Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The other day I got an email from an individual who asked, “Brother Moloch, what makes a Hoodoo Trick effective?” To answer that, I had to say: Repetition.

Repetition by far is the single most important component to a Hoodoo practitioner that can be done. Repetition is important because it creates a path to the goal that does not deviate. Further it also shows the Spirits what it is you want by doing the same Trick daily such as a candle spell.

Of course a root bag is not made over & over again but when doing a spell for say a job promotion you will take time to burn the candle(s), recite the Psalms or prayers and the other factors (such as light the altar candles, light the incense, and so on).

Many folks say all you need do is ONE working & that should be sufficient. Well in some cases that does the trick, literally, but not for each and every practitioner nor every time the same spell is called upon. Once in a while when things are looking your way and you light the candles, like magic you got your desire almost instantaneously. The next time you may do the exact same spell it could take you several tries before your spell comes to fruition.

Other Factors Which Can Affect A Hoodoo Spell:

It should go without saying that a practitioner should have some knowledge of calming their mind, relaxing their body and other Metaphysical practices. But really are these practices truly Metaphysical?

We know that distractions have plagued people in the past. Consider what Jesus said in Matthew 6:6 “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

Thus one thing Jesus is saying here which is get rid of the distractions. By closet I don’t believe He meant a literal clothes closet but rather a special place to pray. If that’s your bedroom, okay; if the basement, fine; if the bathroom, so be it. But find a place you can be alone, lock the door then do your thing.

Prayer is essential in Hoodoo as it is a focusing of the mind onto a single thought. “God, help me pass my test this Monday! I’ve been studying for it for the past six weeks and I need to pass it!” Have you calmed your mind & stilled your heart? Have you pushed aside the rest of your daily to-do list so you can focus on your prayer?

Dr. Larry Dossey has a book that I highly recommend for people to read; it’s called Healing Words: The Power of Prayer & the Practice of Medicine. This is a great book for anyone wanting to study prayer more in depth as well as work more on their health and vitality. What you read about regarding prayer in here is easily transferable to the practice of Hoodoo, Sorcery, MagicK or any sort of Metaphysical discipline.

So aside from prayer, what else makes Hoodoo strong? Your mind set. What’s nagging at you most? Mom? Kids? Bill collectors? All of the above? Then it’s time to invoke the power of the Spirits with some simple candle practice. Obtain a simple white, jar candle; a bottle of Holy oil; some Meditation incense; picture of a Saint or Jesus (whichever you feel most comfortable with).

Find a spot in your home (garage or tool shed) where you can be alone without texting, calls, alarms, TV, radio and etc. Set the candle on the floor if you must. Light it. Light the incense cone/stick. Hold the incense & walk three times clockwise around the perimeter. Recite the traditional Catholic “Our Father” prayer.

Sit down. Anoint your temples & breast bone with the Holy oil. Again, recite the “Our Father” prayer. Take several deep breaths in through your nose and let them out slowly through your mouth. Relax as much as you are able to in your environment. Focus on the candle’s light. Just see it and nothing else. Close your eyes.

Now pray. If you prefer a standardized prayer, Catholic prayer books offer a wide variety of rote prayers which you can use & then when finished, speak aloud your desire at the end. In this instance you wish to have a clear mind so you can grasp what is going on in your life & fix it.

What you say is not as important as HOW you say it. Pour yourself into the prayer. Fill yourself with emotion. Is it regret? Anger? Sadness? Hope? What? Use it or lose it!

You may be sitting there going, “Yeah Moloch like I’m gonna cry over this situation!” and I say if it’s bothering you enough to do some old fashioned Sorcery, then uncork the bottle & let out all that emotion. If you feel like crying, DO SO! If you’re doing a spell, then do it right and that means emotion should be a large part of it.