came from a genuine Kabalistic Rabbi who knew his stuff. My faith has been reborn. :) And yeah he IS working on a Kabala book but don’t bother he or I about it because he’ll get it done when he gets it done.

Also never allow others to push you into something you do not wish to go nor allow yourself to believe the marketing others claim. To use my late High Priest, Ron Parshley’s analogy, “We are all standing on the rim of a great wheel and what we desire is in the center hub; how we choose to get to the center hub depends on which spoke of the wheel we opt to take.” This means African Religions may not be right for you, nor may Norse/Norwegian folk magic, nor may Wicca, nor may ceremonial magic and so on. You have to find what suits you, and more importantly what garners actual RESULTS for you. ;)

4. You Can Learn/DO More With Less. This not only includes books because believe me almost all modern authors repeat the same stuff over and over (ad nauseum) but also with friends and acquaintances. Pare down your inventory of those whom you believe are worth your time and efforts. Same thing with spirits. There’s little be gained by serving a house full of statues and hungry spirits. Because then you’re simply a butler having to cater to Their desires like a slave. Is that what you really want? I have said it for years and I am saying it again, just get ONE, WORKING SPIRIT you can rely on whether It is any one of the following:

  • a saint
  • an angel
  • a daemon or demon
  • a fey
  • a nativity spirit
  • an Ancestor
  • one of the other Dead
  • a Thrall
  • and so on

Because ONLY ONE spirit is all you will ever need. Unless you are planning on doing this full time for others, you will NOT need a host of spirits at your beck and call, all right? It’s a misguided notion that you need to have a house full of spirits. More often than not most people just do not know HOW to deal with that many non-physical entities going bump in the night around their home. It does take some getting used to. When I’m gone, I can only imagine the fun it will be for the next family to move into my haunted abode. :)

Seriously though, one spirit WILL BE ENOUGH for you. How do I know? If you’re not planning on becoming an Houngan or Mambo working for others, then one willing spirit to work for you will simply BE enough. You will be able to get any need taken care of by this one spirit from protection to finances to business to sexual fulfillment to healing because whatever one spirit can do so too can another - to a lesser or greater degree. One is sufficient. Makaya need not be involved here either. Simply talk to your spirit and have at it. When the job is done, give It a little bit of liquor.


In closing it should be noted that wisdom is always a hard won and costly in some manner. Occasionally when you can, try and recover wisdom from others and their exploits because it can only be obtained through trial and error. For without the error, there is no wisdom to be gained.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Lilith Wynz's Passing Over to the Ancestors

Mz Lilith

It is with deep regret and great sadness I must report the passing over to the Ancestors of “Mz Lilith from Twilight Crossroads”.

Mz Lilith was not only at one time in the past my apprentice, she was also baptized into my Haitian Vodu House and served the LWA as a devoted Mambo taking care of the needs of her family, friends, clients, students, and community. Lilith loved spiritual work and often told me she wished she had found it when she was much younger so that she could have had more time to learn and hone her skills at it.

Many of you will recall that Lilith made terrific oils for spiritual work. We talked about the idea of her creating the Uncrossing Oil Kit for the Uncrossing Ritual which she enjoyed creating and putting together for numerous clients and customers over recent years. When I first met Lilith around 2002, she was learning to formulate oils and over time became quite the gifted alchemist.

Her skills as a JuJu worker were impressive enough that I could give Lilith an original spell to use, she would perform it then call back in a few days to tell me how well it worked. In fact her JuJu was so strong that her clients & customers enjoyed her spiritual work from around the globe hiring Lilith to do all sorts of sorcery & Vodu workings. She not only loved every minute of it Lilith also took great pride in her work.

You may not know this but Mz Lilith was also a gifted trance medium and would often serve as a “Horse” on occasion. The spirits spoke loudly through her and she enjoyed the communion with Them. She would have amazing dreams that were prophetic.

Prior to her involvement with the occult, Lilith owned and operated her own alternative news magazine back in the early 1990's where she had a staff that focused on the Rock-Metal-Alternative scene in the greater Cleveland, OH area. With that she got to meet, interview and hang out with many (now) famous musicians often before they were famous such as Alice In Chains while they passed through the area’s clubs. Lilith also played keyboards in at least one band in her youth which she told me about.

