Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Metaphysical Microwave

I was reading a post on Don Kraig's blog about the late Occultist Ophiel's "Sphere of Availability" which got me to thinking about how so few really understand why their creative visualizations fail.

Too many people are looking for that fantasy element in Sorcery that is what I like to call the great Metaphysical Microwave. This is that great magical device that allows one to input a desire and in 20 seconds *beep* out pops a freshly made new desire usually a new job, new car, new ___.

The truth of the matter is that as techniques go, creative visualization in itself is a useful and extremely powerful tool. The downside is it takes effort i.e. work to make it manifest your desire. By work I mean the effort, invested time and whatever money you need to put into making your desire a reality.

There is something inherently magical about the idea of taking a blank book, writing a desire on a page and reading that desire daily, over & over while imagining yourself living that desire. What the vast majority of creative visualization authors fail to tell you is that you need to go about your daily life and keep your eyes, ears and attention open until you bump into the opportunities necessary to make your desire a reality.

While it may seem like the great Metaphysical Microwave does indeed exist if we listen to some people talk about how they prayed to a god or saint, did a candle spell or simple lashed out at the Universe and (poof) their desire came quickly to them, that is not the norm for most people.

The average person is in the throes of life with a million & one problems facing them while they get yet another major problem facing them. The fact is they’re overwhelmed with problems and cannot think straight let alone focus their mind on ONE particular deal. These are the folks who mistakenly believe winning a lottery will fix all their problems.

Gambling is a false hope and lotto drawings are a worse sort of false hope. The statistical odds of winning even a small amount of money say $10,000 on a scratch off ticket is usually something like 50,000:1 odds. And yet people want to pray to the Spirits or do creative visualizations for money to come to them in this manner?

My advice is always take the first step & do some Divination. What do the Spirits have to say about your situation? Where do they see the problems stemming from? Where will you likely end up if you do nothing? How can you find the funds necessary to get X, Y & Z paid off? Thus one Divination will not be enough; you will have to perform several or spend a chunk of change with a reader & have several questions answered in an hour.

People often believe there is no hope. That dooms their prayers, spells & invocations from the get-go. I mean if your attitude is such, why bother with any sort of Metaphysical belief? You cannot serve two masters thus you need to choose the right one & believe that in the end, everything will work itself out correctly.

Ophiel’s techniques in his book “The Art and Practice of Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualization” are worthwhile to memorize & practice. If you really want to supercharge your creative visualization, work with the Treasure Map as well. Doing so puts two famous and powerful Metaphysical techniques in your hands to focus your life on so that you follow your heart’s desire to fruition.

To use those techniques, one does not have to be initiated into any religion, lodge or coven. In fact, even non-occultists can use them and see tangible results in the end.

Now presuming you have chosen a worthy goal to attain, say you have a desire to own a 1967 Corvette Stingray convertible and regardless of what others think, you have always wanted to own one. It is time to look in magazines & on the Net for photographs of this car.

Go to old car shows and meet people who actually own one. Ask to gently touch it and if possible to sit in it. You want to know what it feels like to simply SIT in the vehicle. This is because you can later draw on those memories to help fuel your visualization as it is best to involve ALL of the senses when doing this sort of Metaphysical work.

What does the car smell like? Feel like? Look like? Sound like? Yes ask them to start it so you can hear the engine run. All of this is important as you will take these impressions & solidfy them later. Take photographs of the car but block out the license plates - you don’t want THEIR Corvette, you want your own. Ask to take their photograph in one and then when you print it, blot out their face(s) with a thumbnail sized photo of your own face over theirs.

Now keep your ears & eyes wide open everywhere: you may find one waiting for you. Keep working & banking your money to help you afford one when it comes along. Sometimes people sell things dirt cheap to pay for bills, debts and even sometimes to have some money before they go to prison for extended sentences (1% bikers often do this when they’ve been sentenced for life in prison).

How long will it take to manifest your desire? As long as it does. I cannot give you a rough estimate since I am not you nor know how much money you have banked for such a purchase. I would say that if you have enough money saved, then the prospects of finding one should not take very long if you keep looking in auto trader magazines, corvette clubs, eBay & Craigslists as well as telling friends/family you’re on the hunt for one.

But it is not very likely you will get one without the required money which is part of the investment YOU need to put forward. Don’t have any spare moolah? Well then look at your income VS expenditures and see where you can both trim the fat off your expenditures and increase your income.

Sacrificing often MUST be made to afford something like this and I’m not talking about goats & chickens either. Self-sacrifices such as partying with friends, going out to eat or to concerts, movies & places where it co$ts money to go. Cut your expenses and increase your income and the money will find its way to your bank account.

If you’re one of those who say, “Moloch, every time I save a nickel, something costing a dime comes along and I cannot get ahead!” To that I will say maybe it’s time to take a hard look at your life. What’s causing all of these bills that are nickeling & diming you to death? If you have kids who are constantly bleeding you for money, perhaps it’s time for some tough love & telling them to pick themselves up & go their own way?

Are you someone who likes to smoke weed and everyone (including the law) knows it? Well then give it up. When you’re clean, they won’t be able to arrest, imprison & fine you, right? Oh you think you ought to be allowed to smoke weed with impunity? Well so do I however the laws of the land say otherwise. If you’re scraping to get by, what are you doing buying street drugs that you know you cannot afford?

I have a relative who has no driver’s license (due to too many DUI’s) yet he wants money for a car. To me that’s putting the cart before the horse. He’s still a substance abuser and if he had the vehicle, Johnny Law would nab him in a flat second, then arrest, trial, fines and so on.

Broke? No job but still want a Corvette? Okay make it your goal and work to get a job that will pay you what you need to afford one. Realize this may take social government paperwork & interviews to get you into a program that will train you to do X job. Don’t like the thought of any of that? Then start & run your own business!

The local poor man’s university a.k.a. the Public Library, has thousands of books & with time you could study enough to start & run your own business. Knowledge is power when you use it and the library is a vast arsenal of power all waiting to be mined. You just have to work for as well as invest the time in it.

Some magicKians think this is all about one thing: intent. I say bullshit. Intentions are moot; I ask what DRIVES you? What is your passion? What desire do you want and how badly do you truly want it?