Saturday, March 4, 2023

Hollow Echoes From A Wannabe: Fork Nan Pwen

It is time I open up about the recent online posts by a former member of the House of Jean Kent, namely Fork Nan Pwen a.k.a. Michael "Rocky" Geis.

First of all, Jean dismissed Fork from our beloved House sometime in June of 2022. I don’t recall the exact date although I believe Jean called me on either the 10th or 11th and told me in the late afternoon and said he decided Fork’s membership in our House was over and that Fork could no longer work Guinen (re: holy) but would be now be labeled a Boko. This means Fork can  only access the LWA through the Left hand, which requires Makaya (re: blood). Thus why Fork was forced to seek power elsewhere, presumably with some blood oriented Palo house who agreed to take him in. Once our House Spirits cut him off, his Vodu Guinen days were over.

Dirty Laundry Time

Everyone asks me, “Why did Jean dismiss Fork from your House?” Well you have to understand it was over more than just ‘one’ thing and it was a long time coming. First and foremost Jean had issues with Fork’s honesty especially in personal. l dealings with him. That alone should say everything so if Jean had issues with Fork, and dismissed him from our House, then Fork is full of shit when he lays claim to our House’s leadership.

Fork’s dishonesty to Jean itself covers a LOT of ground. When you’re initiated by a House Master/Mambo, you are supposed to regularly tithe to the House which helps to support your teacher and it also helps them when they need to ship you something for your practice such as a powder or an oil, maybe a spirit juice, a special statue or whatever is needed for your work. Fork chose NOT to support Jean or our House, only himself.

Fork would also get himself into fights with Santeros & Paleros online then come running to Jean for help and protection which is not something Jean wanted any of his children doing - i.e. getting into fights with others over their Haitian spirituality. That’s because we do not have anything to justify to anyone else. And yet somehow Fork would end up pissing off some advanced practitioner who would be after him until Jean got involved.

What really upset Jean was that Fork would initiate students into his own personal House, then give them a rough way to go in learning Vodu which was not how Jean did Fork nor any of us. According to Fork’s former students, several reported their mistreatment by Fork Nan Pwen and his issuing spiritual threats to them if they went to either Jean, myself (or anyone else) in our House about him.

Invalid Initiations: Initiations At A Distance

Another major issue is our Vodu House does NOT nor will not initiate someone either “at-a-distance” or “by mail” because all valid initiations must be done by an living Initiate and a Kanzo must be performed in person! Yet this was something else I found out Fork was doing to people who lived overseas. Why? Presumably for the money because there was no transference of power. Power can only be transferred directly from a living Priest to an initiate seeking to be baptized with the spirit on them. PERIOD! The African religions are not any sort of self-initiatory system like many new age belief systems are.

And now I am dealing with the fallout of Fork’s former students (and numerous unhappy clients) coming to me.

False Claims: Emperor & Knives

Lately Fork has been dreaming aloud because he has been babbling online that he is a “Houngan Emperor” who now holds the knife in our House of LaFleur Luchene. The joke is Jean worked Guinen (NOT Makaya) and Jean trained all of his students to work Guinen as well. Yet see when you piss off the House's spirits, then you MUST work Makaya to get your results. Fork can no longer work Guinen. 

Jean never needed to use Makaya to get results. Period. I saw this man work miracles without it just by using Hebrew passwords with only his own Head Spirit, a glass of water and a white household (or Hebrew Shabbat) candle. He needed no altar, no drumming, no Hounsis, nor Mambo present, just his own Head Spirit and the passwords he gave to the spirits along with the instructions for them to follow.

And yet last year Fork Nan Pwen went on record saying the following about his Vodu teacher, Jean Kent... 

* he was a fake Houngan who had no actual power

* he was a witch (Haitian version not earth centered spirituality) who had no honor or power other than using evil

* that Jean learned his knowledge by hiding in the weeds watching other Houngans in their houmforts work

* Jean being a witch wanted to kill everyone in our House - yet we’re all still here and if Jean had wanted Fork dead, the boy would already be dead

* and numerous other fictions, lies and deceit

So this begs the real question: if Jean Kent had no real Vodu power, then Fork’s claims to Vodu power are obviously fake as well, correct? Chew on that for a spell...

Now Fork claims Jean promised him to be a Houngan Emperor. The boy has no idea what that title even means let alone requires in order to become one and so forth. Yet here is a little man who comes crawling out of the ashes of his failed marriage, his failed Vodu practice, his failed career, and makes grandiose claims about using a knife in a knife-less practice. Oy vey what goofy claims will this boy make next?

Even Lied About Me!

As if the lies Fork has told about Jean weren’t bad enough, now I learn he has gone around telling people he was initiated before me. Well Fork has openly stated he was initiated Aug 3rd, 2011 yet I was initiated on March 9th, 2009 and I still have all my PayPal receipts to prove my assertion as well as the motel receipt I stayed in.

Kiss Fork's Knife?

If Fork Nan Pwen approaches you claiming he is running or still associated with the Vodu House of Jean Kent, he is out & out LYING to you so grab onto your wallet and run like hell the other direction from him! Jean never gave anyone in our House clear succession. At best he asked me to look after a couple of his students while he was in the hospital just a few days before he died. That is all. I KNOW for a fact he would ever relent and promise Fork something like that all due to the boy's gross immaturity, his ill treatment of his students and clients, and his refusal to financially support Jean or the House.

I know you’re thinking, “Gee Moloch, this sounds so dramatic!” and yes you’re right it is because just like when there’s a death in the family, there’s always those who want to step forward before the body is cold to the touch and GRAB the deceased’s belongings: money, land, power, status, assets and so on. If you have not seen this happen in your own family, consider yourself fortunate. Just ask folks at work or school if that ever happened in their family and you’ll soon hear some very sordid tales about inheritances, birthrights, legacies, bequeathments, and so on, all quickly latched onto by evil, greedy people, most of whom formerly appeared to be loving family members.

In closing, Fork is not someone who tells the truth abo9ut Jean, me, or even his own former students. Thus be aware when dealing with this boy. Watch your back. You have been forewarned.