Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Occult: Not Depraved But Mildly Erotic


Is it still 1921 or 2021? I ask because it seems those who deem themselves authorities on the occult to the Police and the media are wont to paint the lot of us as depraved individuals. Excuse me to all of you "alleged experts" on the occult, but I am an occultist and I am not depraved. I may be mildly erotic at best but hardly depraved.

Really, just who are you so-called experts anyway? And where do you get off demeaning an entire sub-genre of people? And please, what makes you experts on the occult? And furthermore, who made you experts? Because I guarantee you this: myself and many other occultists have forgotten far more than you will ever know about the occult!

And the fact that you label all Witchcraft & Wicca, OTO, Golden Dawn, Vodu/Voodoo or Hoodoo as "Satanism" just proves how much of an occult expert YOU ARE NOT! Because a real expert would know the differences between each and be able to explain them which most informed occultists can do and yet no alleged Police occult expert is able too.

It is also telling of just how little you know when you automatically label finding a black candle stub, a crudely drawn pentagram and a Motley Crue CD at a cemetery as a "Satanic Ritual" when you have never seen nor studied what a real Satanic rite looks like. Such a finding may simply be a graveside ceremony for a deceased friend who liked Motley Crue and had a thing for black candles and pentagrams. Just because you might find a Star of David graffitied on a cement wall, does that indicate Jews are invading too??

The sad part is people like you are only interested in sensationalizing minor details to inflate and conflate them into whatever bullshit you want the public to believe them to be. You Police Occult experts remind me traveling evangelists because you have the same mentality, the same penchant for lying, omitting the truth, stretching details to fit your beliefs and conflating facts instead of attesting them for their veracity.

Can I say that all occult practitioners are like me? No. However I can say that out of the thousands of practitioners I've known in my near 34 years of involvement and practice in Witchcraft, Sorcery, Haitian Vodu and the Occult, I have yet to meet anyone who I would deem depraved. I have met a few who were a bit off in the head but lunatic fringe in groups is nothing new as the three Abrahamic religions all have their fair share of fruits, nuts and flakes among their ranks and they do nothing to rid themselves of these sickos!

Thus, before you go labeling our beliefs as depraved, look into your own family's religion's history and just see how sick, twisted and bloody your faith has been before you go pointing fingers. We are just tired of the Abrahamic cults and their intolerances towards others.

Friday, June 18, 2021

I'm Still Here

Greetings. I am alive and well even though it has been well over a year since I last updated my blog. Well I never followed a regular posting schedule anyway, only as the mood struck me. This pandemic just takes the stuffing out of one, eh? I’ve more or less stayed cooped up home like most Americans and only lately have I been foraging out and about.

So what have you been up to during this pandemic? I have been refining my practices, reading some new material, watching a few horror TV shows (sadly most of which suck!), occasionally playing my new Xbox One my daughter & son-in-law got for me last Yule, dealing with clients, dealing with a lot of family members going in and out of the hospital (non-Covid related) for one thing or another, and trying to keep my head under the radar is about all.

By the way, if you run into any spiritual trouble or need a spiritual boost in any way, give me a shout. My rates are reasonable and while I am often booked in advance for work, many cases get resolved quickly.

Yes, I have made progress on my new sorcery book. The book is going to be more of a primer so no big secrets to speak of however I think I may create further material later on for future books which will be more in-depth. I’ve thought about doing an omnibus type of book where I include an overview but since I already did that, I think this time it would serve the student better if I help them with digestive bites of information instead of trying to just dump a ton of info on their lap and let them sift through it to see if the student can make sense of it.

While I have kicked the idea around about a Sorcerer’s course, I’m not certain what platform to use to launch it from. I have an inordinate amount of material I’ve accumulated over the decades and I’d like to pass all of this knowledge and wisdom on to someone who is interested in learning well as doing. My course would end with students getting initiated in person.


Pro Tip: I was kvetching to an ethnic friend of mine who is also a sorcerer, about how old candles of mine which may not get used right away are a real pain to get the dust off of. She said to use a used woman’s knee high stocking and it will clean the dust off without harming the candle. So, I tried her tip and it worked.  Made the wax look practically new again. Then it was quite easy apply oils - should I want to do so.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Sorcerous Thoughts: Relationships & Solitude

We are a communal species much like the insect world of the ant or bee where we dwell among others of a like mind. While we may not all have queens to serve, most of us reside in communities of close proximity to one another with a tiered governmental system to guide our conduct.

Our modern mainstream religions evolved from ancient cults which were communal as well because people of a like mind who believed in the same deity, spirit or philosophy gathered to commune together using the same rites and observances. Some of these cults and religions grew out of a desperate need for identity while others grew from a base of the lust for power and dominance.

Today even the non-mainstream belief systems seek members whom seek to assemble themselves together for numerous reasons from learning more about what it is they believe in to security and safety in numbers. It is safe to say that all of the African systems are community based belief organizations and many of the western European ones such as lodges and Witch covens are growing of their own accord as well.

