Saturday, April 25, 2020

Do I Need Spiritual Degrees To Be A Witch?

Recently someone asked if they needed a degree from a Gardnerian coven to become a Witch or rather what would be involved to become a First Degree in a Gardnerian coven? My reply is following...

Do you feel you need degrees or do you want to be an actual Witch?? Because rather than focus on a ton of books to read, it would be far more prudent as a student for you to get outside and get into the woods where you can set up a shrine to the old Green Man and ask Him to help you begin to learn about His children: herbs, plants, trees, bushes and how to use their roots, stems, leaves, berries, bark, and so forth to first learn from then later in your spiritual work. Ask the Green Man to also introduce you to His forest children, the Nymphs, who can teach you all manner of woodland lore and plant magics. Pay attention to any dreams you have as He & His children will most likely come to you in your dreams to teach you things so have a pen & paper by your bedside ready to write when you immediately awaken from slumber.

What Then?

* Learn the delicate arts of relaxation until you can fully relax your body from head to toes. Do not rush this! Take your time to progressively develop this skill. It will serve you well over the years as you practice it.  Note: if you have trouble falling asleep after you begin, then go to bed an hour earlier than normal and wake up an hour earlier than you need to and practice your progressive relaxation then because you won't be as easily to fall asleep after you have had a full night's rest. If you still find yourself falling asleep, try sitting up with legs criss-crossed & with your back against a wall.

* Learn to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth using only your belly’s diaphragm. It is not as easy as it seems but it can be done. Begin to breathe in using a rhythm of 4-2-4-2 which is thus: breathe in for a count of 4... hold for a count of 2... exhale for a count of 4... hold for a count of 2... keep this rhythm going while you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and always exhale the exact amount of air you inhaled. This breathing exercise should be performed regularly, daily, while you relax then later prior to meditation.

* Next learn to both passively & actively meditate until you can achieve a solid 20 minutes of inner mediation. Start off with setting a timer and trying to simply focus your mind on your breathing for 3 minutes then in a few days increase the time to 5 minutes then a week later make it 10 minutes then the following week increase another 5 minutes and by the end of the month, you should be at 20 minutes of quiet, relaxed meditation.

* Get dirty and feel what the earth and its various dirt's are like in different locations which can tell you a lot of about an area itself. Get down and grab some dirt from the ground, roll it in your hands while you close your eyes. Feel the dirt in your hands. Is it top soil? Sandy? Loam? Clay? What? Notice the properties of each. Let the dirt speak to you. If nothing comes immediately give it time and practice. You will begin to unlock the secrets of dirts & soil of the earth and the plant kingdom.

* Let the Gnomes of the earth speak to you telling you what the history of the area is and other secrets it contains. The Gnomes are the easiest of the Elementals to make contact with. They can also make you a green thumb if you so desire it. Make offerings to Them and you will be rewarded not only with a green thumb but also with spiritual knowledge and They can also help introduce you to the other Elementals such as Water who are the next ones you should make contact with after you have made contact with the Gnomes.

* Get outside during a thunderstorm and sit on a porch watching the lightning display. If you're afraid of lightning storms, work to overcome that fear and realize it is only a force of nature, of the earth mother Herself and nothing to be afraid of. When the storm is over, feel the ozone in the air and notice how it energizes you! Deep breathe in the ozone into your lungs and feel the power the lightning left behind. Of course make notes in your journal.

* Construct a Power Bag in which to store your excess power so that you can draw on it later so that when you are feeling low, you can draw on the power of your bag to uplift, heal or protect you. Realize it has many uses in your Craft and can be worn when you go out and wish to ward off any potential harm from others such as at a gathering or crowd.

* Instead of worrying about a ritual dagger or athame, make a staff or walking stick instead which you can walk down the street with. You can draw a circle with your staff, draw pentagrams, ward off evil with it, and make it a living tool by regular use and the spirits will respect it far more than a mere sword because you use it more often than any sword. You can still use an athame if you choose but when I was practicing Wicca, I rarely used my athame because I chose instead to use my power staff. Decorate it however you wish as it is your representation of Sorcery.

* Erect a shrine to make contact with your Ancestors and offer Them a single glass of water & a plain white unscented tea light candle every day for 30 days then you can switch once every Saturday. Salute them and thank Them for any help They can give. After the initial 30 days are up you can switch to saluting Them on Saturn's day, Saturday. You only need a glass of water and a plain white unscented tea light candle. Remember this is a shrine only, not a working altar. You interact with your Ancestors here not perform regular JuJu here.

* Next, find a Patron spirit with whom you get along with and more importantly who wishes to work with you. This is often a god, goddess, a hero, a saint - in other words, a spirit of some type whose ideas, customs & concepts you really admire. Read up on that spirit's history, Their mythology, who worshiped them in the past, where were They worshiped and why, what cultures took part, what geographies Their influence reached, and so on. Learn as much as you can - just please do not be a McWiccan where you study so little unless it's only from some sheeple publisher (ll-ewe-llyn) books. Try to study the locale where the Patron was originally worshiped so you can get an idea of the flora & fauna that grew there and study up on the land's native plants which will be important to the Patron spirit and which you can include in your workings with the Patron spirit. A great resource to begin with at this stage is the Larousse Mythology books as they are fantastic and well researched. "If" you are leaning towards the Hellenic Gods, then you will want to get a copy of the Homeric Hymns to add to your repertoire to honor your Patron. If you're leaning towards a Norse deity, then the there are the Eddas & various Sagas to get material from. IF you're unsure of WHOM to work with as a Patron, light a white candle and call out to the Universe using the four cardinal directions and say that you want a Patron spirit who will be there for you, work hard for you and give you solid advice when needed. Then be patient until your call is heard.

* Finally if you feel you still need books to read then avoid Pagan books as much as possible and opt for books written by scholars or professors who have no bias whatsoever. There are numerous universities from around the world whose scholars are well respected researchers in their fields on everything from the occult to trees & plants to earth sciences. Your Witchcraft library should include material on things like Earth Science, geology (rocks & crystals), plants (flowers/weeds), trees/shrubs, basic biology & Grey's Anatomy (because if you plan on doing any healing you need to know something about the human body), metallurgy, basic chemistry (you want to make your own potions later on? This is a good way to learn some simple fundamentals - you can learn quite a bit s from manuals out of kid's chemistry sets if you can locate them). If you feel you need actual "pagan" books, then try author's like Paul Huson, Tarostar, Lady Sara, Charmaigne Dey, and if I must, I will plug my own Free Basic Witchcraft Lessons here -> from my own site which still rock because they are bite sized, simple and non-confusing for the beginner.

* It would also not hurt for you to study any sort of scholarly Native lore from wherever you live to simply learn about the folklore, stories and legends of that area as these may help you with any hauntings, ghosts and spirits should they make themselves known to you somehow. Why reinvent the wheel if it has already been documented before? You may discover the folks who documented the visitation found a way to get rid of any  offending entites so study up like a real wizard.

