Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why I Am An Occultist

Labels are something we tend to kick around to both identify and help us categorize information. This categorization often includes ourselves as well as the entire universe around us. Sometimes the categories are archaic and other times they are completely invented and modern terms. Neither is superior to the other simply because they are being used as labels of indentification.

With some people, some labels frighten them such as ‘Satanist’ for example. The reason for this is due to both religion and pop culture. Religion has in the past used the term Satanist to denote a degenerate person who lusts after the world which according to them belongs to Satan. In their cosmology, Satan is evil because he defied their god Jehovah.

Pop culture has taken the word Satanist and used it as some sort of bogeyman who is used as the antagonist in movies, TV shows, stories/novels and the general media. Some depictions of Satan or Satanists have been foul and twisted showing the most heinous atrocities attributed to Satan and Satanists. And yet almost every Satanist I have ever met tends to be some nerd who sits and reads philosophy, religion and loves to argue politics. That’s the Satanists I know.

I label myself a Sorcerer since I am someone who practices Sorcery by using ingredients, words as well as spells and rituals. Sorcery does not involve religion unlike Wicca or even Ceremonial Magic where much is covered under Yahweh’s divine knowledge. Sorcerers come under the Occult classification more so than Paganism due to Paganism is a blanket term that covers pretty much anyone who is not Xian, Muslim or Jew.

The term Occult simply means ‘hidden’ and it hails from the world of astronomy, not Magic. An Occultist is someone who seeks hidden knowledge and/or methods of power that have been hidden.

I have in the past identified myself as Witch or Pagan for the sake of simplicity when meeting others. Often if I merely say, “Im a Sorcerer or Occultist” this throws up flags and then the questions come rapid fire from those who do not understand. Actually I prefer to have time to explain to others what these terms mean so they are on an equal footing with me and we can talk intelligently together.

Often terms such as Sorcerer and Occultist have been used in a negative fashion by Wiccans and Pagans and even Ceremonial MagicKians in a smug, self-righteous manner to downplay the use of Magic for worldly gain as if being broke and poor was somehow a badge of honor. Hollywood has depicted Sorcerers and Occultists as opportunists who will stop at nothing to get whatever it is they want. With some individuals, that may be true but myself? Not so and that’s because I have a conscience I keep by my bedside.

One of the most difficult things for modern practitioners is to walk down a path in the center between Fluffy Bunnies on one side and downright evil on the other. Few try to do this and instead either throw in with the Fluffy Bunnies OR the darker left hand path walkers who typically will obliterate anyone in their path. I’ve never really liked extremes one way or the other thus I choose to walk more of a neutral path which I call Occultism or Sorcery.

The Occultist is neither a RHP nor a LHP but instead choosing to walk a neutral path where once in a while s/he steps over onto the right hand side or if necessary over onto the left hand side. It is not an easy journey as there are many pitfalls along the way on either side due to pressures from peers, pop culture and general consensus. More or less you’re molded by extremists of one ilk or another or as they used to say in the old days, “You’re guilty by association.”

As an Occultist, I have the choice to do as I wish when such must be done. I try and stay level headed and persevere through tough times by applying the knowledge and wisdom of practical Occultism with advice I get from Spirits as well as divinatory practices. This does not mean that I am not passionate because passion or emotion is what fuels Sorcery. It is the level of desire that you have as a practitioner that takes your spell or ritual to where you want it to go. Too many misguided people think it is all about intent and really it’s a misnomer more than anything. They just do not understand that their level of desire is the rocket fuel that propels their intention to where it needs to go to manifest.

One of the main reasons though I prefer to label myself and not receive labels from others is I know how such labels apply to myself and not accept them from half-assed individuals who primarily want to quickly pin a label to you without thought or knowledge of why.

Far too many Pagans and McWiccans are morons from the standpoint of morality, ethics and that idiotic word, karma. They typically spew whatever knee jerk reaction they’ve been led to believe by sheeple authors. Conversely, I dislike how many LHP people often label me as a LHP when clearly they’re just as whacked as the McWiccans are. The left hand path is often linked to Satanic or, at the least, dark forces which tends to be positions of malice, spite and hatred.

It is difficult to have to deal with both sides and still maintain an even balance. Again as an Occultist, I find it often necessary to step over the boundaries into one domain or the other as I see fit which means I make the conscious choice to do so rather than react to what life has thrown at me through knee jerk manipulations.

What you label yourself is powerful. Just understand exactly why you chose to label yourself and what it means to you as well as seek to learn what the other labels are and mean. Who knows? You may be a fluff bunny at heart or a smug Satanist who wants to pull the plug.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spirits Need Photographs

Hello there again. Your friendly neighborhood Sorcerer has some advice for you folks. Yeah I’m a jolly friggin’ mood as I HATE this time of year in a very big way. So bear with me...

Many of you reading this have this silly ass notion that Spirits whether they’re some random fey, ghost or even God/dess are all powerful like Aladdin’s Djinni legend was supposed to be. Well they’re not. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s the truth of the matter.