So with the notion that it is better to be part of a group than alone, why would anyone decide to go off on their own in the first place? There are reasons and they are not all occult nor metaphysically oriented. Sometimes the reasons are just plain as day.

Many may think the idea of being alone is antithetical to being a human however it is not.. History shows numerous great minds and thinkers spent a great deal of their lives alone contemplating and working alone often so that they could get more of their work accomplished. Mathematicians, alchemists, astrologers, artists such as painters & sculptors, musicians, composers, engineers and inventors, scientists, poets and many others all left the hubbub of the world at large and sought refuge from the noise to be alone with their thoughts, ideas, beliefs and work.

It seems to be only within the world of religion where you are expected to conform and become like everyone else: docile, respectful, accepting, obliging, giving, and of course, obedient. You’re not expected to question the status quo let alone the religion’s philosophy else you run the risk of expulsion from the community sometimes called ‘excommunication’ - which often meant death for an individual since no one else in the community was allowed to do business with them by religious decree.

The few who chose to resign themselves to either lead a dual life of a self-centric spiritual believer who chose to question the community’s dominant paradigm or the rare individual who left the community all together and wandered off to find their own plot of home for themselves out in the wilds had a tough time of it to be certain. We do know there were Sorcerers in France operating as alchemists who often sold poisons to nobles and aristocracy while they plied their work seeking to both illuminate their souls and obtain the Philosopher’s Stone which was believed could turn base metals into gold.

There are tales of Cunningmen and wise women who eschewed many towns preferring to live by themselves while they worked their Sorceries for clients and performed whatever magics they did for themselves. This may seem a stretch to some however is it really? We can look to the Old West in the US where Mountain Men got tired of so-called civilized life and went into the mountains to live many years alone with a few being outlaws but numerous ones being scarred by their time serving in the American Civil War. If these men would just up and leave civilization all together especially with numerous angry Native American tribes disliking any white settlers on their lands, it’s not a stretch to imagine how Cunningmen & Wise Women of old could easily do the same for various and sundry reasons of their own free choice.

Here are some of my reasons as to why a serious practitioner would want to disconnect from the world today and venture off into parts unknown by themselves. You may judge for yourself yet understand these are simply my thoughts on the subject and are not definitive by any means.

1. Peace & Quiet. Above all, removing oneself from being tapped into “The Grid” s many are wont to say is to forsake the typical noise of the idiot box (i.e. television) and the communication devices such as the modern telephone. After a while the peace and calm one’s mind obtains is wonderful and very stilling. It allows for your mind to have its own thoughts rather than to be bombarded with the miasma of trauma by so-called news reporters, pundits whose opinions mean nothing and slick advertising conditioning you to believe you are not cool/hip/pro/chic/etc IF you do not purchase their products. All of this can be lived without.

2. Difficult Family Members. Nothing is more aggravating to me than a bunch of ungrateful family members whom you’ve done work for or helped previously and when you need them, they’re nowhere to be found. Family is supposed to stick together however this often is not the case. In most families, there’s one members who is the dominant one who tries to bully you into submitting to their whims & desires. This is not a good family setting rather it is a bully situation and regardless of the fact they are blood relations, when they have consistently demonstrated unable or the unwillingness to help you when you need it then why bother to worry about them any longer?

3. Friends, Acquaintances & Who are you again? After Family come those who toss around that dreaded word willy-nilly “friend” especially when they desire for you to help them with the heavy lifting, the ride, or the money loan. I dislike the word “friend” because I tell folks I have 2 real friends and everyone else I know is an acquaintance of one degree or another - usually to the lesser degree. Once I had someone ask me, “So how do you define a ‘friend’?” and I stated “a friend is someone whom you can get a substantial amount of money from without ever fear of having to repay it as well as someone who will immediately get up in the wee hours of the morning during a blizzard to come and rescue you; that is a friend.” In reality a friend is someone you can impose upon if need be and they will have your back without question. Know anyone who loves or cares about you enough to take a bullet for you? THAT is a friend. Everyone else is just an acquaintance.

Occasionally I run into this third type who I label, “Who are you again?” because these are people I seriously do NOT remember ever meeting let alone ever knowing and usually they are trying to wheedle something out of me whether it’s $$$, something free or just my time for them to tell me about their interests. You may even know the type yourself and they are severely aggravating.

4. Political Rhetoric. Ugh. “Vote for so-&-so because they’re gonna fix everything!” Really? Then why didn’t they fix everything when they held a lower public office? Why are their state’s finances in a shambles now and how many unwed mothers have been kicked off any sort of financial assistance while they served as their state’s Governor? Yet this all knowing candidate is going to fix everything if s/he becomes Senator or (worse) POTUS? Really? Then my friend you’ve been drinking too much Kool Aid but if you add a little strychnine to it, you won’t have these silly beliefs any longer.