So in summary, you can see where I suggest a plan of action for the would-be Witch instead of just plopping their bum down reading they should get busy with learning how to be an actual Witch not someone who simply gets involved for political reasons these days. Not to say that some Gardnerians aren’t the read deal but these days so many are just fake.

Besides with most Gardnerian covens are very insular and resistant to bringing in just anyone and unless you have someone on the inside vouching for you, it’s not likely you’re going to get initiated into their coven any time soon so you may as well begin studying on your own outside and learn all you can about nature, its denizens and how to be a real Witch!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Lilith Wynz's Passing Over to the Ancestors

Mz Lilith

It is with deep regret and great sadness I must report the passing over to the Ancestors of “Mz Lilith from Twilight Crossroads”.

Mz Lilith was not only at one time in the past my apprentice, she was also baptized into my Haitian Vodu House and served the LWA as a devoted Mambo taking care of the needs of her family, friends, clients, students, and community. Lilith loved spiritual work and often told me she wished she had found it when she was much younger so that she could have had more time to learn and hone her skills at it.

Many of you will recall that Lilith made terrific oils for spiritual work. We talked about the idea of her creating the Uncrossing Oil Kit for the Uncrossing Ritual which she enjoyed creating and putting together for numerous clients and customers over recent years. When I first met Lilith around 2002, she was learning to formulate oils and over time became quite the gifted alchemist.

Her skills as a JuJu worker were impressive enough that I could give Lilith an original spell to use, she would perform it then call back in a few days to tell me how well it worked. In fact her JuJu was so strong that her clients & customers enjoyed her spiritual work from around the globe hiring Lilith to do all sorts of sorcery & Vodu workings. She not only loved every minute of it Lilith also took great pride in her work.

You may not know this but Mz Lilith was also a gifted trance medium and would often serve as a “Horse” on occasion. The spirits spoke loudly through her and she enjoyed the communion with Them. She would have amazing dreams that were prophetic.

Prior to her involvement with the occult, Lilith owned and operated her own alternative news magazine back in the early 1990's where she had a staff that focused on the Rock-Metal-Alternative scene in the greater Cleveland, OH area. With that she got to meet, interview and hang out with many (now) famous musicians often before they were famous such as Alice In Chains while they passed through the area’s clubs. Lilith also played keyboards in at least one band in her youth which she told me about.

Lilith was a very talented writer until however, she was struck by a brain aneurysm a number of years ago which nearly took her life then. Yet with much love, support and a lot help from the spirits, as well as being the strong individual she was, Lilith managed to make it through that ordeal with flying colors to live a normal life - albeit with slight reservations. Unfortunately this past Friday All Soul’s Day, Mz Lilith succumbed to yet another brain aneurysm while working out at the gym. The saving grace in all of this is she did not suffer.

Blessings to you, Lilith Wynz, and thank you for coming into our lives for the brief time you did and making it that much brighter. May the Ancestors receive you with open loving arms and raise a toast with the Guede & LWA as you party on in the afterlife until the next phase of your journey is ready to begin!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Advice: Feeding Ancestor Spirits

A point of clarity needs to be resolved. It seems some folks who have read my blogs and former website essays misunderstood some instructions where food & drink are concerned. This short blog is hopefully an attempt to correct these misunderstandings.

The only thing you should be offering your ancestral spirits on a REGULAR basis meaning every time you approach Them is two things: a glass of spring water and a plain white unscented tea light candle. Nothing else.

Things like coffee or other drinks should be reserved for once a month - at the most often you give it to Them, got that? Same with beers, wines, teas, and any other non-water drinks out there. Doing so can cause your spirits to become “over fed” and therefore LAZY and not willing to work - until They are hungry again which can be as long as a few months or even a few years depending on how much you go overboard on your offerings.

Thus be aware of this simple yet highly important thing which you must take into consideration while taking care of your own Ancestral shrine. To not do so is to court disaster especially WHEN you need Their help! You may be thinking, “Oh I don’t need Their help right now!” which may be true at the moment yet you cannot say that next week for certain can you? You never know when you will need Their help so overly feeding your Ancestors will NOT help you

Trust me. I do not care what others on the Internet say about feeding Ancestors because I heard it direct from an old black Santero back in 1988 who said (about handling spirits): “A fat slave is a lazy slave!” and he used the N word in lieu of the word slave to make his point and what he meant by it was if you overly feed your spirits they will become lazy. That is advice I have always heeded since that time.

Yes there are those with bovedas and shrines where they lavish food, drinks & all sorts of gifts upon their Ancestors and guess what? Not one of these folks is capable of getting their spirits to wake up & work when they need them. That is what happens when you over feed a worker - they can't work. You feed them just enough to carry them on then make them earn their supper not give it to them before earning it.

So I pass this wisdom on to you. Use it wisely or not. It is ultimately your spirits what you do with. If you overly feed your spirits and They do not work for you then you cannot blame me for I forewarned you.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Are Spirits Real or Imaginary? Old Argument Rears Up Once More

Recently in an online discussion group, an individual professed to the group that gods and spirits do not exist thus why he could not work the old grimoires as stated in their instructions. Now this is his belief and you may wonder why ol’ Moloch here got his dander up over this, right? Well these online groups have a tendency to attract a LOT of folks who are new to occultism, sorcery & magic as well as many who are fence sitters where such things are often argued and hashed out. I’d like to take a moment and give some rational explanations as to why I feel anyone who makes a full fledged statement to the negative on this subject is not an occultist but rather someone dressing up and just pretending to be one.

Leprechauns Don’t Exist!

The chap’s argument stemmed around his “fact” that Leprechauns do not actually exist. Really? According to whom? By what authority? Oh I’m not talking about the little thieving miscreants we know and love from Irish folklore who wear green attire, hoard gold and hide their stash at the end of rainbows. Of course those are just caricatures of our imaginations of what the Leprechauns looked like. However in every myth, every bit of folklore there are kernels of truth IF you’re not to bloody lazy to get off your fat duffs and dig for these kernels.

Rather I’m talking about ancient Irish warrior spirits whose job it was to guard clan & community treasuries. These spirits are ancestral spirits of the dead. Some may even refer to Them as the Mighty Dead as a number of them were magical practitioners when alive. They leaned on canes as they grew in age which came to be known as their shillelagh. Also the reason the shamrock was sacred to Them was due to it was used in Their magic when alive. However there is a lot of misconceptions about these spirits due to the wild tales told by drunks and folks who passed on the tales of these spirits to the point Their exploits became near godlike.

The issue modern practitioners have about spirits is plenty but the main one is they buy into this modern fable of scientism and it’s bastard child Psychology which tells us spirits are nothing more than “archetypes”, “psychosis”, “complexes”, “beliefs” all part of our “collective unconscious”. These psycho-babble terms are 60+ y/o terms Psycho-quacks came up with in an attempt to explain the unexplainable because as we all know when Psychologists cannot figure out something, they invent a label for it then pin it on you. These labels are a kinder way of trying to inform you that such experiences are only in your head aka ‘figments of your own imagination’. In other words, you’re bloomin’ nuts, amigo.