Can they work miracles? At times. Will they help you? Depends on the situation and their attitude towards you. For instance if you’re an obnoxious clod who simply calls on them to bail your fat ass out of hot water, then the odds are stacked against you. However if you’ve been working with this Spirit for some time now, there is a chance they will.

“But Moloch, such and such says otherwise” - oh really? Ever think that such and such is blowing smoke up your ass just to make you feel better? Hell mostly Xians are the dimwits who think Jesus and Yahweh are all powerful. Uh-uh. (But it’s okay to let them think they are)

There are a lot of factors involved in whether a request gets A) answered and B) the answer you seek. Factors such as what you programmed into your own life just prior to being birthed has a lot to do with things. There are some lessons - even painful ones - that we need to learn and asking the Gods to help us avoid them will result in no response.

One of the silliest things I get asked a lot is to ‘pray for such & such’ for instance like Joe Blow. Pardon me? I don’t know Joe Blow do you have a photograph of him? No? How do you expect any Spirit to find Joe Blow? Do you think the Spirit will enter your mind, see Joe’s face and then go off to heal him? Doesn’t work that way.

Xians have this silly notion that their ‘God’ can fix anything and knows everything. No one knows everything. I don’t care if Jesus said he knows everything (which he never did) it’s a downright lie. Further there are lots of names that are common like John, Joe, Steve, Richard, Alan, Frank and then the surnames like Jones, Smith, Miller, Goldman, Yoder, Johnson and so on.

Think about it for a moment. You’re a Spirit who has been asked to help ‘Joseph B. Smith’ in NYC. Okay you ask WHICH Joseph B. Smith? What does he look like? Where does he live? How old is he? What is his birth date? You need some details to pinpoint WHO Joseph B. Smith is.

But people ignorantly (or stupidly) expect Spirits to automatically know that ‘my friend, Joseph B. Smith needs prayer for healing’. Really? How much of a friend is he if you don’t have a current mug shot of him? Gimme a break already. I’m not the only one who thinks prayer requests via name is silly - Spirits do as well.

How are Spirits supposed to find the exact person you are asking for help with? Again are you mistakenly believing that Gods are omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent? If so you’re mistaken. WAY mistaken. Yahweh isn’t - He says so in the Bible. Jesus never said he was any of these things. Neither do the Greeks, Norse, Aztec and so on.

Frankly, a Spirit CAN help or hinder a person if there's a photograph of them and no name or date of birth known. The photograph is plenty as it shows them. You should clearly have one of their face not with a helmet on or anything that obstructs the view. If the guy wears an eye patch all the time, then that's fine but a welding helmet or a full faced motorcycle helmet over their head will not suffice.

Again if a Spirit claims to be omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, then take that with a HUGE grain of salt before you buy into it. It’s utter nonsense.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Starting Points: Books

Let’s discuss that one thing that makes Occultists and Pagans go merrily skipping to the store to purchase: books. While I have discussed books in the past on my old MySpace blog, I have decided to reinvent the wheel yet again.

First off realize that books are merely a starting place, nothing more. I don’t care if you’re hot for Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, he would tell you they are merely a starting point, a springboard if you will, for your mind to venture down the road to. Surprisingly many reconstructionist CM’s want to quote him like Pat Robertson does the bible as if it’s scripture. While pleased that some feel his work was worthy of that, I highly doubt Henry C. Agrippa would approve.


Because even though his system is consistent within itself, it’s not meant to stay stagnate. Occult systems were meant to be grown, expanded upon and improved with care. To do that takes careful reading and of course experimentation. Ah yes experimenting OUTSIDE the system a.k.a. thinking outside the box.

Systems that stay stagnate end up dying and that’s because those who created or presented them to the world tend to want to put their foot on the necks of those who would openly experiment with them and note results. In other words it’s an ego thing.

If you consider a book a system as presented by its author, you have a better understanding of the material than if you simply read the juicy parts (if there are any) and leave it at that. Yes sometimes you have to slog through the author’s bullshit philosophy, ethics lessons and how s/he views things like karma but doing so helps you to understand where the author is coming from.

Personally I tend to shy away from books heavy with fear filled warnings of karma and other ethical mumbo-jumbo. Many prefer to read those books in the hopes that these authors have something great to say. In my experience the vast majority of them are parrots parroting othe parrots thus it gets old to yet read another chapter on karma and ethics.

When you’re trying to figure out what to read, often you’re told to read everything you can find. I disagree. My opinion is that it is wisest to choose a book, read it from cover to cover and then experiment with what you’ve found in it first. This helps to reduce the amount of mental clutter about things like crystals, stones & herbal uses which if you’ve read ten pagan books, you’ve discovered there are eleven ways to use a given herb, root or stone.

Once you’ve read through a book it’s time to experiment with it. Trust me, there are hundreds of 101 books out there on the market and gee, it’s not like everyone and their brother is an author these days. LoL You can’t help but bump into someone whose writing a book or has written one even at the friggin’ laundrymat!

