Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Second Favorite Line

In the past, I've gone off ranting about love spells and the people who get frantic over them. The worst are not the McWiccans whom you would think tend to be the ones who complain most about them in their chat groups and forums. Rather it tends to be the clients themselves.

My favorite line from these lovelorn souls is, "But I love..." then insert him or her into the sentence. There's always that but in there as if that is some magical word of power that automatically blows away the dust and debris of bad judgment. "I know he treats me and my kids badly but I love him". Oy! Enough to make you vomit, isn't it? Sort of like that meme where it says, "Have you ever just wanted to grab someone and shake them for being so stupid?" Indeed.

The next great line I love seeing is, "And I know s/he loves me too!" Really now??? If so why aren't they right there in your arms, genius? If love conquers all then where is this bastion of your soul? And when did you become the great Kreskin with mind reading powers? Because that's one huge ass-u-mption you are making.

I've had people involved in arranged marriages tell me their former love interest "loves them" and I'm astounded, as always, that these people just know beyond a reasonable doubt that would convince a jury of their peers in a court of law. I'm psychi and mediumistic but total mind reading? Whoa brother, that's way beyond my pay scale. 

My suggestion is to get out of your own head for a while because you think the world revolves around your way of thinking and it does not. You need to rethink who you are, where you wish to go and make a new plan. If Joe or Mary doesn't want to go along with you for the ride, then find someone else who does. Hello? This is not rocket science kiddies. There are a LOT of single people out there looking for real love, compassion, relationships and so on but a lot of you just want to screw. Yes I said it, you just want to satiate your animal lusts even though you talk a good bunch about family, relationships and plenty of blah-blah-blah. Get real!

The best thing to do is move on with your life and find someone NEW. Pray tell why is that so bloomin' hard? It isn't yet you make it harder than it needs to be. Just stop playing games and be real with one another for a change and you will find what it is you are looking for.