Monday, February 10, 2014

The Imagination - Getting Even Without Getting Into Trouble

Your imagination is the single most powerful tool you have at your fingertips. Period. End of discussion. No your will is not all powerful as many of you misbelieve nor is your intent where the real Sorcery begins but rather it is at the level of imagination where creation begins to take on true shape and form.

Think about what you can achieve with your imagination! Anything. Even if you’re honked off at some douchebag who practically ran you off the road this morning, you can run him over, shoot him, flay the skin from his bones layer by layer - all in the comfort & privacy of your own imagination. You can hog tie him and drag him behind your car on the way to work and feel satisfied. I did that many times in the past and it always felt comforting.

What’s the point in physically killing the douchebag when you can filet his miserable hide again and again all without incurring any legal consequences and no moral absolutes. It is just you, your imagination and a little creativity. Think about it for a bit. If you wanted to, you can kill anyone in your mind and watch them bleed to death, suffer or whatever you want. Hopefully you won't be choosing innocents to do this to but to those scumbags who cause you hassles in your day-to-day life.

The key is to simply do this and not physically act on those impulses. Rather allow yourself to go into a laboratory with whoever is upsetting you strapped to a table. Next to them on another table is row after row of surgical implements that you can use to cause the bastard pain. This is your world of imagination and you should be able to torture, maim & kill whoever you wish inside there.

Now some of you reading this are horrified. Why? In your imagination, you're alone. This is your own private, created world. No one else has any say in how you run or use your imagination thus do as you please. You do such things here so you do not have to actually do any of these horrible things in real life. Trust me the feeling of release will allow you to feel much better. And seriously it is fun to imagine new sorts of tortures for your douchebag victim when you use this sort of inner therapy.

No need to imagine any pink bubbles or white light at all. Even if you’re a believer in karma (Gods know why!) there’s nothing to fear since you will not act on it but rather just enjoy the pleasure you get from torturing those who have made YOU suffer all in the comfort & privacy of your own, devious mind. This is your private sanctum and no one else has any say so within or about it. In fact, the wisest course is to keep this completely personal and hush-hush so that folks don’t think you’re insane. Because you are not but rather just enjoying the feeling of getting even with that dirtbag of a mother in law or that religious preaching brother who always knock you or that school bully who toninually torments you.

The key is to not activate these images by putting energy into them because that would be doing Sorcery. If you don’t want the person to really suffer, then do not use any energy whatsoever but rather enjoy finding ways to give it all back to them with much more vehemence than they showed you. If you wish, change the scenery to some Medieval dungeon in a drafty castle in the Bavarian alps or some moss covered stone works over a Scottish loch somewhere. Your imagination, your rules, your place. Simple as that.

Remember to keep this to yourself as there are a lot of busy bodies who pretend to care but in truth they are no more than asshats who want to sit and judge others on their thoughts & behaviors. Do you enjoy being judged? I don’t. Do you want to be examined under a microscope? To what end or purpose? Is it useful to you? No it’s not. Thus keep your mouth shut and just enjoy the time you take to put things to right by clearly imagining your worst enemy’s slow demise. In fact it is also therapeutic to imagine them as dead in a coffin at a funeral. Once they’re lowered in the ground they’re dead to you. Simple as that.

Their sting won’t be as hard hitting later on when you have to deal with them.