Sunday, October 23, 2016

Three Issues

It’s a wild and wacky world we live in and even more of a unique yet mysterious universe that world is set into as well. I mention this because in our day-to-day hustle and bustle of trying to live our lives, these simple facts are all too often forgotten if not outright ignored. It’s time we took a harder look at this screwed up situation we live in and make some hard decisions.

Issue One: Do we drop psychology all together out of our praxis? 

The short answer is, can we? I honestly don’t see how we can. Unfortunately though I also don’t see the reason to cling to the psychological model as a way to validate occult and mystical experiences because then you’re trying to push logic onto a personal experience that is filled with emotional highs & lows as well as images that come from outside of you being impressed upon your psyche, then trying to make sense of it via logic is almost useless.

Seers and shamen of old would often visit the Underworld to seek out new information or to visit spirits and then later sit by fires meditating as they allowed these experiences to sort themselves out. These practitioners didn’t have the rigorous psychological training some feel is necessary to be effective at this sort of magic yet they managed quite well for thousands of years without it.

Personal gnosis is not something that can be objectified by a panel of so-called experts in a lab. Sure, this has been done by numerous researchers in an attempt to quantify the human experience but clinical analysis does not a mystical vision make. When you dissect such personal gnosis, all you’re going to get is a researchers clinical findings, not any great mystical revelations. As I’ve often said in the past about psychology and magic, if you truly believe that psychology is all that and a bag of chips where magic is concerned, then why are you wasting time fiddling around with mumbo-jumbo when you could get a PhD in Psychology and become your own adept? Or get a medical degree with it in Psychiatry allowing you to prescribe drugs and thus become your own shaman?

Psychology does have its uses but we need to maintain limitations on its employ in the occult lest we run the risk of trying to jam logic in where logic surely fails. That is the ultimate failure of the Psychological Model in that Psychology pretends to be a science, which it really isn’t, and thus it purports to rely on logic since all sciences rely on strict adherence to logic. However some utility of this system can be made IF we limit its influence and restrict the urge to clinically objectify and analyze everything we personally experience.

Issue Two: Does Historical Methods of Sorcery Outweigh Modern Procedures?

I have mixed feelings about the current fad of the PGM and other pre-modern occult methods. Why? Well other than being fads and yes they are because if history has shown us anything in the occult world it is that seekers, mystics and magicians are constantly seeking that which is new, odd, strange and unique regardless of when it was created (or discovered) or from whence it came.

Half the time many of these fads simply aren’t given to just being from the western society alone. Ceremonial MagicKians for instance were quick to pick up on the New Age fad of Theosophy and embraced that with open arms. Then the next fad for them became giving up ceremonial magic all together and going off to study & practice Buddhism. In more recent years, CM’s have been embracing various New Age ideas into their fold such as “karma”, chakra balancing (CM’s refer to it as the Middle Pillar), Reiki and lately Feng Shui.

So why are CM’s allowed a free pass on adding New Age material to their practices and yet every other path that tries such a thing gets badgered by these two-faced ceremonial creeps? Let’s face it, Crowley all but ripped off Buddhism for his lectures on Yoga and he even wrapped his head in a turban for crying out loud. Seriously, would any of you attend a lecture by an English guy wearing a robe and a turban talking on Yoga? Yet Crowley gets a free pass because he was a British asshole.

“But Moloch, the material in the PGM works!” I know and so does material form a plethora of other sources as well or have you forgotten? Besides, it’s not the material that makes a spell work - it’s the practitioner. Let’s put it this way, anyone who has been duly initiated by a legitimate priesthood into an actual “living religion” will be able to get ANY spell to work for them. If they cannot then they either are not duly initiated, were not initiated by legitimate priests or they have somehow honked off the spirits of their living religion - which has become an all too common theme especially among the African religions.

