Thursday, June 20, 2019

Occultists Are Not Superbeings

[CAUTION: this blog uses lots of personal opinions and naughty words in case you are a sensitive soul. Be forewarned before being offended!]

There seems to be some confusion among folks out there that once you start practicing the occult and working with spirits, making pacts, even joining an African religion, that you somehow become immune to all harm, disease, illness and even death. I really do not understand this notion because it is wholly false and misguided. Whoever is putting these ideas into your head is evil and making you look just plain stupid.

Caveat Emptor aka Bullshit Sellers

        I do know of one occult organization which I USED to be associated with years ago who began to propate this idiotic nonsense to their membership and sold "energized waters" and all sorts of faked "Atlantean" products which were nothing more than bottled water charged on a radionic machine. The guy solid tonics & elixirs which he originally bought as flavored brandies and other liquors and again merely put them on a radionic machine to "charge" them. Ugh. Yet this asshat would sell this shite for unholy amounts of money to his membership and his 'catalog'. Trust me that con artist isn't the only one out there pulling this sort of scam as there are tons of others doing the same even born-again cults with energized holy waters, waters from the so-called River Jordan, "Blessed Waters of Life" and everything else. I heard all sorts of "Life Extension Technologies" discussion talks when I was with this old organization as our fearless leader would babble on and on like a mental patient about this drivel on how we could live so much longer by buying this product when all the jerk wanted was our $$$. I was having none of it. Caveat emptor: let the buyer beware!

Immortality? LoL Death Comes For Us All

Sorcery, magic and spirits do not make one impervious to harm or death. When it is your time to die, guess what? Death is coming to take you. End of the story. Why people think anyone is somehow Superman just because they learn how to burn candles, create talismans, summon spirits or even make pacts with denizens of the Nether world is beyond me.
What these misguided folk fail to understand is that your fate is still in your own hands. For instance if you eat unhealthy foods then you will reap unhealthy benefits to your body and the spirits won’t give a damn. Why? Well it’s not Their fault you shove junk into your body or smoke cigarettes/vape, drink alcohol in ridiculous amounts, take unknown pills from strangers just to get a buzz - all of that ignorant shit is on YOU, Jack!
Sure you made a pact with X spirit but even if you asked for a long life the spirit is under no obligation to oblige. Why? Well your deal was made it was with the understanding that you are going to do everything within your own power to live as long as you can as well as you can. (Hello McFly? Anyone home?) You simply cannot sign on with a spirit, even activate your Head Spirit or HGA then go out and act like a moron consuming junk, drinking like a god’s damned fool at every party - and yes even your HGA or Head Spirit loves to tie one on once in a while but NOT EVERY BLOODY TIME! Or smoke like chimney &/or imbibe pills at every turn even if you have actual pain.

Head Spirits, HGAs & Invulnerability

Further you are not impervious to harm so slow the hell down because if you expect your Head Spirit, HGA or some pact spirit to save your idiot skin for driving like a moron behind the wheel of a vehicle then you very well may be one of the dumbest living beings in all of creation behind the domestic turkey. Possibly you might live to survive an automotive wreck then you get to deal all of the fallout from Johnny Law, the courts, and etc because as my late sheriff deputy friend used to say, "It's not IF but WHEN you either get caught speeding or wrap yourself around a pole that happens because you cannot always account for the other driver's reaction to you."
        Frankly I’m of the opinion far too many people are being given Head Spirits when they have not demonstrated the least level of common sense and most of the ones who claim they have their HGA are just imagining their Nativity Angel as their HGA which is utter horseshit since those are two separate spirits and have nothing to do with one another.

You Are Watching Too Many Movies... Again!

If you believe you wield magic like the Ancient One or Dr Strange and cannot be harmed then you are not long for this world of the living - make preparations for how you wish to buried because you my friend are a simpleton and need to purge that crap OUT of your head before you either hurt yourself or someone else. If you can still stub your toe, smash your thumb and choke on a glass of liquid then guess what? Your body is every bit as human and susceptible to harm as the rest of ours is and it’s high time you wake up and realize it.

Can't the Occult Extend Your Life?

Yes IF you do your part and again you “must do” your part. I have met some very old occult practitioners who seemingly defied age but alas even they succumbed to the forces of death eventually. It is the way of Second Law of Thermodynamics or the fact everything runs down. These folks outlived what seemed to be their normal life spans by 30 years or more because as they told me their family members all perished at early ages due to one factor or another often family diseases. These folks ate well, avoided junk foods - well sparingly ate it because as one told me “Ya gotta have your Twinkies once in a while but not every week or what is life about? LoL” - exercised, found a companion to share life with and looked for contentment not happiness. Why not happiness? One elderly lady told me, “Happiness is elusive and always either out of reach or beyond where one can have; but contentment is where you choose to make do and enjoy your self-worth as well as what you already have. Learn to accept that and rest falls into place.”
So to sum up all this, I’d like for you to walk away with the understanding that just because you’re going to start practicing the occult and walking the path you are not nor never will be Superman/Supergirl impervious to any harm because while your ancestors may step in once in a while to guard you from harm They are not always going to wipe your bum for you! Grow up and take responsibility, act like an adult, behave and stop doing downright STUPID things you know are inching you closer to the grave and just do the right things and you'll live a much better, longer life span.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Non-Vedic Karma VS A New Paradigm

Excerpt from my forthcoming sorcery book:

I often hear a lot of people lay claim to a term that they claim they know a great deal about but when I begin to question them, I soon discover their knowledge of the subject is vastly limited. No I’m not talking about necromancy or sorcery but rather I’m speaking of actual karma or Vedic karma.

It seems over the years from the time Madam Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society introduced this concept to the west, somehow occultists somehow twisted this idea up into a new age idea that doesn’t even remotely resemble the original Vedic belief.

Honestly I cannot say if it was Blavatsky & her Theosophical crew who mangled this ancient idea OR if it was some later well meaning occultist who did it but somehow the idea of Vedic karma which had to do with your reincarnation into the next life got mangled into some new age notion that “what goes around comes around”.

Now do I personally believe in “karma”? Vedic karma perhaps however the jury is out on that one. Frankly it is a cultural belief that Blavatsky stole from India and brought to the west in the late 1800's. Prior to this time, you cannot find any idea, thought nor belief of any sort that even remotely resembles Vedic karma other than Judeo-Xian concept of eternal salvation/suffering for your deeds during this lifetime. (And that’s a very poor example.)

Also I’m not one for whites stealing ideas from indigenous cultures and using them as if they were their own. Believe it or not white folks have stolen numerous ideas, beliefs and practices from countless indigenous cultures then assimilated them as their own -  over centuries. I find this practice in poor taste to say the least and that’s being as polite as I can about it.

So people often ask me, “Well gee Moloch, if you don’t believe in Karma or ‘What goes around, comes around’, then what DO you believe?” Okay here is what I believe for the record, I do not believe non-Vedic new age Karma or the adage "what goes around, comes around" however I certainly DO believe “Stupid actions will result in bad consequences to the degree of stupidity expended!" This means when cousin Wilbur is tanked up on a 24 pack of Budweiser and he wants to jump a home made ramp on his four wheeler, there is a strong likelihood something bad is going to happen to him. No “Karma” involved, just bad consequences for a stupid decision.

