Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review - Secret Journey To Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel

Many of you know I am involved in M.U.F.O.N. (Mutual UFO Netork) an organization dedicated to investigating the mysteries and phenomena related to UFO’s as well as their sightings by eye witnesses. For the record I have never been abducted nor had any sort of close encounter other than seeing some unusual lights moving quickly in odds directions across the night skies and changing course too rapidly for typical airplane traffic.

Before any of you start making glib comments, remember that we do not know everything about the Universe regardless of how much we delve into Spirits, the Aether & other esoteric pursuits. No I am not hinting that UFO’s are connected directly nor indirectly to the Occult although there are a number of folks who think they are interconnected. I just find it funny that folks who believe in talking with Demons & Angels have such a hard time believing there are no other races or species of life out there in the universe.

Recently a friend of mine turned me onto a book written by a man based on a compilation files from an internet website. This website was started when an anonymous individual allegedly began to disseminate “top secret” information concerning a program from the 1960's about the US government meeting with a group of aliens by the name of Ebens who lived on a planet called Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli system.

The concept was that the Ebens were here to collect several dead bodies of Ebens that had crashed in Roswell and one Eben who had survived but had died just before the momentous occasion of the meeting in 1965. The Ebens wanted to take a team of humans to their home planet of Serpo and leave one living Eben with the US government for a period of ten earth years. (Sound familiar yet? If not it will in a moment.)

The Ebens came back in 1966 and collected 12 highly trained US government officials who had been white-washed (their pasts completely erased) along with 40 tons of equipment. The individuals were 10 men & 2 women. There were 2 physicians, 2 linguists, 2 pilots, 2 scientists, a team leader & 3 others. The equipment ranged from 3 jeeps, fuel, food, med kits, med tent, different types of clothing & shoes, walkie-talkies, and other items that the 12 would need on Serpo.

We aren’t given a true play-by-play since according to Anonymous the majority of documents are still classified Top Secret but some info was leaked out to tell us about the Ebens, their society & beliefs and a little about their technology.  The team leader’s diary pages were leaked and either the man was a bit thick headed with spelling & writing or it was made to appear so. 

According to Anonymous, the trip from Earth to Serpo took 10 months at 40 times the speed of light. Yeah I know Einstein & all that but it used to be believed by scientists that we’d die if our automobiles ever went faster than 35 mph. Perhaps there are scientific and physical laws that we have yet to discover that will allow us to travel through space faster than the speed of light.

Supposedly the team lost 1 pilot (or co-pilot) en route to Serpo and no autopsy was ever performed. Rather the Ebens harvested the organs from the man’s body which seemed to piss off the earth team leader to no end. It also seems as if the earth crew were sick most of the trip due to problems with the way in which the Eben’s craft propelled itself through space.

The Ebens plant of Serpo has two suns and it seems there is no true night time as we have here on earth. Further our time pieces did not help the team much to gauge or measure time and the Ebens used some sort of community sun dial as their time piece. Where the Ebens landed & dropped off the earth crew was at Serpo’s equator where there was practically no shade and the radiation levels were horridly high.

The book goes on to discuss the Ebens to some extent such as their alien lifestyle (nothing like the movies or TV shows) and it seems the Ebens are at war with some other species they themselves genetically created. The Ebens seem to be broken up into a hierarchy simlar to our way of life here on earth with officials who run things, workers and military to patrol. At times it seems as if the earth crew went out of their way to test the Eben’s patience (not surprising) but no international incidents occurred.

After several years, the earth crew relocated to the northern part of the Eben world which was somewhat like Montana and a lot more temperate. The earth crew claim they saw an aggressive creature resembling an armadillo but the Eben guide repelled the armadillo like creature using some sort of sonic wave device. The earth team also shot & killed some sort of water serpent that was far larger than any water snake here on earth which the Eben guide told them it was quite poisonous.

After 12 years, 4 earth crew members died while on Serpo, 2 crew members elected to remain on Serpo and the remaining 5 crew returned to earth in 1978 and gave their diaries and cassette recordings to US government officials as well as being debriefed. Anonymous claims the debriefing and information made up a 3,000 page report. 

The author offers no smoking gun. Without any true hard core evidence, it is difficult for anyone to truly believe we’ve sent people to another planet. What does the author, Len Kasten put forth as proof? Conjecture, files from an anonymous source and a single photograph of ONE of Eben’s suns setting over the horizon. Supposedly there are 11 other declassified photographs Anonymous has but refused to turn over.

If this sounds like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” you’d be right. In fact, Kasten brings up that movie & Spielberg numerous times in the book and at some point claims that Spielberg “may have had leaked information” (in the 1970's no less!) about the Eben visitation.

The author takes the first couple of chapters of the book to discuss WW2 and the Nazis work involving their flying disc, how they got it, and so on. He discusses some sort of secret Nazi base in the Antarctic under a mile of ice. He even mentions it as ‘Kadath’ referring to Lovecraft and how this is where the Nazis went not South America.

Of course Roswell gets rehashed (yet again) and there are lots of inferences (as usual) that are unsupported by anything other than conjecture & opinion. This is what makes the subject matter a real bummer. When you can have real, tangible evidence, it’s an easier belief to put all your faith into. The author also has a penchant to include photographs of people who are well known such as Kennedy & Reagan however he does include photos of other figures important to the book’s early story such as Karl Hoshaufer, Admiral Byrd & Nazi general Hans Kammler.

One of the things I dislike about UFOlogists is their penchant to include other weird phenomena as if only alien races have the know-how to do advanced things. The pyramids is one. It’s a slap in the face to say ancient humans did not have any concept of how to build such formidable structures even though engineering along with ramps, block & tackle along with crane lifts were known back then. Next is the famous Coral Castle in Florida which was built by a single man who just HAD to have alien help. Again block & tackle. Then we get Bigfoot, psychic abilities and so forth. There is no phenomena on earth that could happen naturally without alien intervention. Right. Sure.

Overall I found the book to be entertaining and it was difficult to put down but as to swaying my belief that our government sent men & women to an alien planet in a distant solar system across our galaxy? I’m not convinced and I am open to more information. Provide me with a smoking gun and I’m a true believer.