Monday, May 19, 2014

Do Practitioners Generate Their Own Power?

Building a wee bit off my previous rant, it has been stated that humans are incapable of creating the power necessary to work Sorcery & Magic and that all of it is done via Spirits. That attitude smacks of a pre-Medieval church mind set and it's not wholly true.

The human body is a composite of several natural elements found in nature and it is powered by some mysterious life-force spark that we have yet to understand. Science knows that without the living life-force that keeps our brain functioning and our vital organs running, we end up in a coma. Further we know that when one of the vital organs gets severely out of whack then death can arise which interrupts the life-force spark thus killing us.

Our bodies are something to the extent of 98% water which makes us a giant, living, walking electro-chemical mashup that is capable of learning, interacting with the world around us and making our desires known to others through various methods from sounds to other more complex message systems.

New brain cells grow while others die all day long, every day while we live until the day we die when everything within and without our body begins to decay. The living spark of our existence has been called a 'soul' by many religions but is that accurate? Why do people glom onto this notion?

Some years ago I heard a lecture wherein a physicist was cited as saying that IF we could convert the entire human body from it's current state into pure energy, it could run the entire city of New York for a whole week which at that time was worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $186 million dollars. The object of example was for the purposes of showing people that they are far from ever being worthless.

However, how is it that science states that matter is energy in varying forms and yet we think of energy as things like electricity, nuclear fusion/fission, and even plasma but we never consider ourselves to be a walking dynamo of raw, untapped energy? Why? Just because you cannot hold your hands together and visibly see energy patters moving from one hand to the other that automatically proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the energy is not there? Really?

Is it possible that the energy IS there and we just cannot perceive it? Think about this for a moment. Our senses are limited to a minor part of the visible light spectrum; our hearing is limited to a limited amount of the full sound spectrum; perhaps too our tactile senses are limited as well? Further how can we design machinery to detect something we're not capable of sensing - especially if no one is looking for it to begin with?

I'm merely positing that we as humans are living not only in a frail human body with a given limited life span but also with limited senses. Is this necessary? Many think it is and say that if we could perceive more that we'd be distracted too much. Smacks of Orwellian logic to me. What do we do meditation for if not to perceive more than we normally do? If we use meditation to quiet our minds then really it's a glorified relaxation exercise.

There is more to our bodies, our minds & our consciousness than at first glance. Sometimes it appears as if too many people hunker down in science and never give an inch. Okay you go play with science. I like science but to Hell with science too . It has its uses - just like religion but to adhere to it to the exclusion of one's gut feeling or intuition is a dangerous play in my opinion. How often has number & logic been the overwhelming majority and yet if someone had followed that logic they'd be dead? Like the folks who had that intuition to not wear their safety belt one particular day so they didn't and were thrown from a car accident that would've otherwise killed them had they been buckled in. Rare, yes but it does occur and it is only an example.

When you hold a talisman in your hands and you whip yourself into an emotional frenzy and implant your desire into that talisman, by all rights it should work. If you're eating well and active, your body is giving off power of some type and subtle as it is it does work. I have charged talismans, candles, gris-gris not only for myself but for clients in the past and this is prior to being initiated thus no Spirits were called upon.

Remember too that this emotional frenzy is not something you simply whip up to a point within 30 seconds and are done. Nooooooo. You need to access this power through your primitive part of your mind. I've often surmised this is from the Reptilian brain part that for all intent and purposes is what holds our Ancestral Memories that science has said gets passed on. The emotional frenzy must be incited somehow and whipped to a frenetic pace through trance and heavy emotional states. Often music and dance helps in these and thus Wiccans like their African cousins using chanting/dancing/drumming can create a supercharged air of power that is accessed and externalized into the talisman or object of desire.

I've often experienced heavy emotional release at this time from sorrow to utter giddiness. The key is to be ready to activate it and then once activated, continue until you reach that state where your body is all but spent. It should feel as if you made love to a dozen lovers, ran a five mile marathon & danced all night. Often immediately afterwards I like to shower and sleep for hours just to recover. I'll eat when I awaken.