If your neighbor Jeffie gets caught stealing from his mom’s purse, that’s not Karma, rather that is a stupid decision and a bad consequence will eventually result. It is like my late friend Bob who was a deputy Sheriff for 20 years said, “It’s not IF you get caught but WHEN you get caught speeding and thus why Police never believe your story because we know you do it all the time - you’ve done it hundreds of times before. Everyone lies about driving fast so they deserve a ticket.” A stupid decision to constantly speed WILL lead to eventually getting caught by the Police because you ‘always’ do it never thinking about your actions thus it is not Karma but simply a bad consequence of a stupid decision. Karma has nothing to do with this.Your personal choices will.

Decisions garner consequences both good or bad and bad decisions will often result in bad consequences. Period. How hard is it for anyone reading this to grasp the concept? WHY must you turn it into something metaphysical when it is wholly unnecessary to do so? You’re being foolish and silly by doing that.

Because worrying about Karma stymies your metaphysical work. You end up fretting over harming someone and thus do nothing which is anathema to being a Witch, MagiciKian or Sorcerer. These days even some Vodu Priests & Priestesses a.k.a. Houngans & Mambos respectively, as well as Santeros & Santeras, and other African practitioners are buying into new age Karma nonsense which has no place in African cosmology. None.

Ask yourself, “Why did I choose to leave my childhood religion and become a ___ (Witch, Occultist, Sorcerer, & etc.)” Most likely it is because you sought freedom from the confines of the patriarchal beliefs faith and all of it’s “Thou Shalt Not’s”. However you join a spiritual belief system only to instill yet MORE of the same mystical nonsense in the form of a belief that has no basis in fact because it is a twisted form of the original belief from the Sanskrit and that was all about reincarnation. For the love of Aphrodite, why??? You didn’t have enough shackles in the old belief system so you want more in your new one? Is total freedom too much for you to handle??

Some people can’t handle total freedom so they need shackles of rules and conformity. Okay that’s you but STOP preaching Karma is for everyone, jerkoff because you sound exactly like those damned Baptist preachers who go around telling everyone including yourself that we’re all going to Hell if we don’t repent. (Ringing any bells here bub?)

It is fine if you wish to adopt new age Karma for yourself genius but it is not all right for you to proclaim it as gospel for the rest of us! Period. End of story. If you disagree with that latter statement, then you have either disregarded everything I have stated previously due to your pigheaded mentality OR you’ve been lured in by the new age authors who have you believing you must wander and preach Karma to the masses like you’re some half-witted prophet.

No one is saying you’re wrong for believing what you wish to believe. Hell if you desire to believe we’re all just amoebas floating in a cosmic petri dish, be my guest but to go around telling others new age Karma is “true” is a damn lie when it certainly is NOT! If you think I am wrong here then PROVE it is true. Be my guest. Prove to me, beyond a reasonable doubt, with evidence that would convince a jury of my peers in a court of law. If not, then you cannot prove it.

Try switching your paradigm to reflect bad decisions cause bad consequences for a change and you will begin to see life in a whole new light and you will also begin to realize you can work your JuJu without fear of reprisal. This should be a big help to get many things done which you held off in the past so that you can achieve more for your life all by dropping a goofy new age belief and adopting a cold, clinical rational one instead.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

From Guede to the Ancestors: Adding to the Litany

I was saddened to hear that Pagan author Edain McCoy passed away from the influenza virus recently. She makes the third Pagan author in March that has left our world to journey on as D.J. Conway and Raven Grimassi both have passed away in as many weeks in this month.

Even though I may not have been a huge fan of their literary works should not mean I do not get sad when our people pass on. For one thing, they spent their lives not only sharing their metaphysical beliefs with the world trying to be good representatives yet also showing they were human not someone who should be placed upon pedestals which all too often happens to evangelists in mainstream religions.

Secondly they also shared their knowledge and experience through their written words and regardless of whether you or I agree with what they wrote they influenced a lot of folks. Some of whom left mainstream religions and began walking a path of alternative spirituality. That alone speaks volumes about them and their character.

It bothers me today when the occult/metaphysical communities worry and cry over some actor or musician passing away than they do one of their own. I find that rather sad in its own right. Here you have someone in your own backyard who has toiled to help make our world a better place often speaking out against mainstream religious persecution, tyrannical beliefs and overt hubris as well as spending time with Novices who contact them begging help impinging on their time, efforts and resources and in other ways you cannot begin to imagine.

Yet I see the Pagan/occult community throw out contrived grief when musicians, actors, race car drivers, sports figures, and other “celebrities” die even from stupid accidents which could easily have been avoided had they used a wee bit of common sense instead of taking more drugs or imbibing more liquor. But these celebrities are cherished even though none of them aren’t known personally yet the communities act as if these fake celebrities were a part of our communities.

And when was the last time David Bowie, Anthony Bourdain, Penny Marshall, Alan Rickman or any other of the other celebrities ever donated their time, money or resources to helping OUR communities? Hmmm? When? Please tell me. Do you know of any specific time when a big name musician, actor, sports figure or someone else donated any of their time or resources to help OUR COMMUNITY? If not then pray tell what are you crying over? Because they got paid for their entertaining and believe you me they were paid very well for it. So you need not shed too many tears over them.

Yet when one of our own celebrated authors pass on, nary a word is said about it, and I highly doubt any of you shed one single tear for them! Did you bother to even light a single candle in their memory? Probably not. Maybe now you will after my prodding, if you're not too stingy but you should not have to be impelled to do something like this in the first place.

I was saddened when Andrew Chumbley died at such a young age in his mid-30's again even though I wasn’t a huge fan of his occult works yet he was another author who managed to reach out and touch a lot of souls through his occult writings. When you can do this sort of thing and influence people in a way that helps bolster their confidence to pick up their broken lives and carry on in the face of disparaging odds, it says something about you as an author, a teacher and a person. It means the spirits have blessed you. 

And we will never know exactly how many people our celebrated community authors like Gerald Gardner, Stewart Farrar, ‘Horrible’ Herman Slater, Ophiel, William G. Gray, Israel Regardie, Isaac Bonewits, Dorene Valiente, Patricia & Arnold Crowther, Sybil Leek, Margot Adler, and of course modern authors like Don Michael Kraig, D.J. Conway, Raven Grimassi & more recently Edain McCoy had on Novices to join our Pagan and occult communities. We can only guess and that is pure speculation at best since there is no way to do any sort of accurate census.

Why Care? They’re Just Authors Anyway!

To me, these metaphysical, occult and Pagan authors are more than just mere authors. They are philosophers, thinkers, believers, doers and their books offer hope in the form of knowledge coupled with wisdom of their workings sprinkled with anecdotes sometimes with mistakes showing you what NOT to do.

In a sense they’re friends and advisors which is hard to get especially when you’re alone in a world surrounded by a bunch of knee-jerk reactionaries from a mainstream  religion whose only belief is intolerance to all other spiritual ideas, regardless of what they may be nor how benign they are. And believe you me, that in itself can be a warm comforting thought when you’re alone.

