Saturday, September 29, 2018

Are Spirits Real or Imaginary? Old Argument Rears Up Once More

Recently in an online discussion group, an individual professed to the group that gods and spirits do not exist thus why he could not work the old grimoires as stated in their instructions. Now this is his belief and you may wonder why ol’ Moloch here got his dander up over this, right? Well these online groups have a tendency to attract a LOT of folks who are new to occultism, sorcery & magic as well as many who are fence sitters where such things are often argued and hashed out. I’d like to take a moment and give some rational explanations as to why I feel anyone who makes a full fledged statement to the negative on this subject is not an occultist but rather someone dressing up and just pretending to be one.

Leprechauns Don’t Exist!

The chap’s argument stemmed around his “fact” that Leprechauns do not actually exist. Really? According to whom? By what authority? Oh I’m not talking about the little thieving miscreants we know and love from Irish folklore who wear green attire, hoard gold and hide their stash at the end of rainbows. Of course those are just caricatures of our imaginations of what the Leprechauns looked like. However in every myth, every bit of folklore there are kernels of truth IF you’re not to bloody lazy to get off your fat duffs and dig for these kernels.

Rather I’m talking about ancient Irish warrior spirits whose job it was to guard clan & community treasuries. These spirits are ancestral spirits of the dead. Some may even refer to Them as the Mighty Dead as a number of them were magical practitioners when alive. They leaned on canes as they grew in age which came to be known as their shillelagh. Also the reason the shamrock was sacred to Them was due to it was used in Their magic when alive. However there is a lot of misconceptions about these spirits due to the wild tales told by drunks and folks who passed on the tales of these spirits to the point Their exploits became near godlike.

The issue modern practitioners have about spirits is plenty but the main one is they buy into this modern fable of scientism and it’s bastard child Psychology which tells us spirits are nothing more than “archetypes”, “psychosis”, “complexes”, “beliefs” all part of our “collective unconscious”. These psycho-babble terms are 60+ y/o terms Psycho-quacks came up with in an attempt to explain the unexplainable because as we all know when Psychologists cannot figure out something, they invent a label for it then pin it on you. These labels are a kinder way of trying to inform you that such experiences are only in your head aka ‘figments of your own imagination’. In other words, you’re bloomin’ nuts, amigo.

So what does modern psychology do? Refer you to a psychiatrist, the even wackier version of a psychologist who has a MD degree and can dispense mind altering drugs such as Paxil, Prozac, Effexor or Zoloft to manage your obvious bi-polar disorder. Why? Well rational people DON’T talk to spirits, mate! Well what about Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha and so forth? Typically those spirits don’t talk back and give useful answers to Joe & Mary Sixpack. This is what modern science thinks about your spiritual beliefs and personal experiences with these denizens. So is it any wonder a goodly number of you are only interested in just “Ritual Drama” a.k.a. Live Action Role Playing for occultists for your so-called magicK? You’re too afraid to give real spirit contact a try because you fear you may be successful then you’ll have not only zero excuses you’ll also have spirits talking back to you and that terrifies you. Admit it.

Spirits DO Exist & Here’s Why...

What you and your non-believing brethren fail to understand is that the universe is a whole helluva lot bigger than the sum of your head. Yes you have a universe inside your noggin, certainly but that’s just micro-cosmic and it’s all about help YOU, Slim, not about fixing aunt Jenine's broken leg or cousin Buck’s impending prison sentence which you know is fixed by bloody criminal in the so-called justice system. Yet you believe you can waltz around inside your noggin either working pathways like ceremonial magicKians are wont to do or meditate it away like new agers typically try and do. However as many of you know who have tried these methods (like I have way back when) they don’t do jack squat for anyone else.

What I find humorous is that scientists tell us that our own galaxy is a vast 100,000 by 150,000 light years big which means to traverse our galaxy alone, we’d have to travel at the speed of light in a year’s time for 100,000 years to make it across one way alone. Then add another 50,000 years of travel to that time to make it across the other way. Hello, McFly anyone home? That is vast and we just live in a small part of our galaxy out near the edge of it. Then we’re told our (macro) universe is even more immense because its age is reputed to be well over 14,000,000,000 years old and though recently another group of scientists came out saying they believe the universe always was and it has no beginning and far to its size they believe its never ending.

