Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lying Abut the Truth

“Children and fools always speak the truth. The deduction is plain: adults and wise persons never speak it” ~ Mark Twain, "On the Decay of the Art of Lying"

Isn’t it amazing how we, as a race of advanced beings, able to think and reason, are almost always avoiding the literal truth? It actually boggles the mind if you take a moment and really think about it. Because in all fairness, why would any rational or sane individual want to believe in a lie? Yet many cling to the lies that are told to us not only by politicians but also by marketing companies, friends, family and even authority figures like teachers.

Why would you want to go around believing in a lie? “Of course I would not!” you rationally reason to yourself yet in fact, there are dozens of lies that you believe in that you yourself may find useful. I first encountered this strange phenomena when studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming around two decades ago when I read Dr. Richard Bandler & John Grinder’s Frogs Into Princes. On page 18, a transcript from one of their NLP seminars goes like: “Everything we're going to tell you here is lie. All generalizations are lies. Since we have no claim on truth or accuracy, we will be lying consistently through this seminar. There are only two differences between us and other teachers: One is that we announce at the beginning of our seminars that everything we say will be a lie, and other teachers do not. Most of them believe their lies. They don't realize that they are made up. The other difference is that most of our lies will work out really well if you act as if they are true.”

This struck home and it got my attention. It kind of fit in with the old Chaos MagicK theory of “fake it til you make it” attitude or “lie to yourself until your JuJu is strong enough” - which is NOT unusual since I have seen affirmations from spiritual workers deep in the heart of Africa who would tell themselves, “My magic is strong, I am powerful, my magic will succeed!” which is a lie since there is no way to determine whether or not your magic will or will not work. However it has been found that using affirmations like that for a time prior to performing magic by putting yourself into a trance state, can actually have a strong effect on your magic and make it work instead of it not working.

Then there are the useful lies sales people tell themselves daily as they use their own affirmations to “pump themselves up” before going in to make a sale. This is no different than what the young African magic practitioner will use prior to performing his JuJu. There is a multi-million dollar industry of books, CD’s & DVD’s devoted to this very subject for the Marketing world and people think nothing of it. Yet in the end, when you analyze it all, it’s just useful lies.

The Drama of Lies

Yet why is lying looked down on in our human society? Everyone gets up in arms when someone lies to them. “Joe lied to me! He was out last night instead of working!” However if Joe told her where he really was, she’d probably blow a fuse like none other because as Jack Nicholson’s character said, “You can’t handle the truth!” which is often true when you stop and observe people in their natural habitat.

Next time pay attention to someone else’s fight. It almost always starts over a lie somewhere. So pay attention. Who lied? Why? Where did the lie come into play? Would the liar have been better off telling the truth? Would the individual hearing the lie have been better off hearing the truth instead of the lie? In my past experience, I would have to say from paying attention to other’s fights, seven out of ten times, the lie was useful because the maturity level of the person hearing the lie was not enough to deal with being told the stark truth.

People are simply not trained nor taught how to deal with emotional difficulties in our society. Isn’t that screwed up? Seriously! Here we are, an advanced hominid species who can think and reason, we can fly to the Moon and back safely, we can cure many diseases, we have harnessed nuclear power, explored many places of our own planet and YET we lack the training to deal with emotional difficulties. This is mainly because our parents lack these skills since most of us has Joe & Mary Sixpack factory workers who were simply under-educated (as opposed to not-educated) and whose own parents never taught them how to deal with their own emotional difficulties.

Further along this point, public schools do a poor job of teaching children how to deal with their emotional difficulties believing that it is not their place to do so - and sadly parents support this stance as well. This boggles my mind since one would think the idea is to have a happy, well adjusted society with kids who won’t require years of therapy to deal with their emotional hangups all thanks to the lack of training they never received in their youth.

Lies In the Business World

It’s a weird phenomena, but if you lie to your boss and its found out, you’re terminated on the spot YET it is all right for your supervisor and upper level managers at your company to outright lie to you since they own/manage the corporation. Seriously? Who made this rule? Why should this be so? Does this not show that business people are flat out liars in commerce since they cannot be honest with their own people? Would you want to do business with a two-faced corporation who lies to their workers yet puts on a face of honesty and truth to the rest of the world?

Unfortunately, the memory of the average person is amazingly short all thanks to television and of course the internet. People are bombarded with multiple lies on a daily basis and these lies have become so pervasive in our society that we have come to expect them rather than reject them. Time was consumers would be aghast if a large corporation like Fox News service was found out to be lying to its own employees over some issue and yet trying to bill itself to the world as honest and fair. However Fox didn’t lie to its own people, they lied outright to their viewers and in court stated they didn’t have to tell the truth. Eventually in February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States. Imagine your great-grandparents and the folks of their day hearing that one!

Enron was a company who went bankrupt yet up to the very moment they came out to say they were broke, they continually sent their own employees emails urging them to buy Enron stock. This folks was a lie of evil that goes beyond anything in business I’ve found in years. It’s bad enough to be bilked out of money by a competitor or be ripped off but to have money ‘stolen’ by your own employer?? Unthinkable!