I also consider occultists, Pagans and even New Agers part of my “extended” tribe. Yes I’ve moved on from these practices since the early 2000's however I still feel friendly towards these folk because this is where I began, these are my roots if you will and so these folk are part of my extended tribe or family. 

From Guede to the Litany

As I’ve written before, I use a litany in my spiritual work or my family members to call their names so that They will not be forgotten when I work with my Ancestors. This isn’t anything I was taught but rather something I myself came up with simply as a device to help me keep family members and select loved ones coming to the Ancestral shrine.

Also, as I’ve stated elsewhere about the Ancestral shrine, it is permissible to add non-family members to your shrine if you desire - that is so long as your Ancestors agree. This means you need to get the permission of your Ancestors first before adding photographs and images to the shrine.

However my Ancestors have informed me that it does not harm anyone to use “litanies” of names for those whom you love, respect and admire who have passed on from this plane of existence. This means it is all right to write out a list of names of deceased folks whom you admire and respect and call out to them to simply say “You are not forgotten!” Now it is not necessary to do anything else meaning you do not need to give these extra names any water nor candles nor any photographs, just recite their names is all. You are doing this purely out of respect.

I have begun to use a litany of names of folks I deem worthy of respect from the occult, Pagan and metaphysical communities whose achievements I feel are worthwhile and warrant to be remembered for more than mere lip service by people talking good or bad about their book now and then. For me, this is working out well because it does not interfere with my regular family litany which of course I do first, attend to their needs then I recite the litany of author names who I feel are worthy. Whether you feel this one should be included or excluded is moot because that is none of your concern. If you wish to create your own Author Litany, then you are welcome to do so at your leisure and I recommend you do so as well as created a Family Litany as I have previously stated. Remember they do not have to be an author to be added to your litany either as a friend who was an occultist, Pagan or New Ager can also be added.

Give this a go and let me know how this is working out for you. I feel over time, we may be able to turn these former authors into community saints if you will but then that is an essay for another time which I will get to.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ancestral Salute & A Skull Cleansing

I’m really not interested in hearing a lot of kvetching going on about certain practices labeled intensive yet this is exactly what I end up hearing from many of you about them. “They’re too difficult!” or “They take up too much of my time!” yet these self-same people are adept at memorizing sports statistics of their favorite teams for the past 20 to 30 years OR in-depth lines from their favorite films. Really? C’mon now. How is that any sort of excuse?

It amazes me how easy it is for people to sit and memorize the LBRP without any strain yet when asked to do so, people have difficulty memorizing the Weedly Ancestral Salute? Seriously? You can memorize that and perform it in less than sixty seconds and that’s going at a leisurely pace. So what is the big issue here? I don’t understand other than laziness? And believe me, you’re talking to the put-off-until-later king here.

Weekly ancestral salutes help bring you closer to your ancestors and as stated previously not just your familial ancestors but also Humanity’s Ancestors as well whom you share as a common bond thus you need to spend time saluting Them out of respect even when you believe your familial ancestors were a no-good lot and they very well may be but that’s not for us to judge as the rest of the ancestors will judge them.


Every person always wonders the BIG QUESTION or WIIFM what’s in it for me? When it comes to doing anything for someone else, this question always pops up in one form or another. Else why would you bother to don multi-colored robes, burn smelly incense, wave painted sticks in the air, chant words, phrases & barely intelligible names and so on? Because you’re expecting a big payoff in the end.

Okay so if you salute your ancestors, what’s in it for you? How about blessings from your ancestors? Not enough? (Or you simply don’t care?) How about you’ll get fewer hassles in life? Less headaches? Stronger hunches to avoid things? Even to go so far as that little voice in the back of your mind will practically begin to SHOUT warnings at you that you’ll stand up and take notice of!

Would you like some powers? No really. I’m talking actual powers. Now I’m NOT suggesting anything out of the ordinary here of course however you do have the potential to be a cut above so you have at least one gift to develop and your ancestors can help you develop it. Of course They will not do it all for you just because you asked nor because you wanted Their help. However They can greatly facilitate your ability to gain metaphysical abilities that you felt were completely above and beyond you.

First, you must make contact with your ancestors. This is the most important part. Ideally I always recommend to a Novice that s/he spends at least 30 days of contact saluting and talking to their ancestors. Why? Because 30 is a solid number of time and shows you have committed to Them a block of time dedicated in calling and welcoming Them into your domicile.

Secondly, you also must also spend some time letting your ancestors know what is going on in the world around you. Who is doing what, what is going on with your current family, local/national news (yes read Them the paper or at least the headlines on occasion), if you had relatives who were sports fans then tell ‘em who won big games, if someone in the family had a baby, show Them a photo of the baby and give the child’s name, and so on. Draw Them into your life. These are going to be more than just your honor guard.

Make Them some strong coffee. Make it black. The dead love black coffee even if they liked it with cream and sugar in life, serve it black with sweetening packets next to cup and milk agent next to the cup as well because many alive prefer their coffee black so give the spirits Their coffee black. Always. Without fail. When you give Them something be prepared to ask for something in return.

Are you required to have cemetery dirt on your ancestral shrine? No, not at all. You can however place a small dish of cemetery dirt ‘under’ the shrine but do not put it on top of Their shrine. At least my ancestor spirits do not like dirt on Their shrine like that. In fact, mine will put up with some dust on Their shrine but not me putting actual dirt, even cemetery dirt, on their shrine unless They specifically ask for such to be placed on there.

Unlike grimoire spirits, ancestor spirits prefer to earn what They are given. Ceremonial MagicKians are wont to either to GIVE things to grimoire spirits willy nilly OR not give spirits anything because it’s just some old spirit listed in a grimoire whereas the ancestors prefer to earn Their keep so remember to ask for what it is you truly desire and be respectful about it meaning try not to ask for the moon. Although this doesn’t mean you cannot ask for large requests, just break it down into manageable steps and ask for the steps that you are able to attain with a little help from them.

Moloch’s Potent Ancestral Cleansing Candle

This little ditty I began using when I noticed Uncrossing spells weren’t working fully up to snuff on either myself or clients. I began experimenting to see what I could find that would toss in some serious oomph to the mix and I believe I have found it.

Required Materials:
1 white skull candle
1 bottle of Kabala oil
1 packet of cemetery dirt
a single relic from you (strand of hair, a nail paring, & etc)

What you do is turn the skull over and take your ritual dagger and hollow out some of the wax from the bottom of the skull candle. The hole does not have to be too deep but you want it to be such that you could put your forefinger into it. Then place a few drops of the Kabala oil into the hole and say "Mars Thincsus" as you do this. Then sprinkle in a tiny pinch of the cemetery dirt. Now place a relic of yours in the hole be it a nail paring, hair (can be from your head, leg, big toe, wherever you can get one), then use a burning candle and drip some wax over the hole to close it. Now flip the skull candle back over and set it on a ceramic plate. Dress the candle with the Kabala oil as you say, “O Mars Thincsus, defend and banish all evil from me!” continuously as you rub the Kabala oil on the candle until it is fully coated.