Mind boggling? Definitely. Yet you think we are all that’s out there? Our bits of carbon. Such hubris and arrogance. Every time a so-called educated individual comes out with such a proclamation, it’s not long that later we discover to find how wrong they were. Look at all of the learned men over the ages who made idiotic proclamations in the name of education and science that we later learned was flat out WRONG such as the earth was flat, the sun circled the earth, different weights fall at different speeds and other dubious claims that have been proven wrpmg with careful experimentation. Remember they also believed believed steel was too heavy to float on water to ever be useful to build a ship from unitl it was done in the Civil War. Then later it was a scientist who stated that driving faster than 35 mph would be impossible because we’d not be able to breathe. Or what about the dubious idiots of science who emphatically stated we could not ever fly because we are too heavy and don’t have wings. Or (my favorite) the geniuses who argued tooth and nail that it was impossible to send a man out into space. Not only did we do that but we also sent numerous missions to the moon and brought them back to tell their exploits.

My point is that learned people with doctorates make idiotic claims all the fucking time. Just because you have a Ph.D does not mean you’re wiser than anyone else it means you are typically smarter in a select area of study for which you received recognition by your peers. That’s it. Even with that, look at how many people get degrees and are literal incompetents and morons in their own fields of study! Degrees are the results of test taking and some of these folks are just good at taking tests. It does not mean they’re better at doing their taxes, putting together Ikea furniture or rebuilding a Mitsubishi fuel injection system, all right?

No I’m not against education. Not in the least. Rather I’m leery of everyone who claims they’ve got a degree, even physicians. Why? Because there’s a LOT of quacks out there practicing medicine who should NOT be practicing! We used to laugh at Frank Burns on MASH yet that sort of physician exists and if you know of one, you should stay away and steer all of your loved ones away from such a quack. Today psychologists don’t refer to themselves as “Psychologist” but rather “Therapist” which is a generic term that is often not as scary for the old head shrink. So before you open up about your spirit experiences to others, beware just WHO you’re going to blab your experiences to, amigo.

Spirit Do You Hear Me?

One of the reasons I and many others get results in sorcery and primarily spirit work is that we use a formula that is both time tested and it works. First off we don’t buy into this bullshit that spirits only exist in our minds. Because when you take that approach, you have a tendency to be an asshole, a dictator, a my way or the highway sort of jerk. This is the premise the grimoires were written upon though I highly doubt the author’s knew squat about psychology rather they were trying to bully the spirit into submission through screaming holy names of Yahweh at it all because those dimwits mistakenly believed Yahweh created the universe. Why would they believe that if it weren’t ture? LoL Well chalk that up to a well done marketing strategy by Jews and those who were so enamored of the Hebrew Qabala. They didn’t realize the trappings of the Hebrew QBL such as the names, the Tree of Life glyph, the manuals like Zohar, the mythology such as Solomon’s temple being built by demons or Solomon and his entourage flying through the air on his magic carpet, and other mythological rigmarole just enthralls them. I know because it caught me up in its illusion as well for a decade.

We’ve already seen that the universe is vast. We also have no clue what all is out there either since all our astronomers can see is just a tiny portion of the universe. The key is when you make sincere effort and call to a spirit, something will respond to the name you used to summon It with. Did you get that? If not re-read that last sentence once again. It does not matter if It is THE real YHVH, Zeus, Obatala, Thor, Quetzalcoatl, Wolf or whomever, it’s that SOMETHING out there WILL respond when you are sincere, use courtesy and respect in calling. Now the big issue with academics who don’t believe like the self-proclaimed Luciferian genius from the on-line group kvetching about gods, spirits and Leprechauns, is that guys like him are too flaky and chicken to really give this a chance. Why? Because he’s an egotistical prick.

