Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Long Road To Recovery: Helping Others Make It Back

Earlier today I received a wonderful email from a client who I befriended (or was it a friend who became a client) that had hit rock bottom and needed me. It read:

“Dear Moloch, I just wanted to ask you if you could thank your spirits for the job. I also have a line on a house I can move into in the next couple months. Plus, somehow my super shitty credit is gone, and I have "no credit history" so I can start from ground level to build my credit up instead of starting in a 10 foot deep hole. I'm gonna start doing little things to build up my credit so I can get a car loan around tax time. I really appreciate all the time and energy you have put into helping me :) And I really appreciate the spirits that have helped also. And I really doubt I could have gotten this far on my own. Thank you so much. And i'm sorry I'm not in contact with you more, I'm working nights and weekends, and watching my grandson during the day, so I don’t get a lot of time to sleep, or even eat. I'll try to be a better friend from now on. Take care.”

When I met this person some time ago, they were flat broke. No money, no income, zero prospects. They were land locked to where they lived with no transportation to get them to any foreseeable jobs and they had horrible health issues that precluded their ability to stand for hours on end in a factory. Further this individual was isolated from their family over petty squabbles with siblings and their own parents chose sides thus they couldn’t expect any help from family members other than letting them sleep on their couch. 

On top of that, they relied on just two close personal friends of theirs for rides wherever they had to go which put a strain on their relationship with their friends from time to time. Welfare, social security and the government turned this person down on multiple occasions citing they weren’t ethnic or the right gender or didn’t have enough dependents or enough monetary need and so on. It seemed as if this poor soul was just waiting there as a test for me to pick up and work on. The spirits were like, “Here Moloch, this is your test to see if you can do it.”



The first thing as a spiritual practitioner you have to do is an assessment of the situation. What are you dealing with exactly? Every situation is different thus every case is going to be different and thus you cannot look at a couple of things and simply say, “Oh they just need this and that and here’s the bill” because that’s what quacks do - sell you something without an assessment.

This particular individual wasn’t a novice to spiritual pursuits however they had been taught incorrectly how to work magic and sorcery. In fact, whoever had taught them gave them misinformation from the get-go and most of this info came from on-line ‘groups’ and ‘websites’ which are full of misinformed individuals most of whom are making wild ass guesses (Wag’s) and have little actual experience under their belt.

What this person, we’ll call them Nameless, had been doing was summoning demons and asking for help. Now typically that’s not all that bad however these particular spirits didn’t give a damn about Nameless because I summoned them myself and asked them directly. Thus Nameless’ offerings were all for naught thus I had Nameless immediately STOP the offerings to the several demon spirits they were making petitions to. Why give when you’re receiving ZERO benefit in return?

Further, several divinations confirmed that these spirits were taking the offerings and giving nothing back thus without the feedings, there was nothing to keep the spirits from coming back. So once Nameless stopped feeding the spirits, the beings quit coming around. Some of Nameless’ bad luck began to diminish around this time by just doing this alone however this was NOT enough to fix anything because their life was already ruined and in the pits of despair.

Incremental Steps

Part of the problem with being a spiritual worker is that often you tend to use wide variety of spiritual techniques which often include Judeo-Xian imagery/iconography/liturgy in your workings thus trying to get some clients who have had really shitty upbringing’s and bad relationships with the Church and its denizens can really be a struggle! I myself detested the whole Xian paradigm and lived as an atheist for an entire year before I came to my senses and realized how foolish that thinking was. Sorcery is veiled in many forms and it took quite a bit of cajoling Nameless to get them to use what I suggested on the road to recovery.

First, The Ancestors

Out of everything, Nameless had issues with working with their ancestors and in hindsight with their horrible family, I cannot blame them for their reluctance. However as I’ve repeatedly stated you have to set aside your personal feelings for your living family &/or any members who have died and gone on because you need your ancestors on your side. You have to have them. It’s a requirement. Period. 

They’re your first and last line of defense against a very harsh and cold cruel world. Spiritually they have your back against any intruder or anything who potentially attacks you. When you’re on good terms with your ancestors there’s no feeling in the world like communing with them even for short durations. You feel high afterwards from the endorphin release. But you see some folks have this innate resistance to working with their ancestors thinking this means they have to deal only with their deceased family members. You only have to deal with the family members you got along with and if you didn’t get along with the ones you knew who were alive and passed on, there are plenty you didn’t know and who didn’t know you who are now ancestors that you can work with that will be congenial to you. Thus there is no excuse. Further you also have the Ancestors of Humanity as a second set of ancestors as well. These are the people who go all the way back to when the first apes walked upright. They are our ancestors as well and everyone since.

Thus understand that climbing out of a hell hole means you will need to come forward and start saluting your ancestors. This isn’t the same as ‘worshiping’ on bent knee or prostrating yourself like mainstream religions do. Rather you’re esteeming your ancestors by saluting them. This is simply acknowledging their presence in your life and giving them thanks and respect. It’s a courtesy and little more yet it yields tremendous benefits. The problem is trying to get Joe Sixpack to work with his ancestors when he has no problem summoning Demon Lords of Hell. Pfffft.
*eye roll*

Getting them to cough up $10 to give to a Catholic church for a mass for their ancestors was the toughest battle of all. When someone is flat broke, and they have $0 funds, trying to convince them to give money to a multi-billion dollar religious organization is darn near impossible. Forget that the Catholic church is the only church who has power with the dead. No that doesn't matter because hey we're Pagan and we don't need no stinking Christians! The mass is to smooth things over with the ancestors and mostly deceased family members so they rest better. This helps to keep them from interfering in whatever it is you're trying to do. So I ended up giving Nameless the $10 for the ritual and the $3 for the donation to the poor (like you're supposed to give) when they went and made their arrangements for their ancestral mass.