So what does modern psychology do? Refer you to a psychiatrist, the even wackier version of a psychologist who has a MD degree and can dispense mind altering drugs such as Paxil, Prozac, Effexor or Zoloft to manage your obvious bi-polar disorder. Why? Well rational people DON’T talk to spirits, mate! Well what about Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha and so forth? Typically those spirits don’t talk back and give useful answers to Joe & Mary Sixpack. This is what modern science thinks about your spiritual beliefs and personal experiences with these denizens. So is it any wonder a goodly number of you are only interested in just “Ritual Drama” a.k.a. Live Action Role Playing for occultists for your so-called magicK? You’re too afraid to give real spirit contact a try because you fear you may be successful then you’ll have not only zero excuses you’ll also have spirits talking back to you and that terrifies you. Admit it.

Spirits DO Exist & Here’s Why...

What you and your non-believing brethren fail to understand is that the universe is a whole helluva lot bigger than the sum of your head. Yes you have a universe inside your noggin, certainly but that’s just micro-cosmic and it’s all about help YOU, Slim, not about fixing aunt Jenine's broken leg or cousin Buck’s impending prison sentence which you know is fixed by bloody criminal in the so-called justice system. Yet you believe you can waltz around inside your noggin either working pathways like ceremonial magicKians are wont to do or meditate it away like new agers typically try and do. However as many of you know who have tried these methods (like I have way back when) they don’t do jack squat for anyone else.

What I find humorous is that scientists tell us that our own galaxy is a vast 100,000 by 150,000 light years big which means to traverse our galaxy alone, we’d have to travel at the speed of light in a year’s time for 100,000 years to make it across one way alone. Then add another 50,000 years of travel to that time to make it across the other way. Hello, McFly anyone home? That is vast and we just live in a small part of our galaxy out near the edge of it. Then we’re told our (macro) universe is even more immense because its age is reputed to be well over 14,000,000,000 years old and though recently another group of scientists came out saying they believe the universe always was and it has no beginning and far to its size they believe its never ending.

Mind boggling? Definitely. Yet you think we are all that’s out there? Our bits of carbon. Such hubris and arrogance. Every time a so-called educated individual comes out with such a proclamation, it’s not long that later we discover to find how wrong they were. Look at all of the learned men over the ages who made idiotic proclamations in the name of education and science that we later learned was flat out WRONG such as the earth was flat, the sun circled the earth, different weights fall at different speeds and other dubious claims that have been proven wrpmg with careful experimentation. Remember they also believed believed steel was too heavy to float on water to ever be useful to build a ship from unitl it was done in the Civil War. Then later it was a scientist who stated that driving faster than 35 mph would be impossible because we’d not be able to breathe. Or what about the dubious idiots of science who emphatically stated we could not ever fly because we are too heavy and don’t have wings. Or (my favorite) the geniuses who argued tooth and nail that it was impossible to send a man out into space. Not only did we do that but we also sent numerous missions to the moon and brought them back to tell their exploits.

My point is that learned people with doctorates make idiotic claims all the fucking time. Just because you have a Ph.D does not mean you’re wiser than anyone else it means you are typically smarter in a select area of study for which you received recognition by your peers. That’s it. Even with that, look at how many people get degrees and are literal incompetents and morons in their own fields of study! Degrees are the results of test taking and some of these folks are just good at taking tests. It does not mean they’re better at doing their taxes, putting together Ikea furniture or rebuilding a Mitsubishi fuel injection system, all right?

No I’m not against education. Not in the least. Rather I’m leery of everyone who claims they’ve got a degree, even physicians. Why? Because there’s a LOT of quacks out there practicing medicine who should NOT be practicing! We used to laugh at Frank Burns on MASH yet that sort of physician exists and if you know of one, you should stay away and steer all of your loved ones away from such a quack. Today psychologists don’t refer to themselves as “Psychologist” but rather “Therapist” which is a generic term that is often not as scary for the old head shrink. So before you open up about your spirit experiences to others, beware just WHO you’re going to blab your experiences to, amigo.

Spirit Do You Hear Me?

One of the reasons I and many others get results in sorcery and primarily spirit work is that we use a formula that is both time tested and it works. First off we don’t buy into this bullshit that spirits only exist in our minds. Because when you take that approach, you have a tendency to be an asshole, a dictator, a my way or the highway sort of jerk. This is the premise the grimoires were written upon though I highly doubt the author’s knew squat about psychology rather they were trying to bully the spirit into submission through screaming holy names of Yahweh at it all because those dimwits mistakenly believed Yahweh created the universe. Why would they believe that if it weren’t ture? LoL Well chalk that up to a well done marketing strategy by Jews and those who were so enamored of the Hebrew Qabala. They didn’t realize the trappings of the Hebrew QBL such as the names, the Tree of Life glyph, the manuals like Zohar, the mythology such as Solomon’s temple being built by demons or Solomon and his entourage flying through the air on his magic carpet, and other mythological rigmarole just enthralls them. I know because it caught me up in its illusion as well for a decade.

We’ve already seen that the universe is vast. We also have no clue what all is out there either since all our astronomers can see is just a tiny portion of the universe. The key is when you make sincere effort and call to a spirit, something will respond to the name you used to summon It with. Did you get that? If not re-read that last sentence once again. It does not matter if It is THE real YHVH, Zeus, Obatala, Thor, Quetzalcoatl, Wolf or whomever, it’s that SOMETHING out there WILL respond when you are sincere, use courtesy and respect in calling. Now the big issue with academics who don’t believe like the self-proclaimed Luciferian genius from the on-line group kvetching about gods, spirits and Leprechauns, is that guys like him are too flaky and chicken to really give this a chance. Why? Because he’s an egotistical prick.

Think about it. Most academics are egotistical and this is one reason why so many incorrect assumptions and proclamations are publicly put forth then later retracted. Categorically speaking a wise academic withholds judgment until the evidence shows up however what I run into are the ones who refuse to even TRY summoning a spirit. In fact, if they try to summon a spirit typically it goes something like this: the academic stands in the well made circle, reads the general invocation for the spirit to appear and if the academic cannot see anything in a few moments, s/he deems the operation a useless waste of time and the whole thing is utter rubbish. They then go about claiming the medieval magicians ingested some form of hallucinogen whereby they spoke to a figment of their own imagination. That’s the extent of their “scientific experimentation” and they move on back to their harping that Crowley was right spirits are just aspects of one’s mind while continuing to wear their skeptic’s hat.

Tell Me About You

So when someone tries to force you to do something, especially with a negative bent to their voice or malicious attitude, how cooperative are you towards them? Be realistic here. Not talking about judges mind you since when we’re all in front of those guys it’s the only situation where I think any of us have to listen to their BS and put up with it OR else. But say anyone else? If someone were to call you out of the blue and insist, nay demand you come to an address you’ve never been to before, without reason or motive, just how willing would you be to jump to their orders and get right on it? Be honest here. So if not you then WHY should any spirit? Who the fuck are you to Them? You’re not Their master regardless of what the grimoires claim - that’s all hyperbole for your confidence. You can’t threaten the spirit or let’s say carry out any threat to It.

