Tuesday, August 23, 2016

WHY Is Brother MOLOCH So Angry?

The world is full of idiots, simpletons and morons, right? Wrong. The world is full of people who DO dumb things, SAY dumb things and BELIEVE dumb things. Then when you point out their foolish beliefs, comments or actions as such, they identify their ego’s with the bad behavior/actions/beliefs. The fact is we are NOT our beliefs, nor are we our actions nor are we what we say; we are unique individuals who are subject to change without notice. Allow me to elucidate...

You are first and foremost a person, an individual. For this alone you should be proud. There’s no one else quite like you. Now you have opinions, ideas, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes - all of which have changed and will continue to change as you learn new things, and gather new information then process it. True it may be a long time for some of these to change but then serious change is worth waiting for. Still you are a person. You are NOT those things because they’re just “thoughts” of yours and thoughts come and go regardless of how good or bad they are.

The problem with many people, myself included, is when an idea or thought is pointed out to be archaic, outdated, unsupported by facts and logic or just outright weird, we tend to get uppity about it. Why? Our ego. Funny how everyone points to the magician and tells him, “You’re a magician/sorcerer and since you’re enlightened you shouldn’t be that way!” Really? Pot-Kettle-Black! See? Of course you don’t because you’re too busy complaining about someone else. Truth is even enlightened individuals are still human - they have emotions and who wants to walk around like a bloody emotionless robot? Do you? Of course not else YOU’D be enlightened, right? So if you don’t want to, then WHY do you want others to be that way?

Still when someone points out an idea as ‘whacked’ (to use a nicer term), why must everyone get on the EMO bandwagon and have a cry? Or get all butt-hurt over it? Sure the sting of realization that your idea is ludicrous hurts but it passes. Do you think I’ve not heard this myself on more than once occasion? A GOOD teacher will NOT sugar coat the truth. Rather he will be blatantly honest and tell you like it is. Period. We’re adults here, folks, not elementary school. This isn’t kindergarten. Now if I were dealing with children of that ilk, then of course I’d use a much gentler hand. However you’re all adults. At least I expect you to be because I do NOT teach children. 21 y/o + only and preferably someone not living with their parents.

People think I’m angry at them. Hell, everyone on FecesBook to some of the occult forums out there believe this garbage. *smh* Nothing could be further from the truth. Why? Well first off I’m not calling any particular person, except political candidates, directly an idiot, all right? I’m NOT angry at people; I’m angry at the STUPID SHIT they SAY, they BELIEVE and they DO! If you cannot understand the difference, then stop reading right here and go read some McWiccan books because that’s more on your level of comprehension.

For instance, when I use the terms “McWiccan”, “Ceremonial Moron”, “Hoodooling” or “Snorecerer”, it’s meant to be a blanket term for those who are engrossed in foolish and whacked ideas, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. Typically I don’t label Josef Fynnibachten (Gods I hope there’s no one by that name!) a McWiccan even if he’s an air head. Typically I reserve the insulting terminology for my readers as a way of differentiating how to do something good versus how to do something stupid. Hello? Remember the kid’s magazine “Hi Lights”? Remember the section called “Goofus and Gallant”? Gallant did everything the proper way but Goofus did things the dumb way? Think of my harsh terms as my way of mentioning Goofus in a metaphysical manner. ;) They’re not meant to be insulting to any of you in particular - unless that boot laces up then go ahead and wear it!

I get paid Z-E-R-O for my time on these social media sites. That means I’m wasting what little precious free time I have to post on these sites and when I see something idiotic, by the gods I have to point it out. Oh sure I could do so in a friendly manner but when I have do so in the past, no one listened to me nor paid me any heed. They instead listened to others so I figured if I juiced up my posts a bit with some off color terms then perhaps I may get noticed more. It worked quite well although lately I’m running into amateur psychologists who are doing their best to label me “cantankerous”, “bitter”, “angry” and so on, when they don’t know me or anything about me other than what I’m willing to share.

When I’m on these sites posting serious How-To information to help you, I am in effect wasting time because I could be helping a new or existing paying client or doing some charity work for some child who needs an operation. Thus when I see some fool come along and post something downright moronic, it just begs to be pointed out as moronic. That’s not me calling the poster a moron but what s/he SAID is moronic. Because as you read this, you know damn good and well you yourself have said something stupid to someone and regretted it on at least ONE occasion if not more. Are you a stupid person? No instead you just said something stupid and we all make that mistake. Also it’s good when others point it out to us because if they don’t, we continue to march right along saying the same stupid things, eh? ;)

So no, I’m not angry. I’m making $0 money for posting valuable ideas, thoughts, tips, techniques, book reviews, excerpts, suggestions, references, and more online AND on top of that, I’m expected to be happy, nice and blah-blah-blah because that’s what YOU want from me. Pfffffft! I’ll remember that the next time YOU have one of those days, putz. Wait and see.