Light some incense such as frankincense while facing East. Meditate on yourself and the issues that are plaguing you. Ask your ancestors to come to your aid to help give you relief while asking Tyr to lead your ancestors to victory on your behalf. Dab a bit of the Kabala oil on your forehead & chest. Breathe deep and get yourself into a relaxed state of mind. Lower your heart rate and calm your mind.[1]

Light the skull candle. Since there aren’t any ancient hymns to Tyr, we must use a modern one and here is one created by the Norse scholar Diana Paxon:

To Tyr

Living Irminsul, Lord Tyr--
Bright the blade in left hand bearing,
Wolf´s bait the right, a hidden witness
To faith forsworn for Asgard´s frith.
When bitter words bring men to battle,
Truth denied, and trust betrayed,
Reputation replaces honor.
Defender, Asgard´s doom delaying,
Your honor in that hour was offered.
Can you teach us, Tyr, to tell
When to stand fast against the fearful
And when to sacrifice our souls?”

Focus on the flame. Speak aloud the password, “Tyr, lord of the armies of Asgaard, in the name of Dyeus fly to my aid...” and tell Tyr to remove the negativity, terrible conditions and bad things from around you. Explain how you want to be rid of addictions, overcome bad habits, find your way and kick off all of the negative people who haunt your life with their jealousies, hatreds and pettiness. Now is the time to be specific. Remember Tyr is both a law-giver (lawyer) and judge so be blatantly truthful with Him


1 If you have difficulty with relaxation, deep breathing or are unsure how to get yourself into an altered state, get a copy of my booklet, “The Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment" from

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Occult Self-Employment - CM's Saber Rattling Again!

There seems to be a consensus among certain select “practitioners” and I use that term loosely because these folks tend to be more judgmental worrying about what you are doing rather than what they themselves are accomplishing, running around kvetching over whether or not you or I are making $$$ off our occult work. I know, I know this silly old yarn rearing its ugly head once more instead of otherwise intelligent people just going about normal jobs and personal practice of the occult.

Why this is an issue yet again I do not know. I thought ceremonial magicKians were smarter than this nonsense yet I see they’re merely run-of-the-mill gossips caught up in drama to the point it’s become ridiculous. The fact is there are no rules nor laws forbidding the use of the occult to make $$$ with are there? Even so such a law is called “Denying Yourself A Livelihood” when one iof these laws is enacted. You have the right to study just about any profession there is other than medicine, law or perhaps a mortician but otherwise most professions allow you to study and work them from home and so long as you follow state, federal & local laws there should be no reason why you cannot go into business for yourself. Magic included.

But Is Being Self-Employed Worth It?

This is the $64,000 question and one that only you can answer. It truly has its pros and cons. First off you are your own boss. Let me repeat that you are your own boss. You have to live with your own mistakes, BS, failures, and all of the tedious nonsense that comes with not making the cut which let’s face it if anyone says they never have bad days, weeks or even bad months is an out and out liar. So don’t listen to them or you will find yourself in the poor house soon mumbling a bunch of phony “Rah! Rah!” hype that doesn’t work. As your own boss, you must motivate yourself and stay motivated. Each day is an adventure and you have to treat it like an 8-5 work work day. Much of what you’ll do is custom work whether it’s blend an oil to get it right, create a talisman from scratch, concoct a JuJu bag or say a whole litany of prayers for a single client whose in over their head.

But Wait! There’s More!

When you’re self employed, you’re never done working. Since many of us utilize astrological aspects to our JuJu, these situations revolve around select timings of morning, afternoon and many late night hours. That can mean many missed TV shows or precious time with family & loved ones but the work HAS to be done since you’re being paid for it. You’re also having to constantly make runs to stores to locate and pick up items for spells & rituals, to craft items and ship finished products out to clients.

Further you’re reading and studying to keep up on some things you learned a long while ago yet may have forgotten about. Thus why you keep a library of books even when you have withdrawn the best of the material into your notebooks for use later. Then you’ll have the “help me!” runs where you’re involved making something or doing prayers and you get that phone call to come to someone’s rescue for (insert reason here) which just screws up your whole day and plan.

One top of all of this, your sleep patterns begin to get fubar’d due to being up and down all hours of the day/night for rituals & spells. I don’t go through this myself today being initiated as when I did prior years ago but still it’s a hassle. Then you have to do the accounting – not just your income or all of that lovely headache but also your inventory of what you have on hand at any given time because when you don’t have the Healing bath ready to ship or all the necessary ingredients guess what? Do you get a client who wantst that bath? NOOOOO! You get three clients who want to purchase Healing baths. And one of them wants it yesterday.

And on top of all of this, you still somehow have to continue to hone your own methods and techniques. You also have to explore and delve into new territories and vistas else you will never grow. So you have to determine just how much work you can reasonably take on and deal with. Remember you’re thinking, “Well I’m my own boss so I can work whenever I want!” Uh no you can’t. You only have 24 hours in a day’s time there bub and that’s 1,040 minutes. Hello? May seem like a lot but you know darn well how easy ti is for all of it to vanish when you’re screwing around on the Net, drinking or smoking with someone, watching the tube, taking that *cough, cough* “short” nap, and so many other time wasters.

Being self-employed is not for everyone. Just like all of the McWiccans who want to open their own occult shop. LoL Right! Most of them go out of business because:

1. The proprietor never worked in retail & had no idea what s/he was in for!

2. The hours were too long to deal with. (usually 9 am until 6 pm+)

3. It was boring between customers.

4. it was a lot of tedious, menial, repetitive work

5. You have to sometimes deal with snotty customers

6. The proprietor discovered it’s a boutique business & “Word of Mouth” just doesn’t bring in enough paying customers.

7. Advertising by conventional means is expensive.

8. Opening a retail store on a shoestring budget is a plan for disaster.

9. You can’t afford to pay anyone to work as an employee anytime soon.

10. It takes a LOT of sticks of incense sold to pay the rent.

11. Everyone who walks in the door expects free metaphysical advice.

12. Retail is a grind day in, day out 365 days a year. You have to LOVE it and have it in your blood to be successful at it.

Still most folks who want to be their own boss have never bothered to take so much as a time management course in their life to help them measure, sort quantify & qualify their time which is their most precious commodity. Once time is gone, it’s gone and you can never retrieve it.

But It’s About the $$$$$$, Right?

If $$$$$ is your sole motivation, then no it’s not the right thing for you. You need to find work that truly interests you whether it's repairing bicycles or lawnmowers, cutting hair & doing makeup, being an Uber driver or selling on Etsy, do what you love to do not what you THINK will make you the most money.

Look, Metaphysical work is not for everyone. You have to have this in your blood OR have a calling to it. Some of us have a calling because of our initiations unlike those so-called initiations you get from questionable “spirits” you play around with. There’s a dufus from South America who fancies himself an African Religious Practitioner yet also a “Ceremonial MagicKian” who runs around pontificating on how, what, why and so on about Haitian Vodu and other African spiritual practices. This dufus has only hearsay to go by since he’s not initiated into Haitian Vodu so whatever he has to say is third hand info at best. He may be a construction worker but do you take electrical advice form a mason tender because he too works on a construction site? OR do you ask an actual electrician? If you want to know about Ifa, ask someone who practices Ifa; if you want to know about Santeria, ask someone who practices Santeria; if you want to know about New Orleans Voodoo, ask someone who practices New Orleans Voodoo; but if you want to know about Haitian Vodu, then ask someone who actually practices Haitian Vodu, not some wannabe pretender.