How do you choose a book to start with? Well first off my opinion is to look for a book on a subject you have interest in. “But Moloch I want to learn it all!” well sorry to burst your bubble McDuff, but ya can’t learn it all. Period. You have just this one lifetime (at the present) to make a go of it so what interests y ou most? Divination? Sorcery? Healing? Spirits? What? Once you’ve decided, then it’s time to narrow the focus yes again. If it’s say Divination then are you interested in cards? Runes? Oracles? Dreams? Astrology? Because there are a plethora of ways to do divine the future probabilities.

Now there are classics in every field of interest and by classics I mean these are the old standards that folks used when books on such subjects were rare. Before Gerald Gardner came along, there were relatively few books on Witchcraft but Leland’s “Aradia: Gospel of the Withes” is a classic. Some consider the works of Margaret Murray to be worthy of study even though her theories of Witchcraft being an ancient cult have been derided by other scholars.

If you can’t find anything that others consider a classic in the field of interest you have, then try to find something written more recent. Yes now with everyone and their brother out there writing books, what is worthwhile to read and not? Good question.

I suggest trying to find a large section of Metaphysical books at say a large book chain, then designate some time to thumb through them on the subject you have interest in. What you’re looking for is ‘completeness’ rather than a big name in the field. For instance if you have an interest in Witchcraft, do you go with a Llewellyn author or a non-Llewellyn author? Well if you go with the former, realize your book will be white-washed of anything that even hints of non-white magic.

Do you really want to pollute your mind with material that tries to steer you clear of learning anything about how to defend yourself using black magic? Ask yourself if this is a wise thing to do. If you live in a world where all is rainbows & dancing clouds, then okay be my guest and choose the fluffy bunny books; however if you live where life is a day-to-day rat race and drive by shootings occur with frequent abandon, then perhaps knowing something about black magic would be helpful.

If you’re going to study the Four Elements it is wise to learn how to use them for all situations not just the positive ones. Same goes with the Planets as well as any system of Magic. You may think you’re Pollyanna but realize that life doesn’t just throw lemons to you but often ROTTEN lemons that you cannot do anything positive with other than throw in the garbage. Okay with books and a balanced system where you learn to do good and evil, you have the wherewithal to not have to be bent over every time some asshole comes around trying to make your life miserable.

Books do not carry power - unless they’re a talisman which is a discussion for another time - but what they do carry is knowledge. Good, balanced books carry a wide variety of knowledge not just the ‘heal a sick animal’ type of knowledge. A book that shows you how to survive is not complete unless it shows you how to hunt, fish and forage to eat.

So find a book that covers the subject matter and study it. Experiment with what the author suggests. If you’re told to do the exercises in it like I tell my readers in my own “Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment” booklet to do for six months to a year, you will benefit from the practices. Do the work. Learn it well. THEN experiment.

I’ll discuss books in my next blog installment.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spirits: Not What You've Been Told

What is it with people & Spirits? Every other day I’m getting emails from people who find my site and think that Spirits are all powerful & will do all sorts of stuff like give them instant informaton, appear before them instantly, give them everlasting love/wealth/beauty, make them successful even though they have no talent whatsoever, and so on.

Where are they getting their ideas from about the power available from Spirits? In truth it takes TIME to develop a bond with a Spirit. Why? A Spirit is like a person. You meet someone rich & powerful do you think s/he instantly will do whatever you ask of them? Even if you offer them friendship & give them loyalty as well as pay tribute? Um no.

Bonding is something that is inherent in a Familiar Spirit - thus the word ‘familiar’. It’s like these McWiccans who think just because they call on a particular deity that that deity MUST obey and do whatever is asked of them. Hardly! If such were the case then anyone could have whatever it is they want just by looking up a God/dess of Love or Prosperity or so on. But that’s NOT the way it works.

Grimoires have for centuries given MagicKians false hopes. I say that because Magicians have this silly idea that all one need do is follow the instructions in a grimoire & *poof* their will be done. Some of this is from Xian upbringing & the false notion that they are given (as Xians) power over the unseen world because they have a soul & ___ Spirit does not. This is rubbish of the smelliest lot.

MagicKians are some of the most gullible fools alive. They buy into these pseudo-masonic or quasi-Rosicrucian systems and think they have power over all Spirit by authority of ‘GOD’. Problem is GOD - the actual creator - is no longer of this universe which is why GOD created the Saints (or God/desses) to watch over & intercede for us on IT’S behalf. Some MagicKians mistakenly believe Yahweh/Jehovah or Jesus is GOD. *buzzer* Wrong!

GOD is unknowable. If you cannot fathom the size & scope of the universe, then how can you conceive just WHO or WHAT GOD is? It’s silly to think some Middle Eastern tribal god is THE GOD but many reading this will believe that to be the case. (Right and I have a bridge to sell you sucker!)

