Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why I Am An Occultist

Labels are something we tend to kick around to both identify and help us categorize information. This categorization often includes ourselves as well as the entire universe around us. Sometimes the categories are archaic and other times they are completely invented and modern terms. Neither is superior to the other simply because they are being used as labels of indentification.

With some people, some labels frighten them such as ‘Satanist’ for example. The reason for this is due to both religion and pop culture. Religion has in the past used the term Satanist to denote a degenerate person who lusts after the world which according to them belongs to Satan. In their cosmology, Satan is evil because he defied their god Jehovah.

Pop culture has taken the word Satanist and used it as some sort of bogeyman who is used as the antagonist in movies, TV shows, stories/novels and the general media. Some depictions of Satan or Satanists have been foul and twisted showing the most heinous atrocities attributed to Satan and Satanists. And yet almost every Satanist I have ever met tends to be some nerd who sits and reads philosophy, religion and loves to argue politics. That’s the Satanists I know.

I label myself a Sorcerer since I am someone who practices Sorcery by using ingredients, words as well as spells and rituals. Sorcery does not involve religion unlike Wicca or even Ceremonial Magic where much is covered under Yahweh’s divine knowledge. Sorcerers come under the Occult classification more so than Paganism due to Paganism is a blanket term that covers pretty much anyone who is not Xian, Muslim or Jew.

The term Occult simply means ‘hidden’ and it hails from the world of astronomy, not Magic. An Occultist is someone who seeks hidden knowledge and/or methods of power that have been hidden.

I have in the past identified myself as Witch or Pagan for the sake of simplicity when meeting others. Often if I merely say, “Im a Sorcerer or Occultist” this throws up flags and then the questions come rapid fire from those who do not understand. Actually I prefer to have time to explain to others what these terms mean so they are on an equal footing with me and we can talk intelligently together.

Often terms such as Sorcerer and Occultist have been used in a negative fashion by Wiccans and Pagans and even Ceremonial MagicKians in a smug, self-righteous manner to downplay the use of Magic for worldly gain as if being broke and poor was somehow a badge of honor. Hollywood has depicted Sorcerers and Occultists as opportunists who will stop at nothing to get whatever it is they want. With some individuals, that may be true but myself? Not so and that’s because I have a conscience I keep by my bedside.

One of the most difficult things for modern practitioners is to walk down a path in the center between Fluffy Bunnies on one side and downright evil on the other. Few try to do this and instead either throw in with the Fluffy Bunnies OR the darker left hand path walkers who typically will obliterate anyone in their path. I’ve never really liked extremes one way or the other thus I choose to walk more of a neutral path which I call Occultism or Sorcery.

The Occultist is neither a RHP nor a LHP but instead choosing to walk a neutral path where once in a while s/he steps over onto the right hand side or if necessary over onto the left hand side. It is not an easy journey as there are many pitfalls along the way on either side due to pressures from peers, pop culture and general consensus. More or less you’re molded by extremists of one ilk or another or as they used to say in the old days, “You’re guilty by association.”

As an Occultist, I have the choice to do as I wish when such must be done. I try and stay level headed and persevere through tough times by applying the knowledge and wisdom of practical Occultism with advice I get from Spirits as well as divinatory practices. This does not mean that I am not passionate because passion or emotion is what fuels Sorcery. It is the level of desire that you have as a practitioner that takes your spell or ritual to where you want it to go. Too many misguided people think it is all about intent and really it’s a misnomer more than anything. They just do not understand that their level of desire is the rocket fuel that propels their intention to where it needs to go to manifest.

One of the main reasons though I prefer to label myself and not receive labels from others is I know how such labels apply to myself and not accept them from half-assed individuals who primarily want to quickly pin a label to you without thought or knowledge of why.

Far too many Pagans and McWiccans are morons from the standpoint of morality, ethics and that idiotic word, karma. They typically spew whatever knee jerk reaction they’ve been led to believe by sheeple authors. Conversely, I dislike how many LHP people often label me as a LHP when clearly they’re just as whacked as the McWiccans are. The left hand path is often linked to Satanic or, at the least, dark forces which tends to be positions of malice, spite and hatred.

It is difficult to have to deal with both sides and still maintain an even balance. Again as an Occultist, I find it often necessary to step over the boundaries into one domain or the other as I see fit which means I make the conscious choice to do so rather than react to what life has thrown at me through knee jerk manipulations.

What you label yourself is powerful. Just understand exactly why you chose to label yourself and what it means to you as well as seek to learn what the other labels are and mean. Who knows? You may be a fluff bunny at heart or a smug Satanist who wants to pull the plug.