Think about it. Most academics are egotistical and this is one reason why so many incorrect assumptions and proclamations are publicly put forth then later retracted. Categorically speaking a wise academic withholds judgment until the evidence shows up however what I run into are the ones who refuse to even TRY summoning a spirit. In fact, if they try to summon a spirit typically it goes something like this: the academic stands in the well made circle, reads the general invocation for the spirit to appear and if the academic cannot see anything in a few moments, s/he deems the operation a useless waste of time and the whole thing is utter rubbish. They then go about claiming the medieval magicians ingested some form of hallucinogen whereby they spoke to a figment of their own imagination. That’s the extent of their “scientific experimentation” and they move on back to their harping that Crowley was right spirits are just aspects of one’s mind while continuing to wear their skeptic’s hat.

Tell Me About You

So when someone tries to force you to do something, especially with a negative bent to their voice or malicious attitude, how cooperative are you towards them? Be realistic here. Not talking about judges mind you since when we’re all in front of those guys it’s the only situation where I think any of us have to listen to their BS and put up with it OR else. But say anyone else? If someone were to call you out of the blue and insist, nay demand you come to an address you’ve never been to before, without reason or motive, just how willing would you be to jump to their orders and get right on it? Be honest here. So if not you then WHY should any spirit? Who the fuck are you to Them? You’re not Their master regardless of what the grimoires claim - that’s all hyperbole for your confidence. You can’t threaten the spirit or let’s say carry out any threat to It.

More Flies With Honey...

I got this idea after a failed summoning operation and I was in dire need. So I began to study the African traditions. Not to rob them of their beliefs or culturally pilfer anything from them mind you but actually LEARN something useful and I did. One thing I did learn from reading books about them, interviewing practitioners both online and in person was that they never tried to force their spirits to do anything. Instead they ‘asked’ more often humbly I might add, and offered courtesy and respect to their spirits. That alone was worth more than gold. So I figured if it worked for their spirits why wouldn’t it work for grimoire spirits, my ancestors and even so-called angels/demons I had tried to work with?

One of the other things I learned from the African religions was they tended to use offerings a lot. Of course I had heard many of them sacrificed chickens, goats, lambs, bulls & so on but as I talked to actual practitioners I discovered that this was not an everyday thing but often for either community ceremonies OR for severe even dire circumstances where a person’s health may be in jeopardy. For their usual work though most of them tended to use liquor - a LOT! Originally I thought the lot of them just a bunch of alcoholics until I found out none of them drank the booze they offered their spirits except to sip it out of respect to show the spirits it wasn’t poisoned. Then a Santera suggested I choose a single spirit to work with, even a pagan deity or hero would be fine, research the spirit, find out where in the world it was from and try to give the spirit as many of Its culture’s foods and cuisines as I could or as close approximations as possible. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, coinage & money, wines & liquors, photos and pictures of the land It was hailed from and even artistic drawings of the spirit Itself. All of these could be given, over time, one at a time, which should please the spirit and help It bond more closely.

The World Opens Up

I began to shed my original hypothesis that spirits were just in my head and started to meditate, pray to and open my mind to the spirit’s influence. Then things began to really take off! It didn’t matter to me whether or not the spirit actually existed at one time but that I managed to tap into Its current to the point I attracted Its attention enough It began to work with me. Once I had that spirit I asked It for help with things like divination then It sent me another spirit who taught me how to interpret the Tarot better.

So to end this long diatribe on spirits, the fact is the universe is vast and there are things out there we do not understand nor even know about. Some we may never know about. However does it matter that to experiment all it takes it to toss aside your intellectual side of your mind for a bit and allow your primitive aspects of your brain to reach out to make contact with something that may be primal, ancient, hidden and approachable? Some are beginning to do this today. You just need to drop the Psychological garbage and allow your fears to step in once again. Let the bogeyman become real once more. Well if He’s real, then so are Those who can kick His ass so you just need to set yourself up with Them. But if you persist and cling to a purely intellectual focus with spirits and sorcery then all you are doing is a form of role playing at best. It’s not real magic in the sense you can’t get jack squat done for anyone else other than fix something inside your own head. That’s the extent of it. So LARP all you want kiddies but you’re just pretending regardless of what you say.