“But Moloch, things work when I call upon Yahweh, Allah or Jesus” and to that I say “Congratulations, you got a Saint to do X for you!” but that was NOT GOD. It may be YOUR god but It’s not MINE. Your god may have a full history of religious worship and to that I say, “Great!” but still that does not prove anything other than fools worshiped It as GOD. Saints INTERCEDE on behalf of GOD for us. We ask of the Saints & they provide. None of them were supposed to be worshiped but humans love to worship so they got deified.

Working with Spirits is a very delicate & specialized thing. Too many want the knowledge but in truth, they don’t deserve it. Why? They’d just piss away the knowledge - some of them would post it to the Net for all to see. Big time no-no. Others would want to learn it so they can sell it to other seekers. Still others would want to misuse the wisdom for all sorts of ridiculous things like ‘enlightenment’ (and I never met anyone who was enlightened that was not broke or poor) or to get laid or make their ex come back to them or destroy their enemies and so on.

Knowledge may be powerful & often free but WISDOM is worth far more than diamonds and platinum combined. If you had the secret phrase to give you whatever it is you wanted, would YOU willingly share it with just anyone who asked? This is why I don’t put out much in the way of hardcore Occultism like I used to do. Pray tell WHY should I simply give out wisdom I paid dearly for? Because I want to be accepted in the Occult & Pagan communities? LoL Screw that! [Now this does not mean, dear reader, that I think you are swine or somehow beneath me. Rather I just prefer to be JUDICIOUS in who to trust and the Spirits tell me WHO I should trust!]

I sweat for years purchasing books, studying into the wee hours of the morning, taking courses, trading or buying knowledge from other practitioners, practicing what I learned - until I arrived at wisdom. I gained it first by making a friend of a Spirit - Moloch. The Spirit did not claim to be THE Moloch of Biblical fame or even related to the Ammonite Spirit Melek but rather a Spirit named Moloch who later bestowed that name on me as a title. I got what I wanted because I asked the Universe for a teacher & the Universe responded. Did Moloch just GIVE to me everything I wanted? Hell no! More often than not, what happened was I’d ask about a practice or something and then Moloch would either talk to me in a dream/trance OR (usually) send me off on a hunt until I found it and yes I had to keep my eyes peeled.

One of the first things I had to do was learn ‘awareness’. This is the ability to become aware at any given moment of everything around you. I know it sounds so Hollywood but that’s how it is sometimes. The more I practiced the exercises & meditated, the stronger my awareness became & often I’d bump into the answers I sought in the form of the written word, a chance meeting with someone or just plain intuition EUREKA! moments that would hit me like a ton of bricks.

I will say the key to awareness is first relaxation. Calm the chatter in your mind and then unlock the door to the world around you. At first I’d become aware of things like insects and  plants where I lived. Sometimes the grass was greener in certain spots or certain bugs were on trees but not on other ones. Silly? Maybe but this was a slow, training process that I went through to open my mind to the world around me. So why go through this? To make me aware of Spirits around me then later to make me feel these Spirits.

Of course a practicing & wise Sorcerer will spend time relaxing, meditating & becoming more & more aware each & every day. Meditation does not have to be an hour or even half hour long. Sometimes just getting your head into a meditative state for five to ten minutes several times a day works equally well. Sort of like how you can exercise your body at short intervals several times daily instead of just going full bore for 30 mins. Some will argue that the latter is proper & the former is wishful thinking. They’re allowed their opinion but I know what works for moi.

Back to Spirits. Bonding takes time. To get a Spirit to do more for you than simply healing you or giving you stuff, you have to build a relationship. This is why it’s really only necessary to build a relationship with ONE, two or maybe three Spirits but more than that is not needed. Yes, yes, yes I know the Yoruban systems often have you care taking for a dozen or more Saints but seriously that is both unnecessary and taxing. Do you have strong bonds with a dozen people or are tight with just 1-3 peeps in your life? Can you be a strong friend to 12 different people, all the time? I have TWO very close friends & the rest are acquaintances of varying degrees in my life.

I am unsure why MagicKians buy into the nutty ideas that they find online, in MagicK books or in forums/groups where they are told ‘Spirits are beneath you, not your equals’. Really? Well FYI it is best to treat the Spirits like a friend. Give them food, liquor & talk to them. Yes I know this will sound ridiculous to many of you but do you want to get results or are you those who buy manuals with so-called all inclusive invocations bearing various god-names to make ALL Spirits subject to it? Seriously now does ONE key fit all vehicular ignitions? Will your car’s ignition key fit a Mercedes? Lamborghini? Volkswagon? Saab? Of course not. One size does NOT fit all.

I recently read a book on Arab magic where a supposed invocation from hundreds of years ago is used to make all Spirits subject to it. Utter nonsense. It may make Spirits of the house of Allah subject but Lucifer’s Spirits? Not a chance in hell (pun intended) Nor will it make the Dead rise up & do your bidding either. But lets face it, authors want to SELL books and you can certainly sell a LOT of higher priced hardbacks by telling folks that reciting this incantation a gazillion times will work. Utter rubbish.

