Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Miracle of the New Avatar Power Part 3

This is my third and final installment for the Miracle of the New Avatar Power book written by the late Geoff Gray-Cobb. I was going to let the second installment be the last but I felt compelled to discuss this fantastic modern grimoire just a bit further.

One of the things Gray-Cobb included in his grimoire was the ‘Magic Mentor’. This was the author's attempt at bringing a NPE[1] into the waking consciousness of the practitioner. The method is simple yet many modern ceremonial magicKians would sneer at the simplicity believing that creating a NPE like that to be too easy.

Why shouldn’t it be? Frankly, according to the ARS (African Religious Systems), making a spirit actually is more complicated than that, however for purposes of just using Inner World Magic, it works well. Most ARS practitioners know that the spirits created/found on inner plane contacts as preached by organizations like the Golden Dawn to be too simplistic. However for the use of bouncing ideas off someone, this works well enough for our purposes.

There is an affinity here to the Max Freedom Long's Huna system’s Aumakua (re: Ow-mah-koo-ah) or the Higher Self. Long claimed that the Aumakua was simply there and it was already plugged into the all of everything or what he termed the Poe Aumakua (re: Poe-ay-Ow-mah-koo-ah) which Long likened to Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious.

Gray-Cobb gives ideas on how to use the Magic Mentor and primarily focuses on using it to instruct yourself in Magic. You can use it to help you attain things, do some metaphysical things and so on. To me, this is a lot like my own Thralls where I create these artificial NPE’s to do whatever it is I desire them to do. It is just that Gray-Cobb's Magic Mentor is more complex than a Thrall is.

Central Pillar Ritual

By learning this ritual, Gray-Cobb next gives you a method of how to procure more out of life by invoking planetary intelligences, colors and sounds all through using the Central Pillar Rite.

Frankly, he could have gotten this idea from Israel Regardie’s The Art of True Healing where Regardie suggests using the Middle Pillar ritual with king and queen scale colors via the Golden Dawn to either receive or send energies which also would help you bring items or send assistance to someone else.

Does the Magic Mentor work? Yes it does! Why? It is an artificial construct you give life to then order it to become intelligent by commanding it to go find _ and learn _ then discuss _ with you. Some may think of this as an imaginary friend and is it? Yes and much more than that since It is capable of performing Magic for you.

While not necessary, you can give this Magic Mentor a candle as an offering on a regular basis[2] and tell It that you wish for It to go and learn greater Magic so that It can teach this greater Magic to you. Think of the Magic Mentor as sort of a squire to your knighthood if you will.

Gray-Cobb even tells you how to use a pendulum to communicate with Spirits. I was taught how to do that by the late Enid Hoffman and the late Ron Parshley back in the late 1980's. Using a pendulum to communicate with Spirits is natural and not too much different than using a planchette and Ouija board. You ask the question, wait while being still then allow the pendulum to move of its own accord over a letter/number wheel. Simple. Elegant. Works.

Testing Your NAP

In chapter 5, Gray-Cobb does something very few Metaphysical authors ever do: he teaches you how to test whether your NAP power!

He starts the chapter off talking about using NAP to guess cards, he quickly moves into testing NAP as a way to build self-confidence in that you know it works. Some of the tests he gives are:

Mail Box

Letter Contents

Telephone Caller

News Headline

Playing Card

He gives you a total of 15 tests in all. He gives you some idea of how the test should work and then you put your NAP to the test. You may not guess accurately right away but over time you should develop the ability to guess accurately.

The Radio State test goes something like: you tune your radio to your favorite station then shut it off. Relax. Allow your NAP to bathe you in power and then try to guess the song that will be playing when you turn the radio on.

The better you become is in direct proportion to how often you practice. Each test is a fun challenge and while little more than parlor games, still they do work, allowing you to build self-confidence while strengthening your Occult powers.

In closing I'd like to suggest you try NAP if you have not yet. It's a fun grimoire that offers the earnest practitioner a LOT for the time and effort invested. It is just as powerful as the Key of Solomon is. If you want wealth, riches, mind power, love, sex, influencing others and getting your way in life, this is a great modern grimoire to start with.

[1] Non-Physical Entity
[2] My method of using a purple candle with Power oil on it should suffice; barring that, try a plain white candle dressed with Holy oil.