Yet what happened when these corporate lies came to the surface? Little to nothing! In fact, people argued FOR the perpetrators as if they were the good guys instead of wanting to drag them out to the hill with pitchforks and torches as they should have. I was flabbergasted when I heard talk shows during the early 2000's because of the sheer stupidity of my species just astounded me. The most absurd arguments for the CEO and vice presidents of Enron's actions were spoken by people from all walks of life including folks who SHOULD know better such as highly educated individuals. No I'm not talking about the lawyers since as everyone knows all lawyers lie and you cannot trust a word they say any more than a used car salesman's word. Yet the media ate up these lies and regurgitated them over and over for the ignorant populace to consume.

Big Lies in Politics

We’ve had enormous lies in politics over the decades since I’ve been alive and paying attention to the political current. Nixon lied about Marijuana so he could put his fist down on the black & hippie communities; Reagan lied about his Trickle Down Economics as being good for the economy which economists all referred to as “Voodoo Economics” because they knew it was BS and useless for everyone but the wealthy in our society; Bush Sr lied about signing a bill on new taxes when he said, “Read my lips” which cost him his re-election; Clinton lied to the public about having sex with Monica Lewinsky on camera; shorty Bush Jr lied about weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq; even Obama was not immune from controversy where lies were told to the public at times during his Presidency.

This is only a small accounting of our Presidents in recent history and does NOT take into consideration all of the 535 members of Congress let alone our individual state governments which comprise of governors, state representatives and senators as well as local mayors, city council members or county commissioners and township trustees. When you think about it, politics is mind boggling to say the least yet it seems to be the cesspool of lies, deceit and evil so why anyone of good moral character who would want to get entangled in that mess should require some therapy because if elected, at the end of their term, they will not be the same person as when they started due to all of the lies they have heard and told themselves.

Truth Is Subjective To It’s Own Dominant Paradigm

For years I have stated that the above and have had numerous individuals argue with me that truth is never subjective because as they say, “Truth is empirical!” Really?? Where? Even scientists lie through their damn teeth. Archaeologists lie about historical facts to please or placate Creationist believers and religious extremists. Chemists lie about the severity of chemicals on both the human body and the environment all for the sake of the corporation’s bottom line profit margins. Engineers will lie by overstating the effectiveness of their corporation’s products or its ability to last. Even in academia, there are liars hiding in the wings who will stab one another in the back to get ahead all because they covet some nebulous prize. There are also the many scientists who outright lie in court because they are ‘paid’ by defense or prosecution for their time but in all fairness, they’re paid for their opinion to support the position they’re paid to support, not to be truthful.

In essence, truth is subjective to what you choose to believe because right or wrong, you make a choice to believe what is true or what is a lie. If what you believe is a lie, then that is your truth, right or wrong. So long as this subjective truth does not harm you nor anyone else, I see little harm in believing it. However when you go out on social media telling folks things like they need to "drink 8 glasses of water a day to flush out toxins", that is a lie because there is no medical reason for doing so. Yet people will argue they need to be hydrated even though that is because they have been conditioned by the media to believe they need it even though they are not working any sort of heavy job where they are losing lots of body fluids. True that perhaps SOME of the populations workers may need to consume more liquids because I worked in a rubber plant where in the summer it could get temperatures well past 100 deg F and one of my jobs in maintenance was to stock and fill the Gatorade dispensers for the workers. However the average person sitting in an air conditioned home or office is not losing that sort of body fluid nor is the average person outside playing a sport according to actual sports physicians however the multi-billion dollar sports industry would have you believe otherwise.

In Summary

Our human world is loaded with lies and stark truth that no one wants to hear yet everyone runs around saying, “I’d rather hear the dark truth than a white lie”... really? Horse shit. That's the call of an insecure individual seeking attention who also was never taught emotional security or how to process their emotions properly because folks who can process their emotions properly do not worry about lies because they just deal with such rationally when these things arise and more importantly they do not lose their shit over them. Typically this type of insecure individual also has not taken the time to learn the world is full of lies, half-truths (re: lies), damn lies, and outright horse shit OR they're hiding in a Pollyanna like world to insulate their psyche's from potential harm and thus when a real lie hits them, it subjects them to severe mental trauma. 

Truth is often subjective because only in math is truth truly empirical - that is UNTIL you discover even friggin' mathematicians play around with “imaginary numbers” to make advanced calculations work. (“Say what, Moloch?”) Indeed yes they use the concept of imaginary numbers (i.e. lies). LoL So even math has its share of lies that work out, eh? Crazy world we live in folks.

Go and try to be good to someone and if you think they are unable to emotionally handle the truth, do them a favor and lie to them. It’s not a sin and frankly you’re doing them a favor regardless of what idiot platitude they spout. Because truth is most people prefer to believe a lie than the truth. Advertisers know this as a fact of life. Learn it. Believe it. It is what it is.