While Spirits can do just about anything you want, they have their limitations as well. Why? First off when you incarnate into this world, YOU lay out the limitations on you. Not anyone else. You wrote the syllabus and laid the course so if it’s not in your best interest to hit the lotto because you have lessons to be learned, then no amount of cajoling the Spirits will work. Period. None. Give up on it. However everyone has treasures to be mined. THAT my friend takes work and work is not something most people cherish. In fact, most people hate working - yours truly included. But to be successful & happy your lot in life may be to do your own thing picking up junk & recycling it. The Spirits can help you discover your hidden talents and how you can pursue them.

You also have Spirits you were born with, Spirits who walk with you in life, and Ancestral Spirits - all who have a say-so in your life, your choices & of course your personal development. This is not something you find in grimoires let alone on Yahoo Groups nor discussion forums. Those are for people who think they know how this works but actually are just parrots parroting other parrots regardless of whether it’s some new age flake or some reconstructionist relying on old source materials.

The odd thing is so many want to learn how to work with Spirits but they think it is easy as 1, 2, 3 when in reality it is far easier to learn to do Uncrossings, candle workings, talisman making & so on. With a Familiar Spirit many types of workings like those can be simply bypassed completely. I know this is true because even though I had Moloch in my back pocket, my early life with Him was anything but easy. When I gave up Qabala study & reverted back to practicing making talismans, doing candle rituals, Rune Sorcery & so forth, my luck increased, my job became steadier & more prosperous and my love life fired off like a rocket.

Occasionally Moloch stepped in to help me out. He kept me protected from both nasty individuals who didn’t like me (at work, neighbors, even relatives I didn’t get along with) to protecting my family and healing me quickly. Sometimes He’d lead me to a great sale (I was in sales at the time obviously) and it felt as if He was rewarding me for hard won effort. When I wanted an Occult book, money wasn’t an issue because He always gave me the cash to buy the book. If I needed items for a spell, those too came easily enough from Him.

But realize that this took me a long time to get to where I am today. This just did not happen overnight. I learned slowly. Many things about Spirits I’d read in a book from authors like Kraig, Zolar, Regardie, Hyatt & Black, and so on then I’d learn something new, revise something I thought I knew, experimented, noted my results & tried again. When I finally made a friend of Tiriel, the Intelligence of Mercury, I discovered MANY things needed revising - that what was printed in manuals was somewhat off or totally out of left field. This included old grimoires as well as even stuff from the Medieval & Renaissance period.

You won’t make friends in the Spirit world if you presume all of them lie. Some lie a little (mostly to test you), some like a lot and others simply don’t like people at all. A few are really good natured and relatively easy to get along with but it’s never a good idea to take them for granted like the vast majority of magicKians do. Treat them like people - make a friend first. Bond. Show respect. Kindness. But don’t fall for being a moron. If a Spirit lies, ban it from ever talking to you again. Would you keep a liar as a friend? I doubt you would regardless of how bad off you were for a friend.

Bond first. Then start asking for favors. Keep up your end of the bargain and watch how your life changes in dramatic, almost Magical ways. Ignore what I’ve written here & blindly follow what some Yoruban, Fon, Wiccan, Kaos or Ceremonial flunkie has to say instead and well you’ll be the final judge. What I write here will NOT be popular but this is from my very own personal experiences.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doers Not Dreamers Make It Big

Ever since I began offering my Spirit Alliance I have received a number of requests from people who want to be wealthy in business. That is awesome because if YOU become wealthy, it opens up a whole new world to your & your family allowing greater opportunities to experience things in life others cannot financially afford such as exotic trips, learning opportunities and greater independence through self-reliance.

Also such success helps others in your community as you grow in wealth such as tailors, dry cleaners, car dealerships, cell phone dealers, office supply outlets, shoe stores, and so on. Of course the more money you make, the more taxes are paid which in turn helps the community coffers for those less fortunate than yourself.

But the Spirits I deal with do NOT like the idea of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. By that I mean you have to have a viable, worthy goal for them to want to help you. Dreaming alone will not make it. Napoleon Hill, one of the greatest self-help teachers this world has ever known (and most likely the root cause of the industrial boom of the 20s onward) stated that you have to have a worthy goal (one that you believe is achievable) and you have think about it a lot.

Conventional Methods

With Hill’s plan, laid out in his book “Think and Grow Rich”, one can certainly move forward one step at a time up that ladder of success through sheer determination. Hill’s plan is no big secret these days since so many have read and began using his method. The step-by-step plan in that book is a systematic process that has helped hundreds of thousands worldwide to achieve their dreams of financial success.

The first step is a worthy goal. But with the sows ear part, a worthy goal to become the best sales rep in your department will not work if all you have is just a dream. There is a lot of effort that needs to be expended in various forms from getting started early & quitting late to investing in yourself by taking courses in sales (such as the famed Dale Carnegie course) to taking weekend classes at your local community college in say Marketing, Advertising or plain old Communications.