People want to believe in politicians more then they want to believe in Jesus, Allah or UFO’s and it’s really scary. Oh certainly every politician starts out “honest” (cough, cough) which is utter nonsense because no one in their right mind leaves their multi-million dollar a year corporate job to take a political position that pays just over $100K/yr?!?! I call BULLSHIT! They are in it for the financial gains they can get from the power structure which will be at their beck and call. Yet simpletons believe in the errant stupidity of what some candidates spew their sewers with promises of reforms - all of which only ever help the top one percent of the wage earners. Trickle-Down Economics is idiotic, it does not work and Ronald Reagan sold us that No-Sale nonsense 40 years ago.

5. The Lunatic Fringe. Here I dump the religious lunatics who run around trying to save us all from ourselves. The one who refuse to pay attention to their own kids, what they are doing, where they are, who they are with and so on yet these religious knights want everyone else to suffer by instigating harsh community rules of conduct and decorum for anything and everything which they believe flies against their faith. This did not work in the Cromwellian era of Britain and it is not working in the Muslim world today. When force is applied it eventually it encounters resistance and if the force is increased then the resistance will also increase and the result will become catastrophic. Such is inevitable.

Not only must we deal with the lunatic religious maniacs in our society but also we have to deal with aggressive sales people fostered by corporations whose desires are to expand, increase and surpass previous records in their gluttonous rage to corner the market so they get all of the $$$. Sadly this leads to unethical sales tactics, outright cons and often lies about their competitor’s reputations.

We are even seeing these old straw hat tactics being used today by door-to-door knockers representing so-called utility companies such as electric and/or gas utilities in the hopes of switching you over to their (surprise!) lower rates offered by the firm they represent. However once you show them your utility bills, they now have the info off of it so they can sign you up without your consent and you are in one helluva mess to get the issue resolved.

Getting just as bad are the aggressive kids selling scout cookies or church youth groups preying on the adult for sympathy to buy their wares yet when you spend the $ on the items, no one ever shows up with your merchandise.

And of course we have the local political parties who reach out by going door-to-door which in itself is not normally bad IF the door knocker is a rational individual and can keep their cool but many of them are hyper religious kooks and get offended easily if you refuse to pray with them or tell them you don’t like their candidate because he’s a born-again fundamentalist.

6. The Ever Growing Police State. I have known more than a few who have left the comforts of civilization seeking solace out in the wilds after they purchased land and had a cabin or ranch steading built. Why? Because these folks were afraid of the ever growing Police State being weaponized, trained and fueled by the Military Industrial Complex.

Today we have a Police State who take in trainees, give them a few weeks of training then send them out with loaded weapons on patrol. Yet a hairdresser must go through a full year’s worth of training before s/he is allowed to cut hair! I may overlook some of this IF these new Police recruits were former Military Police but often these men and women are just average high school grads who have had very little training when compared with our European brethren’s Police forces.

Do not get me wrong, I respect our police because I come from a family with former police members, my late best friend was a 20 yr retired sheriff’s deputy and I got to know a number of officers, highway patrolmen and deputies when I was a firefighter. Even many of my old retired officer friends are astounded at how our modern society has shifted towards police because of all the hard work they did in their day to make things better between police nd citizens yet today young hot-shot officers pull their guns and kill the tiny yappy dogs of homeowners or baby kittens in front of young children who wre tending to them - and sadly this behavior is ALWAYS justified by their respective police departments.

~ ~ ~

So is it really that difficult to want to pack up and leave town? Or just remove yourself from society’s grasp? Yet we hear religions claim you need “community”. Yet if you’re a practitioner who can raise a few livestock animals, tend to a small garden, know how to smelt metals in a forge, have your own solar &/or wind power to suit your needs, then you should be able to get along fine all by  yourself.

Sadly though people who are self-sufficient like this are often labeled by the establishment as kooks, odd, strange, weirdos, coots, or worse, “anti-establishment”. For what? Just because you want to be alone with your thoughts? Tell that to DaVinci, Emerson, Tesla and many others who enjoyed their time alone so they could think, create and invent.

I also find it amusing how many so-called occultists today pay lip service to wanting to perform the Abramelin ritual yet none of them want to leave society to actually go and do it properly. Everyone wants to do this ritual while still living and working in our modern society. And still that’s NOT how Abramelin the Mage laid it down to his son. Imagine if you had a steading or cabin where you could be self-sufficient and be alone? Think how much and how far your magical abilities would go.

Even if you didn’t want to perform the Abramelin rite, you could still do your Liber Samekh for an extended period of time thus allowing you the golden opportunity to see within and to meet your higher self. Or perhaps you cared to spend time simply working the Uncrossing Ritual for an extended period of time? Removing all of that crap you were embedded with from your past childhood upbringing with limiting beliefs, doubts, fears and worries which you could resurrect each one, examine it carefully then expel it and replace it with something better.

