Sunday, October 23, 2016

Three Issues

It’s a wild and wacky world we live in and even more of a unique yet mysterious universe that world is set into as well. I mention this because in our day-to-day hustle and bustle of trying to live our lives, these simple facts are all too often forgotten if not outright ignored. It’s time we took a harder look at this screwed up situation we live in and make some hard decisions.

Issue One: Do we drop psychology all together out of our praxis? 

The short answer is, can we? I honestly don’t see how we can. Unfortunately though I also don’t see the reason to cling to the psychological model as a way to validate occult and mystical experiences because then you’re trying to push logic onto a personal experience that is filled with emotional highs & lows as well as images that come from outside of you being impressed upon your psyche, then trying to make sense of it via logic is almost useless.

Seers and shamen of old would often visit the Underworld to seek out new information or to visit spirits and then later sit by fires meditating as they allowed these experiences to sort themselves out. These practitioners didn’t have the rigorous psychological training some feel is necessary to be effective at this sort of magic yet they managed quite well for thousands of years without it.

Personal gnosis is not something that can be objectified by a panel of so-called experts in a lab. Sure, this has been done by numerous researchers in an attempt to quantify the human experience but clinical analysis does not a mystical vision make. When you dissect such personal gnosis, all you’re going to get is a researchers clinical findings, not any great mystical revelations. As I’ve often said in the past about psychology and magic, if you truly believe that psychology is all that and a bag of chips where magic is concerned, then why are you wasting time fiddling around with mumbo-jumbo when you could get a PhD in Psychology and become your own adept? Or get a medical degree with it in Psychiatry allowing you to prescribe drugs and thus become your own shaman?

Psychology does have its uses but we need to maintain limitations on its employ in the occult lest we run the risk of trying to jam logic in where logic surely fails. That is the ultimate failure of the Psychological Model in that Psychology pretends to be a science, which it really isn’t, and thus it purports to rely on logic since all sciences rely on strict adherence to logic. However some utility of this system can be made IF we limit its influence and restrict the urge to clinically objectify and analyze everything we personally experience.

Issue Two: Does Historical Methods of Sorcery Outweigh Modern Procedures?

I have mixed feelings about the current fad of the PGM and other pre-modern occult methods. Why? Well other than being fads and yes they are because if history has shown us anything in the occult world it is that seekers, mystics and magicians are constantly seeking that which is new, odd, strange and unique regardless of when it was created (or discovered) or from whence it came.

Half the time many of these fads simply aren’t given to just being from the western society alone. Ceremonial MagicKians for instance were quick to pick up on the New Age fad of Theosophy and embraced that with open arms. Then the next fad for them became giving up ceremonial magic all together and going off to study & practice Buddhism. In more recent years, CM’s have been embracing various New Age ideas into their fold such as “karma”, chakra balancing (CM’s refer to it as the Middle Pillar), Reiki and lately Feng Shui.

So why are CM’s allowed a free pass on adding New Age material to their practices and yet every other path that tries such a thing gets badgered by these two-faced ceremonial creeps? Let’s face it, Crowley all but ripped off Buddhism for his lectures on Yoga and he even wrapped his head in a turban for crying out loud. Seriously, would any of you attend a lecture by an English guy wearing a robe and a turban talking on Yoga? Yet Crowley gets a free pass because he was a British asshole.

“But Moloch, the material in the PGM works!” I know and so does material form a plethora of other sources as well or have you forgotten? Besides, it’s not the material that makes a spell work - it’s the practitioner. Let’s put it this way, anyone who has been duly initiated by a legitimate priesthood into an actual “living religion” will be able to get ANY spell to work for them. If they cannot then they either are not duly initiated, were not initiated by legitimate priests or they have somehow honked off the spirits of their living religion - which has become an all too common theme especially among the African religions.

For example anyone who claims to be initiated into any of the African religions and yet tells you they find grimoire magic fascinating is a BS artist. Why? People don’t study a complex system to learn it merely out of intellectual curiosity and those that claim they do obviously do not have enough work to keep themselves busy in the first place. That guy who is studying the grimoire spirits must not be getting his own prenda or nganga spirit to work for him thus he’s seeking power elsewhere. Power is not sought merely out of boredom by initiated practitioners, it is sought when one has had it removed elsewhere.

