Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why I Post So Many Money Related Workings Online

“Moloch, you never post anything other than money/prosperity rites for people to read about. Why?”

First that is a (somewhat) true statement, because the majority of the workings online I have posted have been money oriented and there are good solid reasons for that. Before I go into those reasons, allow me to address a couple of things first.

Realize that posting rituals for others to read is a very personal thing to open up about. The vast majority of practitioners never do such a thing. Some make you join their ‘inner’ group/order to read such things while others make you actually purchase them. I have chosen NOT to do such a thing and just be blatantly open and honest about some of the things I feel comfortable about and if I don’t feel comfy about it, well you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

For years when I first joined the world wide web, I scoured the Net looking for reports like these from other occult practitioners. Most of the time what I found were results from guys like Ben Rowe about Thelemic rites which I did not practice nor gave a care about. Or I found those old goofy "tHeE kAoS magicKians" who would post these silly, sappy nonsense rituals that made no sense and were really just them screwing around not doing much magically. But to find something serious from a Wiccan, a non-lodge ceremonial magician, a Hoodoo practitioner - hell even a practicing Catholic talking about prayer would have been nice but no such website articles or essays could be found.

I began to join groups of practitioners like Yahoo Groups and discovered there WERE some folks in there who talked about their metaphysical exploits. Under various and sundry pseudonyms, I was a member of numerous occult groups from African religions to Wicca to ceremonial magic (CM’s for short) to Norse magic and even some that were scholarly and talked about historical associations of magic and culture. My goal? To read what other exploits others were going through or had done that were similar to mine.

In truth I found very little and what I did find? Mostly folks talking about getting a job, finding a treasure at a yard sale or getting one over on their neighbor or bosses but death magic? Love? Necromancy? Uh no. No one was sharing that info. No one. Not even the Paleros or Houngans who were online. So if They don’t share such, pray tell why should I?

Well when it comes to doing not-nice things to someone’s eternal soul or murdering them with JuJu? I'm NOT about to teach any of you how to kill anyone with JuJu or Spirits. Screw. That. Not gonna happen! You wanna learn that sort of thing? Then you are gonna have to do what I did - study harder and make mistakes on your own. Or you can go apprentice to a Houngan or perhaps a Palero but no way am I going to part with the info that cost me dearly to learn. Perhaps if you shell out some big $$$$ my way I may be persuaded to teach you this but none of you are interested in paying me to learn that sort of dark matter so you can forget it.

Now I do have rites where I summoned a spirit for healing and a lot of you CM types are always kvetching about the so-called NEW AGE and healing is something New Agers talk about incessantly. Thus I figured you folks didn't want to hear any more of that "new age" stuff. However if you don’t mind hearing about healing I can post more on that subject. I just do not get a lot of ill or sick people coming to me.

I have rituals where I summoned a spirit to punish someone and the results of those usually make folks squeamish. The last time I shared one of those, I caught hell for it. Spirits are not always kind to folks who do bad things and when they seek punishment it can be quite nasty to hear about. It’s one of those subjects that some want to read about whereas others don’t like to. *shrugs*

There are the so-called Love rituals which I've done plenty of for clients for and we all know how ceremonial mopheads and McWiccans have a cow over that one thus I usually leave those out so as not to hear the same tired arguments about free will and such that come with sharing those. So tell me, what's left to share? Not a whole lot I’m afraid. 

When it comes to spirit evocations you get some things like...

Rhetoric? Meh. I'm confident as is to persuade others because I spent years working in the fields of collections then personal selling. Not sure what asking a spirit to help me with rhetoric would entail but I’m certain it’d be unnecessary for moi.

Mathematics? AS IF I'm going back to school for anything where that's needed. (Believe me if I did, I would). Nor am I into Pythagorean Magic where math is needed but in all it’s a great idea to know that spirits can help with this subject. Where were these guys when I was struggling in HS? LoL

Astronomy? No thanks. Neil de Grasse Tyson does a much better job and he teaches far more than just 5 planets, the sun and our moon. :) It’s kinda hard to live in a modern society where there are more than 7 known planets and you want to learn about just those 7 planetary bodies. Meh. Next. 

Handicrafts? Nah. lol Sorry Asmoday but I'll take a class at the local craft store instead. Not that you can’t teach or inspire in this one but hell, I’d rather not go through the trouble of summoning a heavy duty spirit for learning handicrafts unless I was self-employed making handicraft items and sat in a stall at the market all day.

I've thought about leveling DC, Moscow, and a few other major cities around the world with The 72 but to what end? WW3? Just one enormous headache and besides Chuck Cosimano is doing his best to fuck over the world as it is in that regard with radionics. Not to mention with our new Federal administration leaders about to take office, I’m quite certain any one of those yahoos are quite capable of firing off nukes over petty nonsense so why bother summoning Raum when the orange skinned moron and his white headed side-kick (who looks like he hits on 19 y/o’s) will do the job for you?

So what’s left to talk about? Money. Money is left. Besides which money is one of the easiest ways to see if your JuJu is actually working with "tangible" results. It is more difficult to determine if your stuff is working when you're trying to influence someone via love or something else until the last final decision is made to be with you or cave in to your decision.

In addition, not everyone is against money or the making of and having it because not all of everyone is a pirate, thief or wannabe anarchist sitting around snorting coke listening to old punk rock music. Some people out there are also really hurting bad in this economy so teaching them how to make $$$ with JuJu and spirits is NOT A BAD THING - regardless of what you may want to believe. I realize many of you are anarchists at heart. Okay so be it. Be anarchists. Eschew money. Then quit your bitching about how much things cost. Hello genius? It’s that simple.

