Saturday, January 27, 2018

Love Is More Than Texting & Social Media Posts

There seems to be some form of miscommunication today with Millennials and those who are of the instant messaging persuasion to think that sorcery/magic and spirits are geared towards this silly notion of love via texting & social media.

You’re way off from the mark if this is what you believe because this is not how spirits work - at least classical spirits or the ones I tend to work with and I’d say 80% of the karcists out there who engage in spirit summoning work. You need to understand we’re not summoning spirits to get your desired one to click a “Like” on your profile because there’s no intimacy there. Spirits don’t get it mainly because most adults don’t get it. 

When you hide behind your phone, and let’s call it exactly what it is folks, you’re hiding because you have issues that you have never decided to deal with, you want a spirit to make say Janessa Fleure LIKE your profile. For real??? When did you bump your head? That’s NOT her falling in love with you, lunkhead, because real love involved intimacy. Hello? And if you’re too thick headed or too scared to get off your bum to go tell her what a marvelous woman she is, well you deserve to lose her to someone who will do exactly that!

Relationships are more than texting one another or posting memes, photos & other erroneous errata on one’s public profile. Yeah, sure, we all like to post goofy, silly and inane nonsense from time to time just to be ourselves however when you want to get serious, you may start off chatting with Janessa telling her how pretty she is and all manner of things that you like about her. Fine. However listen up: one day you WILL have to make a stand and go meet her, IN PERSON, spend time with her and try to build something real instead of that artificial world you want to live in. Copy that? if not, re-read that last sentence again until you do get it because it is important.

That artificial world is safe, sure, and it is also lonely. There’s no one to reach out and hug you when you’ve had a bad day; no one to listen to how your crummy boss chewed you out for one of his own glaring errors; no one to hug back and tell her she the prettiest girl (guy/etc insert here) you ever met; because real intimacy is predicated upon spending actual time together - like people did in school. You ate lunch together, talked, shared life issues, laughed about favorite TV shows, cried about things that made you feel sad, and all of that. HOW can you justify hiring a practitioner to “get me X” when you fail to get off your lazy ass and go hang out with X??? “Oh no! X didn’t like my latest post!” ugh.... grow up and become an adult. If you are an adult, then stop mentally acting like a fool because you’re wasting your time and money. Social media is a smorgasbord for the mentally insane and for you to put all of your eggs in that basket says quite a bit about your own mentality. Get real. Get intimate. Get human. If you can't talk then how about learning to talk to others? That's what you supposed to learn in school so if you failed to learn that, guess whose fault that is? Perhaps instead of enchanting to get X you'd be better served to ask the spirits to bring you a real personality - one that includes the ability to communicate without a phone in your hands? 

Do you have any idea who many people come to me wanting their version of X who they have never met in person? Only chatted with on the Net? Sure I’ve done my fair share of chatting back in the day and made some great friends and had a few gals I’d have loved to have been with buuuuut 1,000 + miles away? Pfffft that’s not realistic for either of us. So think about these things if it’s NOT realistic for either you to move to where THEY are nor for them to pack up and move to where YOU are, guess what? It’s probably not a real love relationship either. Period. You’re wasting your time. Go find someone locally you can hang with and see on a regular basis not someone who lives across your province or in another.

Now IF you have met this person and you know them, have hung out with them, hugged them even slept with them (though the last one is not a requirement) then yeah that is a real chance of a success. But this nonsense of trying to coax Janessa because she's on your social media friends list means jack and squat to the spirits. They want to know if They do JuJu for you, that you're gonna get up off your dead bum and go hang with the person NOT wait for X to Like your posts. Ugh so silly but this happens more often than any of you realize.

Either you’re serious about a love relationship OR you’re just farting around pretending and no one, human or spirit, wants to waste their time with anyone whose pretending. Count on that!