Sunday, December 29, 2013

Love Spells & Your Sphere of Availability

Lately I have been asked on more than one occasion about the Love Spell on my site that more or less binds you to the one you choose, forever. This seems to scare a number of folks and it should because what you are doing is limiting the amount of people you interact with romantically-sexually to just one at the cost of your freedom and ability to go beyond those limitations.

You need to understand that you are making an oath - a pledge, a sworn statement, a promise to the Spirits of Love who are mentioned in the spell that you want this one person and you will be faithful to them. Perod. No wiggle room allowed. Thus if s/he cheats on you, you had better NOT cheat on them for revenge else the Spirits will take issue with your cheating and punish you severely.

Now while this IS a powerful spell, realize there are caveats. One of the biggest ones is ‘you must find a suitable partner who is within your sphere of availability’. Did you get that? Do you understand what that implies? First off a suitable partner is one who is into you and what you do. Secondly, your sphere of availability is limited by many factors such as:

a. age - sorry folks if you’re not in the age range of the person you’re attracted to’s age limitations, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Thus if you’re a young whippersnapper and you have the hots for a 30+ y/o lass, and she’s really not interested in anyone under the age of 30, go find someone else. If you’re an old fart who likes the young girls around 20 y/o, and they want guys more their age, you’re fooling yourself and you are stupid for doing so.

b. background - this covers where you come from, who is your family background, your medical history, credit history and etc. Let’s face facts: if you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, unless the gal you pine for has a thing for bad boys, it’s doubtful she’s going to be interested. If he’s a big star and you’re a person with no credits to your name, the chances are slim to none of his romantic interest. Or let's say you have the hots for some actor or rock star. Good luck, so do a LOT of others. You think a mere spell is going to pull that one in for you? Doubtful. Try meeting him/her once, maybe at a backstage signing and see if there's any sparks. May cost you a few hundred bucks to meet your dreamboat but you'll quickly see you are one of many to them.

c. finances - okay money talks, bullshit walks, right? Money  cannot buy you happiness however it can allow you to throw lavish parties where you can invite a whole lot of the people you’re interested in; purchase nice clothes so you look good and looks are important; get you a nice home in the suburbs where lovely women like to build a nest; and so on. If you’re struggling to make it, some folks may take notice and give you kudos but for long term relationships, it’s doubtful you’ll attract the gorgeous little thing you find adorably cute to go out with you especially when there are guys making a lot more than you are who are available.

d. attitude - whether you believe it or not, your personal attitude will either draw people to you or push them away. The ideal is to draw them to you thus you may need to change your outlook on life and do a mental make over. You can’t succeed in life by being a Sour Sam all the time. Thus if your nature is geared towards the negative side of life, you’re going to have to hunt to find the perfect fit for your melancholy mindset.

e. physical appearance - yes it IS a major factor. Some women spend thousands of dollars every year getting hair, nails, facials and then shopping for clothes that fit and allow them to look their best. You waltz around in torn jeans, old tee shirts & rarely comb your hair and you want a 10? Yeah think again bub. Sure there are some gals who love the mussed up look but they also like six pack abs and drop dead looks on the guys who can dress like that and get away with it. If you’re over weight and you want a really pretty girl, you should consider joining a gym and working out and eating better. ‘Lose the weight to get a date’ ought to be your mantra.

f. health - sorry but this is important. Some men & women are not interested in someone they may have to take care of in a few years for the rest of their lives. Yeah I know many do it because it’s love and guys like New Gingrich have abandoned their spouses lying sick in the hospital room so they can further their careers, their fun & their sexual opportunities. Is that lame? Yup it is but that’s how many folks are. They’re selfish and you need to find out how your potential S/O feels about health before you go tossing your interest into the spell.

Unfortunately we live in a world where people have unrealistic expectations. They assume Magic will fix everything for them. Unh-unh. Sorry. It does not happen that way. Love is fickle, it is often fleeting and it can be painful.

I often tell my students that reality is a combination of three things: Fate, Luck & Free Will. Now many of you say that there is no such things as fate or luck but you’re talking out your ass. You’re living in a world of scientific equations and you expect one day to figure it all out - you just have to find the right equation. Good luck. You’re about as hopeless as those Ceremonial MagicKians are who are trying to find the lost, sacred, most powerful Magic word and it doesn't exist.

Using the love spell as a backdrop, let’s look at how fate, luck & free will enter into the picture, okay? It’s simple:

Fate says your love spell to find the right mate will work. 

Luck will bring you X amount of suitable partners. 

Free Will allows you to choose one of those partners.

Fate is the things in life that ARE going to happen to you without your approval whether you like them or not. For instance, it may be that you’re going to marry-divorce-remarry more than once.

Luck is simply the randomness that manifests things in your life like suitable partners. True out of 10 potential suitors there may be only one who is ideally suited to you but that does not mean they are the only one. One of the other 9 may be willing to change enough to suit you.

Free Will is simply your personal choice in the situation. Out of the 10 choices for a potential mate, you choose one. Simple enough.

That’s how it goes.