Saturday, April 13, 2013

Expanded Edition of Pragmatic Magics

I've decided to re-release Pragmatic Magics with it cleaned up, new art & professionally done illustrations as well as some new material being added primarily in the area of Spirit Work.

Suffice to say when I wrote PM back in 1993, I had been working with Spirits for only four years at that time and did not feel confident enough to release my recommendations as to how to work with Non-Physical Entities (NPE) in a book I was releasing to the general populace.

What will be presented in PM's expanded edition is how I work with Spirits rather than any sort of argument as to why I do so versus how anyone else does it. For all intents & purposes, PM is a grimoire or my version of how I work with Sorcery instead of some sort of academic finding. People who read my works tend to be more interested in finding answers for their own problems than worrying about academic or historical accuracy.

With that said however I am not foolish enough to say that the subjects of history & academic discussion regarding Spirits are without merit. In fact, these subjects are important for practitioners to study if for nothing more than as a way to help themselves wrap their minds around a truly abstract field as Spirits.

What I will be focusing on in the Spirit Work section of PM will be how to work with some Spirits who won't try to eat your soul so that you can potentially work with them in a meaningful manner and develop a bond so that you can have some assistance when the chips are down.

Here is the (tentative) revised cover for the new edition of Pragmatic Magics.