Lilith was a very talented writer until however, she was struck by a brain aneurysm a number of years ago which nearly took her life then. Yet with much love, support and a lot help from the spirits, as well as being the strong individual she was, Lilith managed to make it through that ordeal with flying colors to live a normal life - albeit with slight reservations. Unfortunately this past Friday All Soul’s Day, Mz Lilith succumbed to yet another brain aneurysm while working out at the gym. The saving grace in all of this is she did not suffer.

Blessings to you, Lilith Wynz, and thank you for coming into our lives for the brief time you did and making it that much brighter. May the Ancestors receive you with open loving arms and raise a toast with the Guede & LWA as you party on in the afterlife until the next phase of your journey is ready to begin!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Advice: Feeding Ancestor Spirits

A point of clarity needs to be resolved. It seems some folks who have read my blogs and former website essays misunderstood some instructions where food & drink are concerned. This short blog is hopefully an attempt to correct these misunderstandings.

The only thing you should be offering your ancestral spirits on a REGULAR basis meaning every time you approach Them is two things: a glass of spring water and a plain white unscented tea light candle. Nothing else.

Things like coffee or other drinks should be reserved for once a month - at the most often you give it to Them, got that? Same with beers, wines, teas, and any other non-water drinks out there. Doing so can cause your spirits to become “over fed” and therefore LAZY and not willing to work - until They are hungry again which can be as long as a few months or even a few years depending on how much you go overboard on your offerings.

Thus be aware of this simple yet highly important thing which you must take into consideration while taking care of your own Ancestral shrine. To not do so is to court disaster especially WHEN you need Their help! You may be thinking, “Oh I don’t need Their help right now!” which may be true at the moment yet you cannot say that next week for certain can you? You never know when you will need Their help so overly feeding your Ancestors will NOT help you

Trust me. I do not care what others on the Internet say about feeding Ancestors because I heard it direct from an old black Santero back in 1988 who said (about handling spirits): “A fat slave is a lazy slave!” and he used the N word in lieu of the word slave to make his point and what he meant by it was if you overly feed your spirits they will become lazy. That is advice I have always heeded since that time.

Yes there are those with bovedas and shrines where they lavish food, drinks & all sorts of gifts upon their Ancestors and guess what? Not one of these folks is capable of getting their spirits to wake up & work when they need them. That is what happens when you over feed a worker - they can't work. You feed them just enough to carry them on then make them earn their supper not give it to them before earning it.

So I pass this wisdom on to you. Use it wisely or not. It is ultimately your spirits what you do with. If you overly feed your spirits and They do not work for you then you cannot blame me for I forewarned you.

Monday, August 19, 2019

The Blind Can See!

Greetings One and All!

I know it’s been a while since my last blog post but I have been BUSY! Not just with work mind you but I have some great news to share with you...

First of all I want to share that I had double cataract surgery this month and I can clearly see for the first time in well over a decade!! Thank the Ancestors for miracle of cataract removal! And I thank the Them for the wherewithal for the ability to get this done without having to resort to a GofundMe campaign to do it.

The experience was surreal and it was the healing that was the most weird of all because a couple of days after I had my first surgery I bonked my noggin on the fridge-freezer door by accident and the “alien fish head” the floaters had taken form of in my eye after the surgery immediately morphed into the Hebrew letter Aleph then transformed into the letter Tzaddi then into another Hebrew letter and another as if that alien fish head was sending me a coded message! LoL The letters came so quickly and I could not find a pen fast enough nor remember what letters came nor in what order! My head was thumping from pain and I was trying to pick up what fell out of the freezer before it began to thaw so I wasn’t too worried about any secret messages at the moment. I do remember the very last symbol being the OM symbol then it faded and once again the alien fish head was sailing across my vision once more as if nothing occurred. *shrugs* Weird. After surgery on my opposite eye the floaters appeared more like a three dimensional star map with the Seven Sisters or Pleiades for a couple of days and no cryptic messages from it occurred however it was pretty to see for a short time.

The world is beautiful again. Flowers. Trees. Grass. Clouds. Children. I see what Louis Armstrong meant when he sang, “What a wonderful world!” and I have to say when you have a hard time seeing as I did with all of the headaches from the eye strain is it any wonder you tend to get cranky and short with people? You know? If not, then perhaps you should try and imagine what it is like sometime.