More Flies With Honey...

I got this idea after a failed summoning operation and I was in dire need. So I began to study the African traditions. Not to rob them of their beliefs or culturally pilfer anything from them mind you but actually LEARN something useful and I did. One thing I did learn from reading books about them, interviewing practitioners both online and in person was that they never tried to force their spirits to do anything. Instead they ‘asked’ more often humbly I might add, and offered courtesy and respect to their spirits. That alone was worth more than gold. So I figured if it worked for their spirits why wouldn’t it work for grimoire spirits, my ancestors and even so-called angels/demons I had tried to work with?

One of the other things I learned from the African religions was they tended to use offerings a lot. Of course I had heard many of them sacrificed chickens, goats, lambs, bulls & so on but as I talked to actual practitioners I discovered that this was not an everyday thing but often for either community ceremonies OR for severe even dire circumstances where a person’s health may be in jeopardy. For their usual work though most of them tended to use liquor - a LOT! Originally I thought the lot of them just a bunch of alcoholics until I found out none of them drank the booze they offered their spirits except to sip it out of respect to show the spirits it wasn’t poisoned. Then a Santera suggested I choose a single spirit to work with, even a pagan deity or hero would be fine, research the spirit, find out where in the world it was from and try to give the spirit as many of Its culture’s foods and cuisines as I could or as close approximations as possible. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, coinage & money, wines & liquors, photos and pictures of the land It was hailed from and even artistic drawings of the spirit Itself. All of these could be given, over time, one at a time, which should please the spirit and help It bond more closely.

The World Opens Up

I began to shed my original hypothesis that spirits were just in my head and started to meditate, pray to and open my mind to the spirit’s influence. Then things began to really take off! It didn’t matter to me whether or not the spirit actually existed at one time but that I managed to tap into Its current to the point I attracted Its attention enough It began to work with me. Once I had that spirit I asked It for help with things like divination then It sent me another spirit who taught me how to interpret the Tarot better.

So to end this long diatribe on spirits, the fact is the universe is vast and there are things out there we do not understand nor even know about. Some we may never know about. However does it matter that to experiment all it takes it to toss aside your intellectual side of your mind for a bit and allow your primitive aspects of your brain to reach out to make contact with something that may be primal, ancient, hidden and approachable? Some are beginning to do this today. You just need to drop the Psychological garbage and allow your fears to step in once again. Let the bogeyman become real once more. Well if He’s real, then so are Those who can kick His ass so you just need to set yourself up with Them. But if you persist and cling to a purely intellectual focus with spirits and sorcery then all you are doing is a form of role playing at best. It’s not real magic in the sense you can’t get jack squat done for anyone else other than fix something inside your own head. That’s the extent of it. So LARP all you want kiddies but you’re just pretending regardless of what you say.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How To Gain Real Occult Power: A Slow & Certain Method That Works

Do you ascribe to power? Occult power that will help you break through barriers that impede your regular daily progress and stop you from gaining what it is you desire most in life? If you do I have a plan for you and it works. I know because I’ve lived it... and am still living it!

Life or Reality = Destiny or Fate, Chance or Luck, Free Will

There are a lot of folks out there who have all sorts of ideas about what constitutes reality but the best I’ve come up with is the above phrase which is Reality is comprised of equal parts of Fate (or Destiny), Chance (or Luck) and Free Will. How this works is you may be destined for something but luck gives you so many random choices from which to choose from and ultimately it is your free will that makes the final choice. So to put this into practice let’s say when you incarnated into this life, you are destined to marry. Luck or chances sends X number of potential suitors for you to choose from and ultimately you will choose one of them to be your mate.

That is how life works. It’s very simple actually and so long as you always bear this in mind you will not fall into a trap of believing your life is crap because of the gods, fate or some outside force nor should you blame bad luck or just yourself. Sometimes it’s a combination of many things that cause bad luck. However when you understand how this process works, you feel much better about yourself and what all you can get and enjoy.

Plus Or Minus Factor

The key to happiness in life is learning to understand that we cannot always have things the way we want them to be and to accept them when they're close but somewhat off from our ideal desire. That is the toughest nut to crack and by nut make that our own minds because your own mind can be the most stubborn and obstinate creation on the planet. It will often cause you much misery, sorrow and pain all because you allow yourself to be fooled into thinking things have to be a certain way (or you have to be with a certain someone) or else you cannot be happy.

Ever heard the phrase, “Plus or minus X” where X is a given slush factor often used in science, business, agriculture, and so on? If not you’ve been living in a cave or not reading all that much because it is a very common phrase and it means you’re expecting a given result plus or minus a few degrees, dollars, inches, and etc. It’s a slush factor to allow for variables that sometimes cannot be controlled by you or even the universe itself.

It’s like shooting an arrow at a bulls eye on a target but just slightly missing the mark by a few millimeters. You may say, “Well tough luck chum, you didn’t hit the mark!” Really? In an archery competition perhaps but if that was a charging lion’s eye you were aiming at, you would’ve taken him down. Do you see what I mean? Because much in life depends on perspective and context as well.

“But I Want X not Y!”

My late grandma's famous reply to the above was, "Yeah? Well people in Hell want ice water but can't have it so they learn to deal with it!" May sound harsh but she had a valid point worth exploring. Why? Because the above phrase is the famous last words of the truly miserable. Got that? MISERABLE! So let me ask: are you miserable? If so then you need to wake up and realize the universe owes you NOTHING regardless of how hard your life is. My late grandpa told me that regardless of how tough you think it is, things can always get worse so count your blessings. He said he met Jews who spent time in concentration camps during WW2 who clung to that slim belief they were going to make it through the horror they were subjected to. Why? Because it was all they had. Odd how people back then had such firm conviction yet today rare are the ones who have any faith to recognize the bountiful blessings they have already been given or the fact that things could always be worse.

It’s like that time when you were a kid and wanted that hot new  toy for Yule that cost a small fortune so your parents improvised and got you something similar and you felt let down because you wanted the original instead of the knock-off toy. I think all of us have felt that sort of disappointment at one time or another growing up - well those of us whose parents weren’t well off financially. Now that we’re adults, for some strange reason, we've held fast to that same belief that we need X not Y in our life. Tell me why is it you think you need a Porsche when a Datsun or Dodge can get you to the same places as the Porsche will - just less expensive on your budget?

What Do We Ultimately Desire?

So ask yourself is it really a new Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini that you want or is it the idea of “an exotic sports that goes fast and everyone notices it”? In all of that isn’t it the desire to be noticed by everyone really what you’re after in the end? Isn’t that the emotion you’re trying to fulfill? Because as a retired sales rep, let me tell you that is exactly what the Porsche dealer is going to sell you: the emotion of owning a Porsche. Now ask yourself would say a custom built car that’s hot rodded and pretty to look at fulfill that emotional need to stand out in the crowd? One that's both fast and has an awesome paint job? I;'ve know a lot of guys who enjoyed a car like that and had the time to enjoy it rather than the guy who works 60+ hours a week paying for the exotic imported sports car that he's up to his neck in hock for!

