Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wiccan Myths Exposed

Yes there are some myths that Wiccans adhere to that are wholly unnecessary. In fact, there tends to be a growing number of younger Wiccans who are eschewing these myths in favor of being able to have more freedom and less judgment in their lives. Let's examine these myths in detail.

Myth Number One: Karma

Karma to me is a dead horse that everyone beats with a stick. Why? Because it has no place in western society, that's why. It is an eastern philosophy taught from an early age and thus is a cultural belief that is bred into its eastern populations. It was discovered by Helena P. Blavatsky when she visited Tibet in the late 1800's. She was so enamored with the Tibetans that she felt she needed to spread the 'gospel of Karma' to the west. Thus she polluted western occultism with this eastern belief.

Golden Dawn members, aka lodge magickians, jumped onto Blavatsky's notions and karma like white on rice. Many of these Golden Dawn members went on to preach karma like a sermon. Occultists being fools who tend to follow the latest fad bought into this silly line of thinking bell book and candle. After all there simply must be something that equalizes the bad and the good in this life.

When the occult revival of the 1960's came about, all of a sudden, we began seeing Witches coming to the forefront in fictional story, cinema and film. For some odd reason, everyday Witches got their panties in a wad over a Hollywood film by Roman Polanski called Rosemary's Baby which had Satanists referring to themselves as Witches and as a result American Witches were having mild myocardial infarctions over this film and the resulting commentaries a few born-again preachers were giving in the news media about it.

Thus a few Wiccan book authors banded together and called themselves the American Council of Witches in the mid-1970's and they drafted some rules for Wiccans - because Witch was too sensitive a term for the Xian born-again community so they had to find a suitable alternative word to use. These rules are wholly arbitrary as they were drafted by a few authors and the head of the sheeple book publisher, LL-ewe-LLYN's Carl Weschke. Literally these rules mean nothing. You are not bound to them unless you want to be.

Like karma, you are not bound to it unless you choose to be. There is no karma if you choose not to believe in it. Do you believe in the Xian heaven and hell? No? Why not? Because you're Wiccan? Well Xians say that doesn't matter and that you are going to burn in hell regardless. But you don't believe in Xianity anymore right? So it doesn't matter to you. Okay then WHY do you want to believe in karma? It's the same thing - reward or punishment - at least the way the Wiccans preach it, it is.

Myth Number Two: Three Fold Return Rule

Here's one that is wholly made up by none other than the guy who brought Gardnerian Witchcraft to America, Ray Buckland. He admittedly invented this rule in the late 1960's for a magazine article. The notion that whatever it is you do or send out comes back to you three fold. It's utter rubbish. Ray made it all up. Yet thousands of Wiccans believe this garbage and preach it as if it too is some sort of Wiccan gospel. Pfffft.

Wiccans are always complaining about the born-agains who proselytize about their beliefs yet what do Wiccans do about karma and 3 fold rules? Preach them especially whenever they hear any hint of a curse escaping the lips of another Wiccan. We call this the Pot calling the Kettle black. You do not get to point fingers at one group and yet complain in the same breath when another group points their finger at you for similar things.

There is no three fold rule. First off a law is something immutable like gravity or thermodynamics, not karma or 3 fold return. Those latter things are wholly arbitrary because they are BELIEFS. Hello? How many times must you be told they are beliefs before it sinks in through your thick cranium? I know this is cognitive dissonance for most of you because you've been brainwashed to believe this hogwash as gospel truth, however you need to be told the real truth for once.

Wiccan authors are some of the strangest people out there. They write a book and pretend to teach you 'secrets' and magic yet these chapters are the smallest in their books and their largest book chapters are the ones on Karma and Ethics which happen to forewarn you about using magic. So this begs the question: If magic is so bloody dangerous, WHY teach it to you to begin with? Why bother with all the warnings and just not teach it? Oh that's right, no one would want to read your crummy books filed with invented Wiccan history (i.e. how it's an ancient religion of goddess worship) and ponderous chapters on your boring theories of Jungian psychology, karma and ethics.

Lemme finish this by saying that at one time, the African Religious Systems (ARS) of Vodu, Santeria, Palo and so forth never had any qualms about using curses or hexes to punish someone deserving of punishment. This the priest did not do willy nilly but rather he would contact the saints, petition the saint and explain why he felt the victim deserved to be punished, paid the saint and then let the saint decide if the punishment was deserved. Sometimes the saint would punish the victim but not as severely as the priest hoped for but that was the judgment of the saint and it was final.

Today the ARS is filling with many new age types clamoring to learn how to tap into real power. Many of these are Wiccans, Ceremonial Magickians, Chaos Magickians, Hoodoos and so on, all of whom are bringing their versions of karma with them into the ARS and polluting the various systems with it. I've been noticing a growing number of people claiming to be Paleros talking about karma or Mambos worrying about harming someone's karma. Karma is fictitious! It is merely a BELIEF and has no place in the ARS period but it is gaining a food hold because of all these lunatic McWiccans and Ceremonial Morons bringing that eastern crap with them into the African belief systems.

Where you see a HUGE amount of karma talk is among the New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA) Voodoo community. But I can't blame the NOLA folks too harshly as they fad collectors latching onto just about anything they can. They adopt things from Yoruban practices which has no place in Fon (Vodu) practices. So if they would pollute their practices with Yoruban crap, then it stands to reason they'd do the same with new age McWiccan tripe like karma and 3 fold rules. Bleah.