There are pitfalls just as there are working in retail aside from the hassles I mentioned previously:

1. Too Many Clients Vying for Your Time – it may seem the crazy thing but when you have too many trying to hit you up for work, this gets tricky and you need to know when to back off and say “thank you but my plate is full”. Know your limitations. Learn when to be able to tell clients I cannot or cannot right at this time. IF they want you bad enough, they’ll wait until you have time for them. I’ve had some clients wait as long as a year before I could get to them.

2. Clients Wanting the Moon & Then Some – here your client wants it all. Leave nothing out. They send you a long list of desires in a working and they want it all to come to pass. These folks watch far too much TV.

3. Clients Trying to Nit Pick How Your Working Needs to Work – these folks think they’re ordering off a menu and that your spells & spirits can simply give them exactly what they while excluding other things. These clients also watch far too much TV and need to get a clue.

4. I’ve Gone Through X Spellcasters Until I found You! - this is often (though not always) the greeting of financially broke and wishful thinker. Look, I realize a lot of people out there are financially stuck be they on disability, welfare, meager pensions or hell sometimes they’re homeless with zip to their name. Here’s where you have to determine how many of these you are able to and going to help of your own accord. Your resources are not unlimited as candles, oils, and so forth are not cheap so unless you’re one of those who says they do all of their JuJu with their “mind power” then lemme know, I’ll send these folks over to you 'Mr. Mind Power'.

5. Clients Who Want Something Unethical – hey I’m NOT preaching here. Merely saying IF you get a client who wants something you’re just not willing to do or uninterested in doing, then this is a thing and it’s often a semi/regular thing and you have to deal with it. For instance I seem to attract female clients whose men have wandered, gotten some other woman pregnant so the first woman wants me to use my JuJu & Spirits to abort the fetus. If you threw some poor tenants out into the freezing cold then I have no issues screwing you over with JuJu however I'm not going to take your female ego issues out on an unbordn child. 

6. You Finish With A Client – and They Want More – this isn’t a really big deal unless you have other clients waiting and as I mentioned in #1, you only have so much time on your plate. So you finish with a client, they’re happy and “Oh by the way….” which is a common thing. You need to be able to say, Okay but back to the end of the line as nicely as possible. Unless you can find that big fish who wants you to just work for him/her alone and be on their payroll. (Good l uck with that!)

Sometimes it's just better NOT to get involved with a client in the first place. That's why I have a list of people I refuse to work for which I've been circulating among select practitioners as a way to forewarn others of people who are hard to deal with (want the moon, nit pickers, require you to contact them daily, won't pay balances, and etc) Why get involved with someone who may have issues when they are a total mess to begin with?

It’s not what everyone thinks about when they make these idiotic comments or statements in groups/chat rooms about metaphysicians doing their spiritual work for $$$$ but rather the fact there's sour grapes at all. So how about you shut the fuck up, mind your own damn business and everything will sort itself out, okay? No one asked you to try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist nor to create one either! You can’t stomach those of us who sell our abilities? Fine. Unfriend us. Ignore us even but stop trying to make this an issue when there is no issue, fool.

Now if you want to make $$$$$ with sorcery, then I highly suggest getting a sales job. Find a good one NOT one of those stupid MLM ones as they’re garbage. Why? Because you don’t need to be worrying about recruiting, training, managing nor motivating a down-line while you are out trying to sell your products & services. Hello? Do one thing and do it well. Let someone else recruit, train & manage. That’s how MLM companies screw you over. Focus on selling. If you can’t sell, the go become a manage somewhere.

Selling is not easy albeit it’s not impossible to learn and do. First find a product/service people need AND want, then find a company who provides it with a 1099 commission package (generous commission structure, bonuses, etc), obtain a position with them (jupiter, Venus & Mercury will be good for this), get trained (Mercury), and start selling (Mercury). You can also use plenty of old time Witchcraft spells like Money Aid, Change My Luck, along with a host of occult oils, JuJu bags, dolls & poppets, candles, images, talismans, you name it. You can even employ things like biofeedback to help you reduce your stress without using drugs (in case your company randomly test), meditation to help you find new clients & ideas, and so on.

So to sum up, there’s no issue at all. Just merely a few rabble rousers who have nothing going on in their lives so they want to stir the pot. They need to go back to their IT/IS jobs or whatever most CM’s do for a living these days, and let everyone else deal with their own work. No one cares about them or their petty issues so they’re trying to make drama. Nothing more. If you continue to listen to these people you’ll get caught up in the hoopla and hype along with their tent revival histrionics.

Brother Moloch 969
copyright January 2019
All rights reserved

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Are Spirits Real or Imaginary? Old Argument Rears Up Once More

Recently in an online discussion group, an individual professed to the group that gods and spirits do not exist thus why he could not work the old grimoires as stated in their instructions. Now this is his belief and you may wonder why ol’ Moloch here got his dander up over this, right? Well these online groups have a tendency to attract a LOT of folks who are new to occultism, sorcery & magic as well as many who are fence sitters where such things are often argued and hashed out. I’d like to take a moment and give some rational explanations as to why I feel anyone who makes a full fledged statement to the negative on this subject is not an occultist but rather someone dressing up and just pretending to be one.

Leprechauns Don’t Exist!

The chap’s argument stemmed around his “fact” that Leprechauns do not actually exist. Really? According to whom? By what authority? Oh I’m not talking about the little thieving miscreants we know and love from Irish folklore who wear green attire, hoard gold and hide their stash at the end of rainbows. Of course those are just caricatures of our imaginations of what the Leprechauns looked like. However in every myth, every bit of folklore there are kernels of truth IF you’re not to bloody lazy to get off your fat duffs and dig for these kernels.

Rather I’m talking about ancient Irish warrior spirits whose job it was to guard clan & community treasuries. These spirits are ancestral spirits of the dead. Some may even refer to Them as the Mighty Dead as a number of them were magical practitioners when alive. They leaned on canes as they grew in age which came to be known as their shillelagh. Also the reason the shamrock was sacred to Them was due to it was used in Their magic when alive. However there is a lot of misconceptions about these spirits due to the wild tales told by drunks and folks who passed on the tales of these spirits to the point Their exploits became near godlike.

The issue modern practitioners have about spirits is plenty but the main one is they buy into this modern fable of scientism and it’s bastard child Psychology which tells us spirits are nothing more than “archetypes”, “psychosis”, “complexes”, “beliefs” all part of our “collective unconscious”. These psycho-babble terms are 60+ y/o terms Psycho-quacks came up with in an attempt to explain the unexplainable because as we all know when Psychologists cannot figure out something, they invent a label for it then pin it on you. These labels are a kinder way of trying to inform you that such experiences are only in your head aka ‘figments of your own imagination’. In other words, you’re bloomin’ nuts, amigo.

So what does modern psychology do? Refer you to a psychiatrist, the even wackier version of a psychologist who has a MD degree and can dispense mind altering drugs such as Paxil, Prozac, Effexor or Zoloft to manage your obvious bi-polar disorder. Why? Well rational people DON’T talk to spirits, mate! Well what about Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha and so forth? Typically those spirits don’t talk back and give useful answers to Joe & Mary Sixpack. This is what modern science thinks about your spiritual beliefs and personal experiences with these denizens. So is it any wonder a goodly number of you are only interested in just “Ritual Drama” a.k.a. Live Action Role Playing for occultists for your so-called magicK? You’re too afraid to give real spirit contact a try because you fear you may be successful then you’ll have not only zero excuses you’ll also have spirits talking back to you and that terrifies you. Admit it.