Emotional fulfillment is what we are constantly seeking. Remember that. You are never after Debbie Darling the big titted blonde at the corner diner who was your high school cheerleader captain and prom queen, rather you want what Debbie offers: emotional fulfillment. Now is Debbie Darling the only woman who can ever give you that emotional fulfillment? Of course not. If you believe otherwise, then you need professional therapy because you’re only fooling yourself into being yet more MISERABLE since you know you can never have her, okay? So what you need to do is sit down and analyze what it is about Debbie Darling that really turns you on. Is it just her appearance? Is it her bubbly personality? Her smile? The way she speaks? How she dresses? What exactly? You need to hone in on this, Homer, if you want to be happy because I’m about to show you how to get your own Debbie Darling.

Debbie Does It All For Me

Let’s say you’ve taken time to analyze why you have the hots for Debbie. For our example let’s pretend you have this thing about Debbie because you adore her eyes, smile, legs and buttocks and while it's not a high priority on your list, her chest is nice as well. Now you need to remind yourself of the Plus or Minus slush factor and remember that even if you asked Debbie out and she politely rebuffed your offer, all is not lost. You can find another Debbie clone. They exist out there. You may have added you want her to be a virgin because you’re raised in some some family or culture that values virginity well again this is where the old Plus or Minus is going to matter. You cannot add what may no longer there. Either be happy with what you are given or take the path of misery it is ultimately your choice.

The occult can help you to find a similar Debbie when you employ it and use patience. How? In effect you are influence Chance or Luck to increase the number of potential Debbie clones as possible. Of course your desire will include that one of these clones fall for you so you get what it is you truly desire the love of a beautiful woman - well a woman you find beautiful. Because that is what matters to you isn't it?

No! I need the real Debbie Darling! No you do not! Listen to yourself. That’s obsessive talk and something that stalkers tell themselves! Look, there are 7 BILLION people on this planet with 60% of them women which makes for a large number of them in your age range from all walks of life and so on. If you want happiness, you’ll look for your own Debbie and not obsess over Debbie Darling and allow her to have her own destiny without your interference. If you really love Debbie Darling, then let her go and you go find her twin - she’s out there. However, if you prefer to be MISERABLE then certainly pursue Debbie Darling like the moron you are because you know you have a snowball's chance in Hell.

Improve Yourself

Before I give you my formula for occult power, you need to think about how you are going to improve yourself. Lose weight? Change eating habits? Exercise? Better sleep? Improve your vocabulary? Read more often? Read better material? Be nicer to others? Walk more often? What exactly do you plan on doing? You should choose something to help improve yourself. Something. Even if you already believe what you’re doing now is everything right, you can still find something to improve upon. We all can.

Improving ourselves is well worthwhile in many ways because by doing so it helps to increase our own self-esteem which others will pick up on. Others like it when you shine and are happiest. They don’t like to be around you when you’re down, out and feeling sorry for yourself.

Moloch's Daily Regimen

Here you go, this is my daily occult regimen which I use to tune myself (so to speak) and I will break it all down so you understand what I do, how I do it and why. It may seem elementary and simple yet it is not so easy to grasp and adhere to. It takes discipline and once you begin this regimen, over a three week period, you will begin to see a marked difference in your life.

1. Power Charging Ritual - whatever you like to use. I use the Middle Pillar or actually a modified version where the names are altered and pronounced differently than mainstream. I have tried other charging methods in the past. Most of these methods work and I have a couple of favorites I like. I sometimes alternate them by doing the Middle Pillar when I wake up and before retiring to bed and doing a different charging technique during the day or prior to ritual. Just to make things interesting.

2. Confession - even though I'm not confessing to YHVH since I do not believe He is the ruler of the universe, I confess to the Ancestors. I get off my chest all that is bothering me from the day and anything that has gotten me upset. This includes obsessing thoughts, anger issues, fears, anything that may be a phobia or niggling doubt, worries and so forth. You need to move these into the open so the ancestors can help you deal with them. Further confession is not only therapeutic, it also seems to have an effect on my magical practices so it should yours as well. This means you should see a marked improvement in the results of your rituals, spells and procedures.

3. Greet My Guardian Angel - right out of Jean Kent's Book of Prayer. This is to give respect and courtesy to the spirit who watches over me by day and night to ensure I do not fall prey to my own devices. I do not know my Guardian angel’s name because I have not gone through the Abramelin rite however I still thank Him for His service and protective eye. Courtesy and respect go a long way with this spirit.

4. Greet My Nativity Angel - here I summon my Nativity Angel asking It to gather up Its force and power to aid me in my day and to alert me to any opportunities I may miss as well as help me make better decisions. Now to do this you will need to find out who your Nativity angel is and that means either you must perform a Nativity divination with medieval astrological methods which will help you discern the name of your angel OR you can hire someone to do this for you. The directions are in Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Once you have it though, you have a terrific source of power at your disposal!

5. Prayer for the Day & Mystical Day of the Week - right out of Jean Kent's book. If you do not have Jean’s books, you’ll have to obtain them and he offers them on for sale. These prayers are meant to help you tune yourself to the day and they're not simple as some of them require reciting the Qabalistic Cross in the middle of saying the daily prayer. What I end up doing is asking the spirits who rule the day to help me in some manner that is in accord with Their nature. This may sound complicated but it is not all that difficult. I also at the end of each of these prayers throw out my main prayer request so if I want a Debbie clone, then here is where I will also put that out. I won’t use photos but I may use detailed physical descriptions and explain what I want in her personality so the spirits will know what it is I want specifically.

6. Prayer to the Ancestors - usually a simple prayer to acknowledge the ancestors and any particular ancestor I may be working with at the time on some project. If I have any prayer requests for myself, clients, my loved ones and etc, here is where I will put them in. This is my main focus of the day and everything else leads up to this. If I want something special say my own Debbie Darling clone, here is where I will ask the ancestors and describe to Them what she is to look like, age range, ethnicity, distance from me, and so on.

Now to make this work I will repeat this request daily until my request is fulfilled. Repetition gets fulfilled or “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” as the old saw goes and it is true in the spirit world - ask any experienced Houngan, Palero or Santero if this is not the case. The rabbi Jesus the Christ said, “Ask, and it shall be given unto you;” Matthew 7:7 and this is a spiritual truism that can be found worldwide in many cultures. The problem is most people never ask and those that ask, only ask once and give up.

Power is never gained by merely trying and giving up. You must wrest it by force and will. To do this you have to decide what it is you want then go after it until it is yours. Do you understand? Ask! Insist! Demand! There is nothing wrong with this. If you’re following a path and a plan, what is wrong with insisting you get what you desire? Demand it. You deserve it, do you not? Just remember you may not get exactly what you want so don’t be a child at Yule crying about it. Missing the mark by a fraction is not that bad. Second place is far better than third or 20th you know?

