Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ancestral Salute & A Skull Cleansing

I’m really not interested in hearing a lot of kvetching going on about certain practices labeled intensive yet this is exactly what I end up hearing from many of you about them. “They’re too difficult!” or “They take up too much of my time!” yet these self-same people are adept at memorizing sports statistics of their favorite teams for the past 20 to 30 years OR in-depth lines from their favorite films. Really? C’mon now. How is that any sort of excuse?

It amazes me how easy it is for people to sit and memorize the LBRP without any strain yet when asked to do so, people have difficulty memorizing the Weedly Ancestral Salute? Seriously? You can memorize that and perform it in less than sixty seconds and that’s going at a leisurely pace. So what is the big issue here? I don’t understand other than laziness? And believe me, you’re talking to the put-off-until-later king here.

Weekly ancestral salutes help bring you closer to your ancestors and as stated previously not just your familial ancestors but also Humanity’s Ancestors as well whom you share as a common bond thus you need to spend time saluting Them out of respect even when you believe your familial ancestors were a no-good lot and they very well may be but that’s not for us to judge as the rest of the ancestors will judge them.


Every person always wonders the BIG QUESTION or WIIFM what’s in it for me? When it comes to doing anything for someone else, this question always pops up in one form or another. Else why would you bother to don multi-colored robes, burn smelly incense, wave painted sticks in the air, chant words, phrases & barely intelligible names and so on? Because you’re expecting a big payoff in the end.

Okay so if you salute your ancestors, what’s in it for you? How about blessings from your ancestors? Not enough? (Or you simply don’t care?) How about you’ll get fewer hassles in life? Less headaches? Stronger hunches to avoid things? Even to go so far as that little voice in the back of your mind will practically begin to SHOUT warnings at you that you’ll stand up and take notice of!

Would you like some powers? No really. I’m talking actual powers. Now I’m NOT suggesting anything out of the ordinary here of course however you do have the potential to be a cut above so you have at least one gift to develop and your ancestors can help you develop it. Of course They will not do it all for you just because you asked nor because you wanted Their help. However They can greatly facilitate your ability to gain metaphysical abilities that you felt were completely above and beyond you.

First, you must make contact with your ancestors. This is the most important part. Ideally I always recommend to a Novice that s/he spends at least 30 days of contact saluting and talking to their ancestors. Why? Because 30 is a solid number of time and shows you have committed to Them a block of time dedicated in calling and welcoming Them into your domicile.

Secondly, you also must also spend some time letting your ancestors know what is going on in the world around you. Who is doing what, what is going on with your current family, local/national news (yes read Them the paper or at least the headlines on occasion), if you had relatives who were sports fans then tell ‘em who won big games, if someone in the family had a baby, show Them a photo of the baby and give the child’s name, and so on. Draw Them into your life. These are going to be more than just your honor guard.

Make Them some strong coffee. Make it black. The dead love black coffee even if they liked it with cream and sugar in life, serve it black with sweetening packets next to cup and milk agent next to the cup as well because many alive prefer their coffee black so give the spirits Their coffee black. Always. Without fail. When you give Them something be prepared to ask for something in return.

Are you required to have cemetery dirt on your ancestral shrine? No, not at all. You can however place a small dish of cemetery dirt ‘under’ the shrine but do not put it on top of Their shrine. At least my ancestor spirits do not like dirt on Their shrine like that. In fact, mine will put up with some dust on Their shrine but not me putting actual dirt, even cemetery dirt, on their shrine unless They specifically ask for such to be placed on there.

Unlike grimoire spirits, ancestor spirits prefer to earn what They are given. Ceremonial MagicKians are wont to either to GIVE things to grimoire spirits willy nilly OR not give spirits anything because it’s just some old spirit listed in a grimoire whereas the ancestors prefer to earn Their keep so remember to ask for what it is you truly desire and be respectful about it meaning try not to ask for the moon. Although this doesn’t mean you cannot ask for large requests, just break it down into manageable steps and ask for the steps that you are able to attain with a little help from them.

Moloch’s Potent Ancestral Cleansing Candle

This little ditty I began using when I noticed Uncrossing spells weren’t working fully up to snuff on either myself or clients. I began experimenting to see what I could find that would toss in some serious oomph to the mix and I believe I have found it.

Required Materials:
1 white skull candle
1 bottle of Kabala oil
1 packet of cemetery dirt
a single relic from you (strand of hair, a nail paring, & etc)

What you do is turn the skull over and take your ritual dagger and hollow out some of the wax from the bottom of the skull candle. The hole does not have to be too deep but you want it to be such that you could put your forefinger into it. Then place a few drops of the Kabala oil into the hole and say "Mars Thincsus" as you do this. Then sprinkle in a tiny pinch of the cemetery dirt. Now place a relic of yours in the hole be it a nail paring, hair (can be from your head, leg, big toe, wherever you can get one), then use a burning candle and drip some wax over the hole to close it. Now flip the skull candle back over and set it on a ceramic plate. Dress the candle with the Kabala oil as you say, “O Mars Thincsus, defend and banish all evil from me!” continuously as you rub the Kabala oil on the candle until it is fully coated.

Light some incense such as frankincense while facing East. Meditate on yourself and the issues that are plaguing you. Ask your ancestors to come to your aid to help give you relief while asking Tyr to lead your ancestors to victory on your behalf. Dab a bit of the Kabala oil on your forehead & chest. Breathe deep and get yourself into a relaxed state of mind. Lower your heart rate and calm your mind.[1]

Light the skull candle. Since there aren’t any ancient hymns to Tyr, we must use a modern one and here is one created by the Norse scholar Diana Paxon:

To Tyr

Living Irminsul, Lord Tyr--
Bright the blade in left hand bearing,
Wolf´s bait the right, a hidden witness
To faith forsworn for Asgard´s frith.
When bitter words bring men to battle,
Truth denied, and trust betrayed,
Reputation replaces honor.
Defender, Asgard´s doom delaying,
Your honor in that hour was offered.
Can you teach us, Tyr, to tell
When to stand fast against the fearful
And when to sacrifice our souls?”

Focus on the flame. Speak aloud the password, “Tyr, lord of the armies of Asgaard, in the name of Dyeus fly to my aid...” and tell Tyr to remove the negativity, terrible conditions and bad things from around you. Explain how you want to be rid of addictions, overcome bad habits, find your way and kick off all of the negative people who haunt your life with their jealousies, hatreds and pettiness. Now is the time to be specific. Remember Tyr is both a law-giver (lawyer) and judge so be blatantly truthful with Him


1 If you have difficulty with relaxation, deep breathing or are unsure how to get yourself into an altered state, get a copy of my booklet, “The Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment" from