What people have done by glomming onto every fad that comes along from Chakras, Reiki, Vodu, Hoodoo, Feng Shui, and now the PGM, is show that they have very little power of their own and are desperate to find power wherever they can. There are loads of spellbooks out there from various cultures many with old, authentic spells dating back hundreds of years. Most folks have mental blocks about using these spells to begin with and if they would remove these blocks, the magic should work for them. Therein lies the real answer: remove the mental blocks.
Thus a person with no mental blocks should be able to get any method of magic to work be it old or new.

What about validity? Now that we are uncovering older works on magic and digging into the practices of these long dead magicians, do we simply dismiss ALL post-modern magic as useless? Why would anyone do that? What just because it was used in Thrace 3,000 years ago? So was making weapons out of bronze and guess what? Those bronze weapons wouldn’t do squat against today’s steel weapons. If modern manufacturers wanted to, they could make swords, shields, armor plating and more that would demolish the armies of ancient Greece with superior weaponry alone. Let’s not forget our modern warriors who are trained in combat systems from around the world would devastate those ancient Greeks or Romans in hand-to-hand. It would be an outright slaughter and it would be amusing to watch.

Yet there are procedures and prayers from ancient times that the spirits like. No question about it. The PGM offers many examples of these invocations, prayers and rites. That’s great and it’s the sort of material that needs to be brought out and used. It doesn’t, however, invalidate anything that is in use today. Period. When I have written in the positive for the PGM in the past, it was to give everyone an equal shot at discovering a useful book to add to their repertoire only. Not to run around like a born-again knocking on doors saying, “Have you read the new word JuJu?”

Issue Three: Where Does Personal Balance Come In?

If you are working with your ancestors, and you have a good relationship with a patron/s deity/ies or at least a working familiar spirit, then you pretty much have everything you need to be able to get your JuJu to be effective and that’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Or are you a romantic who feels s/he can’t do JuJu unless you perform X at Y under the influences of G & Q while H transits your natal chart at the hour of B on the day of C? Because only then can you contact the Holy Intelligence of Z to answer your question. Right. You’re living with way too many restrictions on your JuJu, amigo. Most of which are self-imposed.

You are the type of person who needs to go find indigenous people and ritually take peyote or drink Ayahuasca because you are in dire need to open up and have a good unblocking by way of purgation through vomiting and defecating yourself. You’re stoppered up big time! You’ve allowed yourself to buy into so many rules of magical conduct that it is amazing you can function at all. However if you do decide to go and try these methods, then seek out qualified shaman to work with so they can administer the mushrooms or Ayahuasca to you properly. Don’t try this yourself at home kids.

Balance is found when you are capable of realizing you need to utilize psychology but only in limited form and you must restrict all temptation to psychoanalyze every experience you have. Sometimes it is best to jot down the experience to the best of your ability then forget about it. Let your mind sort things out on its own. Don’t seek a psychic, magician or sorcerer to make sense of it, rather just let things gestate and pay attention to your dreams, visions and meditation experiences.

We also need to realize that while there is gold to be found in old materials however that’s not a reason to forsake quality time with your working spirits. You still need to commune with your ancestors and any patrons or familiars you may have on a regular basis. You should also be ready for any information they impart to you and jot it down. Material given to you by a spirit usually trumps material found in old books. I say usually but that’s for another essay.

You need to synthesize what is useful to your practices and what is not. Do not let others tell you what should be and what shouldn’t be. I get this a lot, “Moloch, so and so claims I should do blank; should I?” and I am of the mind that if you have to ask me or someone else to validate the question, then NO should be the answer. Your own doubt alone should be enough that you pass on their judgment for now - at least until you gain further knowledge and wisdom. In fact I often tell the individual they need to pray or meditate on it and wait for a sign of either yes or no. It’s not wise to run around asking others to make your decisions for you. “When in doubt, sweat it out” and by sweat I mean put some effort into your decision. Indigenous people often used sweat lodges for seeking answers so try a steam sauna. However you do it, the choice is ultimately going to be yours alone so buck up cupcake and make your own decision.