For example anyone who claims to be initiated into any of the African religions and yet tells you they find grimoire magic fascinating is a BS artist. Why? People don’t study a complex system to learn it merely out of intellectual curiosity and those that claim they do obviously do not have enough work to keep themselves busy in the first place. That guy who is studying the grimoire spirits must not be getting his own prenda or nganga spirit to work for him thus he’s seeking power elsewhere. Power is not sought merely out of boredom by initiated practitioners, it is sought when one has had it removed elsewhere.

What people have done by glomming onto every fad that comes along from Chakras, Reiki, Vodu, Hoodoo, Feng Shui, and now the PGM, is show that they have very little power of their own and are desperate to find power wherever they can. There are loads of spellbooks out there from various cultures many with old, authentic spells dating back hundreds of years. Most folks have mental blocks about using these spells to begin with and if they would remove these blocks, the magic should work for them. Therein lies the real answer: remove the mental blocks.
Thus a person with no mental blocks should be able to get any method of magic to work be it old or new.

What about validity? Now that we are uncovering older works on magic and digging into the practices of these long dead magicians, do we simply dismiss ALL post-modern magic as useless? Why would anyone do that? What just because it was used in Thrace 3,000 years ago? So was making weapons out of bronze and guess what? Those bronze weapons wouldn’t do squat against today’s steel weapons. If modern manufacturers wanted to, they could make swords, shields, armor plating and more that would demolish the armies of ancient Greece with superior weaponry alone. Let’s not forget our modern warriors who are trained in combat systems from around the world would devastate those ancient Greeks or Romans in hand-to-hand. It would be an outright slaughter and it would be amusing to watch.

Yet there are procedures and prayers from ancient times that the spirits like. No question about it. The PGM offers many examples of these invocations, prayers and rites. That’s great and it’s the sort of material that needs to be brought out and used. It doesn’t, however, invalidate anything that is in use today. Period. When I have written in the positive for the PGM in the past, it was to give everyone an equal shot at discovering a useful book to add to their repertoire only. Not to run around like a born-again knocking on doors saying, “Have you read the new word JuJu?”

Issue Three: Where Does Personal Balance Come In?

If you are working with your ancestors, and you have a good relationship with a patron/s deity/ies or at least a working familiar spirit, then you pretty much have everything you need to be able to get your JuJu to be effective and that’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Or are you a romantic who feels s/he can’t do JuJu unless you perform X at Y under the influences of G & Q while H transits your natal chart at the hour of B on the day of C? Because only then can you contact the Holy Intelligence of Z to answer your question. Right. You’re living with way too many restrictions on your JuJu, amigo. Most of which are self-imposed.

You are the type of person who needs to go find indigenous people and ritually take peyote or drink Ayahuasca because you are in dire need to open up and have a good unblocking by way of purgation through vomiting and defecating yourself. You’re stoppered up big time! You’ve allowed yourself to buy into so many rules of magical conduct that it is amazing you can function at all. However if you do decide to go and try these methods, then seek out qualified shaman to work with so they can administer the mushrooms or Ayahuasca to you properly. Don’t try this yourself at home kids.

Balance is found when you are capable of realizing you need to utilize psychology but only in limited form and you must restrict all temptation to psychoanalyze every experience you have. Sometimes it is best to jot down the experience to the best of your ability then forget about it. Let your mind sort things out on its own. Don’t seek a psychic, magician or sorcerer to make sense of it, rather just let things gestate and pay attention to your dreams, visions and meditation experiences.

We also need to realize that while there is gold to be found in old materials however that’s not a reason to forsake quality time with your working spirits. You still need to commune with your ancestors and any patrons or familiars you may have on a regular basis. You should also be ready for any information they impart to you and jot it down. Material given to you by a spirit usually trumps material found in old books. I say usually but that’s for another essay.

You need to synthesize what is useful to your practices and what is not. Do not let others tell you what should be and what shouldn’t be. I get this a lot, “Moloch, so and so claims I should do blank; should I?” and I am of the mind that if you have to ask me or someone else to validate the question, then NO should be the answer. Your own doubt alone should be enough that you pass on their judgment for now - at least until you gain further knowledge and wisdom. In fact I often tell the individual they need to pray or meditate on it and wait for a sign of either yes or no. It’s not wise to run around asking others to make your decisions for you. “When in doubt, sweat it out” and by sweat I mean put some effort into your decision. Indigenous people often used sweat lodges for seeking answers so try a steam sauna. However you do it, the choice is ultimately going to be yours alone so buck up cupcake and make your own decision.