Second bit of good news is that I have decided to start a podcast. No I am not going back on the air as a disc jockey for a radio station because I have been there and did that and while that was fun while it lasted, I want to do my own thing at my own pace. I downloaded Audacity and am hoping to learn it well enough so that I can use it to make interesting podcasts for my listeners and fans who hopefully will enjoy the content and find it both entertaining as well as useful. So when will I come online? Not certain as of yet but I am shooting for Sept 30th albeit I may have one uploaded prior so watch my website's home page. ;)

I am going to see if I can upload these podcasts to my website but if the size is too limited then obviously I will upload them to YouTube like everyone else but possibly Patreon where I may go instead so that I can offer select materials for Patreon supporters including downloadable content.

Speaking of downloadable content I am currently working on some new downloadable materials to add to my site for my clients and considering moving what I already have to Patreon. Since I have left social media entirely I have a LOT more free time to devote to research and writing. Some old projects are starting to come to the forefront and I am itching to get them finished included books, booklets and downloads I have been putting off.

MolochSorcery Website: if you will note I have removed some things from my website's Marketplace such as the “coffins” which I consider to be too powerful for non-Initiates because selling these to folks who are not initiated and having them complain they need me to teach them how to make them work is not going to work. Coffins are not toys to play around with because they are working tools and you need to know how to work with the Dead to get satisfactory results with coffins. This includes how to work in a cemetery - more than just your run-of-the-mill Hoodoo understanding as well! That’s not a slap at Hoodooists rather either it is a fact. I had a client who bought a coffin who told me he was initiated and yet could not get his coffin to work even though he said he was taught how to work in a cemetery. So rather than deal with this sort of situation in the future I decided not to sell coffins to the general public any longer. Same goes with the Urns of the Dead which is also a very potent tool that could potentially kill someone if mishandled. Dead customers goes against the general principle of good business.

Product Focus: 7 Mighty Men is on sale until September 30th, 2019 and if you have yet to order 4 dram bottle of this amazing cologne and use it in your spiritual and occult practices, then you need to do so now! Why? Because it is the bomb! It will add life to any existing potion you purchased from any botanica, spiritual supply shop or metaphysical store which you felt didn’t work. Just add a single drop of 7MM, offer to the Four Corners using the ritual formula given on my website and see the results for yourself. It awakens the power of the potion so that it works as it originally was intended. Order now while on sale for $50.00 USD for a 4 dram bottle and give it a try! I use this formula regularly in all of my sorceries and Vodu workings and you should too!

Book Review: I will soon have a review of Star Casas’ “The Conjure Workbook Volume 1: Working the Root” up on my website very soon so please look for it. Since my eyesight has returned I am back to reading far more than I have in the past decade and I want to post more book reviews of useful occult books that folks may find useful for their sorceries.

Stay tuned for new developments as things heat up for me. :) the LWA & Ancestors are gearing up great things for me so I will be doing what I can to bring new items, ideas, spells/rituals and some surprises to you as days to come.

And always remember, you cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.



Friday, July 19, 2019

Can Clients Be Toxic?

Greetings. This is a touchy subject but it is one that needs to be discussed all the same. For spiritual workers like myself who try to help others, we generally deal with Joe & Mary Sixpacks out there who typically are easy going types who only come to spiritual workers for simple requests such as Love Reuniting with an old flame/mate; or those on the job hunt or career change for a better life; the ones seeking to better their fortunes with business success; or the ones who merely want more money growth; or ones who seek justice and punishment against someone who did them wrong; healing work and so on.

On rare occasions we get what we call the Toxic Client or that indivdual who is either so ignorant/stupid, abrasive or they try to come in and bark orders at you about how you should go about doing your spiritual work. This latter is often the case especially if they’re someone who is of the New Age persuasion and has branched out to try someone who is involved in the African Religions, Sorcery, Witchery, Hoodoo, ceremonial magicK, or some other form of serious mysticism that gets the job done.

Case-in-Point: recently I had a very toxic indivdual come to me via another card reader albeit not a personal referral - rather they just told this person to find someone powerful in the “African Religions” OR Hoodoo. So this person found me and while they were well meaning, I don’t think the person had any clue as to HOW either I or any spiritual worker actually works because they came in like gang busters almost barking orders from moment one!

Most of you who know me know that crapola doesn’t set well with me right off the start nor does it sit well with most spiritual workers let alone those who practice the African Religions as our spirits are hot which often affects the way we also think and behave. I was fine until I was told I “had” to use what this other reader’s divination said which is a big time no-no and then began telling me HOW I needed to work my strategy with my spirits. Excue me?