I had a woman come to me wanting to become a big deal in real estate. She worked a regular 6am to 3pm factory job and planned on selling real estate from 3 pm to 7 pm part time during the week and on Saturdays. Further she had no time to devote to any further training due to her busy schedule. I told her she was dooming herself from the start. Why?

Rare is the person becomes a success when they plunge headlong into a project with everything they got; rarer still is the one who becomes successful doing something part-time. In fact, I only met one person who ever made much of anything part time but that individual had worked in the industry for years already in a full time position and he had the contacts to make it work for him part time.

There is wisdom when Jesus said, “Ye cannot serve two masters” and in business, that is a truism. To make it BIG, you have to sell your soul to your business 100%. Period. Further you have you to invest $$$$ into yourself to grow & learn.

I could have had a very lucrative job traveling in South America selling processing machines for the poultry foods industry. I needed to be able to speak either Portuguese or Spanish but preferably both. The job had a base salary of $60K/year, travel expenses, clothing allowance and a generous commission as well as bonus structure. The guy was REALLY interested in me because of my sales background in the food industry.

Unfortunately, I never bothered (when I was younger) to learn Spanish else he’d have hired me to work for him. Had there been a Rosetta Stone back in the 90s, I’d have bought the Spanish version and did the whole crash course in Spanish. It’d been worth it in the long run.

But it amazes me how the dreamers out there never do anything to further themselves. I’ve been involved in sales since 1995 and I was amazed at how many sales people I’ve met over the years who never read a single sales book. That’s like someone wanting to practice Magic that took a single, weekend 2 hour class and s/he wants to set up shop to become a reader/practitioner.

Investing in oneself is mandatory. You have to know your subject matter inside & out. If you want to make it big in real estate, then study the housing market. Read the trade industry magazines for it. Look at the weekly freebies that tell you what’s out there & for what prices. How many ‘for sale by owner’ listings are there in your area? Those are prime to convert as well as what sorts of properties are hot now? Knowing your industry through and through is the first step. You have to LOVE the industry and be fascinated by it for your heart to be fully committed.

After that, a realtor’s license is mandatory. I’ve met a limited number of successful realtors who never took any advanced sales classes outside of what was offered by their dealership association. The ones who I know are multi-millionaires are the ones who I’ve seen at the Cleveland Executive council, Dale Carnegie, Toastmasters, night classes at the community college and at the library borrowing books on housing & construction, sales, advertising & marketing.

You might say, “Gee Moloch, when does a successful realtor have time to study & digest all of that in addition to working 60+ hours a week as well as taking care of their family responsibilities? Good question!

It is true that the biggest successes in business had a solid foundation at home. If they had kids and mom was trying to become the next realtor millionaire, then her hubby was working his job to maintain the family’s financial responsibilities while handling the daily household chores and the kids. Hard life but that’s how it is if you’ve got a family.

If you’re single, you have less home responsibilities (obviously) and if you’re without children, that allows you far more free time to devote to knowledge acquirement as well as out on the road at the crack of dawn & dragging your dead ass in the door after dark.

The dream is but the first step. Putting it down on paper is the second step. Getting off your duff and going after it is the third step. That’s how it’s done. If you’re smart, invest some time in yourself and study. Learn. Absorb your industry. Know it inside & out. Know who the big dawgs are and learn how they made it big.

Keep your integrity intact. Be smart and stay clear from schemes, cons & rip offs. If you meet someone who thinks they can make it big, the easy way, then that’s a warning bell to run the other way. Making it big in business is definitely NOT easy. I heard a LOT of No-Thank-You’s before I made a sale. Learn to love the word No.

Magical Methods

My advice is to first start off by having a Mass sung for your Ancestors and ordering an Ancestral Feeding. By doing this you are invoking the aid of your Ancestors to help keep the rest of your life smooth and with as few problems as possible.

Then it is wise to begin a standard regimen of alternating Uncrossing and Success rituals performed on a regular basis. The idea is to remove obstacles from your path and then invoke success. Focus on succeeding in business and the money will follow so it’s not as important to do Money Drawing rituals like the so-called experts like to suggest. This is what I did for years while being a road warrior selling direct in-home to families all over Ohio.

Also doing an occasional Uncrossing bath then doing a Luck In Business bath then wearing a Luck-In-Business perfume will help to ensure you have blockages out of your way and the best opportunities that roll your way.

The candle rituals can get expensive after a while but unless you have the required skills to properly summon the right sort of Spirit, it’s best to stay away from trying to summon a Spirit for help or at the least hire someone like yours truly who can hook you up with a powerful Spirit.

Everyone thinks all they have to do is summon Bune or Orobas from the Goetia and that’s all it’s going to take to make one wealthy in business. (LoL Were it so simple!) There is a LOT the grimoire does not tell you and much that your typical Goetic practitioner doesn’t know that can get you into a lot of trouble magically.