THIS is why unplugging from The Grid is an ideal thing for the Sorcerer who does not wish to remain handcuffed to societal norms. With services like Amazon you can order virtually anything online at a local library and have any book sent to you for your studies. Your magical work would increase by leaps and bounds. I know this because years ago when I was still in college in Florida, I used to take sabbaticals from work and just read/study and practice Sorcery & Magic - when not in school and finished with my class studies. It was fantastic! I’ve been thinking about doing this again except I am considering investing in some private property out in the country somewhere and setting up shop.

Something to chew on.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Do I Need Spiritual Degrees To Be A Witch?

Recently someone asked if they needed a degree from a Gardnerian coven to become a Witch or rather what would be involved to become a First Degree in a Gardnerian coven? My reply is following...

Do you feel you need degrees or do you want to be an actual Witch?? Because rather than focus on a ton of books to read, it would be far more prudent as a student for you to get outside and get into the woods where you can set up a shrine to the old Green Man and ask Him to help you begin to learn about His children: herbs, plants, trees, bushes and how to use their roots, stems, leaves, berries, bark, and so forth to first learn from then later in your spiritual work. Ask the Green Man to also introduce you to His forest children, the Nymphs, who can teach you all manner of woodland lore and plant magics. Pay attention to any dreams you have as He & His children will most likely come to you in your dreams to teach you things so have a pen & paper by your bedside ready to write when you immediately awaken from slumber.

What Then?

* Learn the delicate arts of relaxation until you can fully relax your body from head to toes. Do not rush this! Take your time to progressively develop this skill. It will serve you well over the years as you practice it.  Note: if you have trouble falling asleep after you begin, then go to bed an hour earlier than normal and wake up an hour earlier than you need to and practice your progressive relaxation then because you won't be as easily to fall asleep after you have had a full night's rest. If you still find yourself falling asleep, try sitting up with legs criss-crossed & with your back against a wall.

* Learn to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth using only your belly’s diaphragm. It is not as easy as it seems but it can be done. Begin to breathe in using a rhythm of 4-2-4-2 which is thus: breathe in for a count of 4... hold for a count of 2... exhale for a count of 4... hold for a count of 2... keep this rhythm going while you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and always exhale the exact amount of air you inhaled. This breathing exercise should be performed regularly, daily, while you relax then later prior to meditation.

* Next learn to both passively & actively meditate until you can achieve a solid 20 minutes of inner mediation. Start off with setting a timer and trying to simply focus your mind on your breathing for 3 minutes then in a few days increase the time to 5 minutes then a week later make it 10 minutes then the following week increase another 5 minutes and by the end of the month, you should be at 20 minutes of quiet, relaxed meditation.

* Get dirty and feel what the earth and its various dirt's are like in different locations which can tell you a lot of about an area itself. Get down and grab some dirt from the ground, roll it in your hands while you close your eyes. Feel the dirt in your hands. Is it top soil? Sandy? Loam? Clay? What? Notice the properties of each. Let the dirt speak to you. If nothing comes immediately give it time and practice. You will begin to unlock the secrets of dirts & soil of the earth and the plant kingdom.

* Let the Gnomes of the earth speak to you telling you what the history of the area is and other secrets it contains. The Gnomes are the easiest of the Elementals to make contact with. They can also make you a green thumb if you so desire it. Make offerings to Them and you will be rewarded not only with a green thumb but also with spiritual knowledge and They can also help introduce you to the other Elementals such as Water who are the next ones you should make contact with after you have made contact with the Gnomes.

* Get outside during a thunderstorm and sit on a porch watching the lightning display. If you're afraid of lightning storms, work to overcome that fear and realize it is only a force of nature, of the earth mother Herself and nothing to be afraid of. When the storm is over, feel the ozone in the air and notice how it energizes you! Deep breathe in the ozone into your lungs and feel the power the lightning left behind. Of course make notes in your journal.

* Construct a Power Bag in which to store your excess power so that you can draw on it later so that when you are feeling low, you can draw on the power of your bag to uplift, heal or protect you. Realize it has many uses in your Craft and can be worn when you go out and wish to ward off any potential harm from others such as at a gathering or crowd.

* Instead of worrying about a ritual dagger or athame, make a staff or walking stick instead which you can walk down the street with. You can draw a circle with your staff, draw pentagrams, ward off evil with it, and make it a living tool by regular use and the spirits will respect it far more than a mere sword because you use it more often than any sword. You can still use an athame if you choose but when I was practicing Wicca, I rarely used my athame because I chose instead to use my power staff. Decorate it however you wish as it is your representation of Sorcery.

* Erect a shrine to make contact with your Ancestors and offer Them a single glass of water & a plain white unscented tea light candle every day for 30 days then you can switch once every Saturday. Salute them and thank Them for any help They can give. After the initial 30 days are up you can switch to saluting Them on Saturn's day, Saturday. You only need a glass of water and a plain white unscented tea light candle. Remember this is a shrine only, not a working altar. You interact with your Ancestors here not perform regular JuJu here.

