Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Cauldron Calling the Nganga Black

Please explain to me how publishing a book on secrets of the esoteric arts and clandestine groups is doing anything to keep such groups and practices out of the hands of fools? For instance many McWiccans complain about Sorcery or ‘dark magic’ being published yet they put out their watered down milk slop in books, on websites & in social networking. If Magic is so damned powerful and dangerous why publish it at all?
Likewise I find it foolish for a McWiccan to complain about Joe Sixpack's decision to use sorcery to help himself out of a tough situation because of karma, ethics & lack of responsibility and yet the McWiccans feel it's fine to publish spells and occult knowledge (regardless of how basic it is) without any such fears. Isn't that the cauldron calling the nganga black?
Time was if you wanted to learn magic, you had to find a reputable group or someone knowledgeable on the subject and be taught first hand. Then later books were printed and you could learn by study and personal practice. Now we have the Internet with gleaming websites filled with esoteric fluff that’s contradictory to other websites or books or traditions that makes little to no sense.

“But Moloch, it’s all just magic and magic is what the person does with it, right?” 

What the McWiccan & some of the Ceremonial Wannabe crowd doesn't understand is that you can give them powerful phrases, secret words of power and even put dangerous substances into their hands like Cemetery Powder and if they don’t know what the hell they’re doing they can (most likely) end up with nothing happening or can it go awry in a very bad way. Of course they may get lucky and hit on all eight cylinders but it’s rare to stumble to make the connections enough to work out the way you intended it to be. That’s just pure dumb luck.
What it takes to work magic is far more than just will; it takes talent. The problem is everyone is at a different level of talent than each other and as an author when I speak about using X + Y to get Z I am presuming you have the nerve, the knowledge, the strength and the raw talent to make it work. It also helps to know what could go wrong and prepare in case it does go wrong.

“But Moloch, if I just follow the instructions shouldn't it work because it’s magic?” 

         No. If such were the case then every book out there with any sort of spell, ceremony or ritual would be a potential time bomb waiting for some hapless soul to stumble on it and blow themselves up with it. Many in the Hoodoo crowd buy into this thinking all they need to do is add these ingredients to the red flannel charm bag, spit in it and presto-changeo! Magic! Right!! You keep believing that nonsense, cupcake!
Most ‘magicK’ presented out there on the web is little more than psychological trickery especially the way its presented and discussed. The Chaos MagicKians all think real magicK is all about the subconscious and implanting seeds into it. While that may be true within the context of their paradigm, you cannot plant seeds in your garden and expect fruit to grow in someone else’s garden. It just does not work that way.
Sorcery is about affecting not only your internal world but the greater world around you and outside of your direct personal influence where psychology is left holding the door. A sorcerer plants seeds in his garden when he wishes to reap what he’s sown and he’ll plant seeds in the garden of whoever it is he wishes to cause a harvest for. It’s that simple.