And about your Plus or Minus Debbie clone, let me ask you, if you found a woman who fit your Debbie ideal but she was a brunette or redhead, even though she liked you, would that be a deal breaker for you? For many guys it certainly would be! They’re ignorant fools who enjoy being miserable but you? Does that bother you? It shouldn’t. It wouldn’t me if such were my goal. Or someone offered me a suped up, customized Datsun that garners attention for a lot less than a new Porsche, I certainly would take the Datsun instead of mortgaging my life for an exotic imported super car I tell you that much!


Trust me this method works. You need to use it faithfully each day at the same time or thereabouts and be sincere with your prayer to the spirits. Do not be haughty, arrogant or stubborn. The best approach is with an open heart while in a state of grace. Never approach the spirits while in a state of anger as they will amplify what bothering you.

I hope this helps some of you to enjoy a much better and healthier life. Realize if your life is pure crap do not expect miracles overnight and stick with the plan until you see results. Be firm. Be insistent. Be steadfast. Demand what you want but always be respectful and courteous. Go in light and enjoy your life.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Differences Between Magicians & Sorcerers

The Differences Between Magicians & Sorcerers
by Brother MOLOCH 969
© 2017
All Rights Reserved

Ever since I came out and began calling myself a sorcerer way back in 1990, I have had to take time and ‘esplain (to borrow Ricky Ricardo’s term) the answer to this question on multitudes of occasions both public and private. I think it’s high time I take time and definitively answer it so that I can point to it when someone asks it of me. So here we are. I hope this helps to answer and elucidate some things as to why there is a difference between what a MagicKian is and what a Sorcerer is. You may not agree since your mileage will most likely vary but that’s your opinion. I’m a sorcerer and I define who I am, not you. I define what magickians are by what they themselves have said both public and private at gatherings, in groups and conferences as well as at times in print.

It’s How We Think

The problem with answering this question is the average human mind is lazy because wants to lump things together for ease of understanding much like say folks would lump condiments together as a group even though no two condiments taste alike. Does relish taste anything like mustard? Do either of those taste like Sriracha or ketchup? How about mayonnaise? No of course they don’t taste alike YET we lump them together under the banner of condiments for ease of remembering. Unfortunately this habit of lumping things together tends to cause muddled thinking and mental laziness in our own thought processes because we become accustomed to the quick and easy way of learning which is discover, make a quick judgment then file it away in one of our mental file drawers. Thus when it comes to the practice of the occult, folks often think magician as the archetype practitioner because we’ve become lazy thinking this is the defacto inspiration for the practitioner.

Some could just as easily argue that the term “wizard” is the defacto archetype for the male practitioner, all thanks to fantasy writers and folklore stories about these men such as the Myrddyn aka Merlin or the Welsh bardic-wizard Taliesin. Then we have Gandalf thanks to Tolkien whose archetype has set the bar for wizard very high on the list not to mention the unsinkable Harry Potter who in recent years has become a staple in our modern society as a wizardly archetype albeit a young, struggling and oft inept version. Others have even gone so far as to compare Harry’s mentor, Dumbledore to LoTR’s Gandalf to show similarities of both character as well as contrast methodology between them. In essence while the term magician MAY be more accurate for an actual practitioner the whole genre is not excluded from license to borrow, appropriate or outright steal ideas from let alone use the pronouns wizard, mage, sorcerer and other euphemistic terms used for the murky world of the occult. 

In praxis one could say there’s very little that differentiate’s a sorcerer from a magician today. Frankly magician is a term that never really jelled with me mainly because here we have people running around misspelling the old term magic as “Magick” to differentiate it from so-called stage magic (actually known as the practice of either Legerdemain or Prestidigitation) and yet they wish to call themselves what? “Magician” Isn’t that bloody brilliant? A derivative of the very word they wish to make clear from its original spelling by re-framing it by re-spelling it. It’s like, “I’m not a thief! I’m a crook, but not a thief!” One would think these people would think a little more and talk a little less about such concepts yet the opposite is true.

Renaissance Magicians

Magicians in the old sense were students of numerous disciplines. Upon reading about the lives of such magicians as John Dee, Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Ficino Bruno, William Lilly and other magicians of the medieval and Renaissance periods, it’s easy to see how involved in their work these practitioners became. This is not the same sort of magician as the new age fable invented by the likes of Crowley, Mathers and other lodge styled neo-Masonic play actors of the late Victorian era who were simply bored and looking to while away their time. The medieval magicians believed in what they were doing and knew they had to do X to gain Y and belief played little if any part at all in it. The medieval era magicians were well grounded in their world view and they saw things from a perspective modern practitioners would not necessarily agree with. For instance, Agrippa was a magician because as he clearly pointed out, he practiced magic. He dabbled in the arts and sciences but he did not run off dabbling in other culture’s magical disciplines (that we’re aware of) nor did he ever state that was something wise to do. Magic to him it was a sacred art that had to be followed by strict rules of astrological timing. He also was a student of various non-occult disciplines such as mathematics, alchemy and often the arts with drawing, painting and sometimes music being part of his interests. You need to stop and think what the magician like Dee or Agrippa was: the proverbial Renaissance Man - well educated, sophisticated and trained in logic, rhetoric and grammar.

Sorcerers of old on the other hand were not always of this caliber. They first started out as alchemists because in France, the term sorcerer meant ‘poisoner’ much like how the term witch became associated with it even though we know King James I created that blind for we know the original Hebrew term was ‘chasaph’ which meant poisoner not witch. The sorcerer was typically engaged in trying to distill alchemical gold from base metals and always on the hunt for the elusive Philosopher’s Stone. They would not stop at anything to obtain it including murdering people or sacrificing children if the need arose. The sorcerer wasn’t usually as well educated as the magician was and his goals weren’t as lofty either. Sorcerers were more interested in dealing with issues here on earth rather than worrying about god or some nebulous heaven in the sky.

Post-Modern Magicians ARE New Age

Today magicians have become so mainstream and new age that they feel everything is theirs to comment on. In fact I find it amusing how many self-styled ceremonial magicKians will openly loathe anything remotely connected to the new age YET many of these same individuals practice charging their Chakra centers via the Middle Pillar. You can call them power centers or whatever you will, those are still Chakras ripped off from eastern religions brought over by Blavatsky’s Theosophical society (yet another New Age movement) which ceremonial magicKians go nuts for. Another thing these CM’s do that is purely new age is Reiki and yet numerous CM’s talk about being Reiki masters and what not. Reiki they claim is very old and while that may be in the Orient, it is relatively new here in the west so those who decry everything new age are often guilty of their own interests by default. The next time some pompous windbag of a CM starts his/her nonsense about “new age”, put them in their place quickly.

The Mind: To Be or Not To Be?