There is a lot that goes into a Spirit Alliance so it is not a simple matter. Spirits are fickle and it takes a skilled Priest who is also an expert negotiator to get you the right Spirit to hook you up with so you can succeed. While that sounds simplistic getting things rolling is not.

Each Spirit has to be maintained as well. This means It has needs and desires that must be catered to. That is where I come in and it’s my job to keep the Spirit happy for you. Your job is to know your industry & work your butt off and the Spirit’s job is to bring you viable opportunities to succeed while either keeping bad things away from you or giving you hunches & dreams to forewarn you.

In summary, to become really successful, you have to know the industry you wish to work in; you must invest in yourself to gain additional knowledge; and then have a plan of attack on the Spiritual front so that your way is paved so you can gain your heart’s desire.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Do or Not To Do: The Choice Is Yours

One of the most aggravating things clients, customers & novice Occultists throw up at me is, “How do I do that?” By this I mean when someone purchases a product and then wants to know how to use it, I tell them and then I get, “Oh gee Moloch I can’t do that because ____!”

Folks, Sorcery is not some McWiccan or Dungeons & Dragons game. You have to figure some things out for yourself. Let’s face it, even in the silliest of McWiccan literature, no one tells you how to employ something that’s difficult.

For instance: you come to me to buy an Occult oil such as a love oil. Okay I make you a potent love oil but tell you its best used when you wear it & touch the desired with your hands. It’s not MY job to tell you HOW to do that. Hell I don’t know you or the other person and frankly your business with them is none of my business.

But for sake of argument if I tell you to TOUCH someone to get the fullest effect, then that is how it needs to be done. Period. I get sick of people telling me, “Well I can’t do that because ___!” Really? How bad do you want the end result?

One guy I sold a bottle of Commanding oil to lives in a foreign land where touching - even hand shaking - is done only when offered to you not by you offering it to them. Well sorry Charlie but that tuna will just get away.

Sure you can use oils the old fashioned way by anointing candles, talismans, the target’s photograph but hardcore Sorcerers know such things pale in comparison with direct physical contact. If you are unable to directly touch the person - such as them living in another state or some sort of tribal laws or even them being an ex of some type - then you won’t get the strongest effect possible.

This is sort of like when you come across an old spell in an old musty book. The spell calls for a few ingredients you don’t have or are unable to find. Many of you try the McWiccan method which is to substitute and that is dangerous. Why? Frankly if you don’t know what the ingredient IS how can you know you are substituting a correct or like-ingredient? Answer is you don’t!

Best to scratch that spell or rite and find another that’s suitable. There are ingredients to make Kyphi incense from Egyptian manuscripts that we have no clue what the ingredient is. Sure we can translate it however that does not mean we know WHAT it is. Capisci?

Sometimes spells or rituals require us to do things we find unpleasant or out of the norm. If you cannot or will not do that, then give up that spell or ritual. If a Spirit says to you, “Obtain sand from a desert” and you live in Kansas, you better get on the Net & find someone who lives near a desert.

I get asked, “But how do I bury this in their yard?” or “Spray this on their front door?” and my answer is, get creative or pay someone else to do it for you. HOW you do it is NOT my job. Many times I went into enemy territory under the auspices of the cloak of night in the wee hours of the morning.

“But I may get caught!” Yup that is a possibility. “So what do I do?” Answer: Don’t get caught.

If you’re whining about how to deliver the payload, then you’re weakening the power of the Sorcery to begin with. Got that? The more you complain, the weaker it gets. Grow a pair and just do what you must do. I’m not saying go and break the law rather I’m asserting that if you pay me for a potion and for the potions best efficacy is to come in contact with an ex or love-to-be, then it is up to you to deliver it.

Got it? Sorcery isn’t for wussies. Either you do it or you don’t. Simple as that.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Metaphysical Microwave

I was reading a post on Don Kraig's blog about the late Occultist Ophiel's "Sphere of Availability" which got me to thinking about how so few really understand why their creative visualizations fail.

Too many people are looking for that fantasy element in Sorcery that is what I like to call the great Metaphysical Microwave. This is that great magical device that allows one to input a desire and in 20 seconds *beep* out pops a freshly made new desire usually a new job, new car, new ___.

The truth of the matter is that as techniques go, creative visualization in itself is a useful and extremely powerful tool. The downside is it takes effort i.e. work to make it manifest your desire. By work I mean the effort, invested time and whatever money you need to put into making your desire a reality.

There is something inherently magical about the idea of taking a blank book, writing a desire on a page and reading that desire daily, over & over while imagining yourself living that desire. What the vast majority of creative visualization authors fail to tell you is that you need to go about your daily life and keep your eyes, ears and attention open until you bump into the opportunities necessary to make your desire a reality.

While it may seem like the great Metaphysical Microwave does indeed exist if we listen to some people talk about how they prayed to a god or saint, did a candle spell or simple lashed out at the Universe and (poof) their desire came quickly to them, that is not the norm for most people.