* Next, find a Patron spirit with whom you get along with and more importantly who wishes to work with you. This is often a god, goddess, a hero, a saint - in other words, a spirit of some type whose ideas, customs & concepts you really admire. Read up on that spirit's history, Their mythology, who worshiped them in the past, where were They worshiped and why, what cultures took part, what geographies Their influence reached, and so on. Learn as much as you can - just please do not be a McWiccan where you study so little unless it's only from some sheeple publisher (ll-ewe-llyn) books. Try to study the locale where the Patron was originally worshiped so you can get an idea of the flora & fauna that grew there and study up on the land's native plants which will be important to the Patron spirit and which you can include in your workings with the Patron spirit. A great resource to begin with at this stage is the Larousse Mythology books as they are fantastic and well researched. "If" you are leaning towards the Hellenic Gods, then you will want to get a copy of the Homeric Hymns to add to your repertoire to honor your Patron. If you're leaning towards a Norse deity, then the there are the Eddas & various Sagas to get material from. IF you're unsure of WHOM to work with as a Patron, light a white candle and call out to the Universe using the four cardinal directions and say that you want a Patron spirit who will be there for you, work hard for you and give you solid advice when needed. Then be patient until your call is heard.

* Finally if you feel you still need books to read then avoid Pagan books as much as possible and opt for books written by scholars or professors who have no bias whatsoever. There are numerous universities from around the world whose scholars are well respected researchers in their fields on everything from the occult to trees & plants to earth sciences. Your Witchcraft library should include material on things like Earth Science, geology (rocks & crystals), plants (flowers/weeds), trees/shrubs, basic biology & Grey's Anatomy (because if you plan on doing any healing you need to know something about the human body), metallurgy, basic chemistry (you want to make your own potions later on? This is a good way to learn some simple fundamentals - you can learn quite a bit s from manuals out of kid's chemistry sets if you can locate them). If you feel you need actual "pagan" books, then try author's like Paul Huson, Tarostar, Lady Sara, Charmaigne Dey, and if I must, I will plug my own Free Basic Witchcraft Lessons here -> from my own site which still rock because they are bite sized, simple and non-confusing for the beginner.

* It would also not hurt for you to study any sort of scholarly Native lore from wherever you live to simply learn about the folklore, stories and legends of that area as these may help you with any hauntings, ghosts and spirits should they make themselves known to you somehow. Why reinvent the wheel if it has already been documented before? You may discover the folks who documented the visitation found a way to get rid of any  offending entites so study up like a real wizard.

So in summary, you can see where I suggest a plan of action for the would-be Witch instead of just plopping their bum down reading they should get busy with learning how to be an actual Witch not someone who simply gets involved for political reasons these days. Not to say that some Gardnerians aren’t the read deal but these days so many are just fake.

Besides with most Gardnerian covens are very insular and resistant to bringing in just anyone and unless you have someone on the inside vouching for you, it’s not likely you’re going to get initiated into their coven any time soon so you may as well begin studying on your own outside and learn all you can about nature, its denizens and how to be a real Witch!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Just Checking In...

I was at the doctor’s office the other day and watched the custodian cleaning extra carefully - obviously due to this coronavirus outbreak here in Ohio - and had to thank him for his extra attention to detail more so during this time than others. When you think about it, your custodial staff are the unsung heroes of your office and you really should stop and thank them once in a while as they pick up all your dumb shit off the floor after you like your mother had to back when you were a child plus all that vacuuming, dusting and now all of the extra sanitizing everything. So stop and just give them a kind word of thanks which will be plenty enough I know because decades ago, I too used to do part-time custodial work back when I was in my late teens. It’s not all about cleaning commodes either as so often everyone thinks because it often involves making things shiny and new looking so when you come into the office it smells nice, the bathrooms smell clean, the break rooms look and smell nice too. So remember your cleaning staff and hell, after this coronavirus crap is over, buy them a pizza and a beer because they have earned it.


How are you and yours dealing with this Covid-19 situation? Where I live we are doing our best by staying in, practicing good hygiene and venturing out only when necessary then using the safety suggestions provided by the CDC & WHO. Beyond that, what else can one do?


Everyone has been asking me how do you deal with this sort of thing spiritually? Talk to your Ancestors to protect you from the Covid-19 threat as much as possible. Be courteous, respectful and ask your ancestors to watch over you and yours to keep all of you healthy, happy and virus free. Offer Them a candle regularly - perhaps Saturdays, Mondays & Wednesdays to ensure you are on Their radar and remind your ancestors you and your family needs protection. 

Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Social Practitioner

Can an over-abundance of opinion be detrimental to the future of a Genuine Practitioner[1]? Yes especially if the opinion is unsupported by fact(s) which is all too often the case in our digital world. We are social creatures by habit who thrive on social interaction thanks to the conditioning such institutions as school, work, church/synagogue/mosque, shopping malls, town halls as well as parades, sports games, eateries, recreational parks and other spots of social interaction have been created around for us to interact.

