Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Do or Not To Do: The Choice Is Yours

One of the most aggravating things clients, customers & novice Occultists throw up at me is, “How do I do that?” By this I mean when someone purchases a product and then wants to know how to use it, I tell them and then I get, “Oh gee Moloch I can’t do that because ____!”

Folks, Sorcery is not some McWiccan or Dungeons & Dragons game. You have to figure some things out for yourself. Let’s face it, even in the silliest of McWiccan literature, no one tells you how to employ something that’s difficult.

For instance: you come to me to buy an Occult oil such as a love oil. Okay I make you a potent love oil but tell you its best used when you wear it & touch the desired with your hands. It’s not MY job to tell you HOW to do that. Hell I don’t know you or the other person and frankly your business with them is none of my business.

But for sake of argument if I tell you to TOUCH someone to get the fullest effect, then that is how it needs to be done. Period. I get sick of people telling me, “Well I can’t do that because ___!” Really? How bad do you want the end result?

One guy I sold a bottle of Commanding oil to lives in a foreign land where touching - even hand shaking - is done only when offered to you not by you offering it to them. Well sorry Charlie but that tuna will just get away.

Sure you can use oils the old fashioned way by anointing candles, talismans, the target’s photograph but hardcore Sorcerers know such things pale in comparison with direct physical contact. If you are unable to directly touch the person - such as them living in another state or some sort of tribal laws or even them being an ex of some type - then you won’t get the strongest effect possible.

This is sort of like when you come across an old spell in an old musty book. The spell calls for a few ingredients you don’t have or are unable to find. Many of you try the McWiccan method which is to substitute and that is dangerous. Why? Frankly if you don’t know what the ingredient IS how can you know you are substituting a correct or like-ingredient? Answer is you don’t!

Best to scratch that spell or rite and find another that’s suitable. There are ingredients to make Kyphi incense from Egyptian manuscripts that we have no clue what the ingredient is. Sure we can translate it however that does not mean we know WHAT it is. Capisci?

Sometimes spells or rituals require us to do things we find unpleasant or out of the norm. If you cannot or will not do that, then give up that spell or ritual. If a Spirit says to you, “Obtain sand from a desert” and you live in Kansas, you better get on the Net & find someone who lives near a desert.

I get asked, “But how do I bury this in their yard?” or “Spray this on their front door?” and my answer is, get creative or pay someone else to do it for you. HOW you do it is NOT my job. Many times I went into enemy territory under the auspices of the cloak of night in the wee hours of the morning.

“But I may get caught!” Yup that is a possibility. “So what do I do?” Answer: Don’t get caught.

If you’re whining about how to deliver the payload, then you’re weakening the power of the Sorcery to begin with. Got that? The more you complain, the weaker it gets. Grow a pair and just do what you must do. I’m not saying go and break the law rather I’m asserting that if you pay me for a potion and for the potions best efficacy is to come in contact with an ex or love-to-be, then it is up to you to deliver it.

Got it? Sorcery isn’t for wussies. Either you do it or you don’t. Simple as that.