Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doers Not Dreamers Make It Big

Ever since I began offering my Spirit Alliance I have received a number of requests from people who want to be wealthy in business. That is awesome because if YOU become wealthy, it opens up a whole new world to your & your family allowing greater opportunities to experience things in life others cannot financially afford such as exotic trips, learning opportunities and greater independence through self-reliance.

Also such success helps others in your community as you grow in wealth such as tailors, dry cleaners, car dealerships, cell phone dealers, office supply outlets, shoe stores, and so on. Of course the more money you make, the more taxes are paid which in turn helps the community coffers for those less fortunate than yourself.

But the Spirits I deal with do NOT like the idea of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. By that I mean you have to have a viable, worthy goal for them to want to help you. Dreaming alone will not make it. Napoleon Hill, one of the greatest self-help teachers this world has ever known (and most likely the root cause of the industrial boom of the 20s onward) stated that you have to have a worthy goal (one that you believe is achievable) and you have think about it a lot.

Conventional Methods

With Hill’s plan, laid out in his book “Think and Grow Rich”, one can certainly move forward one step at a time up that ladder of success through sheer determination. Hill’s plan is no big secret these days since so many have read and began using his method. The step-by-step plan in that book is a systematic process that has helped hundreds of thousands worldwide to achieve their dreams of financial success.

The first step is a worthy goal. But with the sows ear part, a worthy goal to become the best sales rep in your department will not work if all you have is just a dream. There is a lot of effort that needs to be expended in various forms from getting started early & quitting late to investing in yourself by taking courses in sales (such as the famed Dale Carnegie course) to taking weekend classes at your local community college in say Marketing, Advertising or plain old Communications.

I had a woman come to me wanting to become a big deal in real estate. She worked a regular 6am to 3pm factory job and planned on selling real estate from 3 pm to 7 pm part time during the week and on Saturdays. Further she had no time to devote to any further training due to her busy schedule. I told her she was dooming herself from the start. Why?

Rare is the person becomes a success when they plunge headlong into a project with everything they got; rarer still is the one who becomes successful doing something part-time. In fact, I only met one person who ever made much of anything part time but that individual had worked in the industry for years already in a full time position and he had the contacts to make it work for him part time.

There is wisdom when Jesus said, “Ye cannot serve two masters” and in business, that is a truism. To make it BIG, you have to sell your soul to your business 100%. Period. Further you have you to invest $$$$ into yourself to grow & learn.

I could have had a very lucrative job traveling in South America selling processing machines for the poultry foods industry. I needed to be able to speak either Portuguese or Spanish but preferably both. The job had a base salary of $60K/year, travel expenses, clothing allowance and a generous commission as well as bonus structure. The guy was REALLY interested in me because of my sales background in the food industry.

Unfortunately, I never bothered (when I was younger) to learn Spanish else he’d have hired me to work for him. Had there been a Rosetta Stone back in the 90s, I’d have bought the Spanish version and did the whole crash course in Spanish. It’d been worth it in the long run.

But it amazes me how the dreamers out there never do anything to further themselves. I’ve been involved in sales since 1995 and I was amazed at how many sales people I’ve met over the years who never read a single sales book. That’s like someone wanting to practice Magic that took a single, weekend 2 hour class and s/he wants to set up shop to become a reader/practitioner.

Investing in oneself is mandatory. You have to know your subject matter inside & out. If you want to make it big in real estate, then study the housing market. Read the trade industry magazines for it. Look at the weekly freebies that tell you what’s out there & for what prices. How many ‘for sale by owner’ listings are there in your area? Those are prime to convert as well as what sorts of properties are hot now? Knowing your industry through and through is the first step. You have to LOVE the industry and be fascinated by it for your heart to be fully committed.

After that, a realtor’s license is mandatory. I’ve met a limited number of successful realtors who never took any advanced sales classes outside of what was offered by their dealership association. The ones who I know are multi-millionaires are the ones who I’ve seen at the Cleveland Executive council, Dale Carnegie, Toastmasters, night classes at the community college and at the library borrowing books on housing & construction, sales, advertising & marketing.

You might say, “Gee Moloch, when does a successful realtor have time to study & digest all of that in addition to working 60+ hours a week as well as taking care of their family responsibilities? Good question!

It is true that the biggest successes in business had a solid foundation at home. If they had kids and mom was trying to become the next realtor millionaire, then her hubby was working his job to maintain the family’s financial responsibilities while handling the daily household chores and the kids. Hard life but that’s how it is if you’ve got a family.

If you’re single, you have less home responsibilities (obviously) and if you’re without children, that allows you far more free time to devote to knowledge acquirement as well as out on the road at the crack of dawn & dragging your dead ass in the door after dark.

The dream is but the first step. Putting it down on paper is the second step. Getting off your duff and going after it is the third step. That’s how it’s done. If you’re smart, invest some time in yourself and study. Learn. Absorb your industry. Know it inside & out. Know who the big dawgs are and learn how they made it big.

Keep your integrity intact. Be smart and stay clear from schemes, cons & rip offs. If you meet someone who thinks they can make it big, the easy way, then that’s a warning bell to run the other way. Making it big in business is definitely NOT easy. I heard a LOT of No-Thank-You’s before I made a sale. Learn to love the word No.

Magical Methods

My advice is to first start off by having a Mass sung for your Ancestors and ordering an Ancestral Feeding. By doing this you are invoking the aid of your Ancestors to help keep the rest of your life smooth and with as few problems as possible.

Then it is wise to begin a standard regimen of alternating Uncrossing and Success rituals performed on a regular basis. The idea is to remove obstacles from your path and then invoke success. Focus on succeeding in business and the money will follow so it’s not as important to do Money Drawing rituals like the so-called experts like to suggest. This is what I did for years while being a road warrior selling direct in-home to families all over Ohio.

Also doing an occasional Uncrossing bath then doing a Luck In Business bath then wearing a Luck-In-Business perfume will help to ensure you have blockages out of your way and the best opportunities that roll your way.

The candle rituals can get expensive after a while but unless you have the required skills to properly summon the right sort of Spirit, it’s best to stay away from trying to summon a Spirit for help or at the least hire someone like yours truly who can hook you up with a powerful Spirit.

Everyone thinks all they have to do is summon Bune or Orobas from the Goetia and that’s all it’s going to take to make one wealthy in business. (LoL Were it so simple!) There is a LOT the grimoire does not tell you and much that your typical Goetic practitioner doesn’t know that can get you into a lot of trouble magically.

There is a lot that goes into a Spirit Alliance so it is not a simple matter. Spirits are fickle and it takes a skilled Priest who is also an expert negotiator to get you the right Spirit to hook you up with so you can succeed. While that sounds simplistic getting things rolling is not.

Each Spirit has to be maintained as well. This means It has needs and desires that must be catered to. That is where I come in and it’s my job to keep the Spirit happy for you. Your job is to know your industry & work your butt off and the Spirit’s job is to bring you viable opportunities to succeed while either keeping bad things away from you or giving you hunches & dreams to forewarn you.

In summary, to become really successful, you have to know the industry you wish to work in; you must invest in yourself to gain additional knowledge; and then have a plan of attack on the Spiritual front so that your way is paved so you can gain your heart’s desire.