In the past for the GP, the only way to interact with others of a like mind was to seek them at either regional gatherings or book stores who catered to our metaphysical whims. Today however we can simply log on to a plethora of social media websites and forums and discuss our concerns or ask questions pertaining to our particular interests regardless what those are.

However when you put forth your valid question(s) to others out there on the web, especially social media sites and forums, are you really doing yourself any favors? Opinion is what you are going to get regardless of what you asked for. If you ask for information about a particular grimoire on virtually any site, almost always the question will arise will be, “Why? Why do you need this?”

'Why' is a challenge question and you are being challenged by someone or a group of others to stand your ground to support your reason for wanting information on said grimoire (or subject) - even when those questioning you have zero information on the subject to offer in return! So for all of the headache you may be going through to validate your request for the information, you most likely will not end up with the  information you seek from those who are challenging you.

This is an all too common occurrence in social situations and it is one of the reasons many groups now ban what they deem ‘spell begging’ or ‘practical how-to’ information requests because of the ridiculous amount of noise these types of requests generate on a list and the moderators are correct in doing so.

Opinions Are Like Assholes & Everyone Has One...

Everyone seems to have an opinion these days about something even if it is unsupported by fact and this alone does not stop them from sharing it with others. I still get people asking me my opinion about Enochian MagicK even though I have never practiced that discipline let alone studied it & have to continually explain to people what I know about Enochian can be engraved on the head of a pin in Sanskrit. That is because I know next to nothing about the subject thus I am the last person who should be asked about it. However I DO know others who have never read a single book on the subject who feel qualified to talk on the subject for hours. Go figure eh?

More power to them.

Social Proof Is NOT Valid Proof

An example of social proof, i.e. proof that is presented by Joe & Mary Sixpack online who claim to know about X yet admit they have never practiced nor performed X is simply an “opinion” and it is NOT even an informed opinion which itself is sometimes helpful, especially if they offer no solid evidence to back up their claim(s).

You will run into this quite often on forums and social media sites and it can be very detrimental to your practices IF you take these opinions as fact rather than as opinion. I am not saying Rod the Bod the long time practicing CM cannot have something worthwhile to give as valid opinion mind you however if Rod the Bod only has opinion then take what he offers with an enormous lump of salt. Especially IF Rod the Bod has never practiced what you asked about say Necromancy or Ancestor Work. Even if his comments are constructive, take it with a grain of salt if it comes out Rod the Bod does not practice Ancestor Work nor Necromancy regardless of how long he has been a practicing CM. His opinion on the subject is just that - opinion. Nothing more.

Seek & Ye Shall Find

What you seek is a GP in the subject you have interest in. If it is Ancestor Work/Necromancy, then seek out someone known to be either an expert in that subject OR at the least someone you trust who is working in that field and ask them for their opinion. If your interest is in Enochian MagicK again seek an active practitioner of that field, not someone who merely read a few websites or a couple of books on the subject. Ask around about who is considered an expert on the subject you have interest in and you will find a person's name or two. What did the good Rabbi say? "Seek and ye shall find; ask and it shall be given unto you."

Do Not Merely Dive In Head First

In fact it is never a good idea to simply chime into a group or forum asking your question openly like that anyway. Why? First off you look like a rank Novice who just crawled out of a cave with a beginner’s book in hand dying to learn anything. Secondly you should click on the person in the list whose name you trust as the most intelligent and ask them your question. Typically this will get you a far better answer as well as a more honest and faithful answer because if they do not know the  answer then most likely they will tell you point you to someone who will know the answer to your query. Finally you will both save time and face by forgoing the open questioning and going straight to someone whom you feel knows the answer to your question rather than just asking away hoping anyone can help.

Breaker, Breaker!

I liken the openly asking questions to a group or forum to how people would just jump in to conversations back in the 1970's when the Citizens Band (CB) radio fad began to get big. You could be enjoying yourself chatting with someone and some yahoo would have to jump in with “Breaker, breaker!” and by etiquette you were forced and had to let them join in regardless of the situation. This ruined many conversations and often I would simply be listening to a couple of folks having a terrific chat about some interesting topic on a non-trucker used channel an inevitably in about 60 seconds or less, some yahoo would come wallowing in like a walrus to screw up the conversation.

That is what it seems like when I see many of these otherwise open questions to a group or forum - especially ones that the vast majority do no need to know about nor have the knowledge let alone skill to answer. For instance I have seen people asking questions about Ngangas - a traditional Palo tool - on both CM & Wiccan lists - and the result was often sad and sometimes hysterical. The questioners should have simply asked their questions privately to the Paleros off list and they would have gotten a far better response rather than a bunch of ceremonial morons or McWiccans asking “What do you need this information for? What do you plan on doing with it?” and “blah-blah-blah”. Leave it to white folks to be judge, jury & executioner before they know all the facts.

Suggestions To Reduce Your Stress

- Limit how many groups & forums you are a member of since joining more of these organizations is not going to get you better information rather more noise.

- IF you feel you must do your research online like a Millennial, then be smart about it and stop openly asking questions on lists & forums. Learn to focus and target like a hunter.