Monday, October 17, 2016

How often do you get to watch a TV sitcom where there's no laugh track? Rare right? Well this show, The Almighty Johnsons is such a show. The premise is about four brothers who live in New Zealand along with their "cousin" Olaf and all of them are reincarnations of Norse gods. The pilot starts off with the youngest brother's 21st birthday which is when the so-called 'god stuff' happens. What occurs is the individual is imbued with a god force and a random power(s). The youngest brother is Odin, the all father whose powers aren't apparent yet and since he is the youngest, no one takes his words seriously (other than perhaps cousin Olaf) whose job it is to find the love of his life, Frigga, and marry her which will do something to give all of them back their full god-hood status.

The oldest brother Mike is the god Ullr who in this world happens to be master of games and can never lose - even guessing games or rock-paper-scissors and he is a master hunter who always finds what he is hunting for. Then Tyson is the god Hod who happens to have a power to freeze things. Then there's Anders who is the god Bragi whose power of poetry can sway minds. Incidentally, cousin Olaf is actually the boy's grandfather who is the god Baldur and he is reborn every morning thus he ages extremely slowly. Olaf's power is that he is the family mystic seer or oracle and he does this by surfing and imbibing illegal substances.

Along the way in this show, you discover that the boys grew up in a village called "Norsewood" and lived at the corner of Odin and Viking streets. Their father was a mean mortal drunk and spousal abuser whose god is Njord whose power is he can calm any rough seas or ocean and if you're angry at him he has the ability to calm you down as well. The boy's mother is Freyja, a goddess of prosperity who amasses a half billion dollar empire for her boys and is banished to spend the rest of her mortal life as a tree.

The situations are funny and no this is NOT accurate according to the Norse sagas or myths because it is a TV show first and second these gods are incarnated into human bodies once their human host reaches the age of 21. Same with the goddesses and handmaidens of the gods. Ingrid is a goddess who is also an oracle is somewhat like grandpa Olaf but often much wiser in her own right. You also run into situations where there's a male god trapped in a female host but typically everyone gives Odin his due respect at least in word only if not action. Thor/Derek seems to the only exception since he willingly submits himself to 'Lord Odin' at every opportunity which is humorous in itself if not for the situations this often comes into play.

Idunna plays a major role in the show for a brief time as she is the giver of the apples of life which fits in with mythology. Thor often gets himself into trouble via his quick temper and desire to kill giants (yes there are some giants involved as well as dwarves and hopefully someday some trolls). Thor's hammer, Mjolnir is shown as a regular carpenter's hammer and it is accurate to kill bunny rabbits when he hauls off and angrily hurls it into the woods. He once hurls it at his gay neighbors and the hammer sticks in the boy's home until Odin removes it. Then the gay couple tell Odin that Thor can have it back IF he wears his wife's wedding gown to their wedding and apologizes for his behavior. [This is a play on the Norse myth where Loki stole Thor's hammer and it wound up in the possession of a giant who demanded to marry Freyja for Thor to get it back. Thor went undercover and wore Freyja's wedding dress with the concealing face veil and when the giant gave him his hammer thinking he was giving it to Freyja instead, Thor pulled back his concealing veil and slew the giant dead.]

Loki and Hella are involved though not heavily. Hel is there briefly for a while. Loki tends to hang around as he is a reoccurring menace to the brothers and his powers are fully developed since he is a god of fire. There are also a cult of hyper-religious god hunters who wish to rid the world of these "demons" as it were and the boys have to find an equitable way to stop them without outright killing them. Typically, humans are not allowed to know about any of the god's personas - except Zeb who happens to be Axl's childhood friend.