Spirits DO Exist & Here’s Why...

What you and your non-believing brethren fail to understand is that the universe is a whole helluva lot bigger than the sum of your head. Yes you have a universe inside your noggin, certainly but that’s just micro-cosmic and it’s all about help YOU, Slim, not about fixing aunt Jenine's broken leg or cousin Buck’s impending prison sentence which you know is fixed by bloody criminal in the so-called justice system. Yet you believe you can waltz around inside your noggin either working pathways like ceremonial magicKians are wont to do or meditate it away like new agers typically try and do. However as many of you know who have tried these methods (like I have way back when) they don’t do jack squat for anyone else.

What I find humorous is that scientists tell us that our own galaxy is a vast 100,000 by 150,000 light years big which means to traverse our galaxy alone, we’d have to travel at the speed of light in a year’s time for 100,000 years to make it across one way alone. Then add another 50,000 years of travel to that time to make it across the other way. Hello, McFly anyone home? That is vast and we just live in a small part of our galaxy out near the edge of it. Then we’re told our (macro) universe is even more immense because its age is reputed to be well over 14,000,000,000 years old and though recently another group of scientists came out saying they believe the universe always was and it has no beginning and far to its size they believe its never ending.

Mind boggling? Definitely. Yet you think we are all that’s out there? Our bits of carbon. Such hubris and arrogance. Every time a so-called educated individual comes out with such a proclamation, it’s not long that later we discover to find how wrong they were. Look at all of the learned men over the ages who made idiotic proclamations in the name of education and science that we later learned was flat out WRONG such as the earth was flat, the sun circled the earth, different weights fall at different speeds and other dubious claims that have been proven wrpmg with careful experimentation. Remember they also believed believed steel was too heavy to float on water to ever be useful to build a ship from unitl it was done in the Civil War. Then later it was a scientist who stated that driving faster than 35 mph would be impossible because we’d not be able to breathe. Or what about the dubious idiots of science who emphatically stated we could not ever fly because we are too heavy and don’t have wings. Or (my favorite) the geniuses who argued tooth and nail that it was impossible to send a man out into space. Not only did we do that but we also sent numerous missions to the moon and brought them back to tell their exploits.

My point is that learned people with doctorates make idiotic claims all the fucking time. Just because you have a Ph.D does not mean you’re wiser than anyone else it means you are typically smarter in a select area of study for which you received recognition by your peers. That’s it. Even with that, look at how many people get degrees and are literal incompetents and morons in their own fields of study! Degrees are the results of test taking and some of these folks are just good at taking tests. It does not mean they’re better at doing their taxes, putting together Ikea furniture or rebuilding a Mitsubishi fuel injection system, all right?

No I’m not against education. Not in the least. Rather I’m leery of everyone who claims they’ve got a degree, even physicians. Why? Because there’s a LOT of quacks out there practicing medicine who should NOT be practicing! We used to laugh at Frank Burns on MASH yet that sort of physician exists and if you know of one, you should stay away and steer all of your loved ones away from such a quack. Today psychologists don’t refer to themselves as “Psychologist” but rather “Therapist” which is a generic term that is often not as scary for the old head shrink. So before you open up about your spirit experiences to others, beware just WHO you’re going to blab your experiences to, amigo.

Spirit Do You Hear Me?

One of the reasons I and many others get results in sorcery and primarily spirit work is that we use a formula that is both time tested and it works. First off we don’t buy into this bullshit that spirits only exist in our minds. Because when you take that approach, you have a tendency to be an asshole, a dictator, a my way or the highway sort of jerk. This is the premise the grimoires were written upon though I highly doubt the author’s knew squat about psychology rather they were trying to bully the spirit into submission through screaming holy names of Yahweh at it all because those dimwits mistakenly believed Yahweh created the universe. Why would they believe that if it weren’t ture? LoL Well chalk that up to a well done marketing strategy by Jews and those who were so enamored of the Hebrew Qabala. They didn’t realize the trappings of the Hebrew QBL such as the names, the Tree of Life glyph, the manuals like Zohar, the mythology such as Solomon’s temple being built by demons or Solomon and his entourage flying through the air on his magic carpet, and other mythological rigmarole just enthralls them. I know because it caught me up in its illusion as well for a decade.

We’ve already seen that the universe is vast. We also have no clue what all is out there either since all our astronomers can see is just a tiny portion of the universe. The key is when you make sincere effort and call to a spirit, something will respond to the name you used to summon It with. Did you get that? If not re-read that last sentence once again. It does not matter if It is THE real YHVH, Zeus, Obatala, Thor, Quetzalcoatl, Wolf or whomever, it’s that SOMETHING out there WILL respond when you are sincere, use courtesy and respect in calling. Now the big issue with academics who don’t believe like the self-proclaimed Luciferian genius from the on-line group kvetching about gods, spirits and Leprechauns, is that guys like him are too flaky and chicken to really give this a chance. Why? Because he’s an egotistical prick.

Think about it. Most academics are egotistical and this is one reason why so many incorrect assumptions and proclamations are publicly put forth then later retracted. Categorically speaking a wise academic withholds judgment until the evidence shows up however what I run into are the ones who refuse to even TRY summoning a spirit. In fact, if they try to summon a spirit typically it goes something like this: the academic stands in the well made circle, reads the general invocation for the spirit to appear and if the academic cannot see anything in a few moments, s/he deems the operation a useless waste of time and the whole thing is utter rubbish. They then go about claiming the medieval magicians ingested some form of hallucinogen whereby they spoke to a figment of their own imagination. That’s the extent of their “scientific experimentation” and they move on back to their harping that Crowley was right spirits are just aspects of one’s mind while continuing to wear their skeptic’s hat.

Tell Me About You

So when someone tries to force you to do something, especially with a negative bent to their voice or malicious attitude, how cooperative are you towards them? Be realistic here. Not talking about judges mind you since when we’re all in front of those guys it’s the only situation where I think any of us have to listen to their BS and put up with it OR else. But say anyone else? If someone were to call you out of the blue and insist, nay demand you come to an address you’ve never been to before, without reason or motive, just how willing would you be to jump to their orders and get right on it? Be honest here. So if not you then WHY should any spirit? Who the fuck are you to Them? You’re not Their master regardless of what the grimoires claim - that’s all hyperbole for your confidence. You can’t threaten the spirit or let’s say carry out any threat to It.

More Flies With Honey...

I got this idea after a failed summoning operation and I was in dire need. So I began to study the African traditions. Not to rob them of their beliefs or culturally pilfer anything from them mind you but actually LEARN something useful and I did. One thing I did learn from reading books about them, interviewing practitioners both online and in person was that they never tried to force their spirits to do anything. Instead they ‘asked’ more often humbly I might add, and offered courtesy and respect to their spirits. That alone was worth more than gold. So I figured if it worked for their spirits why wouldn’t it work for grimoire spirits, my ancestors and even so-called angels/demons I had tried to work with?