- Instead watch lists & forums for a while to see who knows what about which subjects because some folks are experts at some things while they are deficient in others. No one is an expert at everything. No one.

- Unsupported opinion is detrimental to your progress because you are going to hear a lot of negative input about what you want to learn from people who have never practiced or have “heard” from another practitioner that what you want to know is somehow bad for you much like Vegans are on about meat.

- Seek out GP’s (Genuine Practitioners) on the subject(s) you have interest in. You need more than mere scholars in the field. For example there are a lot of scholars who know a great deal about the PMG however there is a growing number of practitioners who actually practice the Greek Magical Papyri and these are the folks you need to talk with about the nuts & bolts of what works and what does not concerning that subject, not the scholars.



1. Genuine Practitioner (GP) as opposed to a Hobbyist Practitioner or one who merely dabbles to say “win back the love of their life”.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Turning of the Wheel... Again

Missing Journals

Another year has passed. Thirty-two years since I first began my work in the occult. It is difficult to know what all has transpired over the years without checking my journals and sadly a number of those have either been stolen or (more likely) got lost in moves from various locations when I was relocating during my college days in Florida then the BIG MOVE back to Ohio. Which sucks because I had one particular notebook filled with all sorts of spirit seals I received from the Four Elemental spirits way back in the beginning. It was sort of like a mini-army of spirits to call upon for various minor magical desires and things.

Most of these spirits were just for one specific task given to me by their Masters who usually had multiple abilities and I learned who their Masters were by talking to the Four Elemental rulers. Today many work with the Four Elemental Kings ala from the Medieval period which is fine but at the time I had not heard about Those folks so I plodded along with Gob, Nicksa, Djinn and Paralda like many did in the late eighties. Once I learned how to make a magic mirror, and how to enchant it, the work became much easier, especially after I discovered I no longer needed a “seer” as Kraig suggested. And really my only seer at the time, Dave, while eager to the work, was a family man, had a full time job, with a home to care for and the logistics of where he lived from me put a serious dent into our working together. Not only that, our first evocation together scared the living hell out of him and rightly so. Thus I learned to work on my own.

I Know, I Know...

This past year I have been working diligently on my new book, the replacement for Pragmatic Magics. It is going to be a wholly different grimoire, content & design, title... everything. Oh I may have a couple of things from the old book in there but this new book will be a real 101 Sorcery Manual that takes Joe or Mary Sixpack and gives them what they need to advance pass the Novice or beginner stage towards the Initiate phase. I plan on having a Book II in the series which will cover spirits, grimoires, personal grimoires, summonings, techniques and what not which should take the individual well on from the Initiate stage towards the Adept stage. Obviously these stages cannot be obtained merely by reading alone as there is a LOT of personal work which must be done by the reader. Part of me wants to turn this into a weekly or bi-weekly course instead where I can monitor each student’s progress, recommend they do certain exercises and such. The only problem with this idea is everyone is already committed to 80+/hour a week life that typically they cannot find another minute to squeeze in.

Education Cost

And truth be told, I do not want a horde of folks to have to constantly pay attention to. I prefer just a handful because that’s enough to try and keep tabs on. There are far too many out there wanting to teach for practically nothing so let them go learn from those teachers. I know my occult education was not inexpensive as I have spent sometimes ungodly sums over the years from live teachers to learn what they know not to mention the enormous costs of courses I’ve taken, festival lectures as well as occult shop lectures attended for $$$. Usually anything for free can be found in a book or online somewhere.

I have seen some jerks talk smack about my first book Pragmatic Magics as if it is something ‘common’ because by this time it is found everywhere and much of the content has been pulled, rehashed, sometimes sanitized then republished. Still these nits never bothered to look at the date of publishing for PM. I wrote it in 1993 and it came out a year later in 1994. PM was a culmination of a LOT of my personal  experimentation back then. From the time I left the radical McWiccan community in Tampa Bay who shunned me for my Goetia investigations, until I began writing PM, it was some of my best material I had to offer at that time. Like Brujo Nego often likes to say about his own Voodoo Sorcery Grimoire which came out a couple of years afterwards, “I have moved on passed that material!” LoL He gets heated about that when people ask him questions about it because he feels most of the material is self-explanatory. Typically I agree.

WHY is Brother Moloch Always ANGRY?

LoL There was a time I was beginning feel this way. I have some astrological houses and planets that are challenging in this area so that doesn’t help and being born into a hot headed clan of German-Irish people doesn’t make it any easier. What really helped me cool off in a big way was simply letting go of social media. Frankly I have convinced myself that what others believe in/practice is of no consequence regardless of how bizarre or even idiotic it sounds especially when they try to lead others astray. If you’re foolish enough to believe what someone tells you online just because s/he’s got a shiny website or FB page then more’s the pity on you.

Wisdom I Have Hard Learned Over the Years...