We also discover that there are other living gods around as well in New Zealand such as the Maori who desire Frigg to be their consort goddess. I find the show highly entertaining and fun to watch as each of these characters struggles to come to grips with their god, powers and their place in human society.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Spiritists VS Ufologists: The Great Debate Rages

Here’s something to ponder: why is there such a huge disparity between the UFO and Occult communities? Both are paranormal happenings because they’re un-explainable as of now. Oh sure each has its own groups who vehemently argue for their truth and validity and yet for some whacked out reason which I’m unable to fathom, neither side can come together.

On one hand you have little green or gray people, depending on which UFO expert you’re listening to. On the other, you have historical treatises claiming angels and demons going far back as ancient Sumer. The biggest hurdles each side has yet to provide is absolute proof of either and well atheists scoff at it all - but then atheists are nothing but egotistical pricks who just enjoy shitting on other people’s beliefs because they’re fed up hearing about them.

Still you have two very large communities who refuse to give an inch and claim their point of view is absolute, steadfast and it works. Let’s start off with Occultism, shall we?

The Occult

The work of the occult is well documented and it goes back to ancient mankind when people first began to stand erect and realized death was imminent. Their first rituals were most likely funerary as there have been burial sites found within caves going back thousands of years. Further, cave paintings from thousands of years in the past show us how ancient man viewed religion, community, myth, magic and other such things.

In historic times, humans began to create detailed histories of the gods & spirits they either worshiped or worked with. Of course we don’t have full details on much from this time period but we have a little bit left. Modern scholars have done a splendid job of piecing together these ancient beliefs and even some of how they may have practiced their beliefs back then. We get some of this from studying modern aborigine cultures who have been as untouched as the world will allow.

In more recent times, the New Age and some Hollywood films as well as a few celebrities have helped certain metaphysical practices and beliefs to re-emerge such as Spiritism, Spiritualism, Kabbala, Possessions & Exorcisms, and so on, all of which have come back into the public’s notice. There are real scholars studying the occult and often you’ll find linguists, anthropologists, archaeologists, sociologists and of course historians of kinds.

Many of these folks claim to study the occult for its intrinsic offerings of history - what people often turned to when times got tough since there were no hospitals, clinics or labs with relatively few physicians who for the most part would do things like rub fresh dog shit in your cataract eye to help you to be able to see. Others however study the occult arts for the hidden knowledge and power it offers to those who seek with a purpose.


While the concept of UFO’s is nothing new to the world, the term itself actually is. It was coined in the mid-20th century as a catch all phrase for anything seen in the sky that could not be recognizable but was still flying thus the “Unidentified” part of the Flying Object. UFO’s have been mentioned in the ancient past in many and various cultures. Some modern scholars have actually visited these cultural settings and looked into them to see what myths have grown up around them.

Since the 1940's, however there has been an inordinate amount of data uncovered concerning UFO’s from sightings and photographs both amateur and professional. Government’s around the world have acknowledged the UFO phenomena is real and yet the USA is the only country leading the fight to claim it is a hoax or bogus. Yet Canada, Britain, France, Germany and many other countries have operations manuals on dealing with crashed UFO sites. If UFO’s are fake, then why bother to put out such a manual?

Educated scholars, often scientists, have delved into the UFO phenomenon at first to try and debunk it only to embrace it as something far more than they first believed. We’re talking highly educated professional scientists here folks, not wannabes sitting in their parent’s basement talking on Skype or IRC.

More recently, there are a growing number of folks who claim to pray to Aliens and UFO’s. Not these folks worship these beings but that they claim the UFO Aliens give them mental commands (not unlike spirits do to Occultists) and sometimes give them advance warning of catastrophes (again not unlike spirits do Occultists). I’ve even heard of some UFO folks, like the late Ted Owens who was capable of summoning UFO phenomena whenever it pleased him. Ted was also said to be able to command the weather and cause lightning strikes when he wanted.

So Why the Disparity?

Ego. Everyone wants to be right about what it is they put their own stock into and these same noodniks want to be able to point the finger at someone else and laugh even though their own pov is absurd to an atheist as is the other side’s. Yet you cannot get most UFOlogists and Occultists together in the same room to hear each other out or discuss anything.