And really, many of you living in foreign lands outside the US should be thankful for the situations you're in because brother, there are a LOT of folks out there who are in a world of financial turmoil and most of it is not their fault. Corporations and businesses close all the time and folks go without work sometimes for weeks even trying to get minimum wage jobs which they often get turned down for because managers of those places refuse to hire them for being “over qualified” or knowing that once the applicant finds a better job, s/he’ll leave. So before you go kvetching and telling others money is the root of all evil, make certain they and their children have food in their bellies, a roof over their head, heat, running water and other basics of living.

So you get what you got from me. You are always welcome to post your own rituals of summoning. Tell us what you summoned Surgat, Lucifuge, Asmoday, Amaymon and the rest of the crew for and don't wuss out like a coward CM and refuse tell us WHY with that "it's personal" crap either. Spill it. I mean if y'all are gonna take me to task over what I post, then by the gods, you better be willing to put up or shut your yap about what I post.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

7 Positive Ideas for 2017 Instead of Resolution Making

Some Ideas for 2017

2016... *whew* what a helluva year regardless of what anyone says. I cannot complain as it wasn’t all that bad to me personally however it wasn’t fantastic meaning I didn’t get laid, nor had any whirlwind romance in my life, no fancy dances or parties to attend, and my life was pretty normal (re: droll). LoL

Others however are bemoaning everything from their general bad luck throughout the year to their worst fears come realized as tRUMP takes the POTUS. We’ve lost a lot of good celebrities this year and many we grew up with from musicians to artists to actors to poets and authors. These folks have helped to shape our thoughts, ideas and even creativity so seeing icons like David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Morely Safer and Arnold Palmer tends to make us feel longing and remorse for our youth.

I’ve noticed but it seems that even numbered years are hard on folks - at least on social media. It seems they seem to take Mercury Retrogrades far more seriously, with celestial events and even world news even more critically. There is much fear mongering that goes on in social media and it is disturbing. For 8 years we heard the GOP sympathizers habitually bitch and complain about “that negro in the white house” (to say it politely) yet now that the orange skinned reality TV freak has won his seat, there is going to be at least 4 years of the same on him from the other side of the fence.

Yes it has occurred to me to close my FB account. Like you, I don’t need the hassles of negativity from people day in and day out bombarding me with their nonsense because it tends to take a toll on me just as I know the same thing does to you as well. I may do just that however at this time I’m keeping my options open. Why? It is useful for my website for interaction and my Guild of Sorcery group is doing well.

How to Make Things Better

Typically around this time of year, we start seeing the whole “My New Year’s Resolutions Are...” posts which we all know are horse shit because rare is the person who sticks with those things and follows through on them. So instead of making useless and otherwise WORTHLESS promises to yourself aka resolutions, try something new and worthwhile for a change....

1. Choose a new system of divination - so you’ve been performing Tarot forever and well you’re good at it. But you’ve been wanting to try your hand at some other system perhaps the I Ching? Runes? Astrology? Or perhaps Geomancy? Make a pledge and start studying and divining.

2. Create a new magical persona - let’s say you’ve used Moloch for years and now you want a change. Perhaps your magical moniker has garnered too much (unwanted) attention? Try creating a newer one. Find something worthwhile that has meaning and depth for you not something that just sounds cool which is all too common. Maybe make a magical motto and use the letters of the motto to create a name like members of the GD did back in the day.

3. Try a new system of JuJu - okay so you started out in Thelema and for the past 20 years it’s worked out all right thus far but perhaps you’ve been chomping at the bit to try something more mundane? Maybe you want to find out what Hoodoo candle workings have that Thelema doesn’t offer so give it a whirl. Investigate. Perhaps you’re more inclined to try something from a book you saw at a botanica? Go ahead. No one needs to know but you and your Secret Chiefs. They can keep it secret but can you? ;)

4. Build a new work table - well some of you still call this an altar. Go ahead and build one with legs so you can stand or sit if you feel like it. Put a glass with beveled edges that lays over the top so you can lay talismans underneath if you want. Paint it cool colors with seals, sigils and glyphs that have meaning for your system fo magic.

5. Begin a relationship with your ancestors - so you’ve heard about this online in various groups and heard folks like me talk about it yet you’re skeptical. Well the only way you’re going to know whether or not it is worthwhile is to simply DO IT. Period. There’s no other way around it. Thus I suggest reading the essay I wrote in the book, Ritual Offerings (Nephelim Press) by Aaron Leitch OR you can go to my website and scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the button that says Ritual Offerings which is the entire article I posted to my website back in October with Aaron’s blessing of course.

6. Take up a new aspect of magic such herbalism, potion formulating, or dare I say alchemy? - delve into working with herbs, roots, plants, flora and fauna that grows around where you live and find out what is available to you, what it is, how it was used in ancient times and how you can use it today. You may learn some modern medicinal uses and you may also learn quite a bit about its magical makeup as well. Learn to harvest the plant, prepare the parts you harvested and store for later use. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge you’ll attain doing this.

Perhaps you want more of a challenge than the above?

7. How about choosing someone who is less fortunate than you are and making them your hobby by doing JuJu to help them heal and prosper? - this is a noble idea that few will bother to give credence to however the dividends are well worthwhile. Maybe you know a person: someone elderly, a sick child, a neighbor, co-worker who is ill, friend or family member who has it rough and needs serious help. Open up your repertoire of spells/rituals and get to work on them. Do everything within your power to heal them of their maladies and then work on prospering and raising them up out of where they are. Just something to think about instead of yourself all the time.

There you go, seven simple yet worthwhile ideas for you to ponder and consider implementing for your own new year’s resolution so that you won’t break it but rather see it through to the end. I bid you good speed and much luck in your endeavors.