One of the other things I learned from the African religions was they tended to use offerings a lot. Of course I had heard many of them sacrificed chickens, goats, lambs, bulls & so on but as I talked to actual practitioners I discovered that this was not an everyday thing but often for either community ceremonies OR for severe even dire circumstances where a person’s health may be in jeopardy. For their usual work though most of them tended to use liquor - a LOT! Originally I thought the lot of them just a bunch of alcoholics until I found out none of them drank the booze they offered their spirits except to sip it out of respect to show the spirits it wasn’t poisoned. Then a Santera suggested I choose a single spirit to work with, even a pagan deity or hero would be fine, research the spirit, find out where in the world it was from and try to give the spirit as many of Its culture’s foods and cuisines as I could or as close approximations as possible. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, coinage & money, wines & liquors, photos and pictures of the land It was hailed from and even artistic drawings of the spirit Itself. All of these could be given, over time, one at a time, which should please the spirit and help It bond more closely.

The World Opens Up

I began to shed my original hypothesis that spirits were just in my head and started to meditate, pray to and open my mind to the spirit’s influence. Then things began to really take off! It didn’t matter to me whether or not the spirit actually existed at one time but that I managed to tap into Its current to the point I attracted Its attention enough It began to work with me. Once I had that spirit I asked It for help with things like divination then It sent me another spirit who taught me how to interpret the Tarot better.

So to end this long diatribe on spirits, the fact is the universe is vast and there are things out there we do not understand nor even know about. Some we may never know about. However does it matter that to experiment all it takes it to toss aside your intellectual side of your mind for a bit and allow your primitive aspects of your brain to reach out to make contact with something that may be primal, ancient, hidden and approachable? Some are beginning to do this today. You just need to drop the Psychological garbage and allow your fears to step in once again. Let the bogeyman become real once more. Well if He’s real, then so are Those who can kick His ass so you just need to set yourself up with Them. But if you persist and cling to a purely intellectual focus with spirits and sorcery then all you are doing is a form of role playing at best. It’s not real magic in the sense you can’t get jack squat done for anyone else other than fix something inside your own head. That’s the extent of it. So LARP all you want kiddies but you’re just pretending regardless of what you say.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How To Gain Real Occult Power: A Slow & Certain Method That Works

Do you ascribe to power? Occult power that will help you break through barriers that impede your regular daily progress and stop you from gaining what it is you desire most in life? If you do I have a plan for you and it works. I know because I’ve lived it... and am still living it!

Life or Reality = Destiny or Fate, Chance or Luck, Free Will

There are a lot of folks out there who have all sorts of ideas about what constitutes reality but the best I’ve come up with is the above phrase which is Reality is comprised of equal parts of Fate (or Destiny), Chance (or Luck) and Free Will. How this works is you may be destined for something but luck gives you so many random choices from which to choose from and ultimately it is your free will that makes the final choice. So to put this into practice let’s say when you incarnated into this life, you are destined to marry. Luck or chances sends X number of potential suitors for you to choose from and ultimately you will choose one of them to be your mate.

That is how life works. It’s very simple actually and so long as you always bear this in mind you will not fall into a trap of believing your life is crap because of the gods, fate or some outside force nor should you blame bad luck or just yourself. Sometimes it’s a combination of many things that cause bad luck. However when you understand how this process works, you feel much better about yourself and what all you can get and enjoy.

Plus Or Minus Factor

The key to happiness in life is learning to understand that we cannot always have things the way we want them to be and to accept them when they're close but somewhat off from our ideal desire. That is the toughest nut to crack and by nut make that our own minds because your own mind can be the most stubborn and obstinate creation on the planet. It will often cause you much misery, sorrow and pain all because you allow yourself to be fooled into thinking things have to be a certain way (or you have to be with a certain someone) or else you cannot be happy.

Ever heard the phrase, “Plus or minus X” where X is a given slush factor often used in science, business, agriculture, and so on? If not you’ve been living in a cave or not reading all that much because it is a very common phrase and it means you’re expecting a given result plus or minus a few degrees, dollars, inches, and etc. It’s a slush factor to allow for variables that sometimes cannot be controlled by you or even the universe itself.

It’s like shooting an arrow at a bulls eye on a target but just slightly missing the mark by a few millimeters. You may say, “Well tough luck chum, you didn’t hit the mark!” Really? In an archery competition perhaps but if that was a charging lion’s eye you were aiming at, you would’ve taken him down. Do you see what I mean? Because much in life depends on perspective and context as well.

“But I Want X not Y!”

My late grandma's famous reply to the above was, "Yeah? Well people in Hell want ice water but can't have it so they learn to deal with it!" May sound harsh but she had a valid point worth exploring. Why? Because the above phrase is the famous last words of the truly miserable. Got that? MISERABLE! So let me ask: are you miserable? If so then you need to wake up and realize the universe owes you NOTHING regardless of how hard your life is. My late grandpa told me that regardless of how tough you think it is, things can always get worse so count your blessings. He said he met Jews who spent time in concentration camps during WW2 who clung to that slim belief they were going to make it through the horror they were subjected to. Why? Because it was all they had. Odd how people back then had such firm conviction yet today rare are the ones who have any faith to recognize the bountiful blessings they have already been given or the fact that things could always be worse.

It’s like that time when you were a kid and wanted that hot new  toy for Yule that cost a small fortune so your parents improvised and got you something similar and you felt let down because you wanted the original instead of the knock-off toy. I think all of us have felt that sort of disappointment at one time or another growing up - well those of us whose parents weren’t well off financially. Now that we’re adults, for some strange reason, we've held fast to that same belief that we need X not Y in our life. Tell me why is it you think you need a Porsche when a Datsun or Dodge can get you to the same places as the Porsche will - just less expensive on your budget?

What Do We Ultimately Desire?

So ask yourself is it really a new Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini that you want or is it the idea of “an exotic sports that goes fast and everyone notices it”? In all of that isn’t it the desire to be noticed by everyone really what you’re after in the end? Isn’t that the emotion you’re trying to fulfill? Because as a retired sales rep, let me tell you that is exactly what the Porsche dealer is going to sell you: the emotion of owning a Porsche. Now ask yourself would say a custom built car that’s hot rodded and pretty to look at fulfill that emotional need to stand out in the crowd? One that's both fast and has an awesome paint job? I;'ve know a lot of guys who enjoyed a car like that and had the time to enjoy it rather than the guy who works 60+ hours a week paying for the exotic imported sports car that he's up to his neck in hock for!

Emotional fulfillment is what we are constantly seeking. Remember that. You are never after Debbie Darling the big titted blonde at the corner diner who was your high school cheerleader captain and prom queen, rather you want what Debbie offers: emotional fulfillment. Now is Debbie Darling the only woman who can ever give you that emotional fulfillment? Of course not. If you believe otherwise, then you need professional therapy because you’re only fooling yourself into being yet more MISERABLE since you know you can never have her, okay? So what you need to do is sit down and analyze what it is about Debbie Darling that really turns you on. Is it just her appearance? Is it her bubbly personality? Her smile? The way she speaks? How she dresses? What exactly? You need to hone in on this, Homer, if you want to be happy because I’m about to show you how to get your own Debbie Darling.

