Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bustin' Yet Another Useless Metaphysical Platitude

“Everything you need to know, is already inside you!”

Are you into useless platitudes that do nothing for you but give you a false sense of security and relief if but for a moment in time? Yes I am about to step away from the herd here and to grill yet another stereotypical metaphysical platitude that is both useless and has no basis in fact.

“But Moloch, WHY are you bothering to step on people’s ‘good feelings’?” 

Well there are thousands of hopeful folks out there who believe this smelly tripe as having real value when in fact it has none. How you ask? Allow me to continue...

The sentence itself is pure foolishness. Everything you need to know is already inside you? Really? So you did not need an adult to show you how to wipe your own bum, tie your own shoes, use eating utensils, bathe, dress, use manners and so on? Really? Have you never seen documentaries about children who grew up in the wild without parents? Ever see how animalistic they degenerated? These unfortunate souls acted more like base animals and reacted frightened to their harsh world around them. When observed, they never truly act or react except out of survival instinct. Their thoughts are hunt, feed, flight or fight. That’s pretty much it. 

Everything you know you have taken for granted that you have LEARNED somewhere, from someone. You were just so used to be in a learning environments as a youth that you forgot all about these learning experiences. Same thing goes for when your parental units took time to teach you to do complex things from tying your shoe laces to riding a bicycle to using appliances or power tools to eventually driving a vehicle.

You simply did not just learn these things on your own. Sure you may have picked up a power drill and began to drill some holes. Okay but was your first hole accurate? Straight? Smooth? No rough spots? Or did someone show you how to use the tool properly to get the most benefit from it? Did you read the instructions? Did you read a booklet on using one? Did you watch a video? All of those examples require someone with experience to have taken the time to make them so that you could learn from.

Behavior is also learned. Love is not universal as it too has to be taught and learned as much as hate. Feelings may be universal but they’re not processed and without someone to help you process and understand them, they can be confusing and conflicting within someone who does not know how to communicate. Imagine being a blind, deaf and mute from birth all alone in your own world THEN tell me everything you need to know is already within you. We are not born with the knowledge, memories, or skills we need to make it in this complex world so we have to be taught that information.

Knowledge, wisdom, personal hygiene, behavior, social skills, customs & taboos - everything you now know had to be taught to you in some manner. Because you just didn’t miraculously know all of this somehow out of the blue inside your head as that is not how it works. We have to learn, process and understand knowledge before we can make use of this new knowledge for ourselves.

It’s utter rubbish people. You do NOT know everything you need inside of you to resolve your life because you have much to learn even now! Much more. 

This platitude is an injunction against learning and is really a rallying shout from the Lost Boys club ala Peter Pan rather than some metaphysical worldview. Because when you sit down and analyze it for what it is, you see it to be just plain silly then you have to ask yourself why would you want to use it? Because it’s not helpful in any way nor does it contribute to your greater good. If you must adopt a platitude, why not adopt one that will contribute to your greater good? Ancestors know there are plenty of them out there to adopt.