This is partly MY FAULT for NOT being clear on my site about this sort of thing. Sadly there are those out there who think they possess the knowledge of how to do this just because they read a few books and have an advanced degree from some university (LOL as if). It’s just this was a Type A or Director type personality who came barging in expecting to bark orders and because they assumed they were paying me that I was meek and only going to say, “Aye, aye, captain!” They found out otherwise when I politely told them no then TRIED to educate them WHY not. Do you think this mattered? Nope. So lesson learned. No more education. Screw that nonsense! Moloch is NOT wasting his breath, fingers on the keyboard and precious time again (and do NOT ask why am I speaking in third person either!)

Even though I had already performed an operation for this “person”, I refunded their monies to them. Big deal. I told my spirits about the whole ordeal. Sometimes the spirits Themselves get upset then will not only unravel the work but also make it WORSE than before all because a client had to be a Class A jerk which is not my problem.

So if you get someone who comes in with someone else’s reading, first off do NOT take that as gospel. You MUST take your own reading on any given situation. Why? Because circumstances change. Your Divinatory powers may be more advanced than theirs are and you may see things either in a different light OR far more clearly. The second rule of thumb is you should never allow your client to dictate to you HOW you are to do your JuJu. It’s your talent, years of study & practice, knowledge, expertise and so on they are seeking out not the othe way around. Some people have this Director mentality where they believe they can barge in and steam roll you into doing whatever they desire. That is nonsense and never allow that to occur. IF you do not allow that in your personal life then do not allow it in  your spiritual practice.

I agreed to help this person against my better judgment. In short, this individual comes barrellng in like a Stormtrooper trying to tell me what this “other reader” says (whom by the way I never heard of( and I am supposed to take their divination as Gospel because the client is enamored with it. Then the client goes behind my back deciding they are going to try and do JuJu on their own without consulting me first - especially something potent like the Uncrossing Ritual which stirs garbage up both from inside and around a person as well as extricates toxic people from your personal sphere of influence which this individual needs at this point and cannot afford to lose. The Uncrossing Rite is really NOT the best thing to begin in the middle of a spiritual workers regimen because it can cause more harm than good. Ideally it should be done before (or even after) a spiritual worker’s work has begun.

They came to me because their life is a horrid mess with everything from legal problems to family crisis issues to personal health issues to work & money catastrophes - you name it, this individual has it going on in their life like being born under a bad sign. They thought my spiris may be of help which was a great idea but sadly they thought THEY were going to get to choose which of my spirits worked on their situation. LoL Seriously! So I had to try to educate them which had zero effect other than infuriating them further and I said “Screw this! I can’t work with someone who refuses my counsel!” Because I am not a machine where you come, insert coins, push a button and out pops whatever you want. So I opted out. We parted company and I decided never to try and educate clients again. You either get it or you do not. If you do not, then you immediately get dropped. Simple as that. I’ve had other spiritual workers concur with me on this point.

You have to take a stand somewhere with such toxic clients who feel just because they are paying you that they have the right to tell you how to do things. That’s NOT how things are done. Again I am not the most expensive out there nor am I least but I’ll be damned if I am going to be kicked around like some dog. I do enjoy helping people. I have plenty of people who tell me they like my work and appreciate what I do for them and others that I do not need to bend over to these hateful jerks who think just because they wave a few dollars my way I have to jump when they say “Jump!” It does not work like that with me nor should it with you! Be aware. They are out there and they ARE toxic.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Occultists Are Not Superbeings

[CAUTION: this blog uses lots of personal opinions and naughty words in case you are a sensitive soul. Be forewarned before being offended!]

There seems to be some confusion among folks out there that once you start practicing the occult and working with spirits, making pacts, even joining an African religion, that you somehow become immune to all harm, disease, illness and even death. I really do not understand this notion because it is wholly false and misguided. Whoever is putting these ideas into your head is evil and making you look just plain stupid.