That folks, to me, is Sorcery in its purest form. Some have pointed out that his is very shamanistic but I've never met any shamans; I've met a couple of American Indian medicine people but neither of them seem to work in this fashion. When you pare it all down to getting your groove on in an altered trance state and at least keep some semblance of consciousness with you so that you can charge a talisman or whatever, you’re on to something. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jupiter: A Really Funny Guy of Means

Jason Miller decided to get a bunch of practitioners interested in publishing their ideas and thoughts about this jovial planet that gets maligned by a goodly number of folks who, it seems, does not understand the subtleties of the Jupiterian experience.

As a Sorcerer, I work with a wide variety of influences from the Dead to Demons to Angels to Planetary Intelligences & their Spirits in pretty much an everyday situation. The work tends to be tedious yet rewarding when one quits putting it off, settles in & just does it.

When it comes to working with the Planetary Intelligences & their Spirits, my first foray was with Jupiter back in 1989 when I used the Kamea of Jupiter to help me get hired by a large cellular phone company. Instead of summoning the Spirit & Intelligence of Jupiter, I opted to make the seal of Jupiter using the Kamea and then consecrated it and prayed over it using a prayer to Jove I found in a book at the public library. Needless to say it worked.

Later through much of my own ignorance I discovered that Jupiter was poor at giving wealth which was contrary to what Ceremonial MagicKians claimed the planet’s influence did. Hmmm. What was wrong? Well through some research I discovered that one of Jupiter’s main influences is ‘expansion’ and if you have nothing for It to expand, then It will expand NOTHING even more. Yes that’s a very dismal feeling.

Okay so why did Jupiter help me with getting the job but not with making money? One of Jupiter’s influences is to help the practitioner with‘those who are in positions of ‘authority’. Many liken this to mean judges, politicians, juries, and so forth but few ever stop to think that the old ‘boss’ is a person of authority. Jupiter works wonders with bending the boss over. In fact, Bend Over oil works great in conjunction with the Planetary Seal of Jupiter when job hunting.

SO, am I the only one who finds it amusing that those who bemoan Jupiter's financial influence are either those who refuse to embrace commerce or those who have no talent for it? While I do admit that Wall St is a testament to Jupiter, the terror with which Wall St tycoons run rampant is due to the greed of those they pay off with money. That's not a fault of Jupiter at all but if anything, it's a fault of Venus for the love of luxury. Money itself is neutral and the making of it is not a sin but rather the greed of the politicians, police & those who accept bribes, THAT is not Jupiter's fault. That is old fashioned GREED. Jupiter's role is one of expansion & growth. 

One lesson that Jupiter teaches is about growth. That which can grow will grow to its fullest potential. Of course when things do not grow they stagnate, wither & DIE. Jupiter also has strong powers of attraction. It is the largest planet with the strongest gravity aside from our Sun. Thus the Sun is ideal for finding sources of new money whereas Jupiter will take those new sources and expand upon them. Kings liked to get returns on their investments and Jupiter's mighty influence comes in handy here.

Another aspect of Jupiter MagicKians never discuss much is the lighter side of the planet. They talk about It being the jovial planet but when do you hear a practitioner mention that this planet is the planet of jokes, pranks, jibes, gaffes and laughs? Why because fucking Agrippa doesn't state it? Gee, doesn't anyone actually talk to the Spirits when they summon Them? Jupiter is killer for learning to be funny and another aspect of the planet is 'story telling'. Again, why is this not mentioned in Agrippa? Why do not modern practitioners mention this? Want to be a better story teller? Talk to Iophiel or Hismael.

There are aspects of Jupiter that CM's overlook all because they look in a book, see what it says and then never think beyond the box, never question even when the Spirit arrives. Sad really but now you know two NEW things about this amazing planet that you haven't heard before.