Debbie Does It All For Me

Let’s say you’ve taken time to analyze why you have the hots for Debbie. For our example let’s pretend you have this thing about Debbie because you adore her eyes, smile, legs and buttocks and while it's not a high priority on your list, her chest is nice as well. Now you need to remind yourself of the Plus or Minus slush factor and remember that even if you asked Debbie out and she politely rebuffed your offer, all is not lost. You can find another Debbie clone. They exist out there. You may have added you want her to be a virgin because you’re raised in some some family or culture that values virginity well again this is where the old Plus or Minus is going to matter. You cannot add what may no longer there. Either be happy with what you are given or take the path of misery it is ultimately your choice.

The occult can help you to find a similar Debbie when you employ it and use patience. How? In effect you are influence Chance or Luck to increase the number of potential Debbie clones as possible. Of course your desire will include that one of these clones fall for you so you get what it is you truly desire the love of a beautiful woman - well a woman you find beautiful. Because that is what matters to you isn't it?

No! I need the real Debbie Darling! No you do not! Listen to yourself. That’s obsessive talk and something that stalkers tell themselves! Look, there are 7 BILLION people on this planet with 60% of them women which makes for a large number of them in your age range from all walks of life and so on. If you want happiness, you’ll look for your own Debbie and not obsess over Debbie Darling and allow her to have her own destiny without your interference. If you really love Debbie Darling, then let her go and you go find her twin - she’s out there. However, if you prefer to be MISERABLE then certainly pursue Debbie Darling like the moron you are because you know you have a snowball's chance in Hell.

Improve Yourself

Before I give you my formula for occult power, you need to think about how you are going to improve yourself. Lose weight? Change eating habits? Exercise? Better sleep? Improve your vocabulary? Read more often? Read better material? Be nicer to others? Walk more often? What exactly do you plan on doing? You should choose something to help improve yourself. Something. Even if you already believe what you’re doing now is everything right, you can still find something to improve upon. We all can.

Improving ourselves is well worthwhile in many ways because by doing so it helps to increase our own self-esteem which others will pick up on. Others like it when you shine and are happiest. They don’t like to be around you when you’re down, out and feeling sorry for yourself.

Moloch's Daily Regimen

Here you go, this is my daily occult regimen which I use to tune myself (so to speak) and I will break it all down so you understand what I do, how I do it and why. It may seem elementary and simple yet it is not so easy to grasp and adhere to. It takes discipline and once you begin this regimen, over a three week period, you will begin to see a marked difference in your life.

1. Power Charging Ritual - whatever you like to use. I use the Middle Pillar or actually a modified version where the names are altered and pronounced differently than mainstream. I have tried other charging methods in the past. Most of these methods work and I have a couple of favorites I like. I sometimes alternate them by doing the Middle Pillar when I wake up and before retiring to bed and doing a different charging technique during the day or prior to ritual. Just to make things interesting.

2. Confession - even though I'm not confessing to YHVH since I do not believe He is the ruler of the universe, I confess to the Ancestors. I get off my chest all that is bothering me from the day and anything that has gotten me upset. This includes obsessing thoughts, anger issues, fears, anything that may be a phobia or niggling doubt, worries and so forth. You need to move these into the open so the ancestors can help you deal with them. Further confession is not only therapeutic, it also seems to have an effect on my magical practices so it should yours as well. This means you should see a marked improvement in the results of your rituals, spells and procedures.

3. Greet My Guardian Angel - right out of Jean Kent's Book of Prayer. This is to give respect and courtesy to the spirit who watches over me by day and night to ensure I do not fall prey to my own devices. I do not know my Guardian angel’s name because I have not gone through the Abramelin rite however I still thank Him for His service and protective eye. Courtesy and respect go a long way with this spirit.

4. Greet My Nativity Angel - here I summon my Nativity Angel asking It to gather up Its force and power to aid me in my day and to alert me to any opportunities I may miss as well as help me make better decisions. Now to do this you will need to find out who your Nativity angel is and that means either you must perform a Nativity divination with medieval astrological methods which will help you discern the name of your angel OR you can hire someone to do this for you. The directions are in Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Once you have it though, you have a terrific source of power at your disposal!

5. Prayer for the Day & Mystical Day of the Week - right out of Jean Kent's book. If you do not have Jean’s books, you’ll have to obtain them and he offers them on for sale. These prayers are meant to help you tune yourself to the day and they're not simple as some of them require reciting the Qabalistic Cross in the middle of saying the daily prayer. What I end up doing is asking the spirits who rule the day to help me in some manner that is in accord with Their nature. This may sound complicated but it is not all that difficult. I also at the end of each of these prayers throw out my main prayer request so if I want a Debbie clone, then here is where I will also put that out. I won’t use photos but I may use detailed physical descriptions and explain what I want in her personality so the spirits will know what it is I want specifically.

6. Prayer to the Ancestors - usually a simple prayer to acknowledge the ancestors and any particular ancestor I may be working with at the time on some project. If I have any prayer requests for myself, clients, my loved ones and etc, here is where I will put them in. This is my main focus of the day and everything else leads up to this. If I want something special say my own Debbie Darling clone, here is where I will ask the ancestors and describe to Them what she is to look like, age range, ethnicity, distance from me, and so on.

Now to make this work I will repeat this request daily until my request is fulfilled. Repetition gets fulfilled or “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” as the old saw goes and it is true in the spirit world - ask any experienced Houngan, Palero or Santero if this is not the case. The rabbi Jesus the Christ said, “Ask, and it shall be given unto you;” Matthew 7:7 and this is a spiritual truism that can be found worldwide in many cultures. The problem is most people never ask and those that ask, only ask once and give up.

Power is never gained by merely trying and giving up. You must wrest it by force and will. To do this you have to decide what it is you want then go after it until it is yours. Do you understand? Ask! Insist! Demand! There is nothing wrong with this. If you’re following a path and a plan, what is wrong with insisting you get what you desire? Demand it. You deserve it, do you not? Just remember you may not get exactly what you want so don’t be a child at Yule crying about it. Missing the mark by a fraction is not that bad. Second place is far better than third or 20th you know?

And about your Plus or Minus Debbie clone, let me ask you, if you found a woman who fit your Debbie ideal but she was a brunette or redhead, even though she liked you, would that be a deal breaker for you? For many guys it certainly would be! They’re ignorant fools who enjoy being miserable but you? Does that bother you? It shouldn’t. It wouldn’t me if such were my goal. Or someone offered me a suped up, customized Datsun that garners attention for a lot less than a new Porsche, I certainly would take the Datsun instead of mortgaging my life for an exotic imported super car I tell you that much!


Trust me this method works. You need to use it faithfully each day at the same time or thereabouts and be sincere with your prayer to the spirits. Do not be haughty, arrogant or stubborn. The best approach is with an open heart while in a state of grace. Never approach the spirits while in a state of anger as they will amplify what bothering you.

I hope this helps some of you to enjoy a much better and healthier life. Realize if your life is pure crap do not expect miracles overnight and stick with the plan until you see results. Be firm. Be insistent. Be steadfast. Demand what you want but always be respectful and courteous. Go in light and enjoy your life.