Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Wise & the Ignorant

It is an odd thing in today's modern times to run into someone who is unable to read let alone write their own name and still claim to practice the Occult. How can you help others if you cannot help yourself? Would you go to a physician who lived in a hovel with a dirt floor, no windows or electric and ask him to perform surgery on you? Provided you have other choices & options that is. WHY would you choose to go to 'him'? He can't afford the basics in life so what does that tell you?

No, you do not have to have a Ph.D to study & practice the Occult but if you're illiterate (well you wouldn't be reading THIS!) unless you have loads of common sense I see no reason why anyone should come to you period.

A practitioner needs to know how to communicate other than just by phone or in person. S/He needs to be able to write things down as well as compose simple sentences and instructions. Why? Writing down what you are going to ask for and what you are going to say prior to performing Sorcery is a tremendous help because it allows your mind to think more clearly.

When someone implores the Spirits by saying, "Help me find a job" and then someone tells you that the local Taco Bell is hiring, "But I don't want to work at Taco Bell or any fast food joint!" whose fault is that? The Spirit's? No! It is YOUR fault for not being specific enough. Thus you write down what it is you are asking for and then look at the request from a different perspective and see if the request can be taken out of context or viewed differently.

When you are more specific such as, "Bring to me a job in the financial field where I can assist people who need loans for their homes that offers a comfortable living wage, paid medical benefits and career advancement and I want it to be within a fifteen minute commute from my home", you are spelling out precisely what it is you desire unlike "Bring me a job" or even a "Bring me a financial job" which is also too vague.

Can you see how knowing how to formulate your thoughts is far superior to the ignorant and illiterate? In fact, it is better to write down your request on a piece of paper and read it to the Spirits so you do not get confused or distracted during your rite. Do you trust people to count back money to you who are ignorant & illiterate? I sure as hell don't! Nor do I take advice from people less successful than myself. I've known people who are too thickheaded to seek professional help and go to some schmuck they know from a bar because he 'tried' it one time.

The likelihood of you rubbing shoulders with a successful investment specialist at a corner bar is slim. If the person is successful, they typically don't have time to sit in bars. They're off making money and getting served drinks at a pool or the beach. Sure you find all sorts of has-beens at bars & dives who have opinions. In sales we'd refer to those as 'Lounge Lizards' who waste their time drinking instead of educating themselves to be better at their craft.

Hoodoo is typically the Occult practice of the ignorant and superstitious. Most of the folks who practiced it back in the day were illiterate and highly superstitious. "You need to tear paper and not cut it so you can use it in Hoodoo"... really? Who is the moron that believes that shit. What, scissors too high tech for you? Or my personal favorite, "You need to use a paper or wooden match to light things with in Hoodoo"... pure horse shit. A lighter works just fine. Why? Spirits don't give a damn about matches or whether you cut/tear your paper. Hello???

I have said it many times, "Magicians take an already complex subject and add even more complexity to it" and it is the same for Wicca, Satanists, Hoodoo, Qabala and so on. While complexity itself is unnecessary, you do not want the pendulum to swing fully to the opposite side of pure ignorance. We live in a modern day and age, not the late 1800's. We drive cars that travel faster than 25 mph and do not use horse & buggy (except for Amish and some Mennonite sects) to get from point A to point B. Would you want to hire an Amish craftsman who doesn't even own a horse? Why would you want to ask a practitioner who is illiterate, superstitious and doesn't even have the wherewithal to get a driver's license and their own transportation?

Those who cannot nor will not help themselves are not someone who you want to put your faith and trust into.