Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jupiter: A Really Funny Guy of Means

Jason Miller decided to get a bunch of practitioners interested in publishing their ideas and thoughts about this jovial planet that gets maligned by a goodly number of folks who, it seems, does not understand the subtleties of the Jupiterian experience.

As a Sorcerer, I work with a wide variety of influences from the Dead to Demons to Angels to Planetary Intelligences & their Spirits in pretty much an everyday situation. The work tends to be tedious yet rewarding when one quits putting it off, settles in & just does it.

When it comes to working with the Planetary Intelligences & their Spirits, my first foray was with Jupiter back in 1989 when I used the Kamea of Jupiter to help me get hired by a large cellular phone company. Instead of summoning the Spirit & Intelligence of Jupiter, I opted to make the seal of Jupiter using the Kamea and then consecrated it and prayed over it using a prayer to Jove I found in a book at the public library. Needless to say it worked.

Later through much of my own ignorance I discovered that Jupiter was poor at giving wealth which was contrary to what Ceremonial MagicKians claimed the planet’s influence did. Hmmm. What was wrong? Well through some research I discovered that one of Jupiter’s main influences is ‘expansion’ and if you have nothing for It to expand, then It will expand NOTHING even more. Yes that’s a very dismal feeling.

Okay so why did Jupiter help me with getting the job but not with making money? One of Jupiter’s influences is to help the practitioner with‘those who are in positions of ‘authority’. Many liken this to mean judges, politicians, juries, and so forth but few ever stop to think that the old ‘boss’ is a person of authority. Jupiter works wonders with bending the boss over. In fact, Bend Over oil works great in conjunction with the Planetary Seal of Jupiter when job hunting.

SO, am I the only one who finds it amusing that those who bemoan Jupiter's financial influence are either those who refuse to embrace commerce or those who have no talent for it? While I do admit that Wall St is a testament to Jupiter, the terror with which Wall St tycoons run rampant is due to the greed of those they pay off with money. That's not a fault of Jupiter at all but if anything, it's a fault of Venus for the love of luxury. Money itself is neutral and the making of it is not a sin but rather the greed of the politicians, police & those who accept bribes, THAT is not Jupiter's fault. That is old fashioned GREED. Jupiter's role is one of expansion & growth. 

One lesson that Jupiter teaches is about growth. That which can grow will grow to its fullest potential. Of course when things do not grow they stagnate, wither & DIE. Jupiter also has strong powers of attraction. It is the largest planet with the strongest gravity aside from our Sun. Thus the Sun is ideal for finding sources of new money whereas Jupiter will take those new sources and expand upon them. Kings liked to get returns on their investments and Jupiter's mighty influence comes in handy here.

Another aspect of Jupiter MagicKians never discuss much is the lighter side of the planet. They talk about It being the jovial planet but when do you hear a practitioner mention that this planet is the planet of jokes, pranks, jibes, gaffes and laughs? Why because fucking Agrippa doesn't state it? Gee, doesn't anyone actually talk to the Spirits when they summon Them? Jupiter is killer for learning to be funny and another aspect of the planet is 'story telling'. Again, why is this not mentioned in Agrippa? Why do not modern practitioners mention this? Want to be a better story teller? Talk to Iophiel or Hismael.

There are aspects of Jupiter that CM's overlook all because they look in a book, see what it says and then never think beyond the box, never question even when the Spirit arrives. Sad really but now you know two NEW things about this amazing planet that you haven't heard before.