1. People WILL ‘Believe’ What Is In Print Regardless of Whether It Is True or False. Even the so-called educated fall prey to this phenomenon and this is why numerous companies & individuals make use of this horrid tactic. Educated people may THINK they do not succumb to such shenanigans however marketing research can prove otherwise. Print media is still king because it can be re-read, shared and circulated indefinitely while television & radio advertising have finite lives.

2. Groups & Forums Are NO LONGER Places for Learning. Typically these days sites like these are run by egotists who revel in mandating their rules, forming their cliques and much like social media, if you do not stop in daily, then you’re not part of the clique. “But Moloch, I learn so much from these places!” you tell me. Really? My “best” years of learning were when I was alone, without the Net, stumbling along by myself, making notes, trying out various ideas, and tinkering with things to see what was what.

Today what happens is someone gets a book or two, barely reads through it, joins a forum and begins asking questions only to hear a half dozen different opinions on how s/he should proceed. Yeah that’s fucking helpful to a beginner! Sadly no one on any forums has the nerve, gall or intestinal fortitude to take the beginner under their wing and guide them through what s/he needs to know because, “Hey! I’m a big shot and I’m too busy pontificating on this forum!”

Stay away from forums and groups. Read, study and dissect your books, spells & rituals. Experiment. Burn your fingers. You’ll learn a helluva lot more than you will from a bunch of egotistical wannabes who “pretend” to know what they’re talking about. You can tell them apart because they have to speak up on virtually every thread even when you know they cannot possibly know everything. Those are the jokers to watch out for. They comment on just about EVERY thread. Stay far away from those clowns - moderators, admins or not.

Also, forums/groups are notorious places where snobs will derail conversations (threads) and tear down others who are unable to be present and confront the accusations made against them.

3. Not All Systems of Magic/K Work for Everyone. I spent 10 years of my life practicing Qabala MagicK back in the 90's and discovered that was a useless pile of goat feces. To me anyways. Why? Because what everyone uses as Qabala today I could NOT get to do one practical thing for me. Nada. Oh yes I hear plenty of folks CLAIM they get all sorts of benefits from, such as the Golden Dawn’s version of the LBRP, the Middle Pillar, and every other ritual that lodge organization offers but I got diddly squat for my 10 years of effort trying various methods and techniques.

QBL VS Kabala Magic

I scoffed for years at QBL Magic and if you were to bring it up I would look at you as if you were some sort of lunatic that was until Jean came along and taught me his version which surprise, surprise, actually works! But then Jean pronounces many of the Hebrew syllables differently, with different inflections, sometimes wholly different word pronunciations and etc. His came from a genuine Kabalistic Rabbi who knew his stuff. My faith has been reborn. :) And yeah he IS working on a Kabala book but don’t bother he or I about it because he’ll get it done when he gets it done.

Also never allow others to push you into something you do not wish to go nor allow yourself to believe the marketing others claim. To use my late High Priest, Ron Parshley’s analogy, “We are all standing on the rim of a great wheel and what we desire is in the center hub; how we choose to get to the center hub depends on which spoke of the wheel we opt to take.” This means African Religions may not be right for you, nor may Norse/Norwegian folk magic, nor may Wicca, nor may ceremonial magic and so on. You have to find what suits you, and more importantly what garners actual RESULTS for you. ;)

4. You Can Learn/DO More With Less. This not only includes books because believe me almost all modern authors repeat the same stuff over and over (ad nauseum) but also with friends and acquaintances. Pare down your inventory of those whom you believe are worth your time and efforts. Same thing with spirits. There’s little be gained by serving a house full of statues and hungry spirits. Because then you’re simply a butler having to cater to Their desires like a slave. Is that what you really want? I have said it for years and I am saying it again, just get ONE, WORKING SPIRIT you can rely on whether It is any one of the following:

  • a saint
  • an angel
  • a daemon or demon
  • a fey
  • a nativity spirit
  • an Ancestor
  • one of the other Dead
  • a Thrall
  • and so on

Because ONLY ONE spirit is all you will ever need. Unless you are planning on doing this full time for others, you will NOT need a host of spirits at your beck and call, all right? It’s a misguided notion that you need to have a house full of spirits. More often than not most people just do not know HOW to deal with that many non-physical entities going bump in the night around their home. It does take some getting used to. When I’m gone, I can only imagine the fun it will be for the next family to move into my haunted abode. :)

Seriously though, one spirit WILL BE ENOUGH for you. How do I know? If you’re not planning on becoming an Houngan or Mambo working for others, then one willing spirit to work for you will simply BE enough. You will be able to get any need taken care of by this one spirit from protection to finances to business to sexual fulfillment to healing because whatever one spirit can do so too can another - to a lesser or greater degree. One is sufficient. Makaya need not be involved here either. Simply talk to your spirit and have at it. When the job is done, give It a little bit of liquor.


In closing it should be noted that wisdom is always a hard won and costly in some manner. Occasionally when you can, try and recover wisdom from others and their exploits because it can only be obtained through trial and error. For without the error, there is no wisdom to be gained.