MagicKians have often stated, in print I might add, ”a true magician need only his mind to work magic.” This is where we part company because while the mind is a powerful component in sorcery, it is not how things get done. Spirits are a part of the equation and a sorcerer has use for a familiar spirit to get things done. A familiar spirit is acquired by the sorcerer for assistance in all of their personal and professional occult works. That is one of the steps to being a powerful sorcerer.

The magicKian is one who believes psychology is at the heart of all magicK whereas the sorcerer knows that is bollocks. While psychology is a useful tool that has some application, it is not nor should ever be any sort of substitute for actual magical practice and thought. Why? Psychology is man’s feeble attempt to map out the human mind’s patterns of repeated thought which is nigh impossible. Numerous studies have shown no matter how many times you take the same people or groups of similar people, you’re not going to get the exact same patterns of thought. This is because people come from a wide variety of backgrounds, training, education and experiences all of which influence their choices. Since you cannot replicate the results of a Psychological experiment exactly like you can mathematics, physics or chemistry, it is not considered to be a real science but rather a pseudo-science and thus relegated to the halls of quackery and deceit. 

What About Spirits?

Psychology also states spirits do not exist and are only figments of our fertile imagination and this is the attitude of your typical ceremonial magicKian. Personally I find this hysterical especially in the light of the fact you have grown adults running around in costume pretending to do specific body movements while chanting so-called barbarous names of summoning. If common sense truly prevailed, then is it not prudent to ask why one should bother with magicK at all? Why not instead go off to university, get a Ph.D in Psychology and be your own adept if you believe in that Psychological rubbish? Or if you’re of the mind, get in med school as well and learn to be your own shaman by becoming a Psychiatrist because you can prescribe your own drugs.

Sorcerers on the other hand know spirits exist as real, independent entities who live apart from ourselves. The universe is full of Them and They can be found in the most unlikely of places from the stars in the heavens to the forests to the burial graves of our deceased to the complex symbols and corporate entities that exist in business. Spirits can be mustered to help aid our work, cajoled when They don’t want to do anything or bribed to step up to the plate when all else fails. Some are related to us such as the ancestors while others are saints left here by some mysterious universal spirit that helped form our universe then promptly left it. I spoke earlier of the familiar spirit which is both a friend and a tool the sorcerer relies on for use with their work. The familiar spirit can be obtained in many ways and in numerous forms however it is something most sorcerers will have because the spirit or helper will assist the sorcerer in their occult work as well as the rest of their life’s areas. 

Props VS Sacred Tools

Another thing is while the mind is a powerful tool, our hands still like to play with toys so as sorcerers we give toys to them to play with. These are NOT props. You see the MagicKian believes tools are ‘props’ and nothing more thanks to his psychological training. Yet go to their home, grab a tool from their altar, toss it across the room and watch them get madder than all hell! I did that once and this CM got livid with me. I said, “Gee John, what’s wrong? You said these were nothing more than props so what’s the big issue?” By all rights, this Thelemite should not have come unglued over that yet he did. It was merely a ‘prop’ after all. Nothing more. Just wood, glue and paint. I didn’t break it either just tossed it over onto his cushy sofa. 

To a sorcerer however tools are just that, tools, not props and we respect our tools much like a mechanic reverently takes care of his Mac and Snap On tool sets because they assist him in making his daily bread & butter. So too are tools sacred to a sorcerer because we acquire them by either making or purchasing a tool, then dedicating, naming, blessing, and finally consecrating the tool to our work. We do this to the Four Corners to show the universe we have a new tool to use in our repertoire of tactics and procedures. We also ask the spirits to be a part of this procedure and we know They will. Sometimes we ask the spirits to put one of Their own into our tool to give it life and make it powerful thus creating a relic of power which can then be passed on to others for their work at a later time.


The vast majority of magicKians, especially the lodge variety today, tend to work with the Hebrew Qabala. They have this belief that this old Jewish folklore is somehow the key to godhood. It’s their belief so I’m not knocking it because everyone is entitled to have their own spiritual beliefs. I may knock procedures, (especially by those who tend to point fingers and make fun of others) but I’m not interested in knocking how you or anyone approaches the divine since it’s your personal choice how you interact with divinity. Others disagree with that even though they forget this sentiment is what has caused most major wars in the past eras - people insisting other’s way of approaching divinity is incorrect then wanting to change them.

MagicKians love the Hebrew Qabala. They literally spend hours poring over holy texts with their Gematria trying to discern numerological identifications between words, phrases as well as passages, hoping to find something to glean that helps them make sense of the universe. They also love the Tree of Life Glyph and will spend hours meditating and climbing the Tree (or as they refer to it as ‘Pathworking’) by using guided meditations with select symbols embedded in the meditations in the hopes they may be able to unlock powers in themselves or maybe remove blockages that impede their progress. The Tree of Life Glyph is very important to them because it is a complex symbol that has deep meaning on ten levels of consciousness and what they refer to as four worlds of being.

Sorcerers on the other hand typically do not bother with the Hebrew Qabala often finding it either too restrictive or overly complex. Some may be interested in occult systems from the Middle East however it is not the norm as sorcerers have no structure nor hierarchy in which to say, “This is our legacy” like their lodge counterparts have. In fact some of us have found our own sort of QBL (if you will) in Norse cosmology among the great World Tree of Yggsdrasil and its nine worlds which offers a more defined history of myth and legend from which to do our own guided meditations. Norse pantheons include gods, goddesses, elves, dwarves, giants, trolls, witches, goblins, kobolds, wights and other beings that are both colorful and useful for use with the sorcerer’s work. Whereas the magicKian who works with Hebrew Qabala is stuck with just celestials (re: angels) and their counterparts cthonic spirits (re: demons/daemons). Woo. Big deal. You get an either or scenario. Good guys or their fallen bad boys. Meh. Obviously it’s a personal choice but you get the idea.

Logic VS Emotion

MagicKians are often fond of their education and in our modern society, there is nothing wrong with being well educated. In fact, it is pretty much a must these days due to the fucked up job market we have since almost all labor jobs have been shipped overseas so corporations can rip off third world nations by paying their workers for a single day less than what a single American worker made in an hour. This has forced many in our nation to rethink returning to school and seeking more knowledge to give them a chance in the faltering job market.

But you see education alone does not a powerful magicKian make. If such were the case, then all one would need is an advanced degree in education to compete in magicK. The magicKian gets themselves involved in long winded and verbose speeches written by late Victorian era occultists who believed long passages were the key to making magic happen. Obviously they thought you could bore the universe to death to get what you wanted. Their verbosity is from the fact the originators of the late 1800's lodges used Freemasonry and its rites as a sort of template in which to create their lodge rituals. If you have never read a Freemasonry book, do so because not only is it elucidating you will discover where these long winded rites of lodges like Thelema, Aurum Solis and the Golden Dawn originated from. 