Psalm & Bath Use

Oy. This was a tough nut to get Nameless to swallow. Nameless thought using the bath was fine but saying the prayer, Psalm 51:7 or Psalm 51:10 was “unnecessary”. *sigh* (Yet more uphill battle!) Still I persevered, cajoled, argued, and finally insisted Nameless use the prayer. They did grudgingly. And more bad luck seemed to fall away.

I began to use Psalms here along with other specific prayers for Nameless in an effort to get them work and a better life. At this time I was concerned with them having shelter, food and transportation so they could get a job. Nameless began to get some use from a friend’s car while they were at work but that eventually dried up so the luck didn’t hold out.

Next thing I did was a series of Uncrossing Rituals. I had Nameless give me a lock of their hair and a photograph. I performed a daily Uncrossing on Nameless for 21 days in the hopes of removing as much psychic crud from them as possible. I performed the Uncrossing Ritual as stated the first two weeks and the third week I used a white skull candle only in the hopes to remove as much problems with Nameless' ancestors as I could in case there were issues that Nameless was unaware of. Sometimes when people play with certain cthonic spirits like Demon Lords, some ancestors can get uppity over it thus a white skull candle and some holy oil tends to mellow out those ancestors quite well.

Enter Radionics

Early on, I began to utilize one of my old tried and true methods, my very own designed Radionic machines, the 3DRSM (3 Dial Radionic Sorcery Machine) and I dialed a rate for Nameless then used a prosperity template to beam it to them. Over time I experimented using various things as prosperity patterns from photos of piles of money to cornucopias to spirit seals such as Bune and the Kamea of the Sun (for new money). It was around this time Nameless was able to receive some minor job training through county Welfare but sadly this was merely seasonal work so once the season was finished, Nameless was unemployed once again. Hmmm!

I wasn’t about to give up on my Radionics either as I began to experiment using various ideas from Vodu dolls to photographs and hair samples to a bindrune of Nameless’ real name in full. I realized that the best I could do was to chip away at all of this that was holding Nameless back so that they could eventually break free. Thus I plugged one of my amplifying units into my 3DRSM to add power and then once again Nameless had yet another minor breakthrough. This time a move out of the country to civilization (into the big city) but Nameless was going to live where they could actually ride RTA or be within walking distance of an actual job.

Time Passes, Tragedy Strikes

When you work on someone as a project, you have to expect that as a spiritual worker, there will be peaks and valleys in results. To always believe that the road to recovery is paved smooth is silly and makes you look like a rank amateur because even recovering addicts have relapses thus why shouldn’t recovering bottom hitters? You’re going to lose your grip while climbing up out of the hole and fall back in, so what? Get up, dust yourself off and try again. The key is to not give in.

I got a message from Nameless that tragedy struck. They lost their home and were forced to move. I’d rather not say why or what the tragedy was about to preserve Nameless’ identity but suffice to say it was horrid. So Nameless was forced to move yet again and this time out of the big city and back towards the rural area once again but with the exception that they managed to make a new friend who took pity on them and gave them a decent home to live in and use of their vehicle.

It was around this time I performed a Vodu ceremony where I called Erzulie Dantor and asked her about Nameless’ predicament and what all could be done. Dantor put one of Her own on the case and told me it would take time but Nameless would have a life once again in due time.

Several Months Ago

I checked in with Nameless and was told that things were beginnig to look up. The new roommate/landlord was really cool and allowed Nameless to use their vehicle to look for work and was giving Nameless some minor paper work to do for their own business they were employed in. Thus Nameless had a - albeit minor - part time job.

It was around this time when I had business to summon one of The 72, Seere, who makes things happen quickly, and I made it my business to ask about Nameless in my list of inquiries to this particular spirit I was working with. I told Seere that Nameless needed GOOD things to happen fast because time was running out for them. Their life needed positive change and they needed income fast. Seere assured me such was on the way.

It was then about two months ago I had need to summon Dantor for some reason and she mentioned Nameless and told me, “That one will be all right. I’ve seen to it. “ Thus I stopped all work on Nameless’ plight and figured I had done all I could do since Dantor made Her proclamation known. Okay when a LWA says, “It’s done”, you stop and let it go. Then yesterday I got the email. :)

In Summary

This was one of the toughest cases that I ever took on. It really tested my own beliefs in JuJu and sorcery because so much of what I tried didn’t seem to work. Yet the issue was that Nameless had such a horrible air of problems and bad luck about them that it took quite a bit to get them to where they are today. Realize too that I have not touched upon the countless divinations and Uncrossing's I’ve performed for this person let alone the untold amount of prayers I’ve offered in their name along with visualizations and chants, spells and cones of power cast at them all in an effort to rid them of what was holding them back to that they could at the very least just move ahead like everyone else.

If you’ve hit rock bottom, realize it’s a slow climb out even WITH JuJu on your side and I’m considered to be half decent at it so imagine if you’re a rank Novice that it’s going to be a long time to see the light of day but rest assured you will. Just keep chipping away and you will.

My purpose in sharing this with you is to show you that even with the toughest cases, there is hope. You just have to persevere, keep your client from giving up and throwing in the towel, and keep chipping away. That’s really all you can do. Because you are after all helping someone rearrange and recreate a new life for themselves and when you think about that in such a grand scale, that’s not anything quick nor simple. Thus be patient and stay diligent. The reward is wroth the effort. :)