You also have the old “My god’s dick is bigger than your Alien which has no dick” nonsense. Times may change but the dick waving nonsense never does whether it’s a god, angel, demon or alien from Alpha Centauri. It doesn’t matter. Same old, same old. The really humorous thing is neither side is convincing in and of itself because very often you have to go, study and immerse yourself in the phenomenon then work with it until you (hopefully) get a manifestation of the spirit or alien’s presence. Of course some folks are just lucky to either get abducted or summon a spirit on the first try.

So WHY Doesn’t Science Dive Into Either?

This is the BIG question by the atheist community. “IF spirits and aliens actually existed, then WHY doesn’t science spend 100% of its time making contact to learn more?” Well genius, allow me to answer that with a rational, one-word answer: abuse.

If a serious scientific researcher even REMOTELY admits to having an interest in either subject (perish forbid both!) then that scientific researcher’s career and livelihood can be negatively affected for the rest of their life. It’s career suicide to openly admit you have an interest in UFO’s or the Occult. Just ask any scientific researcher today. They’ll get laughed out of the scientific community and lose whatever meager funding they may have. That’s difficult thing to deal with just for your hobby or interest.

Just any scientists who went in search of Atlantis, Big Foot, Ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster, and so on, if you have any interest in any sort of paranormal activity, chances are if it gets out, your career as well as your personal reputation among other scientists is ruined. Why? Because no one will take you seriously since the entire American scientific community has an enormous butt plug up its ass.

For years we were told that Troy was a myth and that the likes of Homer, Herodotus, Virgil and others of their ilk were just pulling our leg. That is UNTIL archaeologists actually FOUND Troy. Then everything changed the snide smirks from history professors stopped and they began to take heed. Troy was lost for thousands of years until it was eventually found. Is it possible Atlantis will be found? Perhaps. Then perhaps it alsreay has been and we just don’t know it was because it was misidentified possibly because the scholars refused to believe it COULD actually be the real Atlantis.

We do know that UFO crash sites exist. Why? Well there have been documented sites all over the world and the military of the countries where these crashes occurred have gone immediately in, cordoned off the area, in fact quarantined it in most cases, done a thorough job of cleanup and left the area stripped of any possible remaining evidence whatsoever. Often we hear, “It was a meteor!” or “A weather balloon!” and when was the last time the military gave two shits about quarantine a 5 mile radius for either a meteor or a weather balloon? Seriously? This is what’s known as a “snow job” folks and you’re too thick headed to know the truth of what’s going on.

UFO’s aren’t some sort of ‘fad’ nonsense. They have been reported being sighted for thousands of years. The issue is every one wants to pooh-pooh the sightings as foolish or nonsense because they didn’t see it. Some today do not believe Osama bin Laden is really dead because no one but a select few actually saw his body supposedly after his death. Others swear Oswald did not act alone and had help from the Grassy Knoll. I don’t know. I’m not into world wide conspiracies myself as it would take far too much commitment and brute force to keep such things quiet.

However I have seen UFO’s in the sky doing things I can’t explain and it wasn’t some helicopter or plane. “Well possibly it’s some new technology the military is working on, Moloch?” Very possibly but where did that sort of technology come from and why is it not being used in regular aircraft? With all of the crashes around the world, WHY is our American government the only ones who consistently refuse to acknowledge UFO’s & aliens exist yet most of the rest of the world does? Why are we the only ones who have aircraft with this sort of technology in the first place and where did it come from? The design, the way it moves and operates is not of this earth.


Paranormal experts are still working to gather proof for both subjects. Many thousands of hours of videos have ghosts and spirit like images on them which many claim is proof of the afterlife or at least ghosts. Others have thousands of hours of UFO’s flying through the air, hovering, zooming out of sight, some even allegedly making crop circles, and so on. Yet there is far too little we know for either subject to make any definitive claims about either. The quest is real and it continues. Keep an open mind.