Sorcerers are less fixated on logic and more so on emotion because we know emotion fuels our spells and rituals. Logic doesn’t do squat for powering sorcery but we know it too is a tool and has its place in the grand scheme of things. One does not pull out just any emotion and try to use that when dealing with say a judge and jury or else that could land you in hot water. Rather a sorcerer uses common sense and uses the right emotion for the job. We also tend to see education as important but is it necessary to get our sorceries to work? Again, no. Education or knowledge has its place and time and when conducting your ritual or spell you employ emotion as well as your familiar spirit. If a sorcerer uses a passage for ritual, s/he will invest themselves in that passage as heavily as possible meaning the emotion flows strongly to amp up the words the sorcerer is saying. This is what is giving fuel to the sorcery not just the words themselves.

One final point I’d like to make is that I have not included Chaos Magickians in this who refer to themselves as sorcerers or what they do as sorcery simply because they’re paradigm shifters and they do not care what they believe so long as it is a means to an end. You cannot define someone who refuses to define themselves. Thus the ‘chaos’ label is appropriate. Most of these folks are well meaning and decent folks however it is difficult to make heads or tails of what they do when everything is boiled to merely a sigil. How does one do that? You cannot. Chaos is a perfect moniker for them. I don’t consider them sorcerers in the classic sense. If anything they’re more like Prestidigitators who are involved in sleight of mind with embedding their sigils and commands into their subconscious mind. It’s a useful technique but it’s not in and of itself sorcery rather merely a technique or procedure than has its limitations and uses.

In Summary

It’s easy to see there are some very major differences between what a magicKian and what a sorcerer are. The two are not mutually exclusive yet they are not one and the same. MagicKians have spent a long time defining who they are and why they are. Sorcerers on the other hand have spent their time just doing what they know they need to do and left the definitions alone.

Now obviously there will be some of you who will read this and say, “Bullshit Moloch, I’m a magician not a ‘magicKian’ and I do everything the sorcerer does!” and to that I say you’re defining yourself incorrectly so you should spend some time contemplating who you are and where you’re going as well as why. Sorcery is an art as opposed to a science which is something else these magicKians all claim their practice is yet magicK cannot be a science because the results can never be exactly replicated precisely like the results you find in math, physics or chemistry. Argue what you will but science is KING and you blathering on to the contrary only makes you look like an imbecile. Best to keep it to yourself.

Like condiments, a magician/magicKian is similar to but NOT the same as a sorcerer for the very reasons I listed above. I came to a lot of my own conclusions about sorcery/sorcerers by studying history as well as discussing this with various spirits including the Mercurial Intelligence Tiriel. Let me state that while there are some out there who would mock you for labeling yourselves ‘sorcerer’, these same noodniks have obviously forgotten how easily they are also mocked by society when they tell someone in academia they practice the occult or better yet, Witchcraft. Because witches were at one time merely figures of folklore and superstition and now they’re as common as the neighbor across the street. Be who you wish to be and do not allow some ignorant, bigoted ceremonial moron to belittle you or make you feel insecure about what you wish to practice or study. Just hold your head high, march forward and realize there will be others who will adopt the label of sorcerer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Make Your N.A.P. Book A Talisman of Power

How to Make Your N.A.P. Book 
A Talisman of Power
by Brother MOLOCH 9.6.9.
© April 2016 All Rights Reserved

For this rite to actually work, you must do one of these two things: 

1. Buy an original copy of the the Miracle of the New Avatar Power by Geoff Gray-Cobb.


2. Copy by hand the how-to contents (minus the case stories) from N.A.P. into a special, brand new, blank book.

The reason for this is that you are showing the spirits you mean business. Just downloading a pirated copy and printing it off shows no personal sacrifice from you, in any way - be it time, effort nor monetary.

You will need:
Your N.A.P. Book
Holy Water
Holy Oil
Blessed Salt
Incense: frankincense & myrrh
2 white work candles (votive, tea light, Shabbat, household or taper are fine)
1 white candle


Pour your Holy Water into a convenient spray bottle. (Most department and dollar stores sell them.) Spritz the candles to wash away any ill affects they may have accumulated and wipe them clean with fresh paper towels. Dress your candles with the Holy oil and place in suitable candle holders. The two work candles you will place at the rear of your work table, one on the right and one on the left. The third white candle will be set in the middle of the work table. Incense holder can be placed anywhere on your work table that’s convenient for you.

Begin by facing east and light your right rear work candle then your left rear work candle. 

Now light your incense. 

Say, “I call out to the spirits of the New Avatar Power system to witness this ritual and to make it holy, sacred and binding!” 

Spritz the eastern corner once with the Holy Water. 

Bow (Do this by slightly by bending your knees and coming straight back up without bending forward thus you’re curtsying.)

Next you will turn right and face west. Repeat the sentence you said in the east, bow and spritz with Holy Water once again. Then you will turn left until you face north. Repeat the sentence, bow and spritz with Holy Water. Turn right to face the south. Repeat as you have in the other three corners. You are ready to begin. 

Set the bottle of Holy Water on your work table. Relax and begin your Miracle of the New Avatar Power relaxation ritual. 

When finished, begin the Central Pillar ritual. 

Then perform the New Avatar Power Circulation ritual.

Next, perform the New Avatar Power Fountain ritual.

Finally, recite the Invocation to Strengthen the Fountain of Your New Avatar Power.

When finished, you will say, “Spirits of the system of the New Avatar Power!” (Lift your N.A.P. book aloft) “I bring this book to you. I have duly sacrificed for it. You are witness to this sacrifice. I ask that you turn this book into a talisman of power so that any time I use it in any ritual manner I choose, it adds to the strength and power of the ritual!”

Now hold your NAP book and pass it gently through the flame of the center white candle and say, “In the presence of the New Avatar spirits, I baptize thee with flame!”

Pass the book gently through the incense smoke and say, “In the presence of the New Avatar spirits, I baptize thee with air!”

Hold book and sprinkle with some salt and say, “In the presence of the New Avatar spirits, I baptize thee with earth!”

Then hold the book and using just a tiny bit of Holy Oil on the tip of your dominant hand’s index finger, gently rub it on the spine of the book and say, “In the presence of the New Avatar spirits, I baptize thee with water!”

Now, facing east, hold the book aloft and gently mist the air above the book with the Holy Water. Allow the misty vapor to land on the book. (You can immediately wipe it off with a clean, fresh paper towel.) As you mist, you will say, “I baptize you, O book of New Avatar Power, as my personal grimoire of power. Work for me and I shall care for you until the end of my days. So be it!”

Now you will bow and then turn right and face west and mist again allowing the vapor to gently land on your book and wipe it off and repeat what you did in the east then repeat each step by turning to the north and then the south. (Remember, you start in the east, then turn right to the west, then turn left to the north then turn right to the south.)

When finished, your book is consecrated. Let it set on your work table with the middle white candle setting next to it in a safe candle holder. When the candle has finally burnt out, your book is ready to be used or put away for safe keeping.

This is now a talisman of power, not a mere book to shove back on the shelf. Thus you will need to treat it special and give it respect. I would wrap it in a white towel or silk sloth and place in a drawer somewhere until you need to use it. You could have a special pouch or slip case made for it to slide the book into when not in use and keep it near your work table.