Caveat Emptor aka Bullshit Sellers

        I do know of one occult organization which I USED to be associated with years ago who began to propate this idiotic nonsense to their membership and sold "energized waters" and all sorts of faked "Atlantean" products which were nothing more than bottled water charged on a radionic machine. The guy solid tonics & elixirs which he originally bought as flavored brandies and other liquors and again merely put them on a radionic machine to "charge" them. Ugh. Yet this asshat would sell this shite for unholy amounts of money to his membership and his 'catalog'. Trust me that con artist isn't the only one out there pulling this sort of scam as there are tons of others doing the same even born-again cults with energized holy waters, waters from the so-called River Jordan, "Blessed Waters of Life" and everything else. I heard all sorts of "Life Extension Technologies" discussion talks when I was with this old organization as our fearless leader would babble on and on like a mental patient about this drivel on how we could live so much longer by buying this product when all the jerk wanted was our $$$. I was having none of it. Caveat emptor: let the buyer beware!

Immortality? LoL Death Comes For Us All

Sorcery, magic and spirits do not make one impervious to harm or death. When it is your time to die, guess what? Death is coming to take you. End of the story. Why people think anyone is somehow Superman just because they learn how to burn candles, create talismans, summon spirits or even make pacts with denizens of the Nether world is beyond me.
What these misguided folk fail to understand is that your fate is still in your own hands. For instance if you eat unhealthy foods then you will reap unhealthy benefits to your body and the spirits won’t give a damn. Why? Well it’s not Their fault you shove junk into your body or smoke cigarettes/vape, drink alcohol in ridiculous amounts, take unknown pills from strangers just to get a buzz - all of that ignorant shit is on YOU, Jack!
Sure you made a pact with X spirit but even if you asked for a long life the spirit is under no obligation to oblige. Why? Well your deal was made it was with the understanding that you are going to do everything within your own power to live as long as you can as well as you can. (Hello McFly? Anyone home?) You simply cannot sign on with a spirit, even activate your Head Spirit or HGA then go out and act like a moron consuming junk, drinking like a god’s damned fool at every party - and yes even your HGA or Head Spirit loves to tie one on once in a while but NOT EVERY BLOODY TIME! Or smoke like chimney &/or imbibe pills at every turn even if you have actual pain.

Head Spirits, HGAs & Invulnerability

Further you are not impervious to harm so slow the hell down because if you expect your Head Spirit, HGA or some pact spirit to save your idiot skin for driving like a moron behind the wheel of a vehicle then you very well may be one of the dumbest living beings in all of creation behind the domestic turkey. Possibly you might live to survive an automotive wreck then you get to deal all of the fallout from Johnny Law, the courts, and etc because as my late sheriff deputy friend used to say, "It's not IF but WHEN you either get caught speeding or wrap yourself around a pole that happens because you cannot always account for the other driver's reaction to you."
        Frankly I’m of the opinion far too many people are being given Head Spirits when they have not demonstrated the least level of common sense and most of the ones who claim they have their HGA are just imagining their Nativity Angel as their HGA which is utter horseshit since those are two separate spirits and have nothing to do with one another.

You Are Watching Too Many Movies... Again!

If you believe you wield magic like the Ancient One or Dr Strange and cannot be harmed then you are not long for this world of the living - make preparations for how you wish to buried because you my friend are a simpleton and need to purge that crap OUT of your head before you either hurt yourself or someone else. If you can still stub your toe, smash your thumb and choke on a glass of liquid then guess what? Your body is every bit as human and susceptible to harm as the rest of ours is and it’s high time you wake up and realize it.

Can't the Occult Extend Your Life?

Yes IF you do your part and again you “must do” your part. I have met some very old occult practitioners who seemingly defied age but alas even they succumbed to the forces of death eventually. It is the way of Second Law of Thermodynamics or the fact everything runs down. These folks outlived what seemed to be their normal life spans by 30 years or more because as they told me their family members all perished at early ages due to one factor or another often family diseases. These folks ate well, avoided junk foods - well sparingly ate it because as one told me “Ya gotta have your Twinkies once in a while but not every week or what is life about? LoL” - exercised, found a companion to share life with and looked for contentment not happiness. Why not happiness? One elderly lady told me, “Happiness is elusive and always either out of reach or beyond where one can have; but contentment is where you choose to make do and enjoy your self-worth as well as what you already have. Learn to accept that and rest falls into place.”
So to sum up all this, I’d like for you to walk away with the understanding that just because you’re going to start practicing the occult and walking the path you are not nor never will be Superman/Supergirl impervious to any harm because while your ancestors may step in once in a while to guard you from harm They are not always going to wipe your bum for you! Grow up and take responsibility, act like an adult, behave and stop doing downright STUPID things you know are inching you closer to the grave and just do the right things and you'll live a much better, longer life span.