The average person is in the throes of life with a million & one problems facing them while they get yet another major problem facing them. The fact is they’re overwhelmed with problems and cannot think straight let alone focus their mind on ONE particular deal. These are the folks who mistakenly believe winning a lottery will fix all their problems.

Gambling is a false hope and lotto drawings are a worse sort of false hope. The statistical odds of winning even a small amount of money say $10,000 on a scratch off ticket is usually something like 50,000:1 odds. And yet people want to pray to the Spirits or do creative visualizations for money to come to them in this manner?

My advice is always take the first step & do some Divination. What do the Spirits have to say about your situation? Where do they see the problems stemming from? Where will you likely end up if you do nothing? How can you find the funds necessary to get X, Y & Z paid off? Thus one Divination will not be enough; you will have to perform several or spend a chunk of change with a reader & have several questions answered in an hour.

People often believe there is no hope. That dooms their prayers, spells & invocations from the get-go. I mean if your attitude is such, why bother with any sort of Metaphysical belief? You cannot serve two masters thus you need to choose the right one & believe that in the end, everything will work itself out correctly.

Ophiel’s techniques in his book “The Art and Practice of Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualization” are worthwhile to memorize & practice. If you really want to supercharge your creative visualization, work with the Treasure Map as well. Doing so puts two famous and powerful Metaphysical techniques in your hands to focus your life on so that you follow your heart’s desire to fruition.

To use those techniques, one does not have to be initiated into any religion, lodge or coven. In fact, even non-occultists can use them and see tangible results in the end.

Now presuming you have chosen a worthy goal to attain, say you have a desire to own a 1967 Corvette Stingray convertible and regardless of what others think, you have always wanted to own one. It is time to look in magazines & on the Net for photographs of this car.

Go to old car shows and meet people who actually own one. Ask to gently touch it and if possible to sit in it. You want to know what it feels like to simply SIT in the vehicle. This is because you can later draw on those memories to help fuel your visualization as it is best to involve ALL of the senses when doing this sort of Metaphysical work.

What does the car smell like? Feel like? Look like? Sound like? Yes ask them to start it so you can hear the engine run. All of this is important as you will take these impressions & solidfy them later. Take photographs of the car but block out the license plates - you don’t want THEIR Corvette, you want your own. Ask to take their photograph in one and then when you print it, blot out their face(s) with a thumbnail sized photo of your own face over theirs.

Now keep your ears & eyes wide open everywhere: you may find one waiting for you. Keep working & banking your money to help you afford one when it comes along. Sometimes people sell things dirt cheap to pay for bills, debts and even sometimes to have some money before they go to prison for extended sentences (1% bikers often do this when they’ve been sentenced for life in prison).

How long will it take to manifest your desire? As long as it does. I cannot give you a rough estimate since I am not you nor know how much money you have banked for such a purchase. I would say that if you have enough money saved, then the prospects of finding one should not take very long if you keep looking in auto trader magazines, corvette clubs, eBay & Craigslists as well as telling friends/family you’re on the hunt for one.

But it is not very likely you will get one without the required money which is part of the investment YOU need to put forward. Don’t have any spare moolah? Well then look at your income VS expenditures and see where you can both trim the fat off your expenditures and increase your income.

Sacrificing often MUST be made to afford something like this and I’m not talking about goats & chickens either. Self-sacrifices such as partying with friends, going out to eat or to concerts, movies & places where it co$ts money to go. Cut your expenses and increase your income and the money will find its way to your bank account.

If you’re one of those who say, “Moloch, every time I save a nickel, something costing a dime comes along and I cannot get ahead!” To that I will say maybe it’s time to take a hard look at your life. What’s causing all of these bills that are nickeling & diming you to death? If you have kids who are constantly bleeding you for money, perhaps it’s time for some tough love & telling them to pick themselves up & go their own way?

Are you someone who likes to smoke weed and everyone (including the law) knows it? Well then give it up. When you’re clean, they won’t be able to arrest, imprison & fine you, right? Oh you think you ought to be allowed to smoke weed with impunity? Well so do I however the laws of the land say otherwise. If you’re scraping to get by, what are you doing buying street drugs that you know you cannot afford?

I have a relative who has no driver’s license (due to too many DUI’s) yet he wants money for a car. To me that’s putting the cart before the horse. He’s still a substance abuser and if he had the vehicle, Johnny Law would nab him in a flat second, then arrest, trial, fines and so on.

Broke? No job but still want a Corvette? Okay make it your goal and work to get a job that will pay you what you need to afford one. Realize this may take social government paperwork & interviews to get you into a program that will train you to do X job. Don’t like the thought of any of that? Then start & run your own business!

The local poor man’s university a.k.a. the Public Library, has thousands of books & with time you could study enough to start & run your own business. Knowledge is power when you use it and the library is a vast arsenal of power all waiting to be mined. You just have to work for as well as invest the time in it.

Some magicKians think this is all about one thing: intent. I say bullshit. Intentions are moot; I ask what DRIVES you? What is your